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<ul><li><p>Your source for local sports, news, weather and entertainment! &gt;&gt; www.burnabynow.com</p><p>Whowants to runagain in Burnaby?</p><p>PAGE 3</p><p>Gymnast is soaringto national heights</p><p>PAGE 33</p><p>Burnabys first and favourite information source Delivery 604-942-3081 Saturday, November 20, 2010</p><p>Bloy says tax cuts not dead, just on holdGordon Campbells 15 per cent tax cut,</p><p>announced just weeks ago, has been sus-pended, but that doesnt mean its nevergoing to happen, according to LiberalMLA Harry Bloy.</p><p>Its not a reversal. Its being put onhold so the new leader can review it andlook at it, Bloy said. I would still expectthe tax cut would still go through.</p><p>This Wednesday, the outgoing premier</p><p>announced that the provincial gov-ernments executive council haddecided to suspend the 15 per centreduction in personal income taxrates for the first $72,000 of per-sonal income that same tax cuthe had dangled in front of BritishColumbians on Oct. 27, just daysbefore he announced he would stepdown as premier. The tax cut, whichwas subject to legislative approval,was set to take effect Jan. 1, 2011.</p><p>In order to ensure the executive</p><p>council has maximum flexibilityto set governments economic andfiscal agenda, cabinet has decidedto suspend the planned tax reduc-tion,Campbell said inWednesdayannouncement. The cabinet hasdecided that during this periodof transition, it is important thatdecisions are not made that wouldunnecessarily limit executivecouncils ability to set prioritiesand implement their agenda forgovernment.</p><p>When asked if the tax cut would meanless government revenue for services andsocial programs, Bloy said that it wouldactually stimulate the economy by leavingmore spending money in the pockets ofBritish Columbians. Government can stillgenerate revenue, but through taxes onconsumption rather than income.</p><p>In the long run, it puts more back intothe economy, he said.</p><p>But New Democrat MLA KathyCorrigan isnt convinced.</p><p>Jennifer Moreaustaff reporter</p><p>Featheredfriends:Eric Qi enjoysa sunnyNovemberafternoon inCentral Parkas he attemptsto take somephotos of thepigeons andgulls near thepond.</p><p>Harry BloyMLA</p><p>Tax Page 10</p><p>Pigeonportrait</p><p>Larry Wright/burnaby now</p><p>Nandos Kingsway, Burnaby 4334 Kingsway 604-434-6220</p><p>www.nandoskingsway.comValid only when you present this voucher at Nando's Kingsway, Burnaby. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Substitute regular salad for 75 extra. 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NDP shouldchoose a new leader?</p><p>Vote at: www.burnabynow.com</p><p>8 Victory gardens 10 Fatal car crash 11 Surgical wait times list</p><p>One-man teamOne-man teamOne-man teamOne-man team</p><p>Connecting with our community online Visit www.burnabynow.com</p><p>Tom Berridges Blog</p><p>Rants, ravesand communitysports nuggets</p><p>In just a little more than a year from now, Burnabyresidents will once more head to the polls to cast theirvote in the municipal election.And while its clearly too early to see campaign signs</p><p>on lawns, the current mayor and council members havealready said theyd like to be on the ballot.</p><p>Mayor Derek Corrigan and all eight city councillorshave said they plan to run in the 2011 municipal elec-</p><p>tion, under the Burnaby CitizensAssociation banner.</p><p>Im thrilled to be runningagain, Corrigan said. Im hop-ing the people of Burnaby willsupport me.</p><p>Corrigan was a city councillorfor 15 years and was first electedin 1987. He served his first termas mayor in 2002.</p><p>The election results will showwhether or not the citizens of</p><p>Burnaby support the BCA-led councils decisions, headded.</p><p>The BCA won all city council and school board seatsin the 2008 election.</p><p>There were concerns from the Independent Voicesand TEAM Burnaby candidates at the time that a councilwithout opposition would operate in secret, somethingCorrigan dismissed.</p><p>All the councillors contacted by the NOW said theyintend to run again, though many also said it was stilltoo early to make a formal declaration.</p><p>Yes, Ill run if theyll have me again, Coun. NickVolkow said, laughing.</p><p>Volkow is currently serving his fifth term on council.He was first elected in 1996.</p><p>I dont think Ive embarrassed the city, he joked.Councils record over the past term has been pretty</p><p>good, Volkow said.Coun. Dan Johnston, who first ran in 93, said there</p><p>are more environmental initiatives hed like to introduce.Wed like to continue working with the committee</p><p>on those, said Johnston, who is chair of councils envi-ronment and waste management committee.</p><p>Coun. Colleen Jordan is in her third term this year,after being first elected in 2002.</p><p>Her experience as a director on the Metro Vancouverboard has added to her knowledge of issues affecting thecity and region as a whole, she said.</p><p>She sees a number of regional issues coming to the</p><p>forefront in the next couple of years, she added.Theres going to be some significant challenges for</p><p>the region as a whole, Jordan said. Id like the oppor-tunity to see it through.</p><p>Coun. Sav Dhaliwal is also a Metro Vancouverdirector, as well as president of the Lower MainlandGovernment Association, one of five area associations ofthe Union of British Columbia Municipalities.</p><p>He was also first elected in 2002 and is serving histhird term.</p><p>While he does intend to run, he also mentioned theelection is still a year away.</p><p>I have the interest in the job and the enthusiasm, hesaid. I hope to carry on with the blessings of the votersnext year.