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Choice Media Group offers affordable effective Lifestyle Advertising


<ul><li> 1. Lifestyle is expressed in both work and leisurebehavior patterns and (on an individual basis) inactivities, attitudes, interests, opinions, values,and allocation of income. It also reflects peoplesself image or self concept; the way they seethemselves and believe they are seen by theothers. Lifestyle is a composite of motivations,needs, and wants and is influenced by factorssuch as culture, family, reference groups, andsocial class. The analysis of consumer life styles(called psychographics) is an important factor indetermining how consumers make their purchasedecisions.</li></ul> <p> 2. choicemediagroup supplies national display and digital advertising salesdevelopment for nationalCanadian Lifestyle magazines.Sponsored features, special events andsocial media are key reach applications forour rewarding campaigns. 3. 1. PMB Readership remains constant2. Big or small, magazines are wanted. They reach and fulfill the personal needs and passions of its readers in every niche.3. Readership is strong across all demos, reaching Canadians in virtually every life phase4. Magazines lead when measuring the ad impact of various media relative to time spent (divide a mediums influence by the share of time spent with that medium). The ratio for magazines is more than two times that of TV and Internet.5. Consumers rate magazines highly based on how likely they are to pay attention to advertising messages in various media. 4. Auto Health Homes Marine Travel 5. AutoFor the Automotive style in your Life.6 Issues | 48,000 copies 6. HealthCanadas Health,Fitness and Lifestyle Magazine6 issues | 82,000 copies 7. Canadas LARGEST Building, Renovating, Decorating &amp; Landscaping Magazine6 issues | 75,000 copies Homes 8. MarineCanadas premierpower boatinglifestyle magazine6 issues | 67,000 copies 9. TravelDreamdestinationsyou cant putdown.6 issues | 103,000 copies 10. Poker Run and Rendez-vous Events is a SPECTICULE on the waterevent for the entire Family! Get behind Power Boating Canada as they sponsor a Prostrate Canada Event RUN THE WAVE. 11. OptiMYz comes to life with OptiMYz Live HealthExpos, the most entertaining and interactive series of health, fitness and lifestyle shows in Canada largest in attendance and content! 12. We offer the custom cover program that featuresyou and your business on the front and backcover and two additional pages inside themagazine (minimum order 1,000) and thecompliments program that has no minimum andcan be ordered online. 13. Essential guides for your getawayvacation.INSIGHTFUL WRITING,BRILLIANT PHOTOGRAPHY,AND DETAILED INFORMATIONON TRAVEL TO THESEPREMIER DESTINATIONS.</p>