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Burnaby Now July 3 2013


  • Justin Williams opened his propertytax bill for his family-owned business andwas dumbfounded to see it increased bya whopping 24 per cent, and with a taxcredit cut on the horizon hes worriedabout his companys future.

    The provincial government will bephasing out its school tax credits for busi-nesses in the light industry sector in thenext two years, and doubled with highertaxes manufacturers in Burnaby are feel-ing the crunch.

    Williams co-owns Burnabys Williamsand White Inc. with his brother, whichmanufactures specialized grinding equip-ment used in the machine and cutting toolindustry.

    This is unheard of, he said. They aretrying to crush small business.

    Williams said his company tries to bea good neighbour and build the economyin the city, but it needs all the help it canget.

    Its tens of thousands of dollars in oneyear, and somehow we have to magicallyfind it, he said. How do you just, boom,adjust your budget? Everyone on mystreet is freaking out.

    Although the company has sur-vived the tough economic climate so far,Williams said business continues to be acompetitive enterprise.

    Were going to have to cut invest-ment, he said. Well have to find waysto cut costs. How else do you save moneyin a business? Were not going to be ableto reinvest, not going to be able to staycompetitive worldwide and thats whatits going to come back to.

    Its already a tough go out there,where the economy is at is very tumultu-ous still.

    For morephotos ofthe centresopening,scan with

    Get ready for all theGiro Di Burnaby fun

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    Putting a fork in the road:A food truck success story

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    Crushingtax hike of24 per cent


    Larry Wright/burnaby now

    Stefania Secciastaff reporter


    Williams Page 3

    Doggone fun:From left, StaffSergeant AndyLeClair, LorneLopetinski andSuperintendentStephan Droletand Stefaniyawith Markothe dog at theCanada Daycelebrationsand grandopening of thenew EdmondsCommunityCentre on July1. The centre at7433 EdmondsSt. held eventsfrom 10 a.m.to 3:30 p.m.,includingguided tours, aribbon cuttingceremony andactivities for allages.

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    Life in Burnaby

    Williams said the government is tryingto get blood from a rock and his businessmay consider a move to Alberta if thingsdont change.

    Weve been in this community for threegenerations and wed like to stay here,make it strong, he said. Sometimes peo-ple just think that businesses are just anun-exhaustive resource that you can justkeep on adding another hose to. Were nota money tree.

    Light and medium industry, whichWilliams company is categorized under, iscritical for the economy, he says.

    And anything we can do to supportsmall businesses in general is a good thing,he said. Its what keeps our communitiestogether.

    Williams said hes seen what a lack of abusiness presence looks like in a small townand the Lower Mainland is not immune.

    Ive witnessed it, and I dont think a lotof people who live in greater Vancouverhave been to a small town thats been hit bya recession, where no one has any work, itsnot fun, he said. When you really think

    about it, restaurants dont generate busi-ness, newspapers dont generate, entertain-ment doesnt generate only a few things inthe economy that really generate and createwealth are either those who manufacture it,dig it out of the ground or grow it.

    Williams said he was so furious abouthis property tax bill alone that he put in acall to the mayor.

    However, the city does not set the taxand businesses should direct their con-cerns to the province, according to BurnabyMayor Derek Corrigan.

    Business owners are calling the city tovoice their extreme concern, not realizingthat the city played no role in setting thistax, Corrigan stated in a media release.The City of Burnaby like cities through-out the province simply collects the taxon behalf of the provincial government, asmandated by legislation.

    Corrigan noted how the light industrysector is expected to get more tax increasesnext year, as well.

    Business owners are saying theseincreases were unexpected and astonish-ing and that they will severely impact light

    industry, he said.The Canadian Taxpayers Federation

    has been blowing the horn on how busi-nesses are facing higher taxes in Burnabyand the light industry owners will be leftscrambling when the government cuts taxcredits, according to Jordan Bateman, thefederations director.

    The best way to use tax dollars toencourage businesses to grow is to fairlyapply lower tax levels across all sectors,Bateman stated in a media release. Nofavourites, no special exemptions justneutral, across the board tax reductions.

    Bateman said the Canadian culture oftax credits is corrosive to a free market andthe public should choose which businessesto support not the government.

    But, the government says its set to getmore revenue from eliminating the taxcredits to light industry.

    The provinces Minister of Finance,Michael de Jong, reviews tax policy foreach budget, according to Janet Stewart,communications manager for the Ministryof Finance.

    In budget 2013, the minister announced

    that the (light industry) school tax creditwould be phased out over two years begin-ning in 2013 to restore the longstandingpolicy of treating businesses in (light indus-try) the same as those in (business) forschool property tax purposes, Stewart saidin an email.

    The phase-out is expected to provideadditional revenues of $32 million in2013/14 and about $55 million every yearafter to help protect important services forBritish Columbians, Stewart noted.

    In response to the economic crisis of2008, the school tax credit was introducedin 2009 to provide relief to the provincesindustrial sectors and was provided to both(major industry) and (light industry), sheadded.

    There are about 20,000 light industrybusinesses in the province, which includeswineries, asphalt manufacturers, printingand publishing operations, sand and graveloperations and metal fabrication facilities.

    According to the City of Burnaby, thereare 400 light industry businesses in operat-ing in Burnaby.


    Williams: Were (light industry) not a money treecontinued from page 1

    Burnaby RCMP is searching for adriver who fled the scene of a fatalaccident involving a cyclist on Sundaynight.

    The cyclist was struck and killed bya passing vehicle near 13th Avenue andWright Street at about 8:30 p.m. on June30, according to a press release.

    By the time RCMP, emergency ser-vices and the Burnaby Fire Departmentarrived on scene, the vehicle, and itsdriver, had fled.

    The RCMP said the vehicle involved,a dark coloured, two-door car, was lastseen travelling east on 16th Avenue. Thecar would have damage to its passengerside, the press release added.

    Police are seeking any informationfrom witnesses to this incident or any-one who may have seen the suspectvehicle or driver following the colli-sion, said Burnaby Const. Whitby inthe release.

    Anyone with information, contactBurnaby RCMP at 604-294-7922.

    Cyclist killedin weekendhit and run

    For a video,scan with

    Jason Lang/burnaby now


    Cayley Dobiestaff reporter

    Stringtheory:Kyle Hedgesshows off hisyo-yo tricksat WesternCanadaRegionalChampion-ships, hostedby theVancouverYo-Yo Cluband held atBurnabysNikkei Centreon June 29.Roughly 40competitorsand 100spectatorsattended thecontest.

    Burnaby NOW Wednesday, July 3, 2013 A03

  • A04 Wednesday, July 3, 2013 Burnaby NOW

    City canvassers on door-to-door pooch patrolThe dog licence canvassers headed out

    on June 24 and will go door-to-door untilSeptember. According to Burnabys bylaw,city dogs must have a licence.

    Dan Layng, supervisor of property use

    coordination in the citys licensing depart-ment, said the program generally occursevery other year.

    Its been fairly successful, its broughtawareness around the requirement of dog

    licences, he said. It helps to engage thepublic, and then the public understandsthat the proceeds help offset animal con-trol and the shelters.

    Licences can be purchased from a can-

    vasser, the citys shelter at 3202 NorlandAve., participating veterinarian offices orfrom the licence office at 4949 CanadaWay. For more info, call 604-294-7320.

    Stefania Seccia

    Residenttakeshealingwalk totar sands

    Burnaby residents con-cerned about the KinderMorgan pipeline need tosee beyond their backyardsand support the indigenouscommunities impacted bytar sands development.

    Thats the message fromBurnabys Harjap Grewal,a Council of Canadiansstaff member, whos aboutto embark on a journey toFort McMurray to see thetar sands firsthand.

    If you are in that area,its quite devastating, saidGrewal. Its quite shock-ing when youre walkingdown that area (of high-way). Both sides are basi-cally a desert, and it usedto be boreal forest.

    Grewal, whos been tothe site before, is takinganother trip with a groupof Lower Mainland res-idents to join the July 6Healing Walk, an annualmarch organized by FirstNations against environ-mental destruction causedby the tar sands.

    This years HealingWalk is expected to drawclimate change activist BillMcKibben, author NaomiKlein, actress and envi-ronmental activist TantooCardinal and public speak-er Wab Kinew.

    The Council ofCanadians is footing thebill for a caravan to takeroughly a dozen people,including Grewal, to FortMcMurray, Alta., for theHealing Walk.

    For more information onthewalk,gotowww.healingwalk.org.


    Jennifer Moreaustaff reporter



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  • BurnabyMP vows to fight pipeline expansion

    Burnaby-Douglas MPKennedy Stewart is vow-ing to do all he can to stopthe Kinder Morgan pipe-line expansion.

    As previously report-ed in the Burnaby NOW,Stewart was the guestspeaker at a meeting host-ed by Burnaby ResidentsOpposing Kinder MorganExpansion last Thursday.In what were perhaps histoughest words yet forKinder Morgan, Stewartpromised to fight the proj-ect and call a meeting withopposing environmentalgroups.

    If we stand together,we can stop this thing,and thats really what wehave to do, Stewart said,addressing a crowd ofroughly 50 people atMcGilllibrary. Im firmly on theside with the communitythat opposes this project,and I will do everything Ican to stop it.

    Stewart also spoke aboutthe latest developmentswithKinderMorgans pipe-line expansion and how

    people can get involved inthe National Energy Boardreview process, and hedistributed the companysmaps of newly releasedpipeline routing options.

    Kinder Morgans TransMountain oil pipeline hasbeen in operation sincethe early 1950s, and thecompany would like totwin the existing line toincrease shipping capac-ity from 300,000 barrels ofoil per day to890,000, pend-ing NationalEnergy Boardapproval.

    S p e a k i n gmostly to asympa the t i ca u d i e n c e ,Stewart charac-terized theproj-ect as a brandnew pipeline,rather thanan expansion.Stewart also said the cur-rent pipeline right-of-wayis 18 to 30 metres wide,and he pointed out thatNational Energy Boardguidelines call for a 30-metre safety zone on eitherside of the right-of-way.

    There is a swath of landalmost 100metreswide thatthe company has rights to,Stewart said.

    (According to the board,

    digging in the safety zoneand the right-of-way is for-bidden without the pipe-line companys approval,but development can hap-pen in the safety zone.)

    Stewart said he wouldoffer workshops to helpthe public deal with paper-work involved in making asubmission to the NationalEnergy Board.

    Stewart said there weretwo main types of people

    who opposedthe pipelineproject: theenvironmental-ists, who rejectthe line at anyprice, andthe economicfolks, whothink the proj-ect is a bad dealand want a cutof the profits.

    What busi-ness folks are

    saying (is) we want a sliceof this, he said, suggest-ing the two groups worktogether.

    Stewart told the audi-ence that Kinder Morganmakes $5 per barrel, whichtranslates to $5 million perday, and that the businesscommunity wanted a cutto the tune of $2.50 per bar-rel but that Kinder Morganwas only offering five cents.

    Kinder Morgan does notown the oil in the pipeline;the company simply charg-es customers for transport-ing the products. The NOWasked Kinder Morgan toconfirm Stewarts claimsabout the $5/barrel figure

    and talks of sharing profits,but no one from the com-pany was available for aninterview.

    However, media rela-tions staff Lisa Clementforwarded a February let-ter from Kinder Morgan

    Canada president IanAnderson to Stewart toclear up various issues,including routing, displace-ment of landowners on theright-of-way and an inap-propriate and misleadingJennifer Moreau

    staff reporter

    Im firmly onthe side of thecommunity thatopposes thisproject, and I willdo everything Ican to stop it.KENNEDY STEWARTBurnaby-Douglas MP

    Pipeline Page 8

    Kennedy Stewartaddresses crowd ofpipeline opponents

    Burnaby NOW Wednesday, July 3, 2013 A05


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  • A06 Wednesday, July 3, 2013 Burnaby NOW

    British Columbians areabout to find out what itmeans for a government tobalance its budget when moneystarts to perform a vanishing act.

    With less money coming in, itmeans the government has to cutspending to achieveits balanced budgetgoal and its inevit-able some of thatreduced spending is going toresult in some howls of outragefrom those affected the most.

    The B.C. Liberals were re-elected almost solely on theissue of economic management,and that included its promise todeliver balanced budgets, yearin and year out. But the budgetupdate provided this past weekcontained some unsettling num-bers that underscore how hardit will be to balance the bookswithout creating controversy.

    First of all, the forecast for taxrevenues has been slashed bymore than $200 million. FinanceMinister Mike de Jong is bal-ancing his budget on a razorsedge (the projected surplus isnow down to a mere $153 mil-lion, which is almost a roundingerror on a $44 billion budget) soa revenue hit of that magnitudecan very quickly wreck the bestlaid plans.

    Also worrisome for de Jonghas to be a decline in the pro-jected performance of somekey economic indicators fromthe budget three months ago.

    GDP, personal incomes, corpor-ate profits, retail sales all areexpected to perform worse thanwas envisioned in February.

    On a more positive note,natural gas is making a bit of acomeback. Once a vital contribu-

    tor to the governmentsrevenue base, naturalgas revenues have col-lapsed in recent years

    but are now expected to come inat more than $100 million higherthan was forecast in February.

    But, overall, there is littlereason for any significant opti-mism on the revenue side. Thisbrings us to the spending sideof the budget, and this is wherethe public is going to feel theimpact.

    The B.C. government presentsits budget as part of a three yearfiscal plan, and the next twoyears dont look much rosierthan the current year (althoughthe 2015-16 budget does containsignificantly more breathingroom when it comes to achiev-ing a surplus).

    On paper, de Jong is lookingto chop at least $130 million overthe next three years from hisbudget.

    On top of that, he is allocatingfunding increases to the health-care system that are a little morethan half of what they have beenfor years.

    These moves will undoubt-edly impact government services


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    Burnaby offers a summertime full of good funWhether youre looking for a crowd-filled musical experience, or a solitary nature hike, this city has it all

    Its summertime and the livin iseasy particularly in Burnaby.

