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Burnaby Now July 16 2014


<ul><li><p>Coalition calls formore transparency</p><p>PAGE 4</p><p>Three heathens filma spiritual journey</p><p>PAGE 13</p><p>Burnabys first and favourite information source Delivery 604-942-3081 Wednesday, July 16, 2014</p><p>Your source for local sports, news, weather and entertainment! &gt;&gt; www.burnabynow.com</p><p>In the chase:Top cyclistsconverged on theHeights July 10 forthe annual Giro diBurnaby, part ofthe B.C. Superweekrace series. Thisyears fast-pacedraces were wonby Luke Keoughon the mens sideand Erica Allaron the womens.See more coveragein todays sportssection starting onpage 19, and seemore coverage including video atwww.burnabynow.com.</p><p>Girohits thestreets</p><p>Tsleil-Waututh set to challenge pipeline</p><p>Canadas federal court of appeal hasgiven the Tsleil-Waututh Nation the go-ahead for a legal challenge against theKinder Morgan pipeline expansion thatcould derail the National Energy Boardshearing for the project.</p><p>Kinder Morgan wants to twin the TransMountain pipeline and expand the tankfarm and marine terminal, all partly withinthe nations traditional territory in Burnabyand around the Burrard Inlet.</p><p>The Crown and the National EnergyBoard have entered into an unlawful pro-cess, one that does not respect aborigi-nal rights and title, said Chief MaureenThomas in a media release. We are stillat the beginning of a long fight, but weare deeply committed to protecting ourterritory. We will use all the legal means</p><p>necessary to defend it against (the) NEBsunilateral and one-sided review processand Kinder Morgans project.</p><p>The nation launched the challenge inearly May, claiming the NEB did not havethe authority to move forward with thehearing because the federal governmentand the board had not consulted with thenation about the hearing and the environ-mental assessment for the pipeline expan-sion. The appeal is the first legal challengefrom a First Nation against the project.</p><p>The National Energy Board cant com-</p><p>ment much at this point because its a legalissue, and, as board spokesperson SarahKiley pointed out, the NEB hasnt seen thenations appeal yet. The nation has 60 daysto file the appeal, and the boards legal teamwill take a look and decide whether to par-ticipate in the hearing, Kiley said.</p><p>When I say participate, we may notfile a response or an argument, but wewill of course comply with any request fordocuments, she said. We havent seenthat appeal yet. Once that comes in, welltake a look.</p><p>For morephotos andvideo, scanwith Layarand see www.burnabynow.com</p><p>Dave Wielki/burnaby now</p><p>Court gives First Nation thego-ahead for a legal challenge</p><p>Jennifer Moreaustaff reporter</p><p>EdithsMontessori.com</p><p>604-522-1586</p><p>French Immersion</p><p>Aheadstart for your child.</p><p>Callus</p><p>today!</p><p>Opening a New MontessoriPreschool Classroom in</p><p>September 2014!</p><p>French Immersion</p><p>$!"'*(-#,*&amp;%#)+</p><p>"(%# $!&amp;%#'AWARD WINNING PROFESSIONAL SERVICE</p><p>BRIAN VIDASBRIAN VIDAS com</p><p>604.671.5259BRIAN VIDAS PERSONAL REAL ESTATE CORPORATION</p><p>SUTTON CENTRE REALTY</p></li><li><p>2 Wednesday, July 16, 2014 Burnaby NOW</p><p>A+ Rating with Better Business Bureau since 2009Voted #1 Best Eyewear Every Year Since 2008</p><p>A+rating</p><p>Eye Doctors 7 Days a Week * Free Basic Lenses for Kids$0 Extra Fee Eye Exams for all Kids &amp; SeniorsEye Specialist on Staff * In-House Optical Lab</p><p>Over 50 Top Designer Frames such as:Gucci, Fendi, Versace, Prada, Christian Dior,Ray Ban, Burberry, D&amp;G Hugo Boss, Coach...</p><p>Optometrists * Staff Eye Specialist * Opticians &amp; In-House Optical Lab * Top Designer Eyewear * Contact Lenses</p></li><li><p>4 Wednesday, July 16, 2014 Burnaby NOW</p><p>The Burnaby FirstCoalition is calling on theCity of Burnaby to be moretransparent when it comesto the citys finances.</p><p>At a press conferenceoutside city hall beforethe July 7 council meet-ing, BFC supporters high-lighted issues ranging fromthe secrecy surroundingBurnabys collective agree-ment with CUPE Local 23to a five-year tax surplus ofnearly $482 million sittingin the city reserves.</p><p>As it stands, BritishColumbias largest munici-palities have a seriousaccountability deficit,said BFC supporter andformer Green Party can-didate Rick McGowan. Ididnt say that if it sounds</p><p>familiar, its because it wasstated by the BCAs friendand my NDP MP KennedyStewart in 2005.</p><p>McGowan noted thatsince 2009, the tax levyfor Burnaby residents hasincreased by 25 per cent,which, paired with overes-timated expenditure fore-casts and underestimatedrevenue projections, hasled to the eight- and nine-figure annual surpluses.</p><p>As a result of thisflawed budgeting processand no oversight, we seetens, even hundreds of mil-lions of dollars of taxes anduser fees being transferredfrom our pockets to the cityreserves, he said.</p><p>The BFC also questionedwhy some workers mak-ing more than $75,000 arereceiving significant rais-es year after year, whilethe salary total for cityemployees making underthat amount has hoveredaround $80.8 million overthe past three years.</p><p>As reported by theNOWlast month, the citys lat-</p><p>est statement of financialinformation revealed the2013 salaries of all City ofBurnaby employees. Thelargest raise went to plan-ning and building directorLou Pelletier, who madenearly $30,000 more in 2013than 2012.