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  • :- HEINE OMEGA500 / HEINE OMEGA500 UNPLUGGEDThe evolution of the Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope.


  • :- HEINE OMEGA500Welcome to a new dimension in Comfort,Performance and Flexibility.


    :- Built on the market leadingoptical performance of theOMEGA 180, the OMEGA 500 hasbeen optimized for even betterviews of the fundus. A newmulti-coated illumination system,featuring a new XHL XenonHalogen Technology bulb, reducescorneal reflexes and ensures clear,high-resolution images of thefundus which are up to 100 %brighter.

    :- Enhanced Small Pupil Function the Patented SynchronizedAdjustment (US. Patent# 4.684.227) of Convergence andParallax System, which allows forthe precise selection of observationand illumination optics for anypupil size, has been optimized foreven better functionality in smallpupils down to 1.0 mm.


    :- Articulating Hinge providesvertical adjustment of the rearband of the headband forindividual placement. Secure andperfect fit for all shapes and sizes.

    :- Softer, more malleable material.Provides allround comfort.

    :- Increased Cushion Area.40 % more cushion area than onOMEGA 180.

    :- Ergonomic design for optimalweight transfer across thesurface of the entire headband(no pressure points).

    :- Calibrated Overband Positionensures optics are in true horizontalposition for precise adjustmentand alignment.


    :- 30% lighterthan the OMEGA 180.


    :- Reduced Volume. 20 % lessvolume than OMEGA 180.


    OMEGA500OMEGA 500 with XHL Xenon Halogen bulb (5W) on Headband (not including HC50 Headband Rheostat) C-004.33.500OMEGA 500 with XHL Xenon Halogen bulb (5W) on Headband with HC50 Headband Rheostat C-004.33.502

    OMEGA500 KitsRecommended Product Order Configurations to ensure the most flexibility the OMEGA500/EN50 System has tooffer. The following kits include main system elements but no carrying cases or ancillary accessories.Kit 1 OMEGA500, HC50 Headband Rheostat mounted on Headband, complete with Transformer C-004.33.531Kit 2 OMEGA500, HC50 Headband Rheostat mounted on Headband, with EN50 complete (incl. EN 50

    Rheostat Control Module, Extension Cord Cinch 2 m, 90 Angled Adapter, Instrument Support) C-004.33.532Kit 3 OMEGA500, HC50 Headband Rheostat mounted on Headband, with mPack and Transformer

    (incl. 90 Angled Adapter) C-004.33.533Kit 4 OMEGA500, HC50 Headband Rheostat mounted on Headband, with EN 50-m (incl. mPack, Extension

    Cord Cinch 2 m, 90 Angled Adapter, Instrument Support) C-004.33.534

    OMEGA500 UNPLUGGED KitsConsists of OMEGA 500, HC 50 Headband Control, XHL Xenon Halogen bulb 5 WKit 5: with plug-in transformer UNPLUGGED, 1x mPack UNPLUGGED C-004.33.535Kit 6: with wall transformer EN 50 UNPLUGGED, 2x mPack UNPLUGGED C-004.33.536

    OMEGA500 SetsSet complete with OMEGA 500 Head worn Indirect Ophthalmoscope, 1 Scleral depressor large, 1 Scleral depressorsmall, A.R. 20D Ophthalmoscopy-Lens, pad with 50 fundus charts, teaching mirror, 1 spare bulb, in hard case with:

    Set 1: HC 50 Headband Control with plug-in transformer C-275.40.320Set 2: EN 50 with Rheostat Control Module, HC 50 Headband Control (incl. 90 Angled Adapter, Extension Cord

    Cinch 2 m, Instrument Support) C-275.40.300Set 3: EN 50-m with mPack, HC50 Headband Control (incl. 90 Angled Adapter, Extension Cord Cinch 2 m, Instrument Support) C-275.40.302Set 4: mPack with plug-in transformer, HC50 Headband Control (incl. 90 Angled Adapter) C-275.40.670

    OMEGA500 UNPLUGGED SetSet 5: As complete Set C-275 OMEGA 500 above

    but with mPack UNPLUGGED and plug-in transformer UNPLUGGED C-282.40.670


  • [ 01 ]

    [ 02 ]

    [ 01 ]

    Dilated pupil.Optical System positioned for maximumstereopsis and illumination.

    In the undilated pupil, fixed optics can notprovide a stereoscopic image. The Illuminationpath can not be positioned to enter the pupilsimultaneously with the observation paths.Left and right observation paths can not bepositioned to enter the pupil simultaneously.

    [ 02 ]

    The angle of convergence between left andright observation paths is reduced and theangle of parallax (light path) is automaticallyreduced in one, simple step. The observercan now enjoy a fully illuminated, binocularview with excellent stereopsis even througha pupil as small as 1 mm.


