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Good Fences Make Good Neighbors:. Work-Life Balance in R esearch Administration. Presenters. Brigette Pfister , MHRD, CRA Director of Sponsored Programs for Humanities & Sciences at Virginia Commonwealth University , 804-827-1359 Trisha Southergill , MPA, CRA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Good Fences Make Good Neighbors:Work-Life Balance in Research Administration

PresentersBrigette Pfister, MHRD, CRADirector of Sponsored Programs for Humanities & Sciences at Virginia Commonwealth, 804-827-1359Trisha Southergill, MPA, CRADirector of Grant Support Services at Clemson, 864-656-6208Jennifer Shambrook, PhDDirector, Grant & Contract Management Office at St. Jude Childrens Research, 901-595-6017

Brigette: Introductions and lead in. 5 min.2Todays AgendaThe Current State of AffairsWhere Do We Want to Go?Strategies to Get ThereQ&A

The Current State of AffairsHigh StressPoor Health HabitsOverworkDoing More with Less?Burnout

Jennifer: Synopsis of RASPers results, picture of the current research administrator (add as many slides as you need!) 15 min.4Perceived Work Stress SurveyFeel you had too much stress at work?Get upset over something unexpected?Have to deal with irritating hassles?Have to deal with stressful events at work?Have to deal with ongoing problems that never seem to go away?5In the last month how often did you:5PWSS Results6 (N = 1,084)6Stress Vulnerability and PWS77Stress Resiliency Factors and Low PWS88Health Behaviors & Perceived Work Stress99Is it getting any better?Factors from 2007 & 2010 RASPerS Estimated Response RateP-value95% CI20072010Perceived level of stress extremely high0.1620.2260.0014(0.025, 0.101)Adequate resources to work 40 hour work-week0.2920.2450.032(-0.092, -0.004)Work/family life balance difficulties0.4500.569


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