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  • 1. Stories make it stick. Photo by Harsha K R via Flickr CC

2. For sale: baby shoes, never worn. Photo by JDHancock via Flickr CC 3. WHY TELL A STORY? Top 10 reasons to tell a story from Lead with a Story by Paul Smith 1. Storytelling is simple. 2. Storytelling is timeless. 3. Storytelling is demographic proof. 4. Stories are contagious. 5. Stories are easy to remember. 6. Stories inspire. 7. Stories appeal to all types of learners. 8. Stories fit better where most of the workplace learning happens. 9. Stories put the listener in learning mode. 10. Stories show respect for the audience. 4. In short everywhere. Meetings Memos E-mails Website Social Media Newsletters Media Communicate a vision for the future Set Goals Communicate change Define mission & values Encourage collaboration Inspire & Motivate Coach Provide feedback Encourage creativity HOW CAN WE USE STORIES? 5. Any time you need to communicate a message, ask this question: Is there a story I can tell that will make this stick? 6. Jest Kidding Sheldon Rhodes 7. HOW DO WE FIND STORIES? Train yourself to be a story catcher 8. HOW TO FIND GOOD STORIES Be a good listener. Ask questions. Follow your curiosity. Be a student of people Ask people to share their stories. Employ empathy Search review sites & social media Google, Yelp, Twitter, Facebook Have an open door policy ask for them on your website and social media sites. 9. 10. - National Parks Conservation Association 11. WHAT MAKES A GREAT STORY? C.A.R. Context Action - Result Photo by Automotive Art via Flickr CC 12. WHAT MAKES A GREAT STORY? C.A.R. = S.T.O.R.Y. Context Subject Treasure Obstacle Action Result Right lesson whY 13. 3 SS OF GOOD STORYTELLING Short sentences and words. Write like you Speak. Subject does the action. 14. The grant was awarded to Kids Food Basket. (passive - 8 words) Kids Food Basket received the grant. (active - 6 words) 15. REMEMBER: Relax Be Real Be Relevant