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<ul><li><p>Senior ProjectHow to make a good Power-point presentation.</p></li><li><p>PurposeThe purpose of your power-point is to enhance your presentation and to help give you cues for your speech</p><p>You want the presentation to be:ProfessionalSimpleHelpful</p></li><li><p>PitfallsStudents (and professionals!) make many mistakes with power- point.</p><p>A bad power-point can hurt your presentation more than help it. </p></li><li><p>Common Mistakes to AvoidToo much content on your slidePoor colour choicesPoor font choicesInconsistencyToo many picturesToo many distracting transitionsSpelling / Grammar errorsReading verbatim off the slides the whole time</p></li><li><p>ContentYou dont want to put too many words on a slide. Choose one font size (30-35) and stick with it. Once the slide is full at that font size start with a new slide. Do not keep writing on the same slide as the font gets smaller and smaller. </p></li><li><p>ExampleMarine sea turtles are caught worldwide, although it is illegal to hunt most species in many countries. A great deal of intentional marine sea turtle harvests worldwide are for food. Many parts of the world have long considered sea turtles to be fine dining.Ancient Chinesetexts dating to the fifth century B.C.E. describe sea turtles as exotic delicacies.Many coastal communities around the world depend on sea turtles as a source of protein, often harvesting several sea turtles at once and keeping them alive on their backs until needed. Coastal peoples gather sea turtle eggs for consumption.To a much lesser extent, specific species of marine sea turtles are targeted not for their flesh, but for their shells.Tortoiseshell, a traditional decorative ornamental material used in Japan and China, comes from thecarapacescutesof thehawksbill sea turtle.Ancient Greeksandancient Romansprocessed sea turtle scutes (primarily from the hawksbill) for various articles and ornaments used by their elites, such as combs and brushes.The skin of the flippers is prized for use as shoes and assorted leather goods. TheMochepeople of ancientPeruworshipped the sea and its animals. They often depicted sea turtles in their art. Leatherback sea turtles enjoy immunity from the sting of the deadlybox jellyfishand regularly eat them, helping keep tropical beaches safe for humans.Way too much text on this slide. Also, its all in one paragraph instead of nice small points. </p></li><li><p>ColourIf you randomly change the colour of the text, it is very hard on the eyes.This means that people will not be paying attention to the content but the context.Use only one other colour for emphasis.</p></li><li><p>Background ColourYou want a simple background that will not be a distraction to your points. You want high contrast between your words and your background. You want a background that matches the theme of your presentation nicely. </p></li><li><p>Background</p><p>A white background, while focusing attention, can sometimes be boring.</p><p>If you choose to go with a coloured background, pick a stylish, uncluttered background.</p></li><li><p>BackgroundDont choose a theme that doesnt match your content. This theme is cute, but would really only be suitable if youre talking about young children. </p></li><li><p>BackgroundPicture backgrounds should apply to the topic.This is not a good background for a Rain Forest presentation.</p></li><li><p>BackgroundMake sure the contrast is good between your font and your background. Otherwise no one will be able to read your points!</p></li><li><p>BackgroundsThe easiest way to create a sharp presentation is to use prepared formats.Go to Format.Choose Slide Design. Pick from the selection</p></li><li><p>Poor Font ChoicesUse the same font (or at most maybe two fonts) throughout your whole presentation. Choose a font that is clear, crisp and easy to read. </p></li><li><p>Poor Font Choices</p></li><li><p>InconsistencyIn general, try to make your whole power-point consistent. Use the same slide design, colour scheme, fonts, font-size, etc. throughout your whole presentation. Resist the urge to change it up from slide to slide that looks unprofessional. </p></li><li><p>PicturesPictures can be great, but make sure you choose the right pictures. Quality is more important than quantity</p></li><li><p>Pictures</p></li><li><p>Too many pictures?The slide will be confusing.Your audience will not know to concentrate on.An explanation is needed to explain why the picture is important.</p><p>A better slide would be</p></li><li><p>New York CityThe most beautiful city in the world.</p></li><li><p>Transitions &amp; AnimationsYou can use slide transitions or animations within your presentation, but as with everything, try to make them consistent and make sure they wont be a distraction. </p></li><li><p>Some of KMs Favourite BooksLIFE OF PI (Yann Martel)A FINE BALANCE (Rohinton Mistry )THE HANDMAIDS TALE (Margarat Atwood)THE POISONWOOD BIBLE (Barbara Kingsolver )LORD OF THE RINGS (Arthur Herman)</p></li><li><p>Some of PBs Favourite BooksLIFE OF PIA FINE BALANCETHE HANDMAIDS TALETHE POISONWOOD BIBLELORD OF THE RINGS</p></li><li><p>Reading off the SlidesYou are the expert. Use your slides to aid you, but do not read straight off them the entire time. That is boring for an audience. </p></li><li><p>A few more words of advice..When making your presentation, view it as a slideshow often, and get someone to proof read it for you. Practice saying it out loud. Brainstorm a list of questions people might ask you (or get someone to help you do that) and prepare some answers ahead of time to typical questions. </p></li></ul>