Ways to make a slower iPhone 5S run faster.

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1. Ways to make a slower iPhone 5S run faster. Mobile application development, solutions, and tips for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry platforms. 2. Let me help people struggling with slower iPhone 5S devices. I have discovered some top of the ways that help you make your iPhone run faster. Of course these ways have been suggested by expert iPhone application developers. Smartphone browsers do also save cache files like desktop browsers. iPhone 5S has its own browser known as Safari. When you access the web, the browser saves cache files. It saves these temporary files in order to make future visits to the same page more convenient. But when browsers store a lot of temporary files which include history, cookies, etc. of web pages, they begin to interfere the regular browsing operations and thus the device turns out to be rather slower. To remove these cache files, users need to go to Settings > Safari > Clear History > Clear Cookies and Data. This process is supposed to implement on third party browsers too. The App Store has more than a million apps but it doesnt mean you will need them all. Many iPhone users have habit of downloading apps in their devices and then never use them. Users love to download apps but they should also be aware of that every app takes space on iPhone 5S. All apps in an iPhone device are installed inside the storage. The more an iPhone has apps, the more they will consume space and of course, the more they will affect the performance too. So dont keep the apps you dont use. Uninstalling these apps will free some storage and give more space to the core software. Dont know why many iPhone users want to keep message forever? Do they want to make an archive of years old messages? IPhone 5S does not provide unlimited space for your messages and thus keeping tons of message in the device will naturally make it slower. Also, if messages have media files like photos and videos as attachments, they are going to consume double the size of normal SMS. If you still want to keep all your messages, you better transfer them to a computer for freeing some space. CLEANING THE BROWSER DONT KEEP THE APPS YOU DONT USE. DELETE MESSAGES YOU DONT NEED. 3. Many apps have auto update features enabled but it may also slow down a device. Auto update can cause two major issues. First, the auto update feature drains battery and consumes data. Second, a lot of auto updates can slow other apps and the device too. For example, if you have more than one news application, and they all provide your news update, they will keep processing requests online to update themselves and ultimately make the device slower. You can turn off auto updates by going to Settings > iTunes & App Store > and then select the app you want to on / off auto update for. Apart from this setting, you can also choose Wi-Fi instead of mobile internet for app auto updates. It means apps will only be able to update themselves when the device is connected to the Wi-Fi. If too many apps are using location services, they can also affect device performance and of course, the battery life too. You know that most of the apps using location services are not very important. Keeping them always on will slow down your device and ultimately affect performance too. You can modify location services for every app or completely switch off them by going to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ . DONT ALLOW AUTO UPDATES. SWITCH OFF LOCATION SERVICES A brilliant product emerges from intense planning, extensive experience and expert technical skills.