    The first wave of true heat seemed totrigger flip-flop heaven in thecity. Canada Day celebrationsat Burnaby Village must havebroken attendance records,the Edmonds Community Centresgrand opening was well attended,and city parks and pools were hum-ming with activity. Burnaby is pretty

    special anytime of the year, but sum-mertime really underlines its beauty.From Barnet Marine Park at sea level to

    Burnaby Mountain Park, thiscity is full of places to hike,walk, paddle and just sit on ablanket and watch the world

    go by.You dont have to pack up the car

    and book an expensive cabin at a resort,just pack a lunch and catch a bus to

    Burnaby Lake or Deer Lake, rent apaddle boat and listen to the waveslapping. Or catch a bus to the BurnabyVillage Museum where you can stepback in time, and enjoy some of thebest old-fashioned ice cream around.A staycation in Burnaby is not onlycheaper, but comes with all the com-forts of home.

    And, if youre looking for entertain-ment, this month kicks off a summer

    full of fun.Theres the Giro Di Burnaby race

    in The Heights, a Canada Cup of Beerfestival at Swangard Stadium, the14th Annual Blues and Roots Festival,Edmonds City Fair and Classic CarShow, concerts at Deer Lake, soccermatches and much more.

    Whether youve got an hour to spare,or a whole weekend this city reallydoes offer something for everyone.

    Balanced budgetmeans more cuts

    Wanting to help those in AlbertaDear Editor:

    I have been amazed at the scope of the floodingdevastation in Alberta and my heart goes out to allthose who are suffering.

    I would like to do something to help and amwondering if a relief fund has been established.

    Unfortunately I dont have any special skillsthat would allow me to help personally although Iwould do so gladly if I could. As far as I know thereisnt much call for real estate lawyers in flood reliefefforts.

    Also, I trust our provincial emergency servicesare on standby to respond if there is a call for help

    from the Alberta government.

    Garth Evans, Burnaby

    Edmonds could house galleryDear Editor:

    Re: Cold shoulder doesnt deter gallery boosters,Burnaby NOW, June 21.

    In regards to your article concerning the BurnabyArt Gallery, the former Edmonds library buildingwas built based on the design of an art gallery.

    This is the reason for the wall of glass which facesnorth, to allow true light to enter the building; the

    OUR VIEWBurnaby NOW


    IN MY OPINIONKeith Baldrey

    The Burnaby NOW, a division of Glacier Media Group respects your privacy. We collect, use and disclose your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Statement which is available at www.burnabynow.com



    Budget Page 7Library Page 7

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    for several years. Its hardto see how wait times inthe health care system willbe reduced in any mean-ingful way, and in factthey may well increase.

    The government is alsosignalling it intends to putthe brakes on any increasefor physician fees. Thiscould result in a confronta-tion with doctors, which isthe kind of fight govern-ments rarely win.

    All in all, the three-yearfiscal plan suggests thatanyone who relies on gov-ernment services shouldnot expect an improve-ment in them any timesoon.

    In fact, the budgetsqueeze could result inthe elimination of someof those services, or at thevery least deterioration intheir quality.

    And B.C.s teachers

    should realize there is nomoney put aside for wageincreases. Any pay hikeswill have to come fromsavings found withinthe education system, adifficult if not impossibletask.

    But there is whatappears to be an incon-sistency in this three-yearrestraint program. Whilegovernment programs arebeing squeezed, frozen oreliminated, the provincialdebt will continue to climbat a remarkable pace.

    Capital spending onsuch things as schools,hospitals, roads, bridgesand B.C. Hydro facilitiesmeans the province willrack up another $7 billionin debt over the next threeyears (this, after climbingalmost $30 billion since2006).

    To give you an indica-tion of how fast the debt

    is escalating, considerthis: the governmentsdebt went up more than$350,000 during de Jongshalf-hour budget updatepresentation last week.

    During the electioncampaign, Premier ChristyClark kept suggestingthe provinces debt couldbe wiped out because ofpending fortunes to bemade from the exportof liquefied natural gas.Before we get therethough, the debt will keepclimbing, which is the dir-ect opposite of what shewas talking about on thecampaign trail.

    But she also talkedabout balancing thebudget.

    Her government maynever achieve those debtreduction targets, but itsbetting the farm it willaccomplish the balancingact.

    continued from page 6

    Budget: Debt still climbing

    other windows are placed to control thelight entering the building.

    As the building is about to becomevacant with the opening of the newEdmonds Community Centre, this wouldbe a good opportunity to offer this space tothe Burnaby Art Gallery for their use.

    Allen Hutton, Burnaby

    No more education fundingDear Editor:

    Re: Tell those good teacher stories,Letters to the editor, Burnaby NOW, June28.

    Ms. Louise Hazemi invited readers ofthe Burnaby NOW to write to the premier insupport of more education funding.

    This is not the letter she asked for. Inaddition to a reply, I will use the opportuni-ty to get a few things off my chest regardingthe inferior product she and her comradesdeliver and believe can only be improvedby throwing yet more money at it.

    In all fairness, many of my gripes are aresult of the curriculum, which is not con-trolled by teachers, and the reluctance of theministry to deal with matters of discipline.To point at strong unions is just a cop-outby those who look for excuses for theirweak management.

    However, lately I am a bit encouraged,because more and more pundits have ques-tioned the wisdom of putting studentsthrough secondary education for which

    there are no jobs. For the record, this issomething I have talked and complainedabout for as long as I can remember. Great savings could be achieved.

    Even though the value of a decent edu-cation does not escape me, I always thinkof education as the first area to cut backwhen the funds have dried up. My apolo-gies, but education is not the sacred calf Iam supposed to believe it is.

    I say this in all sincerity and challengeanyone who argues why they couldnt havegotten through life if a half-dozen activitieswere cut out of their Grade 3 schedules.

    Next, no amount of funding or num-ber of special needs assistants would havemade a hockey player or a political car-toonist out of me. I was never interestedin hockey, and I lacked the talent to evendraw a crooked line. It is total folly to thinkmoney could have fixed that. Yet, what Ialways hear from teachers is, they want toprepare their charges to switch back andforth from being astronauts, go into sports,law, medicine or whatever else they conjureup. In the meantime, someone who wouldbe perfectly happy driving a truck or a busand could, obviously, provide for his familydoing it, is looked at as a failure.

    To refer to more cuts is, however, pret-ty darn sick. There are fewer children andmore dollars. We all know it. But Hazemikeeps talking about reductions.

    Sorry, to have disappointed Hazemi.She earned it. What makes it worse for heris that my views are shared with quite anumber of my friends. So get used to it.

    Ziggy Eckardt, Burnaby

    continued from page 6

    Library perfect as art space

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    Fabulous prize draws!

    OPEN HOUSESaturday, July 6 & Sunday, July 79:00am to 4:00pm

  • A08 Wednesday, July 3, 2013 Burnaby NOW

    Pipeline: Routing info releasedsuggestion that Andersonwould receive a $25-mil-lion bonus if the pipelinewas constructed. (To readthe letter, go to JenniferMoreaus blog at www.burnabynow.com.)

    As for Stewarts sug-gestion that the econom-ic folks wanted a big-ger share of the profits,Clement forwarded the fol-lowing statement on behalfof Anderson in response:I welcome the opportu-

    nity to join the B.C. govern-ment, other governmentsand key stakeholders inthis dialogue to discusseconomic benefits for B.C.associated with the pro-posed expanded pipeline.I am confident that with acollaborative approach wecan find a solution that isacceptable to the B.C. gov-ernment and the citizensof B.C.

    During the question-and-answer period at theBROKE meeting, all ofthe audience queries were

    sympathetic to Stewartsposition except for onegentleman, who challengedStewarts comment that theEnbridge pipeline projectwas going to use workersfrom China.

    I am a strong supporterof the Kinder Morgan pipe-line, the audience membersaid. We need pipelines toexport bitumen to Chinaand the U.S. We are for-going massive revenues.

    The BROKE meetingwas held on the same dayKinder Morgan hosted an

    open house and announcedrouting options forBurnaby. Kinder Morgan ismostly planning to installthe twinned line along theright-of-way for the currentpipeline, but in Burnaby,because of decades ofdevelopment, the companyis looking at building thepipeline down LougheedHighway and then up tothe tank farm and overto the Westridge MarineTerminal, where tankersfill up with crude.


    continued from page 5

    Presentingpipelines:Greg Toth,

    senior directorfor the Trans



    the audienceat a mediabriefing on

    Thursday, afterthe companyannounced

    pipeline routingoptions forBurnaby.Larry Wright/burnaby now

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  • Struggle and sacrificeon The Hard Road

    Giro di Burnaby is lessthan two weeks away andto get everyone in themood for some high-speedcriterium racing, organiz-ers are inviting people to afilm screening of The HardRoad.

    The American film is adecade old this year butRainy Kent, one of theorganizers of the Giro, saidits still as relevant as it wasten years ago.

    The principles of cycleracing remain the same,she said. Its a really bigdeal for the commu-nity to come and justfamiliarize themselveswith what criteriumracing is all about.

    The film follows arookie professionalcycling team throughits first season, docu-menting their struggleto succeed and the sac-rifices the sport requires ofits athletes.

    While the film is anAmerican production, itdoes a have a connection tothe annual Burnaby racingevent, Kent said.

    One of the young fel-lows on the team in thismovie is Hilton Clarke whoactually won the Giro in2006 and he also cameback and raced again lastyear, she said.

    Organizers screened thefilm last year but turnoutwas less than desirable.

    This year, Kent saidtheyre hoping to get theword out to the communi-ty, especially those interest-ed in learning more aboutthe sport.

    You actually learnwhats going on in thestreet in front in of you. Ithink that so many peoplethink that all these guys women and guys areindividuals that are rac-ing for themselves and infact, its a very strategicevent that is very team-focused and so youll besitting there watching andgo well, how did thatguy get in front? He wasway far back the last timeand its the teams workingtogether, she explained.

    The screening of TheHard Road starts at 6 p.m.on July 4 at 105-4191

    Hastings St. at thecorner of HastingsStreet andCarletonAvenue, and thescreening is lim-ited to 50 peopleso reservations arerequired.

    Were going todo (the screening)

    in the G&F lobby, she said.Waves is going to provideiced tea and Hippie Foodsis providing chips.

    This year, Kent is alsoexcited to announce thatGiro organizers have part-nered with the AboriginalYouth Cycling programrun out of the BurnabyVelodrome.

    Youth from the programwill be collecting donationsfor the crowd primes (pro-nounced preems) duringthe races.

    Ten per cent of themoney collected in thecrowd primes will gotowards the aboriginalyouth program.

    Everybody who wantsto contributes $5 or $10 intoa can, she said.

    The primes are prizepots awarded to teamsduring mini races withinthe actual Giro race, whichKent said are very excitingbecause the cyclists are rac-ing for extra prize money.

    For more information onthe Giro and to register forthe screening of The HardRoad, visit girodiburnaby.com.

    Cayley Dobiestaff reporter

    For moreinfo, scanwith

    Check www.Burnabynow.com for breaking news, photo galleries, blogs and more

    Giro Page 10

    One-man teamOne-man teamOne-man teamOne-man team

    Connecting with our community online Visit www.burnabynow.com

    Tom Berridges Blog

    Rants, ravesand communitysports nuggets

    Burnaby NOW Wednesday, July 3, 2013 A09

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    COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATIONAND DENTURE CARE PACKAGE FREE!Specializing in dentures over-implants.5 year warranty on precision dentures.

    230 - 1140 Austin Avenue Coquitlam604.939.1313 - Email: austdent@telus.net

    Boris EroshevskiDenturist


    Advertising Feature


    It was a big day of road tests on Saturday, June 29 at CarterGM in Burnaby. For every person who took a road test,Carter GM together with Alture Properties, donated $25,

    resulting in a total of $2,025 that was donated tothe Salvation Army and Natural Gift Society.

    Participants enjoyed refreshments and a chance to wina variety of prizes including an iPad.

  • A10 Wednesday, July 3, 2013 Burnaby NOW

    The Giro di Burnaby races are on July11 with the womens races starting at 6p.m. and the mens at 7:15 p.m.

    Organizers are encouraging spectatorsto ride their bikes to the event and areoffering a bike valet service by donationin the empty lot behind Vancity at 4302Hastings St.

    The valet service is sponsored and runby Dandy Horse Cycles and the moneycollected will go towards Dandy Horsesprime a sprint race with a cash prize.

    Organizers have also put together ahandful of contests for spectators of theraces, including two new social mediacontests for kids and adults.

    Photo contestCapture and post your best race day

    photos you in the crowd, the riders, theatmosphere to Twitter or Instagram and

    include@GirodiBurnaby,@PALLADIOyvrand the hash-tag #GiroPhotoContest to beentered into the contest.

    Theres no limit on the number of timespeople can enter and two winners will bechosen after the races. The prizes are onemens watch and one womens watch,both valued at $3,500 and courtesy ofPalladio Jewellers.

    Kids contestKids! Do you want to win an authentic

    Giro di Burnaby cycling jersey, just like thepros, signed by the pros?

    Have your mom or dad take a photo ofyouridingorstandingwithyourbike,wear-ing your best Italian colours green, whiteand red and send it to the Giro organizerson Facebook at www.facebook.com/girodiburnaby.

    The winner gets a Giro di Burnabycycling jersey signed by the mens andwomens race winners.

    Giro: Social media contestscontinued from page 9

    Nearly 700 guns collectedBrad Haugli says his

    uncle would be alive todayif a program like the pro-vincial Gun AmnestyMonth had been accessibleto his family.

    Hauglis uncle used tohunt and owned a riflelegally. As time went on,his uncle stopped huntingand the gun went unusedin his home. Over the years,things in his uncles lifechanged, culminating to hiseventual suicide using therifle he had in his home.

    If my father and otherfamily members, his wife,anybody, would haveknown that theres an abil-ity to turn in that firearm to the police to disposeof it, then my uncle wouldprobably be alive today,he said.

    Haugli, president ofthe British ColumbiaAssociation of Chiefs ofPolice and an inspector

    with the Lower Mainlandbranch of the RCMP, is astrong supporter of gunamnesty programs and saidit gives people the chanceto turn in guns they may nolonger want or use.

    Simon Fraser Universityprofessor emeritus GaryMauser, who is an anti-gunregistry advocate, releaseda statement denounc-ing the program becauseit improperly targets gunowners who may not wantto give up their firearms.

