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Burnaby Now October 18 2013


<ul><li><p>Your source for local sports, news, weather and entertainment! &gt;&gt; www.burnabynow.com</p><p>Olympian earnshonorary doctorate</p><p>PAGE 15</p><p>Festival celebratesBengali culture</p><p>PAGE 11</p><p>Burnabys first and favourite information source Delivery 604-942-3081 Friday, October 18, 2013</p><p>KinderMorgan is conducting a thoroughsecurity review of the Westridge MarineTerminal after the facility was seized byGreenpeace activists Wednesday.</p><p>Spokesman Andrew Galarnyk said thereview will determine how 16 Greenpeaceactivists managed to get inside the site and</p><p>chain themselves to the terminalsequipment and front gate.</p><p>We are assessing the incidentand the security measures that arein place, said Galarnyk. Wereconducting a thorough investiga-tion of the entire incident.</p><p>Galarnyk refused to speculateon how the Greenpeace activistsmanaged to access to the terminal, sayingits too early to tell.</p><p>The Greenpeace protesters remained onthe site for about 12 hours, from dawn todusk Wednesday. In addition to chainingthemselves to the terminals front gate andits pumping mechanisms, they dangled</p><p>from ropes to unfurl banners andpaint the storage tanks.</p><p>Greenpeace B.C. directorStephanie Goodwin said the activ-ists agreed to leave voluntarilyafter discussions with the RCMP.They were escorted off the site,questioned and released. Nocharges have been laid to this</p><p>point and Goodwin is hopeful none willbe.</p><p>RCMP spokesman Sgt. Peter Thiessensaid the investigation is ongoing, and itstoo early to say whether any charges willbe laid.</p><p>The protesters may face legal action</p><p>from Kinder Morgan. Galarnyk said thecompany is weighing its legal options. Buthe added that safety was the prime concernduring the incident.</p><p>Certainly, we were concerned aboutthe safety of the protesters, the safety of ourstaff and the community, he said. Werehappy it ended peacefully.</p><p>Galarnyk said Kinder Morgan is con-ducting a thorough survey of the site toensure there is no damage. He said thereappears to be none.</p><p>The Greenpeace action was timed tocoincide with Wednesdays speech fromthe throne in Ottawa. In the speech, which</p><p>Oil protest prompts security reviewFor morephotos andvideo, scan</p><p>with</p><p>Don Haukastaff reporter</p><p>Greenpeace Page 3</p><p>Making a statement: Greenpeace activists Benjamin Zielinski,left, and Dr. Keith Stewart chained themselves to the fenceat Kinder Morgans Westridge Marine Terminal. At right, aprotester lends his support to their cause.</p><p>Photos by Jason Lang/burnaby now</p><p>Kinder Morgan will work todetermine how 16 activistsgot inside marine terminal</p><p>4548 Hastings Street(Just east of Willingdon)</p><p>604.428.3700poshpantry.ca</p><p>CHECK US OUT ON FACEBOOKGRAND OPENINGSaturday, October 19</p><p>DEMOS AND TREATSALL DAY IN THEPOSH KITCHEN!</p><p>GOURMETCOOKINGCLASSES</p></li><li><p>A02 Friday, October 18, 2013 Burnaby NOW</p><p>Renderings are artist interpretation only. Pricing and incentives are subject to change withoutnotice. Please see an Onni sales representative for details. E. &amp; O.E.</p><p>604.523.0733 | ONNI.COM</p><p>VISIT US TODAYPRESENTATION CENTRE NOWOPEN295 FRANCIS WAY, NEWWESTMINSTER | OPEN DAILY 126PM EXCEPT FRIDAYS</p><p>Onni proudly presents the final two opportunities to own at Victoria Hill, New Westminsters award-winningcommunity. 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Wealso heard from them that theywant more information and moreinput into this issue.</p><p>Visions*Superstore*SAS Comfort Shoes*Sleep Country Canada*Fair Market*M&amp;M Meats*Loblaws Inc.*</p><p>* not in all areas</p><p>6 Opinion</p><p>6,7 Letters</p><p>11 Community</p><p>14 Paper Postcards</p><p>16 Healthwise</p><p>35 Sports</p><p>37 Classifieds</p><p>Last weeks questionDo you think stores should bebanned from selling pets?NO 69% YES 31%</p><p>This weeks questionDo you believe the ethics rules forMPs need to be tougher?