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Burnaby Now July 30 2014


<ul><li><p>Get the scoop onBurnaby Blues Fest</p><p>PAGE 13</p><p>Take a look insidethe Tin Can Studio</p><p>PAGE 11</p><p>Burnabys first and favourite information source Delivery 604-942-3081 Wednesday, July 30, 2014</p><p>Your source for local sports, news, weather and entertainment! &gt;&gt; www.burnabynow.com</p><p>Teddy Bears go to market</p><p>Telling tales: Youngsters listen as Mrs. Mary tells a story during a special Teddy Bear Picnic event at the Burnaby Farmersmarket, held Saturday in the parking lot at Burnaby City Hall.</p><p>ForFormoremorephotos,photos,scanscanwithwithLayarLayar</p><p>To market, to market: Top: Lynda Littleand Jim Hamilton, a.k.a. Heart and Soul,perform at Burnaby Farmers Market at cityhall on Saturday morning. Above, nine-year-old Linden Kiensle and sister Martina,7 along with teddy bear friends taste fruitat The Applemans kiosk. The market runsSaturdays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. until Oct. 25in the north parking lot at city hall.</p><p>Photos by Jennifer Gauthier/burnaby now</p><p>After paying the provincial governmentalmost $2 million since 2010 to offset itscarbon emissions, Simon Fraser Universitywill get back $195,000 this year to make itsBurnaby campus more energy-efficient.</p><p>The funds were announced this monthin a Ministry of Advanced Education pressrelease that said the government will payB.C. colleges and universities $3.8 millionunder its Carbon Neutral Capital Program</p><p>this year for projects that reduce energycosts, demonstrate clean technology andlower carbon emissions.</p><p>About $170,000 has been earmarked forSFU for five new high-efficiency boilersthat will save the university a combined$19,900 a year on energy costs and cut CO2emissions by just over 100 tonnes.</p><p>Another $25,000 will go toward a$450,000 project to upgrade the educationbuilding envelope work that will savethe university $3,240 per year on energycosts and reduce CO2 emissions by 18</p><p>tonnes.The funds hardly compare to the $2</p><p>million SFU has paid in carbon offsetssince 2010, when the government in abid to become carbon neutral decided allpublic sector institutions would have tostart paying $25 a tonne for their annualCO2 emissions.</p><p>(That money was to be pooled by theoft criticized Pacific Carbon Trust aCrown corporation folded into the envi-ronment ministry last year and used toinvest in green programs that help offset</p><p>pollution.)Despite the relatively small size of</p><p>the SFU grant announced Wednesday,SFU development sustainability managerWendy Lee is happy the university isgetting any money at all to help make itsfacilities more energy-efficient.</p><p>What they are doing is at least creatinga little bit of program funding, she toldthe NOW. Weve been lobbying hard forsomething, just in terms of, like, you cantcontinue to punish us without creating</p><p>SFU gets money to help reduce emissionsCornelia Naylorstaff reporter</p><p>SFU Page 4</p><p>AWARD WINNING PROFESSIONAL SERVICE</p><p>BRIAN VIDASBRIAN VIDAS com</p><p>604.671.5259BRIAN VIDAS PERSONAL REAL ESTATE CORPORATION</p><p>SUTTON CENTRE REALTY$!"'*(-#,*&amp;%#)+</p><p>"(%# $!&amp;%#'</p><p>EdithsMontessori.com</p><p>604-522-1586</p><p>French Immersion</p><p>Aheadstart for your child.</p><p>Callus</p><p>today!</p><p>Opening a New MontessoriPreschool Classroom in</p><p>September 2014!</p><p>French Immersion</p></li><li><p>2 Wednesday, July 30, 2014 Burnaby NOW</p><p>www.canadiantire.ca</p><p>Grandview + BentallVancouver</p><p>604-431-3570Store Hours: M F 8AM10PM,Sat 9AM10PM, Sun 9AM-8PM</p><p>Market CrossingBurnaby604-451-5888Store Hours:M S 8AM-10PM,Sun 9AM6PM</p><p>Stay Cool and hydratedall summer</p><p>Cook like a proon the go</p><p>The Right Shelterfor any Adventure</p><p>S</p><p>EVERYTHING YOUNEED TO ENJOY THEGREAT OUTDOORS</p><p>EVERYTHING YOUNEED TO ENJOY THEGREAT OUTDOORS</p></li><li><p>Dell*Visions*The Bay*Shoppers*Target*London Drugs*Michael Hill Jewelers*</p><p>* not in all areas</p><p>6 Opinion</p><p>6,7 Letters</p><p>11 Arts</p><p>13 Blues Festival</p><p>26 Seniors</p><p>29 Sports</p><p>32 Classifieds</p><p>Last weeks questionShould the city let Kinder Morgansurvey Burnaby Mountain?YES 60% NO 40%</p><p>This weeks questionAre you planning to attend theBurnaby Blues &amp; Roots Festival?