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<p>Prsentation PowerPoint</p> <p>How can you make a good presentation</p> <p>Wail SkanderiGDG Mascara Organizer</p> <p>SKANDERI Wail</p> <p>GDG MASCARA ORGANISER</p> <p>Hi, my name is Wail Skanderi and Im a member of the Organiser Of GDG Mascara team.</p> <p>Today, well talk about a simple way to improve your apps usability. This is a technique I used myself in my prior roles as product manager at DocteurDZ.</p> <p>We are going to try this ourselves in this group in 15 minutes, so listen up so that you know what to do!</p> <p>Write note cards</p> <p>Practice</p> <p>Smile at your audience</p> <p>Feel confident about your presentation</p> <p>Make eye contact</p> <p>Be sure to have inflection in your voice</p> <p>Use hand motions</p> <p>One More Thing</p> <p>10-20-30Contain no more than 10 slidesLast no more than 20 minutesUse a font size of no less than 30 point</p>