</p><p>Vote at: www.burnabynow.com</p><p>9 RCMP gets proactive 11 Bengali festival 13 Award finalists named</p><p>Using Layar: Download theLayar app to your smartphone. Lookfor the Layar symbol. Scan the photoor the page of the story as instructed.Ensure the photo or headline is entirelycaptured by your device. Check foradvertisements that have Layar content,too. 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Thepurpose was to make a point, andsend a message to the prime min-ister and premier that we have tomove away from dirty oil, and weaccomplished that.</p><p>Keith Stewart was one of twoactivists who chained themselvesto the terminals front gate. Hesaid he and his partner had notrouble accomplishing their partof the action.</p><p>I cant speak for those inside,but no one challenged us, hesaid.</p><p>Tsleil-Waututh elder AmyGeorge was at the terminals frontgate to support the protesters.Although not chained to the gate,she sat beside them, telling report-ers she will do all she can to stopthe pipeline expansion project.</p><p>I think its wonderful, and Iwant to thank Greenpeace, saidGeorge, 72.</p><p>Im here to stand up for mypeople and for all the people inthe Vancouver area.</p><p>The facility is the terminus ofthe Trans Mountain pipeline that</p><p>carries bitumen from northernAlberta across B.C. for shipmentoverseas. In Burnaby, the projectwould see the number of tankersthat can dock at the terminal tri-ple to three. Tanker traffic wouldjump to 400 a year.</p><p>The scheme would see thenumber of tanks at the Burnabystorage terminal double, with14 new storage tanks installed.That would add another 3.9 mil-lion barrels of oil to the facilityscapacity. Currently, the terminalcan hold 1.6 million barrels.</p><p>The Kinder Morgan TransMountain Expansion Project is a$5.4-billion undertaking that wouldtwin the existing 1,150-kilometrepipeline between StrathconaCounty (near Edmonton) andBurnaby, if approved.</p><p>THE BIG PICTUREBarrels per day: Would nearlytriple, from 300,000 barrels per dayto 890,000 barrels per day.Size of pipe: 36 inches.Pumping Stations: Jumps by11 to a total of 35.Whats in it: The existing linewould pump refined products,synthetic crude oils and lightcrude oils. The proposed new linewould carry heavier oils, includingbitumen.</p><p>WHATS HAPPENING INBURNABY</p><p>More storage tanks: The num-ber of tanks at the Burnaby stor-age terminal would double, with 14new storage tanks installed. Thatwould add another 3.9 million bar-rels of oil to the facilitys capacity.Currently, the terminal can hold 1.6million barrels.More tankers at the dock:The number of tankers that coulddock at the Westbridge MarineTerminal would triple to three. Anew vapour recovery and re-injec-tion system to help control emis-sions would also be built.More tankers in BurrardInlet: The number of tankerswould increase dramatically fromabout 60 a year to over 400 a yearif the project is approved.Who has the final say? TheNational Energy Board will reviewthe project and make a recom-mendation to the federal cabinet.Prime Minister Stephen Harperand his cabinet will have the finalsay on whether the project isapproved or not.</p><p> Don Hauka</p><p>WHATS THE PLAN?</p><p>continued from page 1</p><p>Greenpeace: Tsleil-Waututh elder supports activists efforts</p><p>Support: Local resident Eric Mathias meditates during the protest at Kinder Morgans terminal.</p><p>Don Haukastaff reporter</p><p>Jason Lang/burnaby now</p><p>Residents support protesters</p><p>Burnaby NOW Friday, October 18, 2013 A03</p></li><li><p>A04 Friday, October 18, 2013 Burnaby NOW</p><p>Welcome to our newest location!Visit our newest restaurant, located at 6500 Hastings Street - at Kensington Square.From award-winning burgers and signature fries, to our fresh salads, BC Chicken,pastas, Spot classics, and of course our famous Pirate Paks, theres always somethingdelightful on the menu at White Spot. 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You can visit the new White Spot atKensington &amp; Hastings in Burnaby.