    It is poor policy for thepolice to ask citizens to sur-render potentially valuablefirearms without offeringreimbursement, Mausersaid in the release.

    In a phone interviewwith the NOW, Mausersaid the police should offeralternatives to simply turn-ing in unwanted firearms.Many old firearms, espe-cially rifles, could be sold

    to gun clubs or donated tomuseums, he added.

    Whats more, Mausersaid the campaign is highlyunlikely to have an impacton violent crime becausecriminals wont be turningin their guns to police.

    But thats not the inten-tion behind the program,Haugli said.

    The spirit of the gunamnesty is to make homessafer, he said. Its notabout, were going to getcriminals to turn in theirguns, its about makingour community safer.

    The Burnaby RCMPhave yet to release the finalnumber of guns turned in,but three weeks into theprogram, the RCMP hadcollected about 680 fire-arms across the province.

    Cayley DobieFor a longer version of this

    story, go to www.burnabynow.com.





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  • 21 Bears in Burnaby 25 Mountain girls win cupSECTION COORDINATOR Janaya Fuller-Evans, 604-444-3024 jfuller-evans@burnabynow.com

    12 Brewing for August?

    For most people, the name ItalianStallion will bring to mind imagesof Sylvester Stallone wearing boxinggloves in his famous Rocky film series.

    For local foodies, however, its morelikely to make their mouths water,since this is the name of a popularmeat sandwich served up at a localfood cart.

    Trish Bell, owner and operatorof Casalinga Culinary Services inBurnaby, believes she has discoveredthe perfect combination of ingredientsto tickle all the taste buds with thisoriginal recipe.

    Its the most ridiculous thingyouve ever tried in your life, its sogood, she says. Its a large Frenchroll topped with homemade ceasardressing on both sides, and then weput four-cheese spread on both sidesof the bun, and then layer on one sidepulled pork that we cook overnightwith chicken broth till it falls apart.We layer that on top and then wedo spicy capicola, we do Calabresesalami, and we do a spicy salami and

    a Genovese salami, and then we layerthat with caramelized onions, and thenwe put sliced green olives, and thenwe garlic butter both sides and put aweight on it on the grill so its reallycrispy and delicious. So youve gotthe salty of the olives, the sweet of theonions, the spicyness of the capicola,the oozing cheese and the garlic but-ter, and its pretty crazy.

    For the past 20 years,Bell has been sharing herpassion for food with theLower Mainland com-munity, serving up hotlunches and ready mademeals.

    From her location onWinston Street, she andher 12 employees cater tocustomers that include theHoliday Inn MetrotownVancouver and film andTV production companies,as well as hundreds ofpeople walking off the street.

    Casalinga Italian for housewife serves foods like sandwiches, pastas,burgers, soups and salads made fromscratch, with no preservatives or addi-tives.

    Besides the Iatalian Stallion, theother most popular menu item is thecompanys signature butter chickenpoutine.

    We get lineups, and we sell outevery week, says Bell. We started

    with four kilos a week of butterchicken poutine, and then we had togo up to eight kilos, and we cant keepit here.

    As of October, Casalinga expandedto include a food cart that is regularlyparked at the information booth inStanley Park in downtown Vancouver.

    Bell said she wouldnt want to relysolely on the food cart to make a liv-

    ing, but the addition to herbusiness has proven to be asuccess in its own right thisspring, and she is anticipat-ing a good return on herinvestment this summer.

    Parking a food truck orcart in a high-traffic areais what will make or breaksales for the day, she says.The best spots are high-traffic pedestrian areas likeurban shopping hubs orin front of high schools,and, of course, having dry

    weather makes a big difference. But, inthe end, the most important element isalways the product.

    You really have to have good qual-ity food or people just wont comeback, Bell says.

    With 6,200 pulled pork sliders soldat the recent Eat Vancouver food showat B.C. Place, Casalinga has proven ithas at least a few crowd-pleasers on itsmenu.

    Bell said working inside her com-

    panys 14-foot food cart is surprisinglyeasy because it was custom made forher business and is well laid out fortwo people to work efficiently withlots of room, even with two deep-fry-ers, a grill, charbroiler, steam table,refrigerator and stainless steel coun-ters.

    This summer, Casalinga Cartswill be at various venues and events,including three days in downtownVancouver, at least two eventsat Hastings Racetrack, and at theColumbia StrEAT food truck festivalon Aug. 10 in New Westminster.

    Bell says she is especially lookingforward to the food truck festival andis excited to see what other vendorswill be offering.

    You know, people eat the samething all the time, and when they eatat a food truck, (the owners) tend toput a twist on things that most normalrestaurants wouldnt do, she says.Its just really creative. So, food beingcreative and fun and tasting delicious,its like a party.

    Besides Casalinga Carts, other foodtrucks confirmed so far for the NewWestminster festival are: GuanacoTruck, Beljams Waffles, Kaboom Box,JJs Trucketeria, Aussie Pie Guy andHoly Perogy.

    For more information on CasalingaCarts, visit www.casalingacarts.com.


    Good eats:Trish Bell,left, ownerof CasalingaFood Ser-vices, takesher 14-footfood cart tothe streets.Bellsdaughter,JessicaSkews, andemployeeGundherOrtiz arealso onboard.

    For a videoand morephotosscan with

    Larry Wright/BurnabyNOW

    Tastebuds drive this business


    Marelle Reidstaff reporter

    Its (the ItalianStallion) the mostridiculous thingyouve ever triedin your life, its sogood.TRISH BELLCasalinga owner and operator

    Location counts for a lot,but without really goodgrub, a food cart wontsurvive on the street

    Burnaby NOW Wednesday, July 3, 2013 A11

  • A12 Wednesday, July 3, 2013 Burnaby NOW

    Steamworks brewing in Burnaby this August

    Burnabys first brew-ery is pumping alongas most of the beer-making equipment hasarrived.

    Steamworks BrewingCompany is hoping tostart creating their brewsand getting their produc-tion lines moving as earlyas August.

    The Vancouver-basedcompany is moving abrewery into a 30,000-square-foot facility at 3845Williams St., which willinclude offices, its produc-tion, packaging, canningand kegging lines, and atasting room.

    Were all very excit-ed about the project,said Caolan Vaughan,Steamworks brewmaster,in a previous interviewwith the Burnaby NOW.We all cant wait to bemaking some fantasticbeers in Burnaby andlinking Vancouver andBurnaby together. Its agreat project. Im excitedto be making some world-class beer here.

    Although the brew-ing company expectedto open its doors to thepublic this July, the officialgrand opening is yet to be

    announced.The tasting room will

    feature seasonal alesand Steamworks classicbrews with growlers (atwo-litre jug of freshlybrewed beer) expectedto cost about $18 to $20,with refills costing about$12 to $15. There will alsobe four-ounce glasses fortasting.

    The Steamworks pubin Gastown has a 12 to 18-hectare litre brewhouse,while a 50-hectare litreproduction is planned forits new Burnaby site.

    The new location isexpected to fill 250 bottlesper minute, according toSteamworks presidentWalter Cosman.

    The new location willalso open up its doors topublic tours. For moreinformation, visit www.steamworks.com.

    Microsoft atMetrotown

    Metropolis atMetrotown is gettingmore windows soon asMicrosoft announced anew store opening in theBurnaby mall.

    There is one otherMicrosoft location inVancouver and the newsite is expected to be aspecialty store, whichwill offer a curated selec-tion of the best Microsoftproducts, includingSurface, Windows 8 andWindows 8 PCs, WindowsPhone, Xbox and more,

    according to its website,www.microsoftstore.com.

    Microsoft recentlyannounced its new XboxOne in May at an inter-national conference, E3,which is expected to hitstores in November 2013.

    Buy a hat tosupport Calgary

    Volcom, at Metropolisat Metrotown, is having afundraising event to sup-port Calgary Red Cross inits flood relief measures.

    Volcom is selling $10limited edition hats, andthe proceeds will go toCalgary Red Cross.

    The event runs untilWednesday, July 31 at 2:15p.m.

    The Calgary Red Cross

    website features informa-tion for those affected bythe Alberta floods that hitthe area in June.

    For more information,visit www.redcross.ca.

    Lougheed mallgets a green star

    Lougheed Town Centrewas recently recognizedfor its green efforts by theCity of Burnaby.

    The mall was the recipi-ent of an environmentalstar at the EnvironmentAwards held in June.

    This event is a signifi-cant annual opportunityto recognize groups andindividuals who make animportant contribution toenvironmental sustain-ability in Burnaby, said

    Coun. Dan Johnston, in amedia release. We lookforward to continuing towork with these environ-mental leaders to ensureBurnaby continues to bea leader in environmentalsustainability.

    Lougheed mall wasrecognized for its commit-ment to energy efficiencyand sustainability, accord-ing to the city.

    For more information,visit www.burnaby.ca.

    Grant seminar fornon-profits

    Many non-profits needto be savvy when it comesto applying for grantsfrom foundations and gov-ernments.

    The Burnaby Board of

    Trade is hosting a grantapplication basics seminarthis month.

    The seminar will pro-vide an overview of thegrant-seeking process, use-ful tips and preparing andrefining grant proposals.

    It will also describewhat funders are lookingfor when considering newapplications.

    The event is on July18 from 8 to 9:30 a.m. atthe Best Western PlusCoquitlam. The event isfree for board of trademembers and $20 for non-members.

    To register, call 604-412-0100 or email ricky@bbot.ca.

    For more information,visit bbot.ca.


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  • ServingNorthBurnaby


    ution: 49,370

    And theyre off: TheGiro di Burnabyreturns on Thursday,July 11. The raceis part of B.C.Superweek. Thewomens race startsat 6 p.m. and themens race starts at7:15 p.m.


    Giro di Burnaby takes offCyclists take to Hastings Street for annual race

    Next Issue ...August 7, 2013

    A Special Feature of the Burnaby NOWin partnership with the Heights Merchants Association

    See page 14 ...

    July 3, 2013

    Burnaby NOW Wednesday, July 3, 2013 A13

    Your local replace experts for over 100 years

    3600 E Hastings,Vancouver604.298.6494 www.vaglio.ca

  • A14 Wednesday, July 3, 2013 Burnaby NOW

    Ready, set, Giro di Burnaby!

    For advertising information callCynthia Hendrix 604-444-3032

    by Kerstin ButzelaarThe Heights Contributor

    Course Distance: 1.3-kmDate: Thursday, July 11Time: 6 p.m. race start

    The sound of tires hissing, cowbellsclanging, and crowds cheering only meansone thing the Giro di Burnaby. Named asa tribute to Burnabys Italian communityand after the famous Giro dItalia, theGiro di Burnaby or Tour of Burnaby isa professional cycling race that will takeplace on Thursday, July 11. This speedyand challenging event is part of B.C.sSuperweek, the most renowned worldwideevent in Canadian cycling. To host thisevent, Hastings Street and some of itssurrounding streets will close to regulartraffic from 4 to 9 p.m.

    The Giro di Burnabys 1.3-km loopfeatures a straight 200-metres downhill, a180-degree turn at Madison Avenue, and aslight uphill sprint to Gilmore Avenue. AtGilmore, cyclists then turn right to makea left onto Albert Street, then left againonto MacDonald Avenue for the final lefton to Hastings Street before the 350-metredownhill sprint back to the 180-degree turn.

    Just like any other Giro event, Girotraditions continue. Primes, the shortsprints with prize money that are popularwith both riders and crowds, will beannounced when racers cross the start/finishline on the next lap. These cash lap prizesare well known to increase the speed of thewhole pack. Join in on the commotion ascyclists speed past by clanging cowbells.But make sure to grab yours early beforethe limited quantity runs out.

    Cheering is hard work. Make sure tovisit any of our restaurants to rest andrefuel before, during and after the Girodi Burnaby. This spectator and familyfriendly event draws local and internationalcompetitors regardless of its tricky name,the gee-ro di Burnaby. The event willbegin with the womens race at 6 p.m.followed by the mens race at 7:15 p.m.(All times are approximate.)

    Come experience the Giro di Burnabyand be a part of one of Canadas bestcycling enthusiast events. For event details,visit www.girodiburnaby.com.

    Kerstin Butzelaar is the marketing andevents assistant summer student with theHeights Merchants Association.

    Dr. Anne Irwin, DVMDr. Vivian Collett, B.Sc. DVM

    New PatientsAlways Welcome!


    In-Clinic,Pre-AnestheticBlood Testing

    %"# !$$WITHEXAM

    4431 HASTINGS ST., BURNABY604.298.9941


    For over 57 years Cobbett & Cotton has served the local community andclients from all over the Lower Mainland and abroad. We have earned thesatisfaction and loyalty of our clients for our commitment to top qualitylegal representation.

    Law rm voted the Best of Burnaby by the readers of Burnabynow forthirteen consecutive years.

    Estate Litigation & Civil Litigation Wills and Estates Powers of Attorney

    Home Purchases & Mortgages Mortgage Recovery Corporate & Commercial Law

    Personal Injury Claims Family Law

    Our ofce hours by appointment:Mon - Thu: 9am - 9pm Fri & Sat: 9am - 5pm 410 Carleton Ave. at Hastings, Burnaby, BC

    Tel (604) 299-6251 Fax (604) 299-6627 www.cobbett-cotton.com

    The City of Burnabywelcomes the community to the

    Giro diBurnabyCycle Race

    Mayor Derek CorriganCouncillor Pietro CalendinoCouncillor Richard ChangCouncillor Sav DhaliwalCouncillor Dan Johnston

    Councillor Colleen JordanCouncillor Anne KangCouncillor Paul McDonellCouncillor Nick Volkow

    Thursday, July 11thWomen start 6 p.m.Men start 7:15 p.m.Race Start/Finish:Hastings & Carleton

  • by Janaya Fuller-EvansThe Heights Reporter

    Greg Dion grew up surrounded by bikes,so its no wonder hes now working as thesocial media coordinator for the Giro diBurnaby, Burnabys criterion cycling race.

    My family has a cycling background,he says. My dad had a bike company,so professional cycling has always beenaround, but in my early teens, when thatwas happening, I had other things goingon. So its only now that Im starting to getmore interested in the sport.