    Power sourcesEN50-m Wall /Table unit with mPack, (incl. 90 Angled Adapter, 2 m Connecting cord, Instrument support) X-095.17.302EN 50 Wall / Table unit with Rheostat Control Module (incl. 90 Angled Adapter, 2 m Connecting cord,Instrument support) X-095.17.301mPack with Li-ion rechargeable battery and transformer X-007.99.672mPack with Li-ion rechargeable battery, without transformer X-007.99.671HC50 Headband Rheostat with transformer, Connecting cord X-095.16.324mPack UNPLUGGED X-007.99.665Wall transformer EN50 UNPLUGGED (without mPack UNPLUGGED) X-095.17.310Transformer UNPLUGGED for mPack UNPLUGGED X-095.16.316Rheostat Control Module for EN50 X-095.17.305EN50 base unit (without Rheostat Control Module) X-095.17.300

    AccessoriesHC 50 Headband Rheostat (without transformer) X-095.16.323Transformer for mPack (110-240 V) X-095.16.315XHL Xenon Halogen Spare bulb 6V, 5W, standard X-004.88.111XHL Xenon Halogen Spare bulb 6V, 10W X-004.88.104Extension Cord Cinch-Cinch, 2 m C-000.33.510Connecting Cord UNPLUGGED-Cinch to EN 50 charger / mPack / transformer HC 50, 1,6 m X-000.99.667Extension Cord UNPLUGGED-UNPLUGGED, 2 m X-000.99.668Plug-in 90 Angle Adapter (for EN 50/mPack) C-000.33.509Instrument support for EN50 C-000.33.511Teaching mirror C-000.33.209A.R. 20D Ophthalmoscopy-Lens with case (other lenses available) C-000.17.228Scleral depressor, large C-000.17.300Scleral depressor, small C-000.17.301Combi Case C-079.03.000

    PATENTED SYNCHRONIZED ADJUSTMENT OF CONVERGENCE AND PARALLAX(US. Patent # 4.84.227) for high quality, stereoscopic fundus images through any pupil size.

  • [ EN50-m ] [ mPack ] [ EN50 ] [ mPack UNPLUGGED ]

    COMFORT.Increasing user comfort was a key design criteria for the OMEGA 500. The first time you put on the OMEGA 500 you willimmediately notice the refined comfort of the completely re-designed headband and the reduced (30 % lighter) weight of theOMEGA 500 Optics.

    CRISPEST, CLEAREST FUNDUS VIEWS.A completely re-designed illumination system that is 2x brighter, provides crisp, high resolution images of the fundus in both largeand small pupils down to a 1 mm diameter.

    THE FREEDOM OF FLEXIBILITY.Place the EN 50 Modular Power Supply (patent pending) on a desk, or mount it on the wall. Free yourself from mains powercables with the new mPack, which can be charged in the EN 50 base, or with a portable transformer. For even better fingertipcontrol, the HC 50 Rheostat can be mounted on the left or right side of the headband, and is compatible with the EN 50, mPackand its own transformer.

    mPack UNPLUGGED.Headband-Battery: 100% freedom of movement no cable connections!The OMEGA 500 Ophthalmoscope with mPack UNPLUGGED rechargeable battery allows one-of-a-kind mobility without restrictionor hindrance caused by cables, cords, or similar connections. In addition, the OMEGA 500 with mPack UNPLUGGED is the lightestindirect ophthalmoscope of its kind on the market!


    [ EN50 UNPLUGGEDwall transformer ]

  • :- HEINE OMEGA500Form and Function.

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    [ 04 ]


    :- 3 Spot Sizes to choose from small spot, medium and large.

    :- Integrated Diffuser: Reducesglare and reflexes and simplifiesthe exam with a limited loss of light(only 30 %).

    :- 3 Integrated Filters to choosefrom: Red-free, Cobalt Blue andYellow filters.

    :- Separate Vertical Adjustmentof Illumination Beam of + / 4.


    :- Aluminum chassis for mountingof optics ensures durability.

    :- Dustproof.Virtually maintenance free.


    :- Arrangement and positioning ofall adjustment controls ensureintuitive functionality, for easyoperation and adjustment evenwhen working blind.




    OMEGA Headband

    [ 01 ]:- The HC50 Headband Rheostat

    can be easily mounted on the leftor right sides of the headband.

    [ 02 ]:- Flip-up adjustment to raise

    optics out of the line of sight canbe mounted on the left or rightside of the headband.Optics can be flipped and lockedat 0, 12.5, 47.5, 60 degrees.

    [ 03 ]:- Integrated Cables in overband

    eliminates the usual cable loopfrom instrument to headband.

    [ 04 ]:- Mechanically reinforcedadjustment mechanisms fordurability and precise adjustmentof headband.


    [ 05 ]:- Aperture and Filter AdjustmentLevers can be locked into adesired position.

    [ 06 ]:- Locking Aperture and FilterAdjustments also feature aFriction-Clutch (Safety-Clutch)to protect mechanisms fromdamage while in the lockedposition.

    [ 07 ]:- Increased PD Range

    from 46 74 mm.

    :- Soft Touch Controls all keyadjustment controls feature softtouch surfaces for precise andpositive adjustment control.

  • :- HEINE OMEGA500 / HEINE OMEGA500 UNPLUGGEDFlexibility and Freedom.