</p><p>Vote at: www.burnabynow.com</p><p>5 Drug bust in city 5 Stabbing on SkyTrain 13 Blues Festival coming</p><p>Using Layar: Download theLayar app to your smartphone. Lookfor the Layar symbol. Scan the photoor the page of the story as instructed.Ensure the photo or headline is entirelycaptured by your device. Check foradvertisements that have Layar content,too. Watch as our pages becomeinteractive.</p><p>View our stories andphotos with Layar</p><p>Check out more pix from theBurnaby farmers marketPage 1</p><p>More photos of the EdmondsCity FairPage 3</p><p>Take a closer look insidethe Tin Can StudioPage 11</p><p>Check out our readerstravels in Paper PostcardsPage 28</p><p>See photos of the AussieRules Grand FinalPage 29</p><p>Like theBurnaby NOWon FacebookJoin theconversation</p><p>NLINEEXTRAS</p><p>Check out more localcontent at www.burnabynow.com</p><p>NEWSLocal mosque waswarned about Burnabyman accused of joiningterrorist group overseas</p><p>OPINIONTeachers buyouts couldsave millions MatthewClaxtons solution for theteachers labour dispute</p><p>PHOTO GALLERIESPaper Postcards wherehas the Burnaby NOWbeen travelling? Checkout our latest batch oftravel photos.</p><p>Follow the BurnabyNOW on Twitter fornews as it happens @BurnabyNOW_news</p><p>Making friends:Three year-oldKyle Gravesfeeds the llamaprovided byAldor Acres atthe Edmonds CityFair on Sunday,July 20. WhileMother Natureoffered up adownpour for thefair, the weatherdidnt stop crowdsfrom enjoyingthe petting zoo,kids rides,entertainment,food and carshow. Check outmore photos ofthe days funonline at www.burnabynow.com.</p><p>Cops nab suspected breakout thief</p><p>A shoplifter Mounties allege stole $100,000worth of merchandise from department storesacross the Lower Mainland is behind barsthanks to the Burnaby RCMPs Strike Force.</p><p>Dubbed a breakout thief by BurnabyRMCP, the suspect would remain inside thestore after closing and, once everyone wasgone, would break out with a considerableamount of stolen merchandise, according toBurnaby RCMPs monthly report for May andJune.</p><p>The suspect had been allegedly robbingBay and Sears department stores throughoutthe Lower Mainland since January, gettingaway with $100,000 worth of merchandise, thereport added.</p><p>On April 25, Burnaby Mounties received acall from security at Lougheed Town Centrethat a suspicious man was lurking inside theBay. Security told police they believed it wasthe same man who had robbed other LowerMainland stores and so, according to thereport, Burnaby Strike Force was sent to thescene.</p><p>When officers arrived, they conducted sur-veillance of the store with the help of mallsecurity and observed the suspect remainingin the Bay after closing. He was then seen on</p><p>camera stealing two suitcases and filling themup with colognes and perfumes from the fra-grance section, the report detailed.</p><p>According to police, the suspect proceededto walk out of the Bay with the two suitcasesfilled with $18,000 worth of colognes and per-fumes. Officers arrested him on sight.</p><p>The following day, a search warrant wasexecuted on the suspects home. Accordingto the report, numerous items of clothing andperfume boxes were seized, believed to bestolen items from previous thefts across theLower Mainland.</p><p>The suspect was charged with multiplecounts of break-and-enter and is now await-ing trial.</p><p>twitter.com/cayleydobie</p><p>SkyTrain argument leads to stabbingThe 2014 Celebration of Light wasnt</p><p>such a great occasion for a Surrey man whowas stabbed on an eastbound SkyTrain inBurnaby.</p><p>According to Transit Police, the 40-year-oldvictim, who was returning from downtownVancouver with his girlfriend, got into anargument with a trio of young men around</p><p>1:40 a.m. on Sunday near the EdmondsSkyTrain station. One man pulled a knife andstabbed him in the arm before the three menfled the train.</p><p>Two of the men were promptly arrestedand released after questioning, but the thirdman believed to be the one who stabbed thevictim got away. The victim was transportedto hospital and received five stitches. Theknife was later recovered.