10 ways to make exercise stick


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  • 1. 10 WAYS TO MAKE EXERCISE STICKByMercedes Peynado

2. No 1.FIND A WORKOUT YOU ENJOYIf you find a way to exercise that youenjoy, then youre more likely tostick with it - on that note dont everask me to go rock climbing with you! 3. No 2.CHANGE YOUR WORKOUTSVariety is the spice of life! If you do thesame workout for too long, youre going tobecome bored. Change your workouts tokeep exercise fun and stimulating. 4. No 3.HAVE A VARIETY OF EXERCISEMETHODS TO KEEP YOU ACTIVEExercise can be leisurely too. Walking,gardening, DIY, playing outdoor games with thechildren and grandchildren just as long asyoure up and moving and keeping busy! 5. No 4.EXERCISE WITH THE RIGHTINSTRUCTORHaving an instructor to guide you on proper exercisetechnique is crucial to your progress but you needsomeone who you feel comfortable with andinspires you. What that instructor looks like is up toyou - hopefully in the form of myself and Cassy akaMFs Laurel and Hardy! 6. No 5. (This IS a biggy!)SURROUND YOURSELF WITH LIKE-MINDEDPEOPLEYou are the average of the five people you spend the mosttime with.' Jim RohnThis is why group exercise works! MF has built up a communityof women who are all different but share a common goal ofimproving their health and fitness. If anybody is going to getwhere youre coming from when you hit the highs and lows inyour fitness journey, you can count on an MF Mover! 7. No 6.MAKE A COMMITMENTYep, DO IT! Dont be half-hearted about your goal by saying, I need toget fit, make it YOUR priority - this is something for YOU and youdeserve it! Quit procrastinating and say, Its now or never!.The alternative? A lost, frustrated and disheartened soul. We all wantto feel special. What real good are you to anyone if youre down in thedumps? 8. No 7.DONT GIVE YOURSELF TOO MANYGOALS"When eating an elephant take one bite at a time." Creighton AbramsStart off with ONE clear and specific goal and then build on gradually -I want to touch my toes in 8 weeks time, is a much more specific,focused and realistic goal than, I want to lose weight, be strong andmore supple! 9. No 8.BE CONSISTENTConsistency forms habit! Anthony PeynadoWhen you don't exercise often, you become narky and thelittle things seem like mountains to climb - time to get ridof the stress, release some energy and feel the happyhormones kick in when you take action and complete aworkout. 10. No 9.EXERCISE TO MUSICIts definitely our weapon at MF to motivate and uplift ourmembers and its what makes our workouts so powerful.Theres nothing more powerful than music to get you in themood for exercise, as well as keeping you going to makesure you finish that workout. 11. No 10.BE KIND TO YOURSELFWere not going to lie!At some point, you are going to fall of the bandwagon - we all have baddays!Just realise its happening WHEN its happening and ask yourself first,Am I really sure that I cant do the workout? If the answers still no,then accept it and say, Ill pick myself up and not quit by pledging tocomplete the next workout on your schedule!. The likelihood is thatyou will perform better at your next workout by giving yourself thattime out! 12. ARE YOU READY FOR A POWERFUL ANDUPLIFTING WORKOUT?CHECK OUT MY WORKOUTS ATWWW.MERCEDESFITNESS.CO.UKI hope my advice helps you on your fitnessjourney.Thanks for viewing and please let me know if anyof my strategies help you.MercedesCheck me out on Facebook