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    [ 03 ]

    [ 04 ]

    [ 05 ]

    [ 06 ]

    For ordering information please turn to page 005 (fold-out).

    EN 50 [ 01 ]

    :- Modular, compact designfunctions as the base for Tabletopor Wall Mounted use and ascharging base for the new mPackMobile Charging System (patentpending).

    :- Integrated on/off switch inheadband holder.

    :- Flexible Illumination Control can be used in conjunction withHC 50 Headband MountedRheostat.

    :- Upgradeable switches tomPack charging base with simpleremoval of the control module.

    :- Automatic remote poweradjustment for compatibilitywith all HEINE 6V and selectedLED instruments (patent pending).

    :- Soft Start Technology.A gradual introduction of currentreduces bulb shock and extendsbulb life.

    :- 110-240V CompatibleTransformer incl. 4 plugs forworldwide compatibility.

    HC 50 [ 04 ]

    :- For Fingertip Control Headband Mounted Rheostatputs illumination control at yourfingertips.

    :- Left and right sided MountingOptions can be mounted on theright or left side of the OMEGAHeadband.

    :- Can be combined with EN50and mPack.

    :- 110-240V CompatibleTransformer incl. 4 plugs forworldwide compatibility.

    mPACK [ 02 ][ 03 ]

    :- Triple the Capacity with Li-ionTechnology up to 3 times theoperating time on a full chargecompared to current NiCd sys-tems. More than double of otherLi-ion systems. No memory effect.

    The EN50 Modular Power Supply System (patent pending) offers unsurpassed flexibility and innovative features. Itpowers the OMEGA500, and automatically adjusts output to power all existing HEINE 6 V and LED (Headlight) products(patent pending). The EN50, mPack and HC50 Headband Mounted Rheostat can be combined in every conceivableconfiguration.HEINE mPack UNPLUGGED. 100% freedom of movement no cable connections! The OMEGA500 Ophthalmoscope withmPack UNPLUGGED rechargeable battery allows one-of-a-kind mobility without restriction or hindrance caused by cables,cords, or similar connections. In addition, the OMEGA500 with mPack UNPLUGGED is the lightest indirect ophthalmoscopeof its kind on the market!

    :- Fast Charge charges to fullcapacity in just 2 hours.

    :- Battery Capacity Indicator alwayslets you know how much operatingcharge you have left.

    :- Flexible Charging Options charge inthe EN 50 base station, or with mobiletransformer.

    :- Intelligent automatically switches tocharge mode when inserted in EN 50.Can also be used as a mains powersupply even while in charge mode.

    :- Automatic remote poweradjustment for compatibility with allHEINE 6 V and selected LED instruments(patent pending).

    :- 110-240V Compatible Transformerincl. 4 plugs for worldwide compatibility.

    mPACK UNPLUGGED [ 05 ] /EN50 UNPLUGGED [ 06 ]

    :- Rechargeable battery integratedinto the headband. No interferingcable connections.

    :- Lightweight with balanced weightdistribution. High level of comfort.Lightweight and compact.

    :- LED charge status indicator. LEDindication of remaining operating time.

    :- Can be charged by wall- or plug-intransformer.

    :- Direct operation possible whilecharging through the use of the mobileplug-in transformer.

    :- Charging time 2 hours.:- mPack UNPLUGGED rechargeablebattery. Operating time 2 hours (withstandard lamp 6 V, 5 W).

    :- Intelligent charging system. Automaticchangeover from operating to chargingmode (in the wall unit). Battery-friendlycharging.

    :- Top safety standards. Integratedcharge and performance checks duringoperation. Lithium polymer technology(selected non-flammable materials).UL-compliant.




    HEINE Optotechnik GmbH & Co. KG82211 HerrschingKientalstr. 7Tel. +49 (0) 81 52-38 0Fax +49 (0) 81 52-3 82 02E-Mail: [email protected]


    HEINE USA LTD.10 Innovation WayDover, NH 03820Tel. (603) 742-7103Fax (603) 742-7217Toll Free (800) 367- 4872E-Mail: [email protected]


    HEINE AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD.Unit 9, 98 Old Pittwater RoadP.O. Box 717 Brookvale 2100New South WalesTel. +61 (0) 2-99 38 95 00Fax +61 (0) 2-99 39 23 05E-Mail: [email protected]


    HEINE (Schweiz) AGTobelckerstr. 9CH-8212 Neuhausen am RheinfallTel. +41 (0) 52-6 72 22 66Fax +41 (0) 52-6 72 63 77E-Mail: [email protected]

    A company makes history and gives a name to outstanding productquality: HEINE.

    Founded in 1946, family owned, rich in tradition and today international marketleader in a complete range of diagnostic instruments. HEINE products meet allinternational standards (ISO/CE) and represent the leading edge in precisionand ergonomic design. Ongoing dedication to research and development hascreated a solid and diverse technology base for continued quality and productleadership. Over 500 employees worldwide contribute to this success.


    Your distributor 11/10. A-000.00.220 e

    We reserve the right to change specification without notice.