    I started riding last year, Ive done acouple of races myself, he adds. So Ithink it was something I was bound to getinto eventually, and having the opportunityto get on with the Giro, it all sort of justfell into place, which has been fun.

    Dions father was a welder who openeda bike shop out of his garage, he says,building custom-made road racers.

    It just sort of grew he started in thegarage and had the opportunity to makesome connections, and then he startedgetting different clients, Dion says. Hehad some pretty high-profile riders comingto him, saying, Hey, will you build a bikefor me?

    Dions father built a bike for CarolMontgomery, who raced in the 2000 and2004 Summer Olympics, as well as anumber of other triathletes, Dion says.

    Dions family lived in North Burnaby,

    and he attended Lochdale Elementary andBurnaby North Secondary, he says.

    So Im Burnaby born and raised, headds.

    He attended the Giro in its first year, in2006, and last year, as well.

    Between the two races, Dion wastraveling and lived in London, England. Hestarted a project to connect with people inperson for cups of tea, 100 Cups, which heblogged about. He was featured in a NOWstory three years ago about the project.Hes using that blogging experience, aswell as his knowledge of social mediafrom working in the music industry andpromoting bands, in his new role.

    The first side of it is to educatethe community more on the sport ofprofessional cycle racing, he says. I thinkthat, while its always been an excitingevent for the community to come andwatch, a lot of people dont know muchmore than these guys come and ride theirbike, and they ride in circles for awhile,and everyone cheers.

    The sport of team cycle racing, theresa lot of depth to it, especially in the teamaspect, Dion adds.

    The organizers are screening adocumentary on a professional cycling team,The Hard Road, on July 4, so people have aclearer idea of what riders go through.

    Another aspect of his work on socialmedia is to grow the race and its profile,he says.

    A lot of people dont realize howimportant or how big this race actuallyis, Dion says. For instance, Svein Tuftis a rider that raced last year in the Girodi Burnaby and this year, hes debutingat the Tour de France. So a lot of peopledont realize that this is actually the racethat we have here is actually on that levelwith some of the most prestigious racesin the world. There are differences thisisnt a UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale)sanctioned event, so that means the riders

    dont get points towards their professionalranking. But the prize purse being inexcess of $15,000, I mean, theres a goodopportunity for these riders to get to thenext race or get to the next level.The Giro di Burnaby will be engaging

    with the community by offering up funprizes and interacting on social media suchas Facebook and Twitter, Dion says.For more on the race, look for Giro

    di Burnaby on Facebook, and follow onTwitter at Twitter.com/GirodiBurnaby.

    Giro di Burnaby gets social

    Connecting: Greg Dion, the social media coordinator for the Giro di Burnaby, is taking tothe online world to share information and contests with the community.


    Burnaby NOW Wednesday, July 3, 2013 A15

    ON SALE JULY 2 TO JULY 6, 2013

    4058 E. Hastings, Burnaby604-291-0674


    Voted BurnabysBEST



    $$77..9955ea.ea. $$22..4455ea.ea. $$11..7755ea.ea.

    Taste the difference quality makes

    Chocolate Cream PieChocolate Cream PieOur fresh chocolate custard andwhipping cream make a perfect pie.

    Country Grain BreadCountry Grain BreadCoarse ground wholewheat flour with the extragoodness of sesame, sunflower and flaxseeds, rolled oats, barley, milletand rye.


    Giro CakesGiro CakesFlaky puff pastry and dried fruitwith lots of cinnamon.

  • A16 Wednesday, July 3, 2013 Burnaby NOW

    The Giro di Burnaby is part of B.C. Superweek andtakes place on Thursday, July 11. The womens racestarts at 6 p.m. and the mens race starts at 7:15 p.m.

    What is a Criterium?Criterium racing is the most action-packed,

    spectator-friendly form of bicycle road racingconsisting of many laps on a course no longer than twokm in length and rarely lasting more than 90 minutes.

    The race is a chess match of strategy played athigh speeds. Teams must decide whether their bestchance of a victory is in keeping the field togetherfor a mass sprint to the finish line on the last lap, orwhether they are best served by getting a strong riderinto a smaller breakaway group of racers. Of course,rival teams have different strategies and must adaptto the tactics and counter-tactics around them all atspeeds of up to 60 km/hr.

    View this high speed, high intensity race from acorner to see more than 100 riders lean their bikesinto a sharp turn while riding shoulder-to-shoulderor watch at the start/finish line to see the ultra-fast sprint specialists go for cash lap prizes (calledprimes). Many other locations on the course will putyou within a few feet of the riders at full speed, justkeep your hands behind the barriers.

    How to watch the Giro di Burnaby CriteriumDuring a Criterium race you are close to the action.

    You can see the sweat on the riders faces and hearthe hiss of their tires as you feel the pack blow by.

    Watch the race from different points along therace course and see how the racers brake hard, thennegotiate the turns and accelerate down the straights.You will want to get to your spot early to get the bestview possible of this amazing race.

    Why is everybody racing in a tight bunch?Bicycle racers go faster and save energy by

    drafting one another, benefiting from a similar kindof pull that Nascar racers get by drafting each other.When the cyclists are stretched out that means thatthe racers at the front of the pack are really goingfast and that the rest of the field are drafting offthose riders, while struggling to stay together. Whenthe racers are bunched up, that means that the packhas slowed down, but that is when a breakaway ismost likely to happen!

    Whats going on in a breakaway?Racers will use this tactic of riding away from

    the pack, to keep the outcome of the race frombeing determined by a dangerous mass sprint.Many breakaways fail because the main pack workstogether to chase them down. Corners, however, canhelp a breakaway survive because they generallyslow a pack down more than they do a small group.Either way, breakaways typically include some riderswho are going for the win as well as support ridersmaking sure their team is represented in case thebreak stays away.

    Regardless of who wins, you can be sure thewinner is an exceptionally conditioned athlete. Thevery nature of the sport requires years of intensetraining for the top level racers. Cyclists mustpossess speed, strength, and endurance to win a race.

    Are there team tactics?Yes. Riders are part of a team with one or two

    designated leaders, or riders capable of winningthe race. The rest of the team protects the leadersfrom crashes, keeps them at the front of the pack andpositions them for the final sprint.

    Hastings St

    Pandora St

    Albert St

    Pender St










    Hastings St

    Pandora St

    Albert St

    Pender St







    Ave RosserA



    Pit area forrepairs, flats,etc.


    Start/Finish lineStage



    How do I knowwhos winning?The winner is the first rider across the line at

    the end of the race. So nobodys really winningunless theres a breakaway group of riderspulling away from the pack.

    Whats the bell-ringing all about?The bell signals to racers and spectators

    that there will be a sprint contest (or prime,pronounced preem) for money or prizes whenracers cross the start/finish line on the nextlap. Spectators, including local businesses thatwould like some exposure, can donate a prizeby handing the announcer cash during therace. Primes dont have an effect on the finalstandings, but racers love to compete for them.It creates a sprint within the race and causes thespeed of the whole pack to increase, making itmore exciting and challenging.

    Is it safe to watch?Very safe! There is a dedicated team of

    volunteers and professionals to keep thingsrunning smoothly and safely. Bales of hay areused to protect the riders in the event of a fall;secure fencing is set up around the course tokeep the race contained; and we have a fullytrained, on-site medical team (just in case).

    Spectator safety at the Giro di BurnabyHere are a few common sense tips to keep in

    mind on race day: For the safety of the spectators and racers,please obey the race marshals at all times.

    Cross at the designated crossing points alongthe course and only cross when a designatedrace marshal indicates it is safe to do so.

    Bikes and pace cars can exceed speeds of60 km/h and the road is reserved at all timesduring the course of the evening just for them.

    Keep your hands and any other objects wellinside the fencing.

    Spectator Information (Racing 101)

    Burnaby NOW Wednesday, July 3, 2013 A17

    Join us on:

    di Burnaby

    Supporter of:

    Ride to the race and leave your bike with DandyHorse Cycles at the Valet Bike Parking. Locatedbehind theVancity on Hastings and Madison.

    Repair & Retail604 428-2898

    6661 Hastings StBurnaby, BC

    www.dandyhorse.cainfo@dandyhorse.caRICHARD T. LEE, MLA


    1833 Willingdon Avenue,Burnaby, BC V5C 5T1Phone: 604.775.0778Fax: 604.775.0833


    Proud toProud tosupportsupportGiro diGiro di

    BurnabyBurnabyGood luckGood luck

    to allto allparticipants!participants!

    Burnaby Heights Clinic#210-3970 E Hastings

    Burnaby, BC604-294-3911

    8 Rinks Clinic#1-6501 Sprott St

    Burnaby, BC604-294-3376

    Visit us at: www.expertphysio.ca

    Ofcial physiotherapy clinic to theathletes and proud silver sponsorof the Giro Di Burnaby since its

    inception in 2006.

    Chevron is a proud sponsorof the Giro di Burnaby

    Get close to the action...

    GIRO DI BURNABY 2013comes to the Heights in North Burnaby

    on Thursday, July 11th

  • A18 Wednesday, July 3, 2013 Burnaby NOW

    By Janaya Fuller-EvansThe Heights Reporter

    Dandy Horse Cycles,a new bike shop in NorthBurnaby, is helpingspectators at the Giro diBurnaby park their bikes.

    Those attending can ridetheir bike to the race, usingvalet parking provided bythe shop. The valet serviceis by donation, with themoney going to prize pursesfor the Giro.

    Its a pretty significantevent for Burnaby,especially North Burnaby,said Cody Campbell,marketing manager for theshop. It seemed like anatural fit, since were soclose to the Heights.

    Campbell said the race isalso personally significantfor him as he has competedin cycling races as well.

    The bikes will be keptin a fenced off area behindVancity at Hastings Streetand Madison Avenue.

    All donations will be puttowards the womens andmens prize laps during therace.

    The shop is also donatinga Masi bike to the Girodi Burnaby, which willbe given to one luckyvolunteer.

    The shop wants toconnect with the community,according to Campbell.

    Were trying to

    get involved with thecommunity and build thatrelationship up, he said.

    Dandy Horse Cycles islocated at 6661 HastingsSt. and opened at the endof April. There was a bikeshop at that location forthe past 20 years, as well.The shop carries bikes fromMasi, Haro and Brodie,and a variety of parts andaccessories.

    Park your bike with Dandy Horse

    Dandy Horse Cycles is providing a bike valet service atthe Giro di Burnaby this year. Above, owner Reza Saeedi,marketing manager Cody Campbell and Ehsan Mahdizadehat the shop.


    PETER JULIANMP Burnaby-NewWestminster7615 6th Street,Burnaby, BC V3N 3M6604-775-5707peter.julian.c1@parl.gc.cawww.peterjulian.ca

    KENNEDY STEWARTMP Burnaby-Douglas4658 Hastings Street,Burnaby, BC V5C 2K5604-291-8863kennedy.stewart@parl.gc.cawww.kennedystewart.ca

    KATHY CORRIGANMLA Burnaby-Deer Lake150 - 5172 Kingsway,Burnaby, BC V5H 2E8604-775-2414kathy.corrigan.mla@leg.bc.cawww.kathycorrigan.ca

    RAJ CHOUHANMLA Burnaby-Edmonds5234 Rumble Street,Burnaby, BC V5J 2B6604-660-7301raj.chouhan.mla@leg.bc.cawww.rajchouhan.ca

    JANE SHINMLA Burnaby-Lougheedc/o 150-5172 Kingsway,Burnaby, BC V5H 2E8604-775-2414jane.shin.mla@leg.bc.ca

    Come out and supportCome out and supportthe Giro di Burnaby!the Giro di Burnaby!


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  • Giro di Burnaby 2012

    Above, Giro di Burnaby participants waitto begin the race. Right, American racerLaura Van Gilder wins the 2012 womensrace. And below, volunteers prepare theracecourse. The straw bales are placedalong the route to protect riders if they fall.


    Burnaby NOW Wednesday, July 3, 2013 A19

    North Burnaby Branch105-4191 Hastings Street

    Were here for youWith over 70 years of experience in banking and advice,

    were here to help our neighbours reach their financial goals.

    Call North Burnaby Branch Manager,Gill Sherwood,

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    Embassy, Appia and Palladio present...

    Thursday, July 11, 2013 - 6-8:30pm

    www.girodiburnaby.com www.bcsuperweek.ca



    retirement residenceMulberry


    Race starts at cornerRace starts at cornerof Hastings & Carletonof Hastings & Carleton

    Giro di Burnaby

    Title Sponsors Gold Sponsors Silver Sponsors Bronze Sponsors Media Sponsor

    SupportersCanada SafewayHeights Merchants AssociationConfederation Senior SocietyAccent Inns BurnabyGolder AssociatesHippie FoodsRunaSPUDDelta Burnaby HotelRichard T. Lee (MLA Burnaby North)Dandy Horse CyclesMighty RidersVelofixAdele-Rae Florists

  • A20 Wednesday, July 3, 2013 Burnaby NOW

    In the of the Italian community!

    Have you tried our pizzaHave you tried our pizzato go? Order your pizzato go? Order your pizzafor staff lunches, picnics,for staff lunches, picnics,

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  • Bears spotted in cityA Burnaby NOW reader recently had a

    surprisingly close encounter with a blackbear.

    Thomas Tricarico lives on the northside of BurnabyMountain on Barnet Road.Black bears in his neighbourhood are notuncommon, he said, but standing face-to-face with a rearing mother bear was anexperience he says he wont soon forget.

    It was a little unusual this time, hesaid with a laugh.

    Sitting on his backyard patio enjoyinghis morning coffee on June 23, Tricaricosaw out of the corner of his eye what he atfirst thought was his neighbours cat go bythe hedge, but realized it was too big to bea domestic feline.

    Curious, Tricarico walked up to theback lane behind his property and discov-ered a black bear rummaging through histrash cans.

    He ran back inside to grab his cameraand quickly returned to snap the shot, butfound not just one bear, but two.

    I turned around, and there is mommabear standing behind me, he said. Seriously, she had to be like five feet, and we just looked at each other. I justsaid, Thats OK, its alright, and tried toback away slowly.

    The bear followed him casually to theentrance to his stairs, where Tricarico hadtime to get another photo, before the bearbecame too distracted by the smorgasbord

    of garbage cans lining the lane, and fol-lowed her cub.