</p><p>So come on over, youre welcome anytime.</p><p>6500 Hastings Street (Kensington Square), Burnaby604-299-2214Open daily 6:30 am to 11:00 pm</p></li><li><p>TransLink is under fireonce again, after an easyfare evasion tactic was dis-covered with the CompassCard before its rollout.However, Burnaby MayorDerek Corrigan said hesnot surprised that the cardhas been riddled with con-troversy.</p><p>The Compass Card andits fare gate system, whichwere brought in to dealwith fare evasion, have aloophole for riders to avoidpaying for all zones andTransLink has said it wasaware of the potential forit.</p><p>Ive been warningabout these problems wellbefore they started institut-ing them,Corrigan told theBurnaby NOW. It doesntsurprise me. I imaginemany, many other ways forpeople who are determinedto avoid fares will find away to evade them.</p><p>The Compass Card wasrecently embroiled in con-troversy when the projected$171 million cost to imple-ment the system increasedby $23 million.</p><p>And thats just the tipof the iceberg, because theyburied as much of thoseexpenses as possible. Itdoesnt count the reno-vation at Metrotown orBroadway, Corrigan said.</p><p>The other issue is futuremaintenance costs, whichCorrigan says will be exor-bitant seeing as how thegates will be worn out rap-idly with use.</p><p>One of the most expen-sive things to build in a sys-tem is to maintain it. Withthe panels, the abuse theyllbe taking will breakdown regularly. Will theyhave staff out at those loca-tions all the time?What willthey do when they breakdown? How do people getthrough? Will they sendstaff out to open and closethe gates or do it automati-cally from a central office?Will the gates open whentheyre broken?</p><p>Corrigan said it comes</p><p>down to political pressurethat started with the pro-vincial government.</p><p>The (then) Minister ofTransportationKevinFalconwent on holiday to Londonwith his future wife, andthey pointed out having thefare gates in the Londonsystem, he said. Theythen gathered up the con-tribution of federal dollarsand then pushed TransLinkinto doing it despite the factthey werent able to pro-duce any business case tojustify it.</p><p>Corrigan said compar-ing a city with eight millionpeople when about 75 percent use the transit system,to a city with two millionwith 14 per cent using tran-sit shows the economicsdont make sense when thesmaller city tries to imple-ment the same system.</p><p>Its one of those situ-ations where people real-ly pandered to the publicabout finding a solution tofare evasion knowing fullwell that wasnt going tohappen, he added.</p><p>It was politically expe-dited to get a solution, butrealistically youre nevergoing to solve the problem.Its $20 million more a yearto chase after a $5-million-a-year problem, which makesno economic sense at all.</p><p>However, TransLinksMike Madill, vice-presidentof enterprise initiatives,told the NOW the author-ity is taking a multi-facetedapproach to reduce fareevasion.</p><p>We think that theCompass Card is going tohelp us reduce the amountof fare evasion, he said in aphone interview. We dontwant to talk about meth-</p><p>ods people might (use to)cheat the system. Theresno system thats a perfectsystem.</p><p>Madill said all TransLinkreally wants is people topay and the vast majoritydoes.</p><p>We want everybodyelse to pay their fares too,he added.</p><p>The extra $23 millioncost, Madill said, camefrom inflation, extra projectmanagement charges andsystem changes as the origi-nal budget was drafted in2009.</p><p>Its a long-term invest-ment,hesaidwhenasked ifadding more Transit Policewould have been cheaper.A lot of our equipmentis nearing the end of itslife. Current fare equipmentwas needed, and we had tomake an investment in newequipment anyway.</p><p>Through the CompassCards beta testing, otherissues were highlightedsuch as the noise readerbeing too low in volume,unable to read the screenin bright sunlight and themachine being slow in rec-ognizing the card, Madillsaid.</p><p>Were looking to tweakthat, he added....</p></li></ul>