</p><p>Police are still looking for the suspect,</p><p>described as a white male in his early to mid-20s, 5-8 to 5-9 and 150 pounds with wavybrown hair cut shorter on one side.</p><p>He was wearing a black T-shirt and blackcargo shorts at the time.</p><p>While there were other people on theSkyTrain, no witnesses have come forward.</p><p>Anyone with information is asked tocall Transit Police at 604-515-8300 or CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) if they wishto remain anonymous.</p><p>FormorephotosscanwithLayar</p><p>Jacob Zinnstaff reporter</p><p>Lisa King/burnaby now</p><p>Cayley Dobiestaff reporter</p><p>RCMP say man made off with$100,000 worth of merchandise</p><p>Burnaby NOW Wednesday, July 30, 2014 3</p></li><li><p>4 Wednesday, July 30, 2014 Burnaby NOW</p><p>The provincial NDPannounced its new shadowcabinet last Wednesday,and two Burnaby MLAshave new posts.</p><p>Burnaby-Deer LakeMLA KathyC o r r i g a nis now thea d v a n c e deduca t i oncritic, whileJane Shin istaking onthe deputycritic role fortrade, immi-gration andmulticultur-</p><p>alism.Corrigan welcomed the</p><p>post and promptly took aswipe at the Liberals.</p><p>Colleges and univer-sities have faced repeatedcuts since the Liberals</p><p>came to power, Corrigansaid in a media release.Meanwhile, student debtcontinues to be the high-est in Canada. These areserious challenges facing</p><p>todays students, and wemust do better to providethe best opportunities forthem.</p><p>Prior to Wednesdaysannouncement, Corrigan</p><p>held the justice critic post,while Shin was deputycritic for small business,tourism, arts and culture.Shin will now be workingalongside Bruce Ralston,</p><p>the NDPs main critic fortrade, immigration andmulticulturalism, as well asnatural gas development.Burnaby-Edmonds MLARaj Chouhan holds the</p><p>assistant deputy speakerpost, and as such is pre-cluded from holding ashadow cabinet post.</p><p> Jennifer Moreau</p><p>some means for us to andthe shortage has alwaysbeen about capital toaccess those energy-effi-ciency opportunities.</p><p>Before March of thisyear, universities andhealth authorities paid car-bon offsets but did not, likeschool districts, receive anyfunding for energy-effi-ciency upgrades.</p><p>Lee said SFU has man-aged to cut its CO2 emis-sions by about 2,500 tonnesper year since 2007 throughenergy management andcommunityawarenesscam-paigns, but there are limitsto such initiatives, especial-ly at the universitys olderBurnaby campus.</p><p>So Lee welcomed theCarbon Neutral Capitalmoney, but she and hercounterparts on the CarbonNeutral Higher EducationCommittee would like tosee the government explorea revolving-fund model, inwhich government wouldprovide seedmoney to starta fundand then, as emissionreductions occurred, uni-versities (and other publicinstitutions) would repaythe fund out of energy sav-ings, making the programself-sustaining.</p><p>Rather than just pay-ing it out and it just disap-pears, Lee said.</p><p>Lee said SFU doesntoppose the ultimate goalsof the carbon neutral gov-ernment program.</p><p>It aligns with ourgoals, she said, so its notthat were trying to fightagainst it. It really is justthe fact that unless youreactually creating a meansto get there, its just penal-izing without assisting us.</p><p>Corrigan, Shin take on new critic roles in shadow cabinet shuffle</p><p>SFU: Newmodel oncampuscontinued from page 1</p><p>CorriganNew critic</p><p>OFFERS IN EFFECT JULY 31ST to AUGUST 13TH 2014, UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED, WHILE QUANTITIES LAST.SALE PRICED MERCHANDISE MAY NOT BE EXACTLY AS ILLUSTRATED.</p><p>View withPersonal shopping only. Savings offers do not include Parts &amp; Service or Sundry Merchandise, Items with #195XXX &amp; Sears Value Programs with prices ending in .97. All merchandise sold as is and all sales final.No exchanges, returns or adjustments on previously purchased merchandise; savings offers cannot be combined. No dealers; we reserve the right to limit quantities. Prices do not include home delivery.Although we strive for accuracy, unintentional errors may occur. We reserve the right to correct any error. 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