    Eventually, both bears moved on backinto the woods, leaving Tricarico with afew photos as proof of his latest wildlifeencounter in his own backyard.

    Last summer, Burnaby conservationofficer David Cox told the NOW hedreceived several calls of black bear sight-ings in Burnaby, but that the bears werenot causing any trouble.

    He said bear sightings around BurnabyMountain are an annual occurrence, andpeople should be sure to keep dogs onleashes while hiking or walking on themountain, and remember to keep garbagecans and bins securely stored so bears can-not access them.

    The Burnaby NOW has also receivedreports of a bear at Deer Lake.

    On Friday, local bird expert GeorgeClulow called the NOW after running intoa Deer Lake resident who had watched abear walk through his backyard and thengo into the dense, bushy area below theHart House Restaurant, just a few metresfrom the boardwalk on the north side ofthe lake.

    Cox said conservation officers receivedreports of a bear close to Burnaby Lakeand Deer Lake.

    We received hundreds and hundredsof bear reports a day, he said.

    Cox suggested people call the conser-vation officer service report line at 1-877-952-7277 as soon as possible after spottinga bear.

    Bear feast: Thomas Tricarico found two black bearslunching on garbage in his back lane along Barnet Roadon the north side of Burnaby Mountain on June 23. Bearsightings are an annual occurrence in Burnaby.

    Contributed/burnaby now

    Marelle Reid and Jennifer Moreaustaff reporters

    For morephotosscanwith

    Burnaby NOW Wednesday, July 3, 2013 A21

    Welcome BackDr. Mehrnaz Izadnegahdar

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  • A22 Wednesday, July 3, 2013 Burnaby NOW

    When asked toexpress the heartof BuddhismShunryu Suzuki-roshireplied, in a few words,Everything changes.

    Thats an apt descrip-tion of our lives.

    That change is gener-ally a posi-tive thing forchildren. Theycontinue togrow and learnsomethingnew every day.Their futureholds newnessand promise.They look for-ward to newopportunitiesand abilities.

    Rememberwhen you were a child andyou beamed when some-one noticed the changesin you? My how youvegrown!

    As our lives prog-ress, change can becomea source of misery.Relationships change andend. Friends move away.Loved ones die. We loseour jobs and sometimesour dreams.

    We have accidents andsuffer illness. We experi-ence pain or lose abilitieswe took for granted.

    Our bodies change due to age, overuse, sun-shine and gravity.

    And we certainly dontbeam if someone elsenotices the changes in us.Who wants to hear, Myhow big youve become!or Didnt you have morehair the last time I sawyou?

    Though we all cangrasp the concept thateverything changes

    includingour bodies we get byday-to-dayby ignoringit. For a time,the denial ofchange keepsus from worry-ing about it.

    That denialcan be so pow-erful that itcan create thedelusion ofpermanence.

    We expect to stay youngand dont put a thoughttowards future disabilityor death. We assume ourfriends and loved ones willalways be with us and ourrelationships will stay thesame.

    When we notice the tell-tale signs of aging (some-time after age 30), manyof us struggle to maintainour youth or at least the

    appearance of it. Cosmeticmedicine has flourishedover the past decade partlybecause of Botox, fillersand lasers, but largely dueto societys emphasis onyouth.

    Sometimes the changesin life are completely unex-pected and catastrophic.Through accident or ill-ness, we can lose our lovedones or we can becomedisabled.

    When this happens, we

    struggle to make sense ofour lives and to start overagain.

    We can never be fullyprepared for the disastersin life. Yet we can valuethe people in our liveseven more by realizingthat we are all mortal. Thismakes each of our livesand our relationships allthe more precious, andit can enhance how werelate.

    If this was your last

    day with someone youlove, would you be lesscritical and more caring?What would you say?Would you behave differ-ently?

    Change is inevitable.Accidents happen. Wecan become ill. We are allaging. Each of us will die.

    Let us accept thesecold hard truths, and liveaccordingly.

    Change is inevitable,but we can continue to

    learn and to grow, andwe can all be agents ofpositive change with ourhealth, in our relationshipsand through our commu-nity.

    Dr. Davidicus Wong isa family physician at thePrimeCare Medical Centre.His Healthwise columnappears regularly in thispaper. Read more aboutachieving your positivepotential for health at davidi-cuswong.wordpress.com.

    HEALTHWISEDr. Davidicus Wong

    Learn to embrace change through the years

    If this was yourlast day withsomeone youlove, would yoube less criticaland more caring?

    DAVIDICUS WONGhealth columnists

    Trekking: Burnaby residentand avid globetrotter Tom Wongrecently visited Central Asia andposed for this photo in front ofthe worlds tallest free standingflagpole in Ashgabat, the capital ofTurkmenistan.


    Contributed photo/burnaby now




    Email: info@transmountain.com | Phone: 1.866.514.6700Website: www.transmountain.com | @TransMtn | youtube.com/transmtn

    This is your opportunity to give us your feedback onlineabout the proposed Trans Mountain Expansion Project.

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    We want to hear from you about theproposed pipeline route in your community.



  • Burnaby NOW Wednesday, July 3, 2013 A23

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  • A24 Wednesday, July 3, 2013 Burnaby NOW

    UNTIL JULY 7Greek Summerfest 2013, live a daythe Greek way. The annual fundrais-ing event, Greek Summer Festival,takes place on the Vancouver-Burnaby border at 4641 BoundaryRd. The festival features Greek food,drinks and entertainment. There isplenty of covered seating availableso come out rain or shine. Festivalopens daily at noon. Admission isfree. For more information call 604-438-6432 or go to www.vancouvergreeksummerfest.com.

    SATURDAY, JULY 6Garage sale fundraiser for TOPS,Take Off Pounds Sensibly Club#1390 in Burnaby. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.at 6180 Irmin St. The fundraiseris for some members to travel toa TOPS Clubs Inc. convention, forInternational Recognition Days,in Calgary in July. All other fundsraised go into the convention fundfor next year in B.C. for ProvincialRecognition Days in May. TOPSClub #1390 meets at MaywoodCommunity School during theschool term and at Metrotown inthe community meeting room dur-ing summer.

    MONDAY, JULY 8B.C. Fuchsia and Begonia Society,meets at 8 p.m. at St. HelensCatholic Church, 3871 Pandora St.Refreshments will be served. Formore information, call Fran at 604-591-3262 or Elsie at 604-299-5438.

    Burnaby support group forpeople with Parkinsons, meets

    at Confederation Seniors Centreat 4585 Albert St. 1 to 3 p.m. $2admission. The meeting is for thosewho know or suspect they haveParkinsons. Caregivers are alsowelcome.

    TUESDAY, JULY 9Free workshop, Addiction andSeniors. From 2:30 to 4 p.m. at theBurnaby Multicultural Society, 6255Nelson Ave. Three major kinds ofaddiction that seniors may needto deal with are alcohol abuse,gambling addiction and medicationabuse. We examine the risk fac-tors and suggest how to approacha friend or family member whenyou suspect addiction. For moreinformation, contact Carol at 604431-4131 ext.27 or email carol.ha@thebms.ca.

    FRIDAY, JULY 12Soul healing evening, heal yourbody with Peter Hudoba, spiri-tual teacher trained by Master ZhiGang Sha in the main floor lectureroom at the Bob Prittie branch ofthe Burnaby Public Library, 6100Willingdon Ave., 7 to 8:30 p.m.Registration is at 6:45 p.m. In thisseminar you will learn the basictheory of self healing; basic health-empowering techniques; how toachieve great health, stamina andvitality; how to deal with emotion;and how to achieve inner peace andjoy. Techniques are easy to learnand results are achieved quickly.For more info, contact Love PeaceHarmony B.C. at 604-336-4833 or goto the website at www.love


    SATURDAY, JULY 13Outdoor Flea Market, 10 a.m. to 2p.m., Willingdon Community Centre,1491 Carleton Ave. Come and shopfor bargains. Rain or Shine. Phone:604-297-4526

    FRIDAY, JULY 19Learn the divine way of Dao withPeter Hudoba, spiritual teachertrained by Master Zhi Gang Sha inthe main floor lecture room at theBob Prittie branch of the BurnabyPublic Library, 6100 WillingdonAve., 7 to 8:30 p.m. Registration isat 6:45 p.m. This system uses divinerevelations of Dao that have beenrevealed to Master Sha. It focuseson using special techniques and var-ious mantras to achieve total libera-tion by melding with Dao. For moreinformation, contact Love PeaceHarmony B.C. at 604-336-4833 or goto the website at www.lovepeaceharmonybc.com.

    SATURDAY, JULY 20Christmas in July garage and thriftsale, St. Stephens Church, 9887Cameron St., behind LougheedTown Centre. Open from 10 a.m.until 2 p.m. There will be lots ofChristmas items, large and small, aswell as many other very good buys,such as a great selection of mens,womens and childrens clothing.Also many household items areavailable. Check out books and toysas well. Hope to see you in the park-ing lot.

    SUNDAY, JULY 21Discover horses this summer, at theBurnaby Equestrian Centre. BurnabyEquestrian Centre open house, 10a.m. to 3 p.m., 9080 Avalon Ave.(the east side of Burnaby Lake).This event will be hosted by volun-teers from the Burnaby HorsemensAssociation, with the support ofthe City of Burnaby. We will openour doors to offer pony rides, barntours, horse-themed crafts, freemanure for your garden, informa-tion about our public lesson pro-gram, and the facility in general.Bring cash for concession snacksand the craft sale, and well-heeledboots for pony rides. This is a freefamily event. No registration isrequired, and everyone welcome.For more information visit: www.burnabyhorsemensassociation.com.

    THURSDAY, AUGUST 15Willingdon Community Fair, 5 to 8p.m., Willingdon Community Centre,1491 Carleton Ave. Fun, games,barbecue, displays, entertainment,raffles and more. Fun for the wholefamily. For more information, phone604-297-4526

    MONDAY, AUGUST 19Burnaby Pacific Grace Church sum-mer community camp for children,ages 3 to 12 (going into Grade 7.)Half-day program from 9 a.m. to12:30 p.m., featuring Kingdom Rock.Lots of laughter and fun throughepic Bible stories, creative crafts,snacks, movies, music, tourna-

    ment games and more. Full-dayprogram from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.,featuring Kingdom Rock and artclass. Registration by July 28 half-day, $60; full day, $80. ContactBpgcKidsCamp@gmail.com formore info. Goes until Friday, August23.

    THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 26Second Street Community Schoolis celebrating its 100th birthday,starting at 4 p.m. at 7502 SecondSt. Students, parents, teachers, sup-port staff, principals and communitymembers are invited to the celebra-tion.

    FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 27Second Street Community Schoolis celebrating its 100th birthday,starting at 4 p.m. at 7502 SecondSt. Students, parents, teachers, sup-port staff, principals and communitymembers are invited to the celebra-tion.

    FRIDAY, OCTOBER 450th reunion for Burnaby Southclass of 63 at the Grand Villa ball-room at the Delta Hotel in Burnaby.Contact Judy at 604-939-2166 orMarian at 604-433-1414 for moreinformation.

    SATURDAY, OCTOBER 1250th reunion for the Burnaby Northclass of 63, at the Executive PlazaHotel, 405 North Rd., Coquitlam. Formore information, call 604-802-8772.


    Community conversationsCommunity conversationsCommunity conversationsCommunity conversationsConnecting with our community online Visit www.burnabynow.com

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  • 26 Trade deadline moves 26 Track Classic photos 27 Former midget to OilersSECTION COORDINATOR Tom Berridge, 604-444-3022 tberridge@burnabynow.com

    Mountain girls win first Premier CupMountain United FC

    came away with its third-ever title following the B.C.Soccer Premier Cup pro-vincial championships atthe South Surrey AthleticPark last weekend.

    Mountains under-13girls team opened upSundays competition witha 3-0 victory over host andregular season championCoastal FC in the provin-cial final.

    Emma Regan openedthe scoring with the even-tual game-winning goalmidway through the firsthalf off a corner kick.

    Jessica Ambrosio did allthe work on the teams sec-ond goal 15 minutes intothe second half, crossinga ball into the box thatdeflected into the net off aCoastal defender.

    Julia Grosso completedthe scoring 15 minutesfrom full time with anexcellent strike on goalthat beat the keeper to thebottom corner.

    They competed welland that allowed them toplay possession and cre-ate chances, said u-13Mountain head coach PaulTurner. Its a very excit-ing age group a verytalented group.

    Mountain technicaldirector Frank Ciacciacalled the u-13 girls Atreat to watch.

    Thats a team we arevery pleased with, hesaid. They play the gameproperly they get the balldown.

    Coastal and Mountainfinished first and second,respectively, just twopoints apart in the regularseason. Mountain edgedthird-place Surrey United

    1-0 in the semifinals aweek earlier to advance totheir first cup final.

    MountainUnitedplaceda league-best six teams inthe 10 age group finals, butcame away with five silvermedals in the other titlematches.

    The form really heldfor the most part, saidCiaccia. We were real-ly only favoured in onegame. Wewere completelyin control up one goal inthe first half, but in a one-

    game playoff just aboutanything can happen.

    That result cost the u-15 girls league championMountain side a 2-1 loss toSurrey United on Sunday.

    Mountain also droppeda 2-0 decision in the u-18girls final to 10-1-1 CoastalFC.

    On Saturday, Mountainlost all three of its boysfinals.

    Coquitlam Metro-Ford95 edged Mountain 96 bya 1-0 scoreline in the u-18

    final.The Burnaby/North

    Shore club also droppedboth the u-14 and u-15finals to the respectiveleague champion.

    The u-14s lost 2-0 toSurrey United after upset-ting runner-upMetro-Forda week earlier.

    The u-15s also fell 3-1 toCoquitlam after a 1-0 semi-final win over Coastal.

    But despite the singlegold medal, Ciaccia wasproud of Mountains

    record of making the finalfour in all 10 age divi-sions.

    He also credited thesecond-year program withpreparing 41 of its playersfor the various provincialdevelopment squads.

    There are also a hand-ful of Mountain graduat-ing players in line to stepinto Vancouver Whitecapsprograms.

