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How to make a good presentation

How to make a good presentation

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Instructions for use

Open this document in Google Slides (if you are at use the button below this presentation)You have to be signed in to your Google accountEDIT IN GOOGLE SLIDESGo to the File menu and select Make a copy.You will get a copy of this document on your Google Drive and will be able to edit, add or delete slides.EDIT IN POWERPOINTGo to the File menu and select Download as Microsoft PowerPoint. You will get a .pptx file that you can edit in PowerPoint. Remember to download and install the fonts used in this presentation (youll find the links to the font files needed in the Presentation design slide)More info on how to use this template at template is free to use under Creative Commons Attribution license. If you use the graphic assets (photos, icons and typographies) provided with this presentation you must keep the Credits slide.

hello!I am Christian DavidI want to share my experience with you. You can find me at @christiandaved

: Why should we make a slide presentation?The aim of making slide presentation

1. To guide you (presenter) in presenting your abstract/topic2. To help audience in understanding your presentation


Slide DesignSlide design?

Slide design?4 : 3Standard

Suitable with portrait mobile devices (if you want to try presentating with your mobile device.Some of devices (e.g phone, tablet) aspect ratio is 4:3, so 16:9 presentation slides would not fill the entire screen16 : 9Widescreen

Suitable with presenting with your PC/ Notebook through a projector.Widescreen is actually the standard these days.The example of widescreen slide is this slide.Remember that changing dimensions is almost the same as starting over, so choose wisely before you start designing your presentation More tips : Aspect Ratio / Dimensions

Slide design?How to make a good slide

Remember that background color affect your audience concentration and focus, soft or darker color would make your audience eyes more relaxSlide color (background)How to make a good slideHow to make a good slide

How to make a good slide

How to make a good slideHow to make a good slideHow to make a good slideHow to make a good slideHow to make a good slideHow to make a good slideHow to make a good slideHow to make a good slideHow to make a good slideHow to make a good slide

Slide design?Remember that font color affect your audience sight, gradient color may be good, but if too near with the background color audience wouldnt see your important informationFont Color


Cover SlideLets start with the cover slide

Cover slide is very important, to tell the audience what the main information.

Simple is better than to many pictures on cover. Make audience focus on the title and to you.

How to make a good presentationExample coverDavid Christianto Yohanes S. Farm21121145Sekolah Tinggi Farmasi Bandung

How to make a good presentationExample coverDavid Christianto Yohanes S. Farm21121145Sekolah Tinggi Farmasi Bandung

Main TitleUse the font that easy to read.Use the proper font size! (remember that the size of title > chapter > contentThe size of this title I used is 48

Writers/Presenter/teamThe size of the name I used is 48If youre presenting for academical purpose (e.g in college for assignment/ thesis presentation) write down your NPM/SID/USI.

University logoRecommended especially for you on the competition (bring your university name)Use PNGs logo, dont let the background logo make your cover design not professional

Your audience will listen to you or read the content, but wont do both. - professorillamaBehold.. Before you see the next step

Bring the attention of your audience over a key concept using icons or illustrations- professorillama


Agenda/ Presentation lineTo bring someone understand the story, we should make a line

Agenda Aim, ContentTo make presenter and audience easy to remember the plot and the content of presentationAcademical/ Research Proposal/ thesis presentation Introduction (Aim, Benefit, Limitation)BackgroundMaterials and MethodsMain ProcedureResult & DiscussionConclusionAcknowlegementReferrence

Non-research assignment presentationBackground (History of your topic, Why you take this topic, fact of your topic)Theories, Methods, ExampleConclusionAcknowledgementReferrence

RememberRemember the agenda or presentation line may be different on some condition, or maybe your school or company has the standard to make a content of presentation

For Example. Just make it professional by your own style.introductionTheoriesMethodsDiscussionConclusion

IntroductionTheoriesMethodsDiscussionConclusionQuestion session


Introduction?Backgrounds, Aims, Benefits, Limitations

A picture is worth a thousand words- professorillama

Pict ref: A complex idea can be conveyed with just a single still image, namely making it possible to absorb large amounts of data quickly.

its introduction, if its an assignment, just keep in your mind, your friends (audience) dont understand the topic.

if its an proposal/ thesis / Research report, keep in your mind that the committee know the basic, so make it simple but it should be represent your topic.

Before I explain, just remember thats the introduction is depends on the target of your presentation (asignment or an proposal/ research report): So professor, what things I should put in the introduction?

Academical/ Research Proposal/ thesis presentation

Introduction (Background, Aim, Benefit, Limitation)

Non-research assignment presentation

Background (History of your topic, Why you take this topic, fact of your topic)



1 from 3 presenter feel nervous when doing presentation (professorillama et al., 2016)

1 from 5 presenter not preparing his/her presentation well (Anonymus, 2016)

1 from 2 presenter feels not confident of his/her presentation slide, and his/herselfIntroduction

Academical/ Research Proposal/ thesis presentation




Nervousness makes presenter feel not confident on his/her presentation.

Aims of the research

To make presenter make a better presentation slide.To reduce nervouseness effect in public speaking.


The effect of making better presentation slide on presentation qualityBackground

Academical/ Research Proposal/ thesis presentation



The proffering or giving of something to someone, especially as part of a formal ceremony (Ref et al., 2015)

TheoriesAcademical/ Research Proposal/ thesis presentation

Fact!89,526,124Public speaker feel nervous in front of the audience

MethodsCollect DataSurveyAnalyze and interpet data


Place : Bandung & IndonesiaCategorized speaker (less-prepared, prepared non HQ Slide, Prepared + HQ slideBy scoring a presentationBy quesionairreData collected from February 2016 until February 2018By table and graphs

MehodsAnd tables to compare dataNervousA bit nervousConfidentLess Prepared69029317Prepared non HQ slide295355350Prepared + HQ slide38232730

Preparation and HQ Presentation slide increase confident presentation up to 73% from 1000 speakersPreparing your presentation and build an amazing presentation would improve your best perform!

ConclusionPreparation and HQ Presentation slide Decrease Nervousness presentation up to 95% from 1000 Nervous speakers

Mr. Soni Muhsinin, M. Si., Mrs. Rahma Ziska, M. Si., Mrs Shinta Kusumawardhani, M.Si., as mentor in this researchAcknowledgement

Professorillama et al., 2015 How to make a good presentation, IndonesiaReferences

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