At My Birthday Party

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At My Birthday Party. By: Cara Edenfield g My friends celebrate with me. at my Birthday party. We like to play fun games. at my Birthday party. We wear party hats and blow horns. at my Birthday party. I blow the candles out on the Birthday cake. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>At the Birthday Party</p> <p>At My Birthday PartyBy: Cara</p> <p>My friends celebrate with meat my Birthday party</p> <p>We like to play fun gamesat my Birthday party</p> <p>We wear party hats and blow hornsat my Birthday party</p> <p>I blow the candles outon the Birthday cake</p> <p>at my Birthday partyWe eat cake and ice creamat my Birthday party</p> <p>I open up presentsat my Birthday party</p> <p>The End</p>