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<ul><li><p>Ling Su was at home theevening of June 13, strug-gling to put her two littleones to bed, when Christo-pher Alexander Serrano laybleeding in the street, just ablock away.Su hadnt heard anything</p><p>unusual, but she could seethe emergency vehicle lightsflickering from across theback alley while she was inthe shower.Never did it cross my</p><p>mind that it would be mur-der, a shooting, she said.Serrano was involved in</p><p>an altercation, possibly in-side a vehicle, at about 9:30p.m. in the 3900 block ofForest Street, just one streetover from Sus. Neigh-bours heard shots, policewere called, and someoneperformed CPR on Serra-no, but he was pronounceddead about an hour later inhospital.Su learned what hap-</p><p>pened from her husband,who heard about it on the11 p.m. news.Serrano, 29, was a self-</p><p>professed drug dealer whoslit a strangers throat withbox-cutters after an argu-ment at aVancouver night-club.The man survived,and Serrano spent twoyears in jail. Su has no ideawhy he was in her neigh-bourhood that night hishome address is in Co-quitlam.The killing left Su with a</p><p>sense of unease and a stron-ger desire to connect withher neighbours at the an-nual Spruce Street blockparty. Su feels its evenmore important to contin-ue the block party tradition</p><p>so people know each oth-er and their neighbourhoodand can tell when some-thing is out of place.The home is where the</p><p>heart is, and if these eventshappen too close to home,were going to have to ad-just and be wary of newfaces, Su said.This years block is set</p><p>for Saturday, July 19, from11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on thestretch of Spruce Street be-</p><p>tween MacDonald andSmith avenues, which cov-ers roughly 50 homes.Neighbours are volunteer-ing to organize the event,and they have money fromtheVancouver Foundationsneighbourhood small grantsprogram.The murder is atopic of discussion amongthe group, and they feel itsimportant to keep the blockparty tradition alive and thecommunity safe, according</p><p>to Su.No one is immune to</p><p>violent individuals cominginto neighbourhoods, butcommunity block watchor neighbourhoods that</p><p>speak up, thats importantfor me. I want to be able tocontinue to walk aroundthe neighbourhood andfeel comfortable, Su said.These are real issues thattouch real residents at a ba-sic level, our homes, our se-curity.Antonia Beck, execu-</p><p>tive director of the Burna-by Neighbourhood House,knows how important it isto connect with ones com-</p><p>munity.Much of her workfocuses on bringing peopletogether through block par-ties and community events,much like the one Su andher neighbours are orga-nizing.I think knowing your</p><p>neighbours is really key intogether creating that com-munity of safety and senseof belonging and sense of</p><p>FRIDAY JULY 1, 2016 LOCAL NEWS LOCAL MATTERS</p><p>FAMILIES 3 COMMUNITY 9 SPORTS 20Cheapskates guide to summer fun Sparking an interest in trades Snipers find comfort zone</p><p>Theres more at Burnabynow.com</p><p>THEPOWEROFNEIGHBOURS: Burnaby resident LingSuandherneighbours arehostingablockparty this summer, after a fatal shooting just ablockaway. Theyfeel its evenmore important thanever to come together asa community.PHOTOJENNIFERGAUTHIER</p><p>Continuedonpage8</p><p>... knowingyourneighbours isreallykey</p><p>ACLOSERLOOK</p><p>5SEE PAGE 11</p><p>THINGS TO DOTHISWEEKEND</p><p>AneighbourhoodstandstogetherA recent murder near this Spruce Street community has brought new meaning to an annual block party</p><p>ByJenniferMoreaujmoreau@burnabynow.com</p><p>With a minimum $30 spentat Nandos Kingsway</p><p>Enjoy $10 offyour nextmeal</p><p>at Nandos!</p><p>_____</p><p>_____</p><p>nandos.ca604-434-6220</p><p>Offer includes all Share Platters. Cannot becombined with any other offer. 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But lets faceit, for lots of families, sum-mer is also pretty darn ex-pensive.Add in extra childcare, summer camps, gas forthe road trips, camping fees the costs just keep onmounting.Which is why I figured</p><p>it was time to write the de-finitive Cheapskates Guideto Summer Fun in Burna-by a.k.a. our top-10 list forfree and cheap family fun inthe city.So, next time you gulp</p><p>loudly when you check yourbank balance, consult thislist and find a way to whileaway an hour, an afternoonor a day without spendingany (or much) of that hard-earned money.</p><p>11STEPBACK INTIMEATBURNABYVILLAGEThis one tops ourfamily fun list every year,and with good reason. Forstarters, gate admission isfree, and you can spendages wandering aroundthe streets of the 1920s vil-lage. Special events, dem-onstrations and programsgo on all summer long, witha variety of offerings for allages including new, freeguided walks on weekdays.Check out the new Technol-ogy Before the Smartphoneexhibition at Stride Stu-dios, become a student atthe Seaforth School, or takein demonstrations runningthe gamut from tinsmith-ing to quilting. Of course, ahighlight for kids (and more</p><p>than a few adults) is a spinon the restored 1912 C.W.Parker Carousel (carouselrides are $2.60 each). Plus,you can get lunch and treatsat the ice cream parlour.BurnabyVillage is open</p><p>Tuesdays through Sundays,plus statutory holiday Mon-days, from 11 a.m. to 4:30p.m. at 6501 Deer LakeAve. See www.burnabyvillagemuseum.ca or call604-297-4565.