unit 9 can you come to my party? section b period 2 (3a-self check)

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  • Unit 9 Can you come to my party?Section B Period 2 (3a-Self Check)

  • What are you doing this week? What do you have to do this week? Are you going to spend your weekend with your friends?

  • You invite your partner to go to a movie, but he / she is busy these days. Please make up a conversation.Can you ?What are you doing the day after tomorrow?How about ?Im really busy this week.

    Days Activities today see a dentisttomorrow babysit his / her sisterthe day after tomorrowhave a picnic with friends

  • 3aRead the invitation and answer the questions.1.Who is making the invitation?________________________________________2. What is the invitation for?________________________________________3. When will the event happen?________________________________________4. What will happen after this?________________________________________Mr. Smith, the headmaster is making the invitation.It is for the opening of the new library.It will happen on Wednesday, January 8th at 9:00.After this, parents can enjoy the school concert and have lunch in the school hall at 12:00.

  • 5. Do parents have to bring anything?________________________________________________________________________________

    6. How should people reply to this invitation, and when?________________________________________________________________________________They have to bring one book as a gift for the new library.They should reply to this invitation in writing by Friday, December 20th.

  • 3bWrite an invitation to a party or any other event. Reply to your partners invitation. If you turn down the invitation, give a good reason.Include the following information:Kind of party or eventWhen and where it will beHow guests should dressIf guests should bring anythingIf the guests should reply to the invitationWhen and how the guests should replyUse the followingwords and phrases:would like towill beafter thispleasereply

  • MikeHenryHenryHenryMike70

  • Hi Mike____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Write soon. Henry

  • 12

  • 3Thanks for asking me to your party. Can you come to my birthday party? Id love to, but I have to I am doing

  • Hi Mike, Thanks for asking me to your home, but Im sorry I cant visit you next Saturday. Ill be busy that day. In the morning, I have to do myhomework. In the afternoon, I am having soccertraining with the school team. In the evening,Im going to the movies with my friends. There isa new movie. I cant miss it. Can you watch itwith us next Saturday evening? Write soon. Henry

  • 4Student A, look at your calendar on the right. Student B, look at yours on Page 81. Find a time when you can both go shopping.A: Can you go shopping with me this week?B: Sure, Id love to. When?A: Well, what are you going to do on Monday evening?B: I must study for the English test. What about Tuesday evening?They can both go shopping on Sunday afternoon.

  • 1Fill in the blanks in the conversation.A: Hi, Peter. _______ you come to my party _______ the weekend?B: Sure, _________ love to.A: How about ________, Jenny?C: Im afraid I ________. I _______ to look after my little cousin.A: ________ you come, Jeff?D: I ________ be able to, but Im not sure. ________ let you know tomorrow.CanonIdyoucanthaveCanmightIll

  • 2You get these invitations but cant go. Write a refusal and a reason. Invitation: Can you come to my party on Saturday?Reply: __________________________________2. Invitation: Lets go to the movies tomorrow night.Reply: __________________________________

  • 3. Invitation: Lets go to the concert on the weekend.Reply: __________________________________4. Invitation: Do you want to go shopping with me next week?Reply: __________________________________5. Invitation: Can you play soccer with me after school today?Reply: __________________________________

  • Useful phrasesstudy for a test come to the party the whole day another time soccer practice try to do write soon have a piano lesson have to dothis weekenda birthday partythe day after tomorrow join sb.go to the concertculture clubthe day before yesterday

  • Making invitations Do you have any plan next Friday night? We are having some friends over for a dinner party. Would you like to join us? Are you free next Friday night? Are you doing anything on Friday night? Would you be interested in coming to our house that night? How do you like to join our party on Friday night?

  • Accepting invitationsWould you like to ...?I'd love to, thank you. That's very kind of you, thanks. It sounds great, thank you. That will be lovely, thank you.Do you like to go to the movie with us this afternoon?That's great! Thank you. What a good idea! Thank you.

  • That's very kind of you, but actually I'm planning to see my mother next Saturday.Well, I'd love to, but I already told my girlfriend to stay at her place next weekend.I'm really sorry, but I got to do something else on next weekend.I really don't think I can make it - I am supposed to be at airport to pick up my girl friend next Sunday morning.Declining invitations

  • An ExampleA: Hello! Is that ?B: Yes, this is A: Why dont you / not come to my party?B: Because I have to have a piano lesson . / I am going to the dentist.A: How often do you have the lesson? / What is the matter with you?B: I

  • How many piano ______ () did you have last week?2. I dont like this green skirt. Please show me ______ () one.3. The famous group gave a great ______ () in our city last night.lessonsanotherconcert,

  • , 1. Were going to the party ____ Thursday evening.2. Kate is going to practice basketball ______ her school team.3. Can we talk about it the day ______tomorrow?on with after

  • , 1. Yesterday I watched a soccer m______ on TV.2. Its Tuesday today, and its Wednesday t___________.3. I dont think people should keep animals in zoos. They should be f______. 4. We go to school on w_________, and we rest on weekends.matchtomorrowfreeweekdays

  • 1. Mary, for, has, math, the, study, to, test (.) ________________________________________2. go, why, a, see, not, to, doctor(?) ________________________________________3. has, every, class, a, Sunday, Jim, violin (.) ________________________________________4. can, the, watch, game, me, basketball, with, you (?) ________________________________________Mary has to study for the math test.Why not go to see a doctor?Jim has a violin class every Sunday. Can you watch the basketball game with me?

  • A-E, , A. Im not sure.B. Im sorry I cant.C. When can you be free?D. I have to study for a math test.E. Ill call you after finishing my work.

  • A: Are you free this Saturday? B: No. Im busy all day. 1. ______A: What about Sunday? Can you go to the movies with me on Sunday? B: 2. ______ What time? A: How about 9:00 on Sunday morning?DA

  • B: 3. ______A: Why not? B: I have to clean my house. A: 4. ______B: At about 11:00. 5. ______A: OK. Ill wait for you.BCE



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