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<ul><li><p>His dreams beganin Disneyland</p><p>PAGE 8</p><p>Saving the bigone for last</p><p>PAGE 3</p><p>Burnabys first and favourite information source Delivery 604-942-3081 Wednesday, July 2, 2014</p><p>Your source for local sports, news, weather and entertainment! &gt;&gt; www.burnabynow.com</p><p>Living with the tragic consequencesOne choice can forever change a persons life</p><p> or end it.Alyssa Alanis survived a horrific crash more</p><p>than four years ago in Burnaby, and Friday shespoke with media about her experience in thehopes that itll discourage others from drinkingand driving.</p><p>I think this is a common message that every-ones hearing: dont drink and drive, Alanis toldthe NOW.</p><p>Alanis was one of seven youths involved ina serious crash on Feb. 27, 2010 in Burnaby. Thedriver of the vehicle was impaired and lost con-trol of his car while speeding down WillingdonAvenue near Still Creek Drive shortly after 1 a.m.The car struck a lamppost causing it to becomeairborne and flip several times.</p><p>Before you make that choice, dont forget, youneed to think about the consequences of the choicethat you make, Alanis said. The consequence ofone simple choice that you can make can changenot only your life but it can change others. Notonly change it but it can end it.</p><p>The driver and front passenger of the vehiclemanaged to escape the crash unscathed, but thefive people sitting in the back of the car, includingAlanis, werent as lucky.</p><p>Three female passengers, two from New Westand one from Vancouver, were severely injuredwhile two male passengers, also from New West,died including Alanis boyfriend. Remembering: Alyssa Alanis was one of three youths severely injured in a car accident in February 2010. Two people</p><p>were also killed in the accident, while two others walked away unscathed. An impaired driver was driving the car shewas riding in.</p><p>For morephotosandvideo,scan withLayar</p><p>Cayley Dobiestaff reporter</p><p>Cayley Dobie/burnaby now</p><p>Consequences Page 4</p><p>Growing and sharing in the cityWhen Sonya Govahicame to Canada in2006, she found theproduce tasteless nothing likethe fresh tomatoes, eggplantand herbs her family grew backhome in Iran. Govahi figuredthe lack of flavour was becausemuch of the produce found inCanadian grocery stores was notorganic, so she planted a few</p><p>things on her apartment balconyin Burnaby, but space was at apremium.</p><p>Meanwhile, Luci Baja, wholives in the D.C. Pattersonheritage house on 18th Avenue,wanted to turn her yard intoa community garden, but shewasnt much of a green thumb.</p><p>The two belonged to differentcommunity groups EPIC resi-</p><p>dents association and BurnabyFood First. They learned abouteach other through a mutualconnection and became the firstmatch in a new program calledSharing Backyards. BurnabyFood First, a local food securitygroup, created the program toconnect gardeners with resi-dents who have surplus yard</p><p>Growingconnections:Luci Baja andSonya Govahiare the first pairset up throughSharingBackyards, anew programfrom BurnabyFood First.</p><p>Sharing Page 5</p><p>Jennifer Moreau/burnaby now</p><p>For avideo,scanwithLayar</p><p>66 10th StreetColumbia SquareNewWestminster604-522-6099</p><p>6574 E.HastingsKensington Plaza</p><p>Burnaby604-291-1323www.cockneykings.ca</p><p>2HaddockDinners$18.952CodDinners$17.95</p><p>Includes: One piece of sh, chips,coleslaw, roll and beverage(coffee, tea or soft drink).</p><p>No substitutions. 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Watch as our pages becomeinteractive.</p><p>View our stories andphotos with Layar</p><p>See more pics and video ofcrash survivors harrowingtalePage 1</p><p>Scan to see website of manwho scaled the highestpeaks on the worlds sevencontinentsPage 3</p><p>Scan to buy tickets of Shrek:The Musical, featuringBurnabys very own KenOverbeyPage 8</p><p>Video from junior A lacrossegame Page 20</p><p>Like theBurnaby NOWon FacebookJoin theconversation</p><p>NLINEEXTRAS</p><p>Check out more localcontent at www.burnabynow.com</p><p>NEWSReputation of publiceducation in jeopardyaccording to Burnabytrustees</p><p>OPINIONSome citizens more equalthan others</p><p>PHOTO GALLERIESPaper Postcards wherehas the Burnaby NOWbeen travelling? Checkout our latest batch oftravel photos.</p><p>Follow the BurnabyNOW on Twitter fornews as it happens @BurnabyNOW_news</p><p>He picked the big one for lastBurnabys Ravil Chamgoulov</p><p>has conquered Mount Everest,completing his mission to scalethe seven highest peaks on allseven of the worlds continents.</p><p>The Burnaby mining engineeris now one of roughly 350 peoplewho have conquered all seven,Everest being the mother of themall.</p><p>Its kind of a once-in-a-life-time experience, because its veryexpensive and time consuming,Chamgoulov told the NOW. Itsbeen my dream and goal foryears. Now I am very happy, andIve completed my seven-sum-mits quest.</p><p>Everest, which stands at 8,848metres above sea level, was thelast notch in Chamgoulovs belt,and he reached the peak on May25 at 7 a.m., after a night of climb-ing. He returned from his two-month expedition on May 31.</p><p>Chamgoulov said it was a dif-ficult climb, but he felt a sense ofrelaxation and achievement whenhe reached the top.</p><p>Sometimes you feel excite-ment on the summit, this time Ifelt responsibility for my spon-sors. I had to do a lot of pictures,Chamgoulov said.</p><p>Chamgoulov spent about halfan hour at the peak, which isconsidered long because the airis so thin.</p><p>Everest is a particularly dead-ly climb, and while many havereached the peak over the years,</p><p>hundreds have perished. Causesof death range from falling intocrevices, heart attacks, strokes,avalanches and altitude sickness,while many have simply disap-peared.