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Burnaby Now July 3 2013


<ul><li><p>Justin Williams opened his propertytax bill for his family-owned business andwas dumbfounded to see it increased bya whopping 24 per cent, and with a taxcredit cut on the horizon hes worriedabout his companys future.</p><p>The provincial government will bephasing out its school tax credits for busi-nesses in the light industry sector in thenext two years, and doubled with highertaxes manufacturers in Burnaby are feel-ing the crunch.</p><p>Williams co-owns Burnabys Williamsand White Inc. with his brother, whichmanufactures specialized grinding equip-ment used in the machine and cutting toolindustry.</p><p>This is unheard of, he said. They aretrying to crush small business.</p><p>Williams said his company tries to bea good neighbour and build the economyin the city, but it needs all the help it canget.</p><p>Its tens of thousands of dollars in oneyear, and somehow we have to magicallyfind it, he said. How do you just, boom,adjust your budget? Everyone on mystreet is freaking out.</p><p>Although the company has sur-vived the tough economic climate so far,Williams said business continues to be acompetitive enterprise.</p><p>Were going to have to cut invest-ment, he said. Well have to find waysto cut costs. How else do you save moneyin a business? Were not going to be ableto reinvest, not going to be able to staycompetitive worldwide and thats whatits going to come back to.</p><p>Its already a tough go out there,where the economy is at is very tumultu-ous still.</p><p>For morephotos ofthe centresopening,scan with</p><p>Get ready for all theGiro Di Burnaby fun</p><p>PAGE 9</p><p>Putting a fork in the road:A food truck success story</p><p>PAGE 11</p><p>Burnabys first and favourite information source Delivery 604-942-3081 Wednesday, July 3, 2013</p><p>Your source for local sports, news, weather and entertainment! &gt;&gt; www.burnabynow.com</p><p>Crushingtax hike of24 per cent</p><p>BUSINESS OWNER OUTRAGED</p><p>Larry Wright/burnaby now</p><p>Stefania Secciastaff reporter</p><p>Oh,Canada!</p><p>Williams Page 3</p><p>Doggone fun:From left, StaffSergeant AndyLeClair, LorneLopetinski andSuperintendentStephan Droletand Stefaniyawith Markothe dog at theCanada Daycelebrationsand grandopening of thenew EdmondsCommunityCentre on July1. The centre at7433 EdmondsSt. held eventsfrom 10 a.m.to 3:30 p.m.,includingguided tours, aribbon cuttingceremony andactivities for allages.</p><p>YourTrustedNeighbourhood RealtorMandarin English</p><p>www.kanetherealtor.comExtensive Overseas Buyer Connections</p><p>Kane Cheng Personal Real Estate Corporation</p><p>ROYAL PACIFIC REALTY</p><p>KANECHENG778.855-8450</p><p>2961 Norland Avenue, Burnaby604-299-3121</p><p>TVs, Computers , ElectronicsTVs, Computers , Electronics&amp; Small Appliances&amp; Small Appliances</p><p>golfburnaby.net</p><p>Play today!</p></li><li><p>A02 Wednesday, July 3, 2013 Burnaby NOW</p><p>JULY65 7</p><p>FRI SAT SUNPrices in this ad good until July 7th.</p><p>Prices effective at all British Columbia Safeway stores Friday, July 5 through Sunday, July 7, 2013 only. We reserve the right to limit sales to retail quantities. Some itemsmay not be available at all stores. All items while stocks last. Actual items may vary slig htly from illustrations. 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From thepersonal to political.</p><p>Life in Burnaby</p><p>Williams said the government is tryingto get blood from a rock and his businessmay consider a move to Alberta if thingsdont change.</p><p>Weve been in this community for threegenerations and wed like to stay here,make it strong, he said. Sometimes peo-ple just think that businesses are just anun-exhaustive resource that you can justkeep on adding another hose to. Were nota money tree.</p><p>Light and medium industry, whichWilliams company is categorized under, iscritical for the economy, he says.</p><p>And anything we can do to supportsmall businesses in general is a good thing,he said. Its what keeps our communitiestogether.</p><p>Williams said hes seen what a lack of abusiness presence looks like in a small townand the Lower Mainland is not immune.</p><p>Ive witnessed it, and I dont think a lotof people who live in greater Vancouverhave been to a small town thats been hit bya recession, where no one has any work, itsnot fun, he said. When you really think</p><p>about it, restaurants dont generate busi-ness, newspapers dont generate, entertain-ment doesnt generate only a few things inthe economy that really generate and createwealth are either those who manufacture it,dig it out of the ground or grow it.</p><p>Williams said he was so furious abouthis property tax bill alone that he put in acall to the mayor.</p><p>However, the city does not set the taxand businesses should direct their con-cerns to the province, according to BurnabyMayor Derek Corrigan.</p><p>Business owners are calling the city tovoice their extreme concern, not realizingthat the city played no role in setting thistax, Corrigan stated in a media release.The City of Burnaby like cities through-out the province simply collects the taxon behalf of the provincial government, asmandated by legislation.</p><p>Corrigan noted how the light industrysector is expected to get more tax increasesnext year, as well.</p><p>Business owners are saying theseincreases were unexpected and astonish-ing and that they will severely impact light</p><p>industry, he said.The Canadian Taxpayers Federation</p><p>has been blowing the horn on how busi-nesses are facing higher taxes in Burnabyand the light industry owners will be leftscrambling when the government cuts taxcredits, according to Jordan Bateman, thefederations director.