</p><p>The number of employ-ees making more than$75,000 has increased by</p><p>Speaking out: Rick McGowan of the Burnaby First Coalition speaks at a pressconference outside Burnaby City Hall July 7. The coalition is taking aim at what itsays is a lack of transparency over city finances.</p><p>Accountability deficit</p><p>Jacob Zinn/burnaby now</p><p>Jacob Zinnstaff reporter</p><p>Coalition Page 12</p><p>Political coalitionsays city must bemore transparentwith its finances</p><p>Interested in an evening canoe rideand spotting beavers on the BrunetteRiver?</p><p>Metro Vancouver is hosting a canoeouting on Friday, July 18, from 6:30 to8:30 p.m.</p><p>Paddlers will search for beaver lodgesand marsh wren nests while learning</p><p>about the beavers importance to the eco-system. 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Thats not con-ducive to the best of care forpatients.</p><p>It could also put workers atrisk, he said.</p><p>Our members have raisedconcerns with local manag-ers about both patient beds and hospitalequipment like linen carts blocking emer-gency exits, he said.</p><p>The union attributes the problem to thehospital running over capacity with inad-equate resources.</p><p>But Fraser Healths interim CEO, DavidOstrow, told theNOW the local health carefacility has actually done a lot of innova-tive work to improve overcrowding inits emergency room, including creating asupertrack area to separate urgent andnon-urgent patients.</p><p>Believe it or not, it would be a lotworse if they hadnt done a lot of things</p><p>that theyve done, Ostrowsaid.</p><p>Concerns about emergen-cy room overcrowding comeon the heels of a provincialreview of Fraser Health thatpointed to major problems atBurnaby Hospital.</p><p>Released by the healthministry last week, the reportsaid the local health-care facil-ity showed flags in nearlyall patient-safety indicatorsand was among the worst inCanada for indicators like hos-pital acquired infections andfractures, readmission rates,and treating patients with frac-</p><p>tured hips within 48 hours.Hospital officials said some of the data</p><p>used in the report were two years old andthat significant progress on patient carehas been made in the interim.</p><p>twitter.com/CorNaylor</p><p>http://twitter.com/BurnabyNOW_News</p><p>follow us on</p><p>Overcrowding hurtspatients, union says</p><p>BURNABY HOSPITAL</p><p>Cornelia Naylorstaff reporter</p><p>What it meanspractically on theground is thatthere are a lot ofpatients beingcared for in halls.Thats not con-ducive to the bestcare for patients.MIKE OLDHospital Employees Union</p><p>Burnaby NOW Wednesday, July 16, 2014 5</p><p>Dentures, Comfortably Fit - Guaranteed</p><p> Home visits available Precision Cosmetic Dentures, StandardDentures , Partials, Relines and Emergencies</p><p> Financing Available - OAC</p><p>www. l o p a re v a d en t u re c l i n i c . c om</p><p>Svetlana Lopareva R.D.BPS(Biofunctional Prosthetic System) Certied Denturist</p><p>116West Broadway</p><p>604.677.00613983 Kingsway</p><p>604.336.4155Emergencies778.389.5072</p><p>Switch your banking to BMO.Get up to $300*.And relax.</p><p>Offer ends August 31, 2014.Visit a branch or bmo.com/300cash for details.</p><p>Follow these three easy steps to $300.</p><p>Step 1:Open a chequing accountand set up a recurringdeposit. 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Last week, Iwrote that, while theSupreme Court of Canada deci-sion granting aboriginal titledidnt mean the sky was falling,there would certainly be stormytimes ahead.</p><p>And now oneparticular storm hasappeared on thehorizon, and it looksforeboding.</p><p>The Gitxsan First Nations innorthwest B.C. has issued evic-tion notices to CN Rail, forestindustries and sports fisheriesto vacate the land and cease allactivities by Aug. 4, unless theyreceive the consent of the bandshereditary chiefs to be there.</p><p>The band has seized upona section of that court decisionthat sets out conditions thatmust be met for a First Nationsto establish aboriginal title. Oneof those tests is that a band mustprove it had exclusive historicaloccupation of the land in ques-tion.</p><p>Exclusivity can be estab-lished by proof that others wereexcluded from the land or byproof that others were onlyallowed access to the land withthe permission of the claimantgroup, the court wrote in thedecision.</p><p>One would think the wordingapplies to the situation that wasthere historically, or beforecontact with European settlerswho ultimately occupied the</p><p>land.However, the Gitxsan appear</p><p>to take the novel approach thatexcluding people from the landit claims title to must take placeright now, in order to meet oneof the tests to establish title tothe land.</p><p>I dont know wherethis is headed, but itseems things could getugly particularly if</p><p>the Gitxsan tries to forcibly evictor blockade one of the parties itis trying to exclude from theland they are laying claim to.</p><p>Presumably, a court willweigh in on this matter. But thisis a prime example of a situationthat can cause potential investorsto pull back from putting moneyinto B.C.s economy, becauseof the uncertainty of just howextensive First Nations powersultimately are in this province.</p><p>The Gitxsan will undoubt-edly not be the last First Nationsband to try to exercise more con-trol of the land they are claimingtitle to before that title is actuallyproven. Meanwhile, circle Aug. 4on your calendar.</p><p>!The looming Surrey mayor-</p><p>alty race is shaping up as awarm-up exercise for the nextfederal election for a number ofmajor political operatives in thisprovince.</p><p>Already, a bunch of well-known backroom political</p><p>Speak up! The Burnaby NOW welcomes letters to the editor and opinion piec...</p></li></ul>