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  • Expressions idiomatiques Idiomatique Expressions
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  • Quest-ce que cest un expression idiomatique? An idiomatic expression is an expression or saying that makes no sense when taken literally or translated word for word.
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  • Idiomatic expressions An example would be its raining cats and dogs in English. En franais on dit il pleut des cordes. (Its raining ropes.) Take a minute to think of other idiomatic expressions we use in English.
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  • Common idioms in English To have a chip on your shoulder Once in a blue moon Get off your high horse To cost an arm and a leg To beat a dead horse What are some common idioms using food?
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  • What are some common idioms using food in English? Its a piece of cake In a pickle The cherry on top Easy as pie To cry over spilt milk Cool as a cucumber
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  • Common food idioms Slow as molasses A bad apple / a bad egg / a bad seed The big cheese To bite off more than you can chew To butter someone up Doesnt cut the mustard To compare apples and oranges Not my cup of tea
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  • Raconter des salades = dire des btises
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  • To tell a tale / fib / spin a yarn
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  • Avoir la frite = tre en pleine forme, avoir plein denrgie
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  • To be in top form / to be pumped turnt up
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  • Avoir le melon = avoir la grosse tte
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  • To get a big head
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  • Mettre les pieds dans le plat = tre brutalement indiscret
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  • To put your foot in your mouth
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  • En faire un fromage = faire toute une histoire de rien
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  • To make a big deal out of nothing *to make a mountain out of a molehill
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  • Cest la fin des haricots = tout est perdu
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  • all is lost, its the end of the world
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  • les carottes sont cuites = cest fini
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  • Game over, nothing can be done


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