    Another eightMountain

    Michael Valiante drove the8Star Motorsports No. 3 Corvetteto a second consecutive runner-up finish in the Grand Am Rolexsports car series at Sahlens SixHours of the Glen in New Yorkon Sunday.

    Valiante, who led a race-best33 laps in the race, caught upto eventual race winner ChristianFittipaldi of Action Express Racingon the final lap and closed withina fraction of the lead at the check-ered flag, posting the closest finishever, at .265 seconds, in a six-

    hour Daytona Prototype race atWatkins Glen.

    The North Burnaby racer tookover from owner driver EmiloPotolicchio on the fifth lap andmoved the Chevrolet up from 13thplace into first after the openingtwo hours on the 3.4 mile, 11-turnroad course.

    Valiante gave way to co-driverStephane Sarrazin on Lap 75.

    At the four-hourmark,Sarrazin,who kept the car among the lead-ers, was charged a 60-minute stop-and-go penalty for unnecessarycontact with another race car.

    With one hour and 20 minutesremaining, Valiante got behind

    the wheel again with the car in11th place.

    Valiante made his last stopwith less than 45 minutes left andthe No. 3 car in third place 10 sec-onds behind the leader.

    At the white flag, Valiantepicked up more than a full secondon the final lap.

    The second-place finish gave8Star a total of 177 points, just12 points behind fourth place, 13points out of third and just 17from first overall.

    The No. 3 car is also third inthe North American Endurancechampionship team point stand-ings.

    Its disappointing not comingin first, but how can you complainabout coming in second. The teamhas done an outstanding job.

    It was great to be paired withStephane (Sarrazin). We hit it offright away. He is a fantastic driv-er, said Valiante in an 8Star pressrelease. Everything went to plan. We cant complain. Its firsttime with the team Stephane andmy first race together so for apodium, I am happy. But, I reallywanted to win.

    The eighth race of the RolexGrand-Am Series is the Brickyard

    Super sub second again for 8Star MotorsportsTom Berridgesports editor

    Tom Berridgesports editor

    Jason Lang/burnaby now

    Settling for silver: Mountain United FC under-18 girls, seen in red in semifinal game, lost 2-0 to hostCoastal FC in the B.C. Soccer provincial Premier Cup final in Surrey on Sunday.

    Burnabyteen 21stat B.C.womensamateur

    Sumie Franois had astrong finish to place tiedfor 21st at the B.C. wom-ens amateur golf champi-onships at Pitt MeadowsGolf Club last Friday.

    The 13-year-oldBurnaby golfer posted aneven par-74 on the fourthand final round to finishin a group of three othergolfers, which includedCanadian national teammember Jisoo Keel ofCoquitlam, at 310.

    Franois opened with atwo-over-par 76, but hadsome trouble on a rainy6,220-yard course in thesecond round.

    Franois, who practisesat Shaughnessy Golf andCountry Club, closed witha 77 and 74 in the final tworounds to finish at 14-over-par.

    Cassy Isagawa ofEugene, Oregon won thewomens title with a 16-under-par 280, six shotsbetter thatPortCoquitlamsSoo-Bin Kim.

    Taylor Kim of Surreyand Richmonds ChristineWong tied for third at five-under.

    In the final round,Franois was one of just 11golfers to shoot even paror better.

    Franois opened thefront nine with a pair ofbogeys, but got one strokeback on the par-5 eighth.She then birdied both thepar-5 13th and 15th holeson the back nine.

    This week, the Burnabyteen will be teeing up forthe four-round 18-and-under B.C. junior girlschampionships alongsideJacklyn Duchen of Burnabyand New WestminstersBreanna Croxen at theBelmont Golf Club fromJuly 2 to 5.

    The junior boys pro-vincial championships willalso be going on this weekat the Revelstoke Golf andCountry Club.

    Local golfers taking partin the four-round 72-holechampionship includea strong contingent ofBurnaby golfers, includingLeon Lee, Alan Tolusso,Alex Franois, Lucas Gatto,KevinLi andWyattRacette,and St. Thomas More gradKevin Vigna.Racing Page 27

    Tom Berridgesports editor

    Soccer Page 26

    Burnaby NOW Wednesday, July 3, 2013 A25

  • A26 Wednesday, July 3, 2013 Burnaby NOW

    players from the u-18 divisions havebeen selected to play on B.C.s CanadaGames team in Sherbrooke, Quebec.

    Furthermore, a large majority ofMountains graduating players havebeen recruited to post-secondary pro-grams, something Ciaccia says is the rootof the clubs foundation.

    Our objective is to get players intosoccer for life. Thats something the club

    is real proud of. Its whatwere all about,Ciaccia said.

    There is no question it would havebeen nice to come out with two or threemore (gold medals), but as a technicaldirector, Im proud of the direction wevetaken as a club.

    Winners of the u-14, u-16 and u-18 agegroups will represent B.C. at the nationalclub championships from Oct. 9 to 14.


    continued from page 25

    Soccer: Large numbers recruited


    Lakers moved to playoffcontenders at deadline

    Four Burnaby Laker juniors wereshipped to playoff contending clubs at theB.C. Junior Lacrosse League trade dead-line this weekend.

    Second-year Tyler Buchan was dealtto the first-place Coquitlam Adanacs fornext seasons second-round pick in thejunior entry draft and the playing rights toShawn Hanley.

    Before being traded, Buchan was thirdon the Burnaby team in scoring with 13goals, including a team-high three short-handed markers, in nine games and 28points. Hanley, a 1994-born Richmondrunner, had one goal in 11 games withCoquitlam this season.

    The junior Lakers also dealt JustinAppels to the Victoria Shamrocks for athird-round pick in the 2014 entry draftand future considerations, which couldmean the rights to the first-year son ofteam governor Richard Appels mightrevert back to Burnaby at the end of theplayoffs.

    Also on the move to Langley wereQuinton Bradley and Ryan Watson.

    Bradley was traded on Sunday forLangleys second-round pick in 2014 andfutures, while, a day earlier, Watson wasdealt to the Thunder in exchange for athird-rounder.

    Bellies bag blockbusterThe New Westminster Salmonbellies

    added the top two scorers in the junior Aleague to its already productive lineup.

    The Bellies dealt Jake Carey and new-comer Ryan Vogrig to the Delta Islandersfor the playing rights to Eli McLaughlinand league scoring leader Cody Nass forat least the remainder of the 2013 seasonand playoffs.

    The deal also included draft picks nextyear and in 2015, as well as other playersrights.

    McLaughlin, a 19-year-old lefthander,currently leads the league in goal scoringwith 57 goals and a blistering 36.54 shotpercentage.

    Nass, an under-age, 6-1 righty, leads alljunior A shooters with 37 goals and 109total points so far this season.

    We have to win our way in (to theMinto Cup), said New Westminster headcoach Dan Perreault, regarding the oppor-tunity to add two key players, particularlya much needed righthander, to the lineup.

    Were pretty excited to add playerslike that and to have the depth now.

    But despite the trade, with Nass andMcLaughlin in the lineup Saturday, NewWestminster lost 8-7 to Coquitlam atQueens Park Arena.

    In other trade news, Coquitlam wasbusy shoring up holes, adding goalie PeterDubenski from Nanaimo for a swap oftrade picks and futures.

    The junior As also picked up TylerPace, Matt Delmonico and Mitch Milanifrom the PoCo Saints in exchange forgoalie Andrew Gallant.

    Tom Berridgesports editor

    Larry Wright/burnaby now

    Way up there: Acompetitor at the Harry Jerome TrackClassic gets some serious air in the womens pole vaulton Canada Day.


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  • Grand Prix on July 26 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

    Third-place for HART Honda teamValiante also helped the Heart of America Honda to

    third place in the Continental Tire 150 at the Glen onSaturday.

    Valiante and co-driver ChadGilsinger drove theHondaCivic Si to third in the street tuner class at Watkins Glen,N.Y.

    Two weeks earlier, Valiante drove the No. 93 HARTsports car to a second-place finish at the Mid-OhioDiamond Cellar Classic.

    continued from page 25

    Racing: Second podium


    Junior Lakers pelted byRocks in Sunday defeat

    Tyler Buchan and Quinton Bradley both scored theirlast goals with the Burnaby Lakers in a 23-6 loss toVictoria on Sunday before being traded away at the B.C.Junior Lacrosse League deadline.

    The Victoria Shamrocks blitzed junior B callup CodyGilliam 9-3 in the opening period. The visitors put upanother eight goals on Gilliam and backup Robert Hall inthe middle frame before outscoring the Lakers 6-0 in thefinal frame.

    Cam Hudspeth scored two goals for the junior Lakers.Victorias Brody Eastwood led all scorers with seven

    goals and nine points, while teammate Chris Wardle pot-ted five goals. Czech Republic-born Dominik Pesek had acareer night with eight points, including a hat trick.

    Burnaby is in Coquitlam on Wednesday. Game time is7:30 p.m.

    Ex-midget goesto Oilers infourth round

    Former major midget Northwest Giantswinger Jackson Houck was drafted in thefourth round by the Edmonton Oilers atthe NHL entry draft last weekend.

    Houck was picked up from theVancouver Giants of the Western HockeyLeague with the 94th pick of the draft.

    Last season, Houck led the Giants inscoring with 23 goals and 34 assists andwas named the teams MVP, as well asmost improved player in 2013.

    In 2011, Houck finished third in majormidget team scoring with 21 goals and 38points.

    Burnaby NOW Wednesday, July 3, 2013 A27

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  • Burnaby NOW Wednesday, July 3, 2013 A29

    Sudoku puzzles are formatted as a 9x9 grid, broken into nine 3x3 boxes. To solve a Sudoku, the numbers 1 through9 must ll each row, column and box. Each number can appear only once in each row, column and box. You cangure out the order in which the numbers will appear by using the numeric clues already provided in the boxes.


    ACROSS1. Br. University town river4. Wasting of a bodily organ9. London radio station12. Olive family plants14. 24th Greek letter15. A bottle containing a drug16. A fused explosive device17. Polish air show city18. Swedish rock group19. Next to21. Spiny pasture wire23. Apulian capital city25. Oahu lookout Nuuanu __26. Cathode-ray tube

    29. Woodbine vine34. Bigger than rabbits36. Sailor37. Equalled 15 rupees38. Object worshipped as a god39. Point midway btw E/SE40. Indonesian islands41. Aficted43. A way to soak44. Stitch closed a falcons eyes45. Capacity to resolve a riddle48. The Science Guy Bill49. Polite interruption sound50. Visual receptor cell sensitive

    to colour52. Armed ghting55. Member of U.S. Navy59. Dull sustained pain60. Gives birth to horse64. Coke or Pepsi65. Its ancient name wasAraxes66. Former US $10 gold coin67. UC Berkeley School ofBusiness68. 3rd largest whale69. Negligible amounts70. Explosive

    1. Ty, The Georgia Peach2.Am. century plant3. Microelectromechanicalsystems (abbr.)4. Matador5. Doctors group6. Supporting a road7. Consciousness of youridentity8. Brazilian ballroom dance9. Supports trestletree10. Baseballs Ruth11. Sheathed or covered13. First month of ancientHebrew calendar

    15. Swollen or knotty veins20. Dashes22. Styptic24. Performing servicestemporarily25.Affected by fever26. Sprouting gurine pets27. NYs __ City Music Hall28. Trail a bait line30. Tripod31. Best-known Kadai language32. Louis XIV court composerJean Baptiste33.Wipe out information35. Moves to a higher place

    42.Author Roald44.Auld lang _, good old days46. Made stronger: ___ up47. Throws lightly51. Components consideredindiv.52. Bleats53.A unit of area54. Citizen of Bangkok56.Water travel vessel57.Ardor58. Earths rotation direction61. Paddle62. Honorable title (Turkish)63. Bachelor of Laws



    July 2/13

    GARAGE SALESBurnaby SouthSPECIALOLYMPICSBURNABYYARDSALESat/Sun, July 6/7, 10-4pm7741Wedgewood St, Bby.

    Lots of everythingAll proceeds going to

    Special Olympics Burnaby

    2035 Burial Plots2035Cementary Plot in OceanviewBurnaby, can take 1 coffin or 2urns, $10,000 obo, 604-465-9572

    OCEAN VIEW Burial Park, Burn-aby, Burial Plot for sale, peaceful,attractive setting in Calvary 11Section. $10,000. 604-736-1732

    2060 For Sale -Miscellaneous2060HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS.Best Price, Best Quality.

    All Shapes & Colors Available.Call 1-866-652-6837


    STEEL BUILDINGS/METALBUILDINGS 60% OFF! 20x28,30x40, 40x62, 45x90, 50x120,60x150, 80x100 sell for balanceowed! Call 1-800-457-2206www.crownsteelbuildings.ca

    3025 ChildrensActivities3025


    for Children & Youth atLOCHDALE Community School

    North BurnabyOpenings for most weeks

    starting July 2ndFUN Activities

    Education RecreationBEFORE & AFTER CARE

    Call: 604-377-4711Email: Comshare@hotmail.com

    Twitter @ BNCA.infowww.bnca.info/comshare

    3507 Cats3507

    BENGAL KITTENS, vet 1stshots dewormed, $400-$600/eaMission 1-604-814-1235

    3508 Dogs3508

    PUREBRED Boxer Puppies / 8wks old 1 Fawn Male, 2 BrindleFemales $1000. 604.823.2333.

    GOLDEN RETRIEVER pupsCKC reg, vet ckd, ch parents,health tested. Ph 604-794-3786

    PB KANE Corso ready, m/f, dewclaws/tai ls, 1st/2nd shots,deworm, $1300, 604-802-8480

    SAVE A LIFE. Wonderful rescuedogs from Foreclosed UponPets. Spay/neutered, regularv a c c i n a t i o n s & r a b i e s ,microchipped. $499 adoption fee,avail at your local Petcetera stores.

