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In this third tutorial we take a look at another technique to connect with the audience, through carefully crafted story telling.


  • 1. Make Your Presentation Stick (3)The Art of Story Telling! Tell stories in a way that arepersuasive, memorable, &inspiring Reach the hearts & minds ofthe audience though wellcrafted story telling The shortest distancebetween two people is astory. Terence Gargiulo

2. Once Upon A Time. Story telling has been around since thebeginning of time Its a natural communication methodthat we first experience as infants.Parents build their emotional bondsthrough story telling. Social & education systems embedmoral & ethical messages throughcarefully crafted story telling &characters, e.g:Little Red Riding Hood,Don Quixote, Jane Eyre, SherlockHolmes, Robin Hood, etc In the 21st Century of digital mediadominance, individuals are switching todigital media to convey their stories, e.g;You Tube (the leading short-subjectdigital story teller) 3. Stories at Work, Stories that Work! Stories work for leaders as an effective communication& engagement technique for 3 key reasons: 1. Stories convey emotion effectively and emotionmerged with a strong idea is persuasive. Weremember what we feel, so our emotions inspireus to take action. 2. Stories are concrete & transport us to a place intime where we can see the events recalled in ourminds eye. This makes stories powerful memoryaids. 3. Stories represent a pull strategy, unlike thepush strategy we use when we argue a point.Stories engage listeners, pulling them towardsagreement & persuasion, rather than imposingopinion, ie; pushing them to resist 4. The Corporate Perspective Of Story Telling Stories are part & parcel of successfulbusiness cultures, e.g: 3M thrives onits reputation as an innovativecompany & the well known story ofhow Post It Notes came about, servesas an eternal eulogy Successful business leaders usestorytelling as their hallmark, e.g;Warren Buffet Successful commentators engage withtheir audiences through theiranecdotal stories 5. 3 Strategies for Powerful Story Telling Special Succinct Successful 6. 1. Special: Anchor It Start your story by putting it in a time & place zone:E.g. Last summer, in Alexandria Just after Prince William & Kateswedding.1 year after I left university &travelled to the US..Do you remember the LondonOlympics? Well, it was then . 7. AlliterationUse alliterative phrases, to keepaudience attention & aidretention e.g.:Success Stories Eager Editors Larger than LifePowerful PresentationsMagnificent Metaphors 8. PersonaliseMake your story about them, notyou, help the audience to seethemselves in the story Adapt your story details so itresonates with the audiencesexperiences & values Choose vivid & relatable examples Relive it as you tell it put passion inyour voice as your story unfolds;make it seem spontaneous to catchthe audience curiosity 9. 2. Succinct: Trim the FatDont get caught up in too much detail, the audience will switch offKeep it short, corporate life is about fast things firstPortion control the contents, dont overload listeners, break your story contents into manageable chunks & skillfully feed it in. 10. The Power of 3 Arrange the details in triplets. Ourbrains process information moreefficiently in groups of 3.e.g. Television: BBC, ITV, MBC, CNN Business: CEO, CFO; MBO; GDP,GNP, WWW Science: Liquid, Solid or GasAnimal Vegetable or Mineral Government & Law: IRS, FBI, CID,Dial 999 or 911, 11. 3. Successful Stories Link your story to a concreteoutcome or result Create a feel good factor Make sure the underpinningmessage is full of optimism &hope Keep it authentic, your audiencewill love you for it End on a positive note on everyoccasion, your audience willremember you for it 12. SummaryWhy: To build & maintain rapport To create authenticity & uniqueness To communicate a meaningful & persuasive message A 3 step approach: Special, Succinct &Use: SuccessfulHow: Anchor it; Alliterate; Personalise it; Trim the Fat; Triplets; Say Successful Stories 13. Hope you found this slideshowinformativeEmail: