A: Can you come to my party? B: Sure/yes, I’d love/like to. A: Would you like to come to my party? C: Sorry, I can’t. I have a piano lesson. A: Could you

Download A: Can you come to my party? B: Sure/yes, I’d love/like to. A: Would you like to come to my party? C: Sorry, I can’t. I have a piano lesson. A: Could you

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Grammar Focus have to :do not have to has to


<p>A: Can you come to my party? B: Sure/yes, Id love/like to. A: Would you like to come to my party? C: Sorry, I cant. I have a piano lesson. A: Could you come to my party? D: Im sorry, too. I have to go to the doctor. Can you come to my party? can , Can you come to my party? Sure, Id love to. Can she go to the movie? Yes, She can. ( ) No, she cant. she have to ( Grammar Focus have to :do not have to has to Example: A: Can she go to the movie? B: Yes, she can. C: No, she cant. shes playing soccer. Anna Ken he she he they Sunday TuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday What day is it today? Its Thursday. Whats the date today?Its October the 16th. Whats today? Its Thursday the 16th Important phrases: come over the whole day another/next time try to do write soon thanks for inviting play soccer Play the piano too much homework the day after tomorrow the day before yesterday yesterday tomorrow study for a test have a piano lesson go to the concert/the mall/the doctor come to the birthday party visit my aunt help my parents Self-check Fill in the blanks with the words given, change the form of the word if necessary. play come have to study visit 1. My American friend is going to _______ me next vacation. 2. Are you ________ football this weekend? 3. I cant join you because I ________ help my mom on weekdays. 4. Please keep quiet! Im trying to ________. 5. Do you want to _______ to my birthday party? playing visit study have to come try to do something + adj play the piano knowledge points Can you come over to my house? come over to: Im free till 10:00pm. till: = until eg: The party lasted till 11:00pm. eg: He didnt come back until 11:00. . eg: The man waited till my dad came home. 1.Thanks for your i to visit next Monday. 2.Can you come o to my house to join our music club? 3.Be quiet! He is s_______ for a math test. 4.He has piano l every Friday. 5.They are having a football m. 6.Can they go to the c. 1.Thank you for (ask/ asking), but I cant go to the movies with you. 2.Paul has to study (at/ for) the math test tonight. 3.My mother has too (much/ many) homework to do. 4.Can you come to my party (at/ on) Saturday night? 5.She invites me (watch/ to watch) the basketball match the day after tomorrow. 6.I like playing (piano/ the piano). 1.Can you play tennis with on Saturday ? A: us B: we C: our D: ours nvitation ver esson atch oncert asking for much on to watch the piano A tudying for + v.ing homework on invite sb to do sth play + play + the + 2. Henry his homework this afternoon. A: have to do B: have to doing C: has to do D: has to doing 3. Tony is playing tennis the school team. A: on B: in C: to D: with 4. Jim play soccer with his friend this weekend, because he is very busy. A: can B: cans C: cannt D: cant 5. - ? -Its Monday the 14th. A: When is today B: whats today C: What time is today D: What day is today 6. He is with his father the whole day. A: fish B: fishes C: to fish D: fishing 7. Can you come to my party? -. A: Sure, I love B: Sure, I love to C: Sure, Id love to D: Sure, Id love. C D D B D C with 8.Why do they ______stand up before the national flag is being raised? A: have to B. must C. can D. need 9.Whats the______ today? Its June 26. A: day B. date C. time D. hour 10.Linda often helps her mother_____ the housework on weekends. A: with B. to C. at D. on 11.______you like to go for a walk after supper? A. Could B. Would C. Should D. May Would you like to go to the concert with me? ---Id love to, ____I cant. I have a lot of homework to do. A: or B. but C. so D. and 13. He is a man of few words. He likes to keep _____. A. silent B. be silent C. silently D. be silently B B A B B help help sb with sth Would you like to/ could you go to concert? must have to: need can: keep )+adj A 1. can, you, party, to, come, my, ? ________________________ 2. what, doing, are, you, Thursday, afternoon, this, ? _______________________________________ 3. you, can, play, with, tennis, me, ? ___________________________ 4. sorry, Im, have, I, to, guitar, my, go, lesson, to _______________________________________ 5. he, studying, a, chemistry, test, is, for ________________________________ Can you come to my party? What are you doing this Thursday afternoon? Can you play tennis with me? Im sorry I have to go to my guitar lesson. He is studying for a chemistry test. Fill in each blank with a proper word chosen from the box and change the form where necessary. another time play be busy whats thanks be free go to the doctor s the whole day 1. Paul and Eliza _____both _____ on Sunday. They can watch the football match. 2. ________the date today? Its November 21 st. 3. Im sorry. Tomorrow Im _________soccer and having a math lesson. 4. He has got a bad toothache, let him __________. 5. ________ a lot for the interesting books. 6. We cant go to visit our aunt this weekend. Maybe __________. 7. Im sorry, Henry. I _____ really _____ this week. I cant go to see you. Whats playing go to the doctors Thanks are free another time ambusy New words come over Why not come over to my home for a visit? Come over any time; I'm always in. , . whole adj. I stayed at home for the whole weekend. till=until prep. 1. ... The party lasted till midnight. . He didn't leave the office till/until 8 o'clock. . conj. ... The stranger waited till my dad came home. . Hi Henry, Thanks a lot for the invitation. Im sorry I cant visit next week. On Monday, I have to _______________. On Tuesday, Im _______________with my friends. On Wednesday, I have to ________my dad. On Thursday, Im studying for ___________. And on Friday, ___________________ on vacation with __________. Please call me after the vacation. Tony my parents go to the doctor going to the movie help an English test Im going to go camping </p>