    3508 Dogs3508PLEASE HELP! Foster & Adopt-ive homes urgently need forh o m e l e s s d o g s . C a l l604-535-2188

    3540 Pet Services3540

    LUXURYPETHOTEL@YVRNew customer special $27/ nightrestriction apply www.jetpetresort.com

    4060 Metaphysical4060TRUEPSYCHICS

    For Answers CALL NOW24/7Toll FREE 1-877-342-3032

    Mobile: #4486 www.truepsychics.ca

    5017 BusinessServices5017HAVE YOU BEEN DENIEDCanada Pension Plan DisabilityBenefits? The Disability ClaimsAdvocacy Clinic can help.Contact Allison Schmidt at:1-877-793-3222 www.dcac.ca

    5035 FinancialServices5035

    AVOIDBANKRUPTCYSave up to 70% of your Debt.

    One affordablemonthly payment, interest free.For debt restructuring on your

    terms not your creditors.Call 778-340-4002

    or emailPeterT@4pillars.ca

    DROWNING IN DEBT? Cut debtsmore than 50% & DEBT FREE inhalf the time!

    AVOID BANKRUPTCYFree Consultation.

    www.mydebtsolution.com or TollFree 1-877-556-3500 BBB RatedA+

    IF YOU own a home or realestate, ALPINE CREDITS canlend you money: Its That Simple.Your Credit / Age / Income is NOTan issue. 1.800.587.2161.

    MONEYPROVIDER.COM. $500Loan and +. No Credit Refused.Fast, Easy, 100% Secure.1-877-776-1660.

    5040 Business Opps/Franchises5040

    *Annual starting revenue of $12,000-$120,000*Guaranteed cleaning contracts*Professional training provided

    *Financing available*Ongoing support

    *Low down payment requiredContact Coverall of BC

    A Respected Worldwide Leader inFranchised Ofce Cleaning!

    A Great JanitorialFranchise Opportunity

    604.434.7744 info@coverallbc.comwww.coverallbc.com

    5060 Legal Services5060CRIMINAL RECORD? Dont let itblock employment, travel,e d u ca t i o n , p r o f e s s i o n a l ,certification, adoption propertyrental opportunities. For peace ofmind & a free consultation call1-800-347-2540.

    CRIMINAL RECORD? Dont letyour past limit your career plans!Since 1989, Confidential, FastAffordable - A+ BBB Ratingemployment & travel freedom - allfor free info booklet



    5070 Money to Loan5070Need CashToday?

    Own a Vehicle?Borrow Up To $25,000

    No Credit Checks!Cash same day, local ofcewww.PitStopLoans.com


    5505 Legal/PublicNotices5505

    NOTICE TOCREDITORSNOTICE is hereby given thatCreditors and others, havingclaims against the Estate ofJACKSTANLEY POYNTER,formerly of #380 - 1142Dufferin Street, Coquitlam BCV3B 6V4 and previously8477 14th Ave, Burnaby BCV3N2C5, Deceased, arehereby required to send theparticulars thereof to theExecutor, Bryan Albert Poynter,2218 Addison Way, Nanaimo,BC, V9X1J6 on or beforeJuly 29 2013, after which datethe estates assets will bedistributed, having regard onlyto the claims that have beenreceived.


    Notice is hereby given toCreditors and others havingclaims against the estate ofMargaret Van Dop also known asMargaret VanDop, MargarethaJacoba Van Dop, MargarethaJacoba VanDop, deceased,formerly of 8354 14th Avenue,Burnaby, BC V3N 2C3 are herebynotified under section 38 of theTrustee Act that particulars oftheir claims should be sent to theexecutor, Bastiaan Mart inKastelein at 448 Sixth Street,New Westminster, BC V3L 3B3on or before August 2, 2013, afterwhich date the executor willdistribute the estate among theparties entitled to it, having regardto the claims of which theexecutor then has notice.


    Notice is hereby given toCreditors and others havingclaims against the estate ofLeendert Van Dop also known asLeendert VanDop, Leen VanDop,Leen Van Dop, Len VanDop,Leonard VanDop Leonard VanDop and Len Van Dop, deceased,formerly of 8354 14th Avenue,Burnaby, BC V3N 2C3 are herebynotified under section 38 of theTrustee Act that particulars oftheir claims should be sent to theexecutor, Bastiaan Mart inKastelein at 448 Sixth Street,New Westminster, BC V3L 3B3on or before August 2, 2013, afterwhich date the executor willdistribute the estate among theparties entitled to it, having regardto the claims of which theexecutor then has notice.


    Call604-998-0218to place your ad

    Call604-444-3000to place your ad

    Sudoku puzzles are formatted as a 9x9 grid, broken into nine 3x3 boxes. To solve a Sudoku, the numbers 1 through9 must ll each row, column and box. Each number can appear only once in each row, column and box. You cangure out the order in which the numbers will appear by using the numeric clues already provided in the boxes.


    ACROSS1. Br. University town river4. Wasting of a bodily organ9. London radio station12. Olive family plants14. 24th Greek letter15. A bottle containing a drug16. A fused explosive device17. Polish air show city18. Swedish rock group19. Next to21. Spiny pasture wire23. Apulian capital city25. Oahu lookout Nuuanu __26. Cathode-ray tube

    29. Woodbine vine34. Bigger than rabbits36. Sailor37. Equalled 15 rupees38. Object worshipped as a god39. Point midway btw E/SE40. Indonesian islands41. Aficted43. A way to soak44. Stitch closed a falcons eyes45. Capacity to resolve a riddle48. The Science Guy Bill49. Polite interruption sound50. Visual receptor cell sensitive

    to colour52. Armed ghting55. Member of U.S. Navy59. Dull sustained pain60. Gives birth to horse64. Coke or Pepsi65. Its ancient name wasAraxes66. Former US $10 gold coin67. UC Berkeley School ofBusiness68. 3rd largest whale69. Negligible amounts70. Explosive

    1. Ty, The Georgia Peach2.Am. century plant3. Microelectromechanicalsystems (abbr.)4. Matador5. Doctors group6. Supporting a road7. Consciousness of youridentity8. Brazilian ballroom dance9. Supports trestletree10. Baseballs Ruth11. Sheathed or covered13. First month of ancientHebrew calendar

    15. Swollen or knotty veins20. Dashes22. Styptic24. Performing servicestemporarily25.Affected by fever26. Sprouting gurine pets27. NYs __ City Music Hall28. Trail a bait line30. Tripod31. Best-known Kadai language32. Louis XIV court composerJean Baptiste33.Wipe out information35. Moves to a higher place

    42.Author Roald44.Auld lang _, good old days46. Made stronger: ___ up47. Throws lightly51. Components consideredindiv.52. Bleats53.A unit of area54. Citizen of Bangkok56.Water travel vessel57.Ardor58. Earths rotation direction61. Paddle62. Honorable title (Turkish)63. Bachelor of Laws



    July 2/13

    Find your answer in the Classifieds in print and onli

    SUMMERSUMMERGARAGE SALESGARAGE SALESWeekends were made for shopping, so make sureyou check our Classieds for a comprehensive

    listing of garage sales in your area!

    Follow the Garage Sale Trail in our newspaper

    To book your ad call Classieds


  • A30 Wednesday, July 3, 2013 Burnaby NOW

    8060 Concrete8060

    Trim/Prune hedges, Lawn cut-ting, yd clean-up. Free Est, WorkSafe BC Ins 604-710-9670

    A & W Landscape Tree &Hedge, Clean-up, Power Wash,Seniors Disc. Al @ 604-783-3142

    A Gardener & A GentlemanLawn, Garden, Tree svcs. Pruning,Yard Clean-up, Junk. 319-5302

    WILDWOODLANDSCAPINGHedge Trimmimg & TreePruning & Hedge Removal

    Spring Clean UpLawn Restoration. PlanterBox, Garden Installation.

    Comm/Strata/ResFree Estimates.604-893-5745

    8160 Lawn & Garden8160

    Residential & Commercial Lawn Mowing Gardening Hedge Trim Tree Pruning Excavation Sod Installation Lawn Repairs Yard Clean-up


    Designing & Installation.Free Est. 604-779-6978


    8155 Landscaping8155# 1 BACKHOES,


    Drainage, Paving, landscaping,stump / rock / cement / oil tank &

    demos, dirt removal, paver stones,Jackhammer, Water / sewer line /sumps. Slinger avail. 24 hrs.Call 341-4446 or 254-6865

    HOME IMPROVEMENTSCarpentry, Drywall, Paint,

    30 yrs exp. David 604-825-4072

    8130 Handyperson8130

    HANDYMAN Int & Ext repairs &renos. Carpentry, Kitch & Bath,Plumbing. Walter 604-790-0842

    Gutter & window cleaning, powerwashing. Prompt, professional.30 yrs exp. Simon 604-230-0627

    8125 Gutters8125A1 Steves Gutter Cleaning &Repair from $98. Gutters vacu-umed/hand clean. 604-524-0667

    8105 Flooring/Refinishing8105Artistry of Hardwood FloorsRefinish, sanding, install, dustlessProf & Quality work 604-219-6944

    8090 Fencing/Gates8090West Coast Cedar Installations

    New, repaired or rebuilt Fences &Decks

    604-435-5755 or 604-788-6458

    RIVERS INLETTownhouses

    (CoquitlamCentre area)2 BR& 3BR Townhouse2 levels, 5 appls, decorativefireplace, carport. Sorry nopets. Great Location!We also have apartments:Bachelor, 1 BR & 2 BRcall for availability.604-942-2012


    PT COQUITLAM, 2 BR town-house $870, quiet family com-plex, no pets, call 604-464-0034.

    6605 Townhouses -Rent6605NEW WEST 3 BR, River view,avail Aug 1. $1334. For details


    COQ CTR/NASH DR. Spac 2 BRste, 4 appls. f/bath, $1100 + utilsAvail now. 604-944-8857

    COQ. $725/MO. 1 BD, 4 appls,stove, frig, washer, dryer. Closeto all amens, avail June 1st, inclsutils. NO PETS. 604-454-4540

    BBY SFU, 2 BR bsmt ste, 1200sf,f/bath, bright & clean, sharewasher, prkg, Suits 2. $850 +50% utils. NS/NP. 604-421-1196

    BBY, N. Holdom/Union 1 BR,f/bath, W/D, hrdwd floors, NS/NP.$875 for 1 person, incl utils/cable/internet. Av Now. 778-898-5159

    BBY HIGHGATE Bright bachelor,close to all amens/bus. N/s, n/p,$550 incl hyd/cable. Jun15/ Jul 1.604-522-6773, 778-320-6773

    6602 Suites/PartialHouses6602BBY CENTRAL. Lrg 4 BR & Denor 5 BRmn flr, 2.5 baths, big liv rm& 2 dining rm, lrg deck & fam rm,carport, lots of prkg, big storage,very clean, 6 appls, Aug 1, smallpet ok. 604-298-6874

    6515 Duplexes - Rent6515POCO 3 BR upper, view, 2 baths,priv, w/d, d/w, fenced yd, nr amen.Now. $1250. 604-941-4166

    SKYLINE TOWERS102-120 Agnes St, N.WestHi-Rise Apartment withRiver View & Indoor Pool.1 BR & 2 BR Available.Rent includes heat & hotwater. Remodelled Buildingand Common area. Gatedundergrd parking available.References required.CALL 604 525-2122BAYSIDE PROPERTY SERVICES

    BONSORAPTSRenovated high rise, concretebuilding. Suites available.Very close to Metrotown,Skytrain & Bonsor swimmingpool. Rent includes heat, hotwater. Refs reqd.

    Contact Alex604-999-9978

    Bayside Property ServicesOffice: 604-432-7774

    KINGALBERTCOURT1300 King Albert, CoqClose to Transportation,

    Schools & S.F.U.office: 604-937-7343cell: 778-863-9980

    JUNIPERCOURT415Westview St, CoqClose to LougheedMall, allTransportation Connections,

    Schools & S.F.U.office: 604-939-8905

    GARDENVILLA1010 6th Ave, NewWest

    Suites Available. Beautifula t r i um w i t h f o u n t a i n .By shops, college & transit.Pets negotiable. Ref required.CALL 604 715-7764BAYSIDE PROPERTY SERVICES

    COTTONWOODPLAZA555 CottonwoodAve, CoqLarge units somewith2nd bathroom or den.On bus routes, close toS.F.U. & LougheedMall.office: 604- 936-1225

    BBYSIMON FRASERAPTS7175 Pandora St, Clean quietbldg., close to SFU, shops,transit,1 Br $800, incl heat/hotwater, h/wflrs, 1 yr lease, no pets, LorneDorset Rlty 604-299-0803

    ARBOURGREENE552 Dansey Ave, CoqExtra Large 2 Bedrooms.

    Close toLougheedMall and S.F.U.

    office: 604-939-4903cell: 778- 229-1358

    AMBER (W)401Westview St, Coq

    Large Units.Near LougheedMall.

    Transportation & S.F.U.office: 604-939-2136cell: 604-727-5178

    AMBERROCHESTOR545 Rochester Ave, CoqClose to LougheedMall,S.F.U. & Transportation.

    Office604- 936-3907

    700 PARK CRESCENT NewWestminster, 1 & 2 BEDROOM$925 & $1300. Adult friendlybuilding. visual intercom, gatedparking. Near shops & bus. In-cludes hotwater & storage. SorryNo Pets!! Call 604-522-3391


    22588 Royal Crescent Ave,Maple Ridge

    Large units. Close to GoldenEars Bridge. Great River view!

    office: 604-463-0857cell: 604-375-1768


    Incls heat, hot water, cable &parking. Near schools, shops,Bus & Sky train.

    Available July 1st.Cats ok! Deposit reqd.Call 604-521-2884

    VILLAMARGARETA320-9th St, NewWest

    Suites Available.All Suites Have Balconies.Undergrd Parking Available.Refs Required. Small Pet Ok.CALL 604 715-7764

    Bayside Properties Services

    Silver Star Apts - 6425 SilverAve, Burnaby. Clean, quiet, familyBldg, close to skytrain, shopping,transit, One Bed $850/mo inclheat/hotwater, No Smoking, Nopets, 1 year lease - Call DorsetRealty John 604- 439-9602

    PORT COQUITLAM 2 BR APT,$815, quiet complex, no pets. Call604-464-0034

    NEW WEST - St Andrews Street1 BR Apt, balcony, updated, nrtransit & amens. Small pet ok withpet deposit. Call 604-202-2420

    NEW WEST nr RCH/Skytrain,1 BR apt, $795. Inc heat/u/g pkng,n/p, quiet complex, 604-299-8288email: cedarsunset@shaw.ca

    NEW WEST large 2BR apt610-3rd Ave, nr transit. $950 inclshw, heat, pkng, storage locker,balcony, ns, np. 604-525-8087

    NEW WEST. 1 BR Renod. NewAppls, Flooring, Fixtures, Paint.P ro f . mgmt . F rom $790 .

