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  • 8/3/2019 Come to My Party



    This lesson will discuss how to invite or persuade someone to go someplace and how toaccept or decline someones invitation. Let us see the examples of how to invite, persuade, accept anddecline in short conversation below:


    Dani : Have you got anything to do tonight, Deby?Deby : I dont think so. Why?

    Dani : My Friend is going to celebrate his wedding party tonight. He invites me. I dont want togo alone. I dont know with whom I should go there. Would you like to accompany me,Deby?

    Deby : Id love to, but what time, Dani?Dani : What about at seven oclock? Ill pick you up.Deby : Ok thats fine.Dani : Thanks, Deby. Youre very kind.


    Rudi : Say. Lets go to the bookstore this afternoon.Erick : Good thinking!

    Rudi : Im all for it!


    Desi : Miss Ratih, we are planning a trip to the zoo this Sunday. Would you like to join us?Miss Ratih : Oh, Im afraid I cant. Its my sister birthday. But have a nice trip anyway.Desi : Thank you. I am sure we will.


    Feri : Rul, I have a plan for the school vacation.Ruli : Sounds great! What is your plan?

    Feri : We go to Tana TorajaRuli : To see the burial caves? I dont think so. Count me out.Feri : Cmon. Ive heard theyre really interesting. Give it a try.Ruli : I dont know. Id rather go someplace else.Feri : But its totally different there. Im sure youve never seen anything like it.Ruli : Oh, okay.Feri : Great! You wont regret it. Youll see.


    Lets go to Can you come over on Saturday night?Why dont we go to? Come and join us

    What about going to? Why not go toWould you like to join us? Have you got anything to do this afternoon?Please come with us.


    Sounds great! I wish I could come with you, but Im not sure, I Good thinking! Count me out. I would like to but I mustCount me in. No, thanksI dont think so! Well, I dont knowIm sorry, but I cant Let me think it over


    Cmon. Believe me, youll have a great time You wont regret itGive it a try. Dont be a spoilsport Youll enjoy it.

  • 8/3/2019 Come to My Party


    Try it. It will be fun. Im sure

    Practice 1. Invite your friend to do the following things and she/he accepts it.

    1. Go to the new supermarket.

    2. Go swimming on Saturday

    3. Have dinner with you next Wednesday

    4. See a movie Friday night.

    5. Come over to your place this week.

    Practice 2. Invite your friend to do the following things but your friend is busy and makes an excuse.

    Student A Student B

    1. Go to party to night. 1. Meet a friend tonight.2. Go bowling on Saturday. 2. Go to supermarket with your mom.3. See a movie Friday night. 3. Clean up your bedroom.4. Go swimming on Sunday afternoon. 4. Go shopping with my friends.5. Come over tomorrow afternoon. 5. Do some homework.

    On Phone Call: Susan : Hello.John : Hi, Susan. Its me, John.Susan : Oh! Hi John, How are you doing?John : I am great thanks. Are you doing anything on Saturday night?

    Susan : No, nothing special. Why?John : Well, do you feel like going to see the new movie?Susan : Oh thats terrific idea.John : Great, What about having some food first?Susan : Sure, why not. What time?John : is seven Oclock OK?Susan : Fine, well see you at seven.John : Right, so long for now.Susan : Bye.

    Student A Student B

    A : Hello.B: ..?

    A: Speaking.

    B: (name)

    A: Oh! Hello How are you?

    B: Fine. Would you like to join me to the music store?

    A: what time should we



    A: Could we make it four-thirty?

    B: yes of course.

    A: B: Can I speak to(name), Please.


    B: oh! Hello,.(name) this is..

    (your name)

    A: how are you?

    B: Just fine thanks. I would like to invite

    you to my sisters party next Sunday,

    can you come over?

    A: .?

    B: Its ten a.m.

  • 8/3/2019 Come to My Party


    A: Where would you like to meet?


    A: thats good. See you at four-thirty.


    A: Bye

    A: Im not sure. I dont really like party.

    B: ..

    A: oh okay.

    B: Great. Youll enjoy it. Bye.