</p><p>The best way to use tax dollars toencourage businesses to grow is to fairlyapply lower tax levels across all sectors,Bateman stated in a media release. Nofavourites, no special exemptions justneutral, across the board tax reductions.</p><p>Bateman said the Canadian culture oftax credits is corrosive to a free market andthe public should choose which businessesto support not the government.</p><p>But, the government says its set to getmore revenue from eliminating the taxcredits to light industry.</p><p>The provinces Minister of Finance,Michael de Jong, reviews tax policy foreach budget, according to Janet Stewart,communications manager for the Ministryof Finance.</p><p>In budget 2013, the minister announced</p><p>that the (light industry) school tax creditwould be phased out over two years begin-ning in 2013 to restore the longstandingpolicy of treating businesses in (light indus-try) the same as those in (business) forschool property tax purposes, Stewart saidin an email.</p><p>The phase-out is expected to provideadditional revenues of $32 million in2013/14 and about $55 million every yearafter to help protect important services forBritish Columbians, Stewart noted.</p><p>In response to the economic crisis of2008, the school tax credit was introducedin 2009 to provide relief to the provincesindustrial sectors and was provided to both(major industry) and (light industry), sheadded.</p><p>There are about 20,000 light industrybusinesses in the province, which includeswineries, asphalt manufacturers, printingand publishing operations, sand and graveloperations and metal fabrication facilities.</p><p>According to the City of Burnaby, thereare 400 light industry businesses in operat-ing in Burnaby.</p><p>sseccia@burnabynow.com</p><p>Williams: Were (light industry) not a money treecontinued from page 1</p><p>Burnaby RCMP is searching for adriver who fled the scene of a fatalaccident involving a cyclist on Sundaynight.</p><p>The cyclist was struck and killed bya passing vehicle near 13th Avenue andWright Street at about 8:30 p.m. on June30, according to a press release.</p><p>By the time RCMP, emergency ser-vices and the Burnaby Fire Departmentarrived on scene, the vehicle, and itsdriver, had fled.</p><p>The RCMP said the vehicle involved,a dark coloured, two-door car, was lastseen travelling east on 16th Avenue. Thecar would have damage to its passengerside, the press release added.</p><p>Police are seeking any informationfrom witnesses to this incident or any-one who may have seen the suspectvehicle or driver following the colli-sion, said Burnaby Const. Whitby inthe release.</p><p>Anyone with information, contactBurnaby RCMP at 604-294-7922.</p><p>Cyclist killedin weekendhit and run</p><p>For a video,scan with</p><p>Jason Lang/burnaby now</p><p>DRIVER SOUGHT</p><p>Cayley Dobiestaff reporter</p><p>Stringtheory:Kyle Hedgesshows off hisyo-yo tricksat WesternCanadaRegionalChampion-ships, hostedby theVancouverYo-Yo Cluband held atBurnabysNikkei Centreon June 29.Roughly 40competitorsand 100spectatorsattended thecontest.</p><p>Burnaby NOW Wednesday, July 3, 2013 A03</p></li><li><p>A04 Wednesday, July 3, 2013 Burnaby NOW</p><p>City canvassers on door-to-door pooch patrolThe dog licence canvassers headed out</p><p>on June 24 and will go door-to-door untilSeptember. According to Burnabys bylaw,city dogs must have a licence.</p><p>Dan Layng, supervisor of property use</p><p>coordination in the citys licensing depart-ment, said the program generally occursevery other year.</p><p>Its been fairly successful, its broughtawareness around the requirement of dog</p><p>licences, he said. It helps to engage thepublic, and then the public understandsthat the proceeds help offset animal con-trol and the shelters.</p><p>Licences can be purchased from a can-</p><p>vasser, the citys shelter at 3202 NorlandAve., participating veterinarian offices orfrom the licence office at 4949 CanadaWay. For more info, call 604-294-7320.</p><p> Stefania Seccia</p><p>Residenttakeshealingwalk totar sands</p><p>Burnaby residents con-cerned about the KinderMorgan pipeline need tosee beyond their backyardsand support the indigenouscommunities impacted bytar sands development.</p><p>Thats the message fromBurnabys Harjap Grewal,a Council of Canadiansstaff member, whos aboutto embark on a journey toFort McMurray to see thetar sands firsthand.</p><p>If you are in that area,its quite devastating, saidGrewal. Its quite shock-ing when youre walkingdown that area (of high-way). Both sides are basi-cally a desert, and it usedto be boreal forest.</p><p>Grewal, whos been tothe site before, is takinganother trip with a groupof Lower Mainland res-idents to join the July 6Healing Walk, an annualmarch organized by FirstNations against environ-mental destruction causedby the tar sands.</p><p>This years HealingWalk is expected to drawclimate change activist BillMcKibben, author NaomiKlein, actress and envi-ronmental activist TantooCardinal and public speak-er Wab Kinew.</p><p>The Council ofCanadians is footing thebill for a caravan to takeroughly a dozen people,including Grewal, to FortMcMurray, Alta., for theHealing Walk.</p><p>For more information onthewalk,gotowww.healingwalk.org.</p><p>jmoreau@burnabynow.com</p><p>Jennifer Moreaustaff reporter</p><p>THE QUALITY AND VALUE YOU EXPECT FROM SEARSWITH THE LOW PRICES YOU EXPECT FROM AN OUTLET</p><p>2X SEARS CLUBTM</p><p>POINTSEVERYDAY!When you use yourSears MasterCard orSears Card at Sears</p><p>OFFERS IN EFFECTJULY 4 - JULY 10, 2013</p><p>UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED, WHILEQUANTITIES LAST. 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