</p><p>All of the councillors and the mayor said they intendto run with BCA again, and most have been longtimemembers.</p><p>I have great regard for the organization, saidDhaliwal, who is in his third term. He was first electedin 2002.</p><p>Coun. Pietro Calendino also said it was very early tomake a formal declaration but does intend to run again.</p><p>He was first elected in 2002, like Dhaliwal and Jordan,and is serving his third term.</p><p>Calendino said he is proud of his work as chair of thecommunity policing committee.</p><p>Im proud of bringing crime down in the city, hesaid, adding the committee has helped the communitypolicing offices work more efficiently with the commu-nity and has encouraged more people to take part in thecommunity policing program.</p><p>Coun. Paul McDonell is serving his first term oncouncil, though he served on the parks, recreation andcultural commission for six years prior to that.</p><p>Im just starting to understand it all, he said of allthe ins and outs of his newer role as councillor. It takesquite a bit, but Im enjoying it.</p><p>He is enjoying his work on the citys social sustain-ability strategy, he said.</p><p>I like people too, I like to get out to public events,McDonell said of his job as councillor.</p><p>Overall, he said, Its rewarding.Coun. Richard Chang is also serving his first term as</p><p>councillor. He has been a BCA member for four or fiveyears, he said.</p><p>His focus when he joined council was on bridging the</p><p>BCAS OWN TEAM IS LOOKING TO HOLD ON TO ITS POLITICAL STRONGHOLD IN THE CITY</p><p>Theyre all feeling the urge to run again</p><p>Clean sweep: Mayor Derek Corrigans party, theBurnaby Citizens Association, secured all the citycouncil and school board seats in the last election. BCA Page 9</p><p>ON MY BEATJanaya Fuller-Evans</p><p>File photo/burnaby now</p><p>Pietro Calendino Richard Chang Sav Dhaliwal Dan Johnston Colleen Jordan Anne Kang Paul McDonell Nick Volkow</p><p>Burnaby NOW Saturday, November 20, 2010 A03</p></li><li><p>A04 Saturday, November 20, 2010 Burnaby NOW</p><p>Presidents ChoiceFinancial MasterCard</p><p>is provided byPresidents Choice Bank</p><p>7499after savingsFarberware Afniti 10 pc</p><p>cookware set</p><p>save50%</p><p>7374042099after savingsPC Stainless steel</p><p>roaster</p><p>save30%</p><p>6199061499after savingson selected heaters and</p><p>humidiers</p><p>save40%</p><p>from</p><p>up to</p><p>32</p><p>720p</p><p>2HDMIinputs</p><p>23.6</p><p>1080p</p><p>1HDMIinput</p><p>1 PCinput</p><p>Prices are in effect only Saturday, November 20, 2010 or while stock lasts.We reserve the right to limit quantities. 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Ms. Moreau, in herearlier stories on dredging,pinned Mayor Corrigan to anestimate of $20,000 per day forthe dredging delay $20,000per day is $100,000 per five-dayworkweek. Ms. Moreau nowputs the delay at five months(20 work weeks.) Just for fiscallychallenged Burnaby CitizensAssociation/NDP stalwarts,$100,000 per week times 20 workweeks is $2 million $2 mil-lion is more than 25 per cent ofthe $7.2 million extracted fromcity taxpayers by the 2010 taxrate increase.</p><p>Instead of allowing Burnabyresidents to spend this moneyon themselves, someone at cityhall (perhaps even our mayorhimself) could not wait on physi-cal delivery of that final dredg-ing permit before authorizingHazco to import equipment.And so the city apparently hadto spend $2 million to storeequipment beside the lake.</p><p>The NOWwould do a realpublic service by pressingMayor Corrigan to tell us allexactly who authorized this</p><p>action by the contractor andwhat consequences such obviousincompetence will draw. Thereis now the further issue of poten-tially substantial legal liabilityattached to the planned rowingvenue. It would be the height</p><p>of irony for MayorCorrigan to sink morecity money into therowing venue only to</p><p>find that no one will use it forfear of drawing fines or jail timein doing so. This is exactly whatmay happen.</p><p>Ms. Moreau reportsthat the 32 turtles, tagged by EN-KON, frequent multiple areas ofBurnaby Lake (near the outfalldam and in the delta of the creekflowing in from Deer Lake.)</p><p>This split in their preferredhabitat requires individualturtles to make transits betweensites through the central lake (tobe occupied by rowing lanes).</p><p>The implication is that red-listed turtles and boats full ofrowers or coaches will inevitablyinteract. Such interaction expos-es the coaches, rowers, rowingorganizations (UBC, SFU), racesponsors and others (even thecity) to the provisions of theSpecies At Risk Act. Section 32(1) states: No person shall kill,harm, harass, capture or take anindividual of a wildlife speciesthat is listed as an endan-gered species</p><p>The centre of Burnaby Lake</p><p>denr</p><p>The Burnaby NOW is a Canadian-owned community newspaper published and distributed in the city ofBurnaby every Wednesday and Saturday by the Burnaby Now, 201A3430 Brighton Avenue, Burnaby,British Columbia, V5A 3H4, a division of Postmedia Network Inc.</p><p>Brad AldenPublisher</p><p>2008 WINNER</p><p>PUBLISHER Brad AldenEDITOR Pat TracyASSISTANT EDITOR Julie MacLellanSPORTS EDITOR Tom BerridgeREPORTERS Janaya Fuller-Evans, Christina Myers,Jennifer MoreauDIRECTOR, SALES AND MARKETING Lara GrahamADVERTISING REPS Cynthia Hendrix, MarneyMacLeod, Cam Northcott, Debbie EnglishAD CONTROL Ken WallRECEPTIONIST Fran VouriotPRODUCTIONMANAGER Gary E. 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Not out of the questionIt really is a bit like shooting fish in</p><p>a barrel. Not very sporting at all. So wewill refrain from getting into the wholequestion of whether Premier GordonCampbell is really an example of anabusive husband battering hiscabinet...</p></li></ul>