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1. Ten steps process to make delicious chips on stick - Chipstix1=) Take a medium potato (washed and unpeeled), insert the skewer (diameter4- 5mm, length350-400mm), blunt end first, into the center of, the potato.2=) Put the skewered potato into the Twister Cutter. Turn on the power 2. 3=) Put the potato into 180/200 degree C oil for max 3 minutes (Depending on the size andstrength of your deep fryer, multiple units can be deep fried at the same time). Removetwisted chips from the oil. Allow excess oil to drip back to your oil bath. 3. 4=) Season the tornado potato chip or chipstix, or allow customer use the seasoning themselves.Normally, two people can handle this process: one person cut and deep fry potato, the other onetake orders/money and hand product to customers.To know more about Potato chips machine, chipstix and chipstix machine, twisted chips slicer,tornado potato chips and much more about potato cutter machines as well as purchase a potatochips cutter machine go to this source: or contact us belowmention details.Contact Person:Mr. tangCompany Name: 528 spiral Potato CompanyStreet Address: (huashi metro exit E )South tower 2301, Jinshan building,Tianhe District,City: guangzhouProvince/State: GuangdongCountry/Region: ChinaZip: 510665Telephone: 86-15999787002/ 769 -82950510 donggaunge-mail (mail to me)