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Unit 5. Can you come to my party?. Sure, I’d love to. I am sorry, I can’t. I have to……(baby-sit my sister, help my parents, have a piano lesson.). New words Lesson 课;课程 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Sure, Id love to.I am sorry, I cant. I have to(baby-sit my sister, help my parents, have a piano lesson.)Unit 5

  • New words Lesson hey ) baseball game calendar ; tomorrow the day after tomorrow invitation match ; whole ;; come over to till

  • Can you come to my birthday party?Sure, Id love to.Im sorry, I cant. I have to go to the doctor.Excuse me, can you come to my dancing party?Certainly, Id love to.Sorry, I cant. I have to study for a test

  • Accept Invitations:Sure/Yes/Of course, Id love to.Certainly, Id like to.

    Decline invitations:Im sorry, I cant. I have to look after my grandmother. I have a piano lesson. I am going shopping with my my parents/ visit my aunt/ play football/ study for the English test/have a piano lesson/ go to the mall/ baby sit my sister/ do homework/go to the movies/ go to my guitarlesson/ watch a football match/play tennis/ go to the doctor/ surf the Internet/ go fishing/ relax at home

  • A:Can you come to my party on Wednesday?B:Sure, Id love to.C:Sorry, I cant. I have a guitar lesson.D:Im sorry, too. I have to visit my aunt.

  • 1.Copy the new words and expressions.2.Make a new dialogue according section A 1c Contains: How to accept and decline invitations.

  • Tom: Hey, Jeff, can you come to my Christmas party?Jeff : When is it?Tom: Its on Saturday, December 24, at six oclock.Jeff : Great! Id love to.Tom: How about you, Lucy?Lucy: I am sorry, I cant. I am going to the movies with my family.Can you come to?Christmas partySaturday, December 24, six oclockJeff: Sure/greatLucy: Sorrygo to the movies with my family

  • Its a Birthday Party! For whom: Lisa Time: Friday, October 15, at four-thirtyPlace: Lisas house,15th streetCome and join us!Lucy: Hi, Tom, can you come to Lisas Birthday Party?Tom: is it?Lucy: Its at .Tom: is it?Lucy: Its in , on .Tom: Great! Id love to.When On Friday, October 15 four-thirtyWhereLisas housethe 15th street

  • A: Hey, Dave, can you go to the movies on Saturday?B: Im sorry, I cant. I have too much homework this weekend.A:Thats too bad. Maybe another time.B: Sure, Joe. Thanks for asking.

  • A: Can your mother go to the concert?B: When is it?A: Its on Saturday evening.B: Sure/ Yes/ Certainly, shed love to.B: No, she cant. She is doing housework. She has to baby sit my sister. She has a party with her friends.your motherconcertMonday eveningdo houseworkbaby-sit my sisterhave a party with her friends

  • theyplay footballSunday afternoonA: Can they play football with us?B: When is it?A: Its on Sunday afternoon.B: Sure, theyd love to Yes, they can.B: No, they cant. They have an English test. They are visiting their teachers. They have to do their homework.have an English test visit their teachersdo homework

  • calendarOctober Whats today?Today is Monday the 11th.Whats the day after tomorrow?It is Tuesday the 12th .


  • Calendar A: Whats today?B: Its Monday the 11th .A: Can you go to the mall with me the day after tomorrow?B: Sorry, I cant. I have to

    Sunday the 10th go to the dentistMonday the 11th play footballTuesday the 12th Wednesday the 13thThursday the 14thFriday the 15thSaturday the 16th

  • Thanks for your i to visit next Monday.Can you come o to my house to j our music club?He is d the science report with his classmates.He has piano l every Friday.They are having a football m .Can they go to the c . Thank you for (ask/ asking), but I cant go to the movies with you.Paul has to study (at/ for) the math test tonight.My mother has too (much/ many) homework to do.Can you come to my party (at/ on) Saturday night?She invites me (watch/ to watch) the basketball match the day after tomorrow.I like playing (piano/ the piano).Can you play tennis with on Saturday ? A: us B: we C: our D: oursnvitatinveroiniscussingessonatchoncertaskingformuchonto watchthe pianoA

  • 2. Henry his homework this afternoon.A: have to do B: have to doing C: has to do D: has to doing3. Tony is playing tennis the school team.A: on B:in C: to D: with4. Jim play soccer with his friend this weekend, because he is very busy.A: can B:cans C: cannt D: cant5. - ? -Its October the 14th.A: When is today B: whats today C: What time is todayD: What day is today6. He is with his father the whole day.A: fish B: fishes C: to fish D: fishing7. Can you come to my party? - .A: Sure, I love B: Sure, I love to C: Sure, Id love to D: Sure, Id love.CDDBDC

  • Hes playing tennis on Sunday afternoon.( on Sunday afternoon?The movie begins at six oclock.( the movie ?Mary can come to the party.( Mary come to the party.He has to study.( he to study?Can you go to the mall this week?( Sure, .What is he doingWhat time does begincant Does haveId love to

  • Do you have the h of drinking milk everyday?Hamburgers and potato chips are j food.Because of his sore t , he cant speak loudly. Hard work makes a lot of people feel s out.Every year, more and more foreigners come to China to study t Chinese medicine.Its very important for us to eat a b diet.They didnt stop talking u the teacher came in the classroom.Are you going to spend your summer v with you brother.If you feel tired of your work, you can take a day off to go s .How many kinds of t do you know?In China, buses are the most popular m of transportation.Shes going c for vacation.He watches TV t a week.Good food and exercise can help us to keep h .-- do you surf the Internet? -- Once a week.A: How much B: How long C: How soon D: How oftenabitunkhroattressedraditionalalancedntilacationransportationightseeingeansampingwiceealthyD

  • Homework, most students do homework everyday.A: About B: For as C: As for D: For17. My mother exercise.A: hard ever B: hardly ever C: ever hard D: ever hardly18. We dont know where to go for vacation and finally we Hawaii.A: decide in B: decide to C: decide at D: decide on19. Where are we going for vacation, Daddy? -- It the money we have, my dear.A: depends B: depends on C: according to D: decides on20. The teacher starts the class a song.A: to B: with C: on D: in21. Stay and then you will do your work better.A: health B: healthy C: healthily D: healthiness22 --I have a bad cold. -- .A: Lie down and rest B: youd better see a doctor C: I am sorry to hear that D: above all23.Are your lifestyle as mine?A: same B:as same C: so same D: the sameCBDBBBDD

  • 24. You are coughing a lot. Youd better the medicine.A: to take B: taking C: take D: not to take25. -- do you live from school? -- Its ten minutes drive.A: How long B: How far C: How fast D: How soon 26. Itll you about half an hour to finish the work.A: spend C: get C: take D: bring27. In North America, most students go to school the school bus.A: take B: on C:in D: by28. How do you arrive here? -- You see, Im just . Its not far.A: on foot B: walk C: on feet D: walking by foot 29. Is it far from your house? -- Oh, yes, .A: two hours drive B: two hours driveC: two hours drive D: two hours driving30. I cant help you cheat in the exam, we are best friends.A: because B: if C: s