    Call (604) 724-8353.

    6508 Apt/Condos6508NEW WEST 1 BR apt completelyrenod, $835 inc h/w/heat cbl. N/P.604-521-1551, 778-714-1608

    COQ 2 BR $975 apts, quietcomplex, incls hot water, laundryfacils, free parking, nr amens, Nopets. 778-323-4317


    815 - 5th Ave, NewWest1 BR & 3 BRApartments.Includes heat, h/w & cable.U/grnd prkg avail. No pets.Call 604-521-2866 or


    CALYPSOCOURT1030 - 5th Ave, NewWestNear Transportation &Douglas College.

    Well Managed Building.Cell: 604-813-8789

    BURQUITLAMAPTS561 CottonwoodAve, Coq

    Bachelor, 1 BR& 2BRIncludes heat, hot water,underground parking, close tobus stop, school, SFU,Lougheed Mall. No Pets.

    Office 604-773-6467


    Bobcat Services, Leveling,Grading, Dump Trailer, Topsoil,Gravel, fill removal. 604 356-2546


    Cedar fencing/decks Stonework paving stones Pergolas 30 Yrs ExpCall Danny 604-250-7824www.constructivelandscaping.com

    8010 Alarm/Security8010


    Systems Ltd.

    8030 Carpentry8030* RENOS * Bsmt refinish * Drywall* Bath Tiles * Windows * Doors *Stairs. Call Norm 604-437-1470


    All Jobs BIG & small Concrete Removal Seniors discount.Friendly, Family Business,40+ years experience!604-240-3408


    All Jobs BIG & small Concrete Removal Seniors discount.Friendly, Family Business,40+ years experience!604-240-3408

    Piattelli Concrete, Specialist inRemoval, Replace, Forming,Exposed Aggregate, Sidewalks,Driveways, 45yrs Exp. SeniorsDisc. Free Estimates.

    Thomas 604-897-5071

    8068 Demolition8068

    DEMOLITIONExcavating - Drain TileOld garage, carport, house,pool, repair main waterline,break concrete & removal.Licensed Insured WCB


    8073 Drainage8073

    RNCDRAINAGEAugering Water & Sewerline repair & replacement

    Sumps Drain TileConcreteWork

    Foundation, ExcavationRetaingWalls Site restoredCall Ron 778-227-7316

    or 604-568-3791

    8075 Drywall8075VINCES MAGIC Drywalling &textured ceiling repairs. Completedrywall & taping. 604-307-2295

    8080 Electrical8080#1113 LOW COST ELECTRICComm/Res/Panel change Heat-ing. Lic & Bonded. 604-522-3435

    ALL YOUR electrical & renoneeds. Licd electrician #37940.Insured, bonded &WCB. Free estReasonable rates 604-842-5276

    Electrical Installations; Renosand Repairs. Member of BBB.www.nrgelectric.ca 604-520-9922

    YOUR ELECTRICIAN $29 ser-vice call. Insured. Lic # 89402.Fast same day service guard. Welove small jobs! 604-568-1899

    8087 Excavating8087# 1 BACKHOES,


    Drainage, Paving, landscaping,stump / rock / cement / oil tank &

    demos, dirt removal, paver stones,Jackhammer, Water / sewer line /sumps. Slinger avail. 24 hrs.Call 341-4446 or 254-6865Excavating - Drain Tile

    Demolitions. Fully insured WCB604-716-8528

    6008-30 Surrey6008-30

    Come see whats cookin inour kitchens.

    More counter space, cabinets &more drawers to store!

    thegroveatcambridge.cathegroveatcambridge.caHans at Global 604.597.7177


    Come and see. Daily 11 to 7.14905 60th ave. Surrey, B.C.

    6007 BUSINESSES FORSALE6007NEW WEST, west end. Convien-ent grocery & produce, & Filipinospeicalites store. $98,000 incls10x10 walk-in coooler, 24' pri-duce display cooler, 3-5' uprightdisplay coolers , 5 freezers,shelving, til, desk & stock at cost$4,500. Andy 604-524-8990

    6008 Condos/Townhouses6008

    6008-02 Abbotsford6008-02

    IMMACULATE TOP fl 963sf 2br condo, insuite laundry, +55building, $121,500 604-309-3947see uSELLaHOME.com id5565

    TOP FLR 762sf 1br condo, in-stelaundry, 45+ building Mt. Bakerview $85,000. 778-822-7387see uSELLaHOME.com id5553

    6008-04 Burnaby6008-04BBY; CENTRAL PARK, MUSTSELL 2 BR condo, 880sf, newrenod, Will accept any reason-able offer. Owner 604-432-7730

    6008-28 Richmond6008-28

    STEVESTON VERY large 1284sf 2br 2ba top fl condo amazingmtn views, $455K 604-275-7986see uSELLaHOME.com id5376

    6008-42 S. Surrey/White Rock6008-42

    PARTIAL OCEAN view, 920sf2br+den 2ba quiet condo, kids,pets ok. $309,000 778-294-2275see uSELLaHOME.com id5575

    6015 For Sale byOwner6015

    SMALL PEACEFUL farm set upfor horses right beside SouthLangley riding trail. Bright &comfortable older 2 bd home, f/p,barn, riding rings, pastures.$849,900. Call 604-323-4788 -See Propertyguys.com ID: 76788

    6020 Houses - Sale6020

    6020-06 Chilliwack6020-06

    CULTUS LK gardeners dream1160 sf 2 br 1.5 ba rancher, a/c55+ complex $63K 604-858-9301see uSELLaHOME.com id5400

    6020-14 Langley/Aldergrove6020-14

    ALDERGROVE SXS DUPLEX80K below assessment. $3100morent $529,900 firm 604-807-6565see uSELLaHOME.com id3428

    CAMPBELL VALLEY Park 5acres, exec.,estate home 6162 sqft, 8 bd, 5.5 bths, carriage-housegarage, 2 suites, barn, board-fenced $1,498K. 604-880-0462PropertyGuys.com ID:76465

    SOUTH LANGLEY Immaculate1042 Sq Ft 2 bdrm mobile home,55 yrs+ park, RV parking, low padrental $87,900. 604-514-5059PropertyGuys.com ID 76059

    6020-34 Surrey6020-34

    18983-72A AVE Surrey, 1321 sqft 2 brdm, 2 bath t/h in wellmanaged complex, extensiveupgrades, $314,000. Cal l7 7 8 - 5 7 1 - 1 5 4 4 S e ePropertyGuys.com ID: 76544

    FLEETWOOD RENOD 2140sf4br 3ba, large 7100sf lot, bsmtste $515,000 firm 604-727-9240see uSELLaHOME.com id5617

    GUILDFORD 1900SF 3br 2baw/basement suite on huge 8640sf lot, $489,000 604-613-1553see uSELLaHOME.com id5608

    6030 Lots & Acreage6030

    BUILDING LOT 39.8x132. InNew West , great view potential,lane access, nr Royal C Hosp.Reduced to $499K Ed Unrau,Green Acres Rlty. (604) 807-0716

    6030 Lots & Acreage6030

    LANGLEY BUILD your dreamhome, secluded 5 ac view ppty,well inst $630,000 604-825-3966see uSELLaHOME.com id4513

    LANGLEY NR town fully renod2474sf home on 5ac ppty, bsmtsuite $1,150,000 604-825-3966see uSELLaHOME.com id5582

    6052 Real EstateInvestment6052

    LANGLEY RENOD sxs duplex+1/2ac lot, rental income $2,300/month $489,900 604-807-6565see uSELLaHOME.com id3186

    6065 RecreationProperty6065CANCEL YOUR TIMESHARE.

    NORISK program. STOPMortgage &MaintenancePayments Today. 100%Money Back Guarantee.FREEConsultation.

    Call us NOW.We can Help!1-888-356-5248

    HATZIC LAKE 1 hr drive fromVanc, 2 vacant lots 1 is lakefront$65K is for both 604-240-5400see uSELLaHOME.com id5588

    HATZIC LAKE Swans Point, 1 hrfrom Vanc incl lot & 5th wheelski, fish, $134,500. 604-209-8650see uSELLaHOME.com id5491

    6508 Apt/Condos6508BBY, Bright lrg newly renod 1 BRcondo, prkg. 1/2 block to Highg-ate & transits. $800 incl heat/hotwater. Av immed. 604-358-9575

    RV LOT at CULTUS LAKE HOLI-DAY PARK with year round campingaccess; finished in paving stones,low fees. All ament Grt loc. Movingmust sell $107,500. 1-604-795-9785

    BBY, BRENTWOOD, 2 BR on20th flr, fully renod, new flrs,granite c/tops, new appl, N/p, N/s,$1575, Avl now. 778-707-2719

    6508 Apt/Condos65081 BRs $900-$9502 BRs $1150-$1300

    Cameron St, Bby, great location!Lougheedmall, Rec center,

    schools & transit. Available Now604-420-8715, 604-221-7720


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  • Burnaby NOW Wednesday, July 3, 2013 A31


    Trusted since 1986!A+ Rating - BBB

    Residential/Commercial25 yr. workmanship warrantyCall for FREE ESTIMATE &SUMMER PROMOTION




    9522 RVs/Trailers9522

    1979 FORD M/H, 23 ft, cozy,bunk beds, fully equipped, low k,hi way usage, $4,950. 778-737-3890

    9155 Sport Utilities/4x4s/Trucks9155

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    Service From Call

    9145 Scrap CarRemoval9145

    2011 Hyundai Sonata LimitedAffordable Luxury 35,600 kms.2.4L GDI DOHC. $19,999. Email:sjscot@shaw.ca (604) 794-3428.

    9125 Domestic9125

    2005 PONTIAC WAVE LT,104,000 kms, black, a/c, fullyloaded, auto, newer brakes,timing belt and tires, sunroof, runsgreat. $3900 Firm. 778-846-5275

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    A self employment opportunity


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    FEASTTri-City P

    otters display jurie


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    Port Moody unveil

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    vehicle charging s






    9, 2013

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    Mayorcalls for


    Lougheed NEW

    S A6

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    ComoLake Pa



    Is Bear


    sinking in?



    Show tonight

    at Evergreen AR

    TS A10


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    IFE A15






    43 officials kne

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    have tomake cu

    ts to deal with a

    ballooning defi-

    cit, andon Tues

    day employees a

    nd thepublic

    learnedjust how

    deep the reduc

    tions will be

    once thebudget i

    s done.

    To makeup for a

    $12.1-million pr


    ating deficit for

    the 2013/2014

    school year, the

    districtis lookin

    g at cutting six

    per cent of its

    staff across the b


    More specificall

    y, its proposing t

    o cut 142 pos-

    itions within the


    A further breakd

    own ofthe num

    bers hasthe


    81 teachers, 19


    ants/special edu

    cation assistants

    /youth workers

    along with 32 cl


    /IT andfacilities

    positions and 10

    from administra


    The staffing cut

    s add up to $11

    .5 million in

    savings.Some of

    the positions be

    ing cutwill be o


    by attrition, wit

    h as many as 30

    staff invarious

    positions alread

    y putting in th

    eir retirement

    papers for the en

    d of theyear.



    s will provide

    more details o

    n proposed cut

    s at a meeting

    Tuesday at the

    districts office


    District to cut 142





    AT $12M

    To viewbudget


    download the f


    Layar app to yo


    smartphone and

    scan this page


    ON PAGE 5

    Families Choose Sylvan

    604.941.9166 C



    -(.*!2$ % '-!

    +!2$ %3.+# %

    +(,+ /-(/ % ,+

    )*& ,5!44, % #

    03('0-5 1 3


  • A32 Wednesday, July 3, 2013 Burnaby NOW


    *All prices plus dealer doc charge of $499 plus levy and tax. Ad expires on July 9, 2013. Actual Vehicle may not be exactly as shown.




    2013 MAZDA 64 cyl., auto, cloth,Stk# 1391925


    2012 HONDAODYSSEY LXV6, auto, FWD. Stk# 1299992


    2012 FIAT 500SPORT

    1.4L FWD, auto, leather. Stk# 1292018



    2.5L, auto, cloth. Stk# 1292011


    2011 BMW328 XDRIVE

    3.0L. Stk# 1199087


    2010 ACURATSX

    2.4L, 6 spd. manual. Stk# 1099086


    2004 NISSAN SENTRA SDN 4CYL 5SPD MAN #2499864..........................................$58882006 SUZUKI SWIFT+ HB 1.6L AUTO #2699040 ..................................................... $68882007 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF CITY CL HB 4CYL 5SPD #2796517 ................................. $89882006 TOYOTA MATRIX WGN 1.8L AUTO CLTH CD #2691937.................................... $98882011 NISSAN VERSA HATCH 1.8L AUTO CLTH #1191968 ..................................... $114882008 SMART FORTWO PASSION 2DR CABRIOLET AUTO #2899967 ...................... $116882007 HONDA CIVIC DX-G SDN 1.8L 5SPD MAN #2793502................................... $118882008 TOYOTA YARIS SDN 4CYL AUTO CLTH #2899818 ......................................... $118882006 HONDA CIVIC EX CPE 2DR EX MANUAL #2693530 ...................................... $12888


    SE 4WD SYNC #1319136FROM

    $$22,98822,988**ORIGINAL MSRP $31,599





    $$25,888*25,888*Original MSRP $40,449



    $$27,888*27,888*Original MSRP $40,929



    $$16,98816,988Original MSRP $21,949



    $$15,88815,888Original MSRP $21,074


    6to choose



    19IN STOCK




    Stk# 1309127 Original MSRP $26,999


    2013 MUSTANGPREMIUM CONVERTIBLELoaded, Stk# 1319107 Original MSRP $39,999



    Leather, comfort group, sec. pkg., Stk# 1309153Original MSRP $41,739



    Leather, heated seats, sec. pkg., Stk# 1309119Original MSRP


    $$34,98834,988FROM FROM