can you come to my party? can you come to my party on saturday afternoon? sorry/i'm afraid not, i...

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  • Can you come to my party?

  • Can you come to my party on saturday afternoon? Sorry/I'm afraid not, I have to/must!Im going to the doctor.

  • 1. Can Nick come to Jeffs house on Saturday?

    2. Why cant Nick come?

    3. When will Jeff and Nick meet? Read the conversation in 2d and answer: No he cant. JeffHe likes going bike riding.NickBecause he has an exam on Monday and he has to prepare for it. They will meet on Monday night. They can hang out then.

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  • Hey! Nick, can you come to my house on Saturday? Oh, Sam! I remember we went bike riding together last fall when Role-play the conversation.

  • watch TVon the weekendmy cousinvisit grandparentsComplete the answers with might and one of the phrases in the box.3a1. A: What are you going to do on Saturday?B: Im not sure. I might _______________________.2. A: What are you planning to do after school?B: I dont know. ___________________________.3. A: When will you finish the science homework?B: ______________________.4. A: Who are you going to the movies with?B: ______________________.5. Are you free to come to my place on Saturday?B: TVI might practice the violin I might finish it on the weekend I might go with my cousin Sorry. I might visit my grandparents

  • 1. Inviting: ____________________________ (can/play tennis) Accepting: ________________________2. Inviting: _____________________________ (would like to/go to the movies) Refusing: _____________________ Reasons: ____________________________ (might have to) 3bCan you play tennis with us?Sure. Id love to. Would you like to go to the movies?Im afraid I cant. I might have to prepare for the math exam. Complete the sentences below. Use the words in brackets to help you.

  • 3. Inviting: ___________________________ (can/hang out with us tonight) Refusing: __________________________ Reason: _____________________ (must)4. Inviting: ___________________________ __________________________ (would like to / come to my birthday party) Accepting: _________________________ Sure. Id love to. birthday party?Would you like to come to my Sorry. I cant. I must help my mom at home.Can you hang out with us tonight?

  • Cindys Schedule()availablego to the doctorhave the fluhelp parentsprepare for the exammeet friends


  • Write down everything you have to do next week. Choose a day and time to have a party. Then invite classmates to your party. 3c


  • A: Can you come to my party?B: When is it?A: Next week, on Thursday night.B: Sure. It sounds great.A: How about you?B: Im sorry. I have to ...C: I'm afraid not. I...

  • Im going to have a party (). In my group, ______can come to my party._______ cant come to the party because he/she has to ________ cant come to the party because . Thank you!

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  • can ___________________________Can you? ____________ _________________ __________________________ ____________________________________________________________Tom can ride a horse. Im afraid not. I have to visit my aunt. Sure, Id love to.Sorry, I cant. I Im afraid not. I have to

  • Accept () invitations:Sure / Yes / Of course, Id love to.Certainly, Id like to.It sounds great.Thanks for asking/your invitation.Decline/Refuse () invitations:Im sorry, I'm not available. I have to/must ... Id love to , but I have to/must/I'm afraid not. I may/might...Thanks for asking/your invitation. But I might have to...Make invitations:Can/Could you...?Would you like to...?Do you want to...?

  • Oral work: Read and recite 2d.Written work Ask your family if they can come to your party/go to the movies/ go shopping/ and write a report.