</p><p>Chamgoulov organized spon-sors to help pay for his trip and</p><p>raised roughly $55,000 for the$65,000 climb. He is also raisingmoney for Mining for Miracles,which helps the B.C. ChildrensHospital.</p><p>With Everest behind him,Chamgoulov now plans toclimb local mountains around</p><p>Vancouver.(Everest) was the highest</p><p>mountain, but it wasnt the mosttechnical mountain Ive everclimbed. There are many moun-tains around that are interestingto climb, he said. This is not theend for me.</p><p>On top of Mount Everest: Burnabys Ravil Chamgoulov atop the highest peak in the world MountEverest, which he reached on May 25.</p><p>Jennifer Moreaustaff reporter</p><p>Contributed photo/burnaby now</p><p>Formoreinfo,scanwithLayar</p><p>The Burnaby school district hopes some ofits at-risk students take a hike next year liter-ally.</p><p>Last month, the district entered into a part-nership with the Take A Hike Youth at RiskFoundation, a Vancouver-based non-profit thatworks to engage at-risk youth through a combi-nation of adventure-based learning, academics,therapy and community involvement.</p><p>Starting next fall, Burnaby Grade 10 to 12students who have struggled to find success inregular classroom settings will get a chance tolearn in the great outdoors, during multi-dayexpeditions that could include hiking the WestCoast Trail or kayaking off the northern tip of</p><p>Vancouver Island.Its potential is huge, assistant superin-</p><p>tendent Roberto Bombelli said of the new pro-gram. Basically, the way we look at it is thatits another option for our students.</p><p>The program will start in September at theCanada Way Learning Centre with 20 spots.</p><p>Students will tackle between two to fourmulti-day expeditions a year.</p><p>Back at the learning centre, a typical weekwill see them engaged in one day of adventurelearning, a half-day of community volunteerwork and the rest of the week in a classroom.</p><p>The program will also feature group andindividual therapy facilitated by a full-timetherapist provided by Take a Hike.</p><p>Theorganizationalsopays for theadventure-based learning activities, and CEO Matthew</p><p>Coyne estimates his organization will spendbetween $100,000 and $120,000 annually on theprogram.</p><p>We do it because we believe that not allstudents can learn in the conventional way,he said. We believe that the program we offertruly makes a difference.</p><p>The school district, meanwhile, will providethe classroom space, a teacher, a family youthworker and a job description new to the dis-trict an adventure-based learning specialist.</p><p>The half-time CUPE employee (the positionwas posted last month) will be responsible forgetting kids up to speed on the outdoorsy skillstheyll need for their expeditions.</p><p>They come with an awful lot of experience</p><p>New program gets students out hikingCornelia Naylorstaff reporter</p><p>Hiking Page 4</p><p>Burnaby NOW Wednesday, July 2, 2014 3</p></li><li><p>4 Wednesday, July 2, 2014 Burnaby NOW</p><p>According to Cpl. RobertMcDonald of E Divisiontraffic services, Alanis wasnear death and wasntexpected to survive it isa miracle she recovered, hesaid.</p><p>A story like this one,again for me Ive been 30years with the RCMP, andweve gone to several acci-dents. We always hear ofpeople that sometime sur-vive, most of them dontsurvive, he said. We weretold there was zero chanceof survival.</p><p>McDonald said doctorsoriginally told Alanis fam-ily that she would likelynever walk or talk again soher progress over the pastfour years is remarkable.She still suffers from lin-gering brain damage andshe has a shunt to removeexcess fluid from her brain.Alanis mother Gigi toldthe NOW that the injuryto her daughters brain hasaffected her decision-mak-ing abilities, which meansshe cant attend school orhave a job.</p><p>Prior to the accident, the18 year-old (now nearly 22years old) was a buddingmusician with a promisingcareer ahead of her. Thesinger, songwriter, guitar-ist and pianist had touredwith local band the BoomBooms the summer beforethe crash. Since that nighthowever, she struggles toremember events, she canno longer play music, andonly recently did she beginto sing again.</p><p>For us, when we see</p><p>something like that, its verypowerful, McDonald said.</p><p>The driver of the carthat Alanis was riding inpled guilty to numerouscharges including three</p><p>counts of impaired drivingcausing bodily harm, twocounts of impaired drivingcausing death, three countsof dangerous driving caus-ing bodily harm and two</p><p>counts of dangerous driv-ing causing death. He wassentenced to three years inprison and handed a 10-year driving ban.</p><p>While the driver serves</p><p>jail time, the pain andanguish of that evening inFebruary 2010 will foreverhaunt Alanis and her fam-ily.</p><p>Because of the choice</p><p>I made to be a passengerin this car, I have to sufferwith the consequences, shesaid. I have been wonder-fully improving but its noteasy.</p><p>Consequences: Drivers poor choice left devastation in his wakecontinued from page 1</p><p>and certification in outdooreducation, Bombelli said.Theyll be responsible forensuring that all the equip-ment is in place, all the train-ing on the equipment.</p><p>There is already stronginterest in the program,Bombelli said.</p><p>Intake will be ongoing,he said, and students canapply through their schoolcounsellors.</p><p>Parents who think theprogram could be a goodfit for their kids can contactdistrict manager of youthservices Sue Dorey over thesummer at 604-296-6900,sue.dorey@sd41.bc.ca.</p><p>Hikingcontinued from page 3</p><p>442 - 6th Street,New Westminster (on Bus Route 106)</p><p>5412 A Imperial Street,Burnaby (Royal Oak SkyTrain)</p><p>DENTURE CLINIC604-522-1848Henry NG, R.D. 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