</p><p>2ENJOYTHESYMPHONYINTHEPARKIts a highlight ofthe season for classical mu-sic lovers in Burnaby, andits returning to Deer LakePark on Sunday, July 10 at7 p.m.TheVancouver Sym-phony Orchestra, under thebaton ofTania Miller, per-forms with soloist AlbertSeo on cello in a programthat includes such favouritesas Rossinis LItaliani in Al-geri:Overture, Berlioz Sym-phonie Fantastique, StrausssRadetzky March, GershwinsAnAmerican in Paris and,of course, the always show-stoppingTchaikovskys 1812Overture.Arrive early, withblankets and picnic, to stakeout your spot and enjoy abeautiful evening of musicby the lake for free.Parking is limited, so it</p><p>helps if you can take tran-sit, walk or ride your bike.Check out www.vancouversymphony.ca for all the de-tails.</p><p>33STOPBYTHEBURNABYARTISANFARMERSMARKETWho would haveguessed the Burnaby CityHall parking lot would turnout to be such a fantas-tic family destination?The</p><p>Burnaby Artisan FarmersMarket is going strong everySaturday, running 9 a.m.to 2 p.m. in the north park-ing lot at 4949 CanadaWay.Yes, you can shop for pro-duce (both organic and con-ventional) and a whole lotmore besides, with a vari-ety of baked goods and pre-pared foods on site.You canalso buy lunch and snacksfrom the on-site food truck,check out the games ta-ble, sit and read awhile inthe reading area, enjoy livemusic by on-site enter-tainers, have the kids playin the kids play tent andmore.The market also hasa number of special eventsthroughout the summer ahighlight always being theTeddy Bears Picnic on July16.Check out www.artisan</p><p>markets.ca for all the de-tails and to see the vendorand entertainer list for eachmarket.</p><p>44TAKEARIDEONTHEBURNABYCENTRALRAILWAYYoull have tospend a small amount ofmoney on this one, butits so worth it.What kid(or grownup, for that mat-ter) hasnt wanted to hopaboard a train and go?When you stop by theBurnaby Central Railwaysminiature train at Confed-eration Park, you can enjoya ride on a one-eighth scaletrain along more than two</p><p>kilometres of track.The rail-way has electric, diesel andsteam engines to enjoy.Theres a gift shop, con-</p><p>cession, small museum, pic-nic tables and a grassy pic-nic area, plus a chance towatch the trains.Its $3.50 for a single ride,</p><p>or $30 for 10-ride pass-es. Kids under three ridefree.The railway is open onweekends and statutory hol-idays untilThanksgiving, 11a.m. to 5 p.m.The railway is in Confed-</p><p>eration Park at 120 NorthWillingdonAve. accessthe entrance from PenzanceDrive. See www.burnabyrailway.org or call 604-291-</p><p>0922 for information.</p><p>55TAKEAHIKEYes, Burnabysmost definitely athriving and bus-tling urban centre but italso has an abundance ofplaces to get back to natureand take a hike.For a family-friendly</p><p>stroll, try the trails at Burn-aby Lake or Deer Lake,or take a meander alongthe river at Fraser Fore-shore Park.Take in the wa-terfront views and stopto check out the beach atBarnet Marine Park, or mo-sey under the trees at Cen-tral Park.</p><p>Or, if youre feeling en-ergetic, put your legs tothe test on the BurnabyGrind the 1,400-metreVelodromeTrail that makesits way up the side of Burn-aby Mountain from thegravel parking lot just northof the Harry Jerome SportsCentre on Barnet Highway.Your 240-metre elevationgain includes an impressive500 timber stairs, so its notfor the faint of heart butthe views, once you hit thetop, will be more than worthyour effort.Check out www.tinyurl.</p><p>com/BurnabyWalkingTrailsinformation and trail maps.</p><p>Julie MacLellanFAMILYTIES</p><p>jmaclellan@burnabynow.com</p><p>Check out ourTop 10 Free (AndNearly Free)ThingsTo Do inBurnaby this summer season</p><p>Fun in the sun:Ethan, 2, andhisdadClintonWong listen to the fiddle stylingsof FiddlingFredat theBurnabyArtisanFarmersMarket. Below, theBurnabyCentral Railwaychugsaround the tracksatConfederationPark. Both themarket and the railwaymakeour list of top10 ideas for freeandaffordable family fun.PHOTOSNOWFILES</p><p>Classic fun:Four-year-oldCharlotteTsanggoes for a spinon theheritage carousel atBurnabyVillageMuseum. PHOTONOWFILES</p><p>Continuedonpage4</p><p>BurnabyNOW FRIDAY July 1, 2016 3</p></li><li><p>4 FRIDAY July 1, 2016 BurnabyNOW</p><p>66MAKEASPLASH INTHE POOLIts not summerwithout a chanceto get into the water andfortunately for Burna-by families, there are plen-ty of chances to do just thataround the city.Any one of the citys out-</p><p>door pools Central Park,Kensington,MacPhersonand Robert Burnaby of-fers a surefire spot to beatthe summer heat withoutbreaking the bank.All thepools offer loonie swims andfree swims, plus low reg-ular admission rates (freefor three and under, $2.77for kids four to 12, $3.07for students and $3.90 foradults). See www.tinyurl.com/BurnabyOutdoorPoolsfor the full list of schedulesand info.Plus, there are a whole</p><p>bunch of wading pools Brentwood, Cariboo, DavidGray, Forest Glen, GeorgeGreen,McGill, Edmonds,RonMcLean,Wesburn,Westridge andWillingdonHeights.Theyre all sun-heated and filled when aplayground leader is on site.And, of course, there are</p><p>spray parks, operating on apush-button system from 9a.m. to 9 p.m. in the sum-mer months. Call 604-570-4000 for the latest i...</p></li></ul>