fcat tips: “bee” prepared!. where do we start??? following these tips will “bee” helpful in...

Download FCAT Tips: “Bee” Prepared!. Where do we start??? Following these tips will “bee” helpful in you “bee-ing” a success on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment

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FCAT Tips: Bee Prepared! Slide 2 Where do we start??? Following these tips will bee helpful in you bee-ing a success on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) Slide 3 Understand that the FCAT is a test that measures school performance based on standards in language arts/reading, science, and math courses. How can students bee prepared for the FCAT? Slide 4 Understand how you will bee scored on the FCAT and learn what your score means to you and your school. Slide 5 Study hard in each and every class because reading and math can bee found in every class that you take. Slide 6 Studies show that kids who watched fewer than three hours of television a day scored higher on standardized reading tests than those who watched more. Slide 7 Read newspapers, magazines, food labels, recipes, letters, and instructions, in addition to fiction and nonfiction books. Slide 8 Bee smart: get a normal nights sleep for each of the five days prior to testing. Slide 9 Take one night during the five nights prior to the test to review over math formulas and problem solving techniques that you have learned. Slide 10 Warm your brain by reading for at least 45 minutes at home on each of the five nights prior to the test. Slide 11 Most of all Relax... don't panic... you will do fine. Slide 12 Slide 13 Do not bee too anxious about your childs test scores The best advice you can give your child is to just relax and do your best. Parents should also make sure children: Arrive at school on time Get adequate rest. Eat a nutritious breakfast. Receive encouragement before the test. Dress comfortably on test days. Slide 14 What you eat can really make a difference Slide 15 When preparing for an exam or situation that requires concentration, a meal or snack combining carbohydrate, protein, and fat is recommended. Whole grain or complex carbohydrate is an excellent energy source Most of the calories should come from whole grains (such as whole wheat: breads, muffins, and cereals), fruits, and vegetables. Slide 16 Practicing can bee fun! Slide 17 http://www.fsdb.k12.fl.us/rmc/training/smart.html FDLRS : Practice materials available online for all portions of FCAT http://www.fsdb.k12.fl.us/rmc/content/fcat.html Slide 18 Use FCAT Explorer www.fcatexplorer.com For Student Login: Username: Your last name and first initial Example: smithj Password: The #53, then the first 4 letters of your last name, then your 2 digit birth month, and then your 2 digit birthday. (Lets pretend J. Smiths birthday is January 22 nd ) Example: 53smit0122 Slide 19 http://fcat.fldoe.org Florida Department of Education can bee a useful resource for parents Slide 20 Bee smart and start today with bee-ing prepared for FCAT!!