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    Hazel May helps clientsdiscover their own style

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    Chief Supt. Rick Taylor iskeen on communication

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    Burnabys first and favourite information source Delivery 604-942-3081 Saturday, October 9, 2010

    The recession has a long tail

    Thanksgiving in Canada is a holidaytradition based on celebrating the bounty offood at the end of harvest season. For manypeople struggling to get by in these tougheconomic times, it may not seem like thereis an awful lot to be thankful for these days.Thankfully there are always people in the

    communitywhowant tomake sure nobodywill be going hungry over the holiday.

    We have three turkeys in the 20-poundrange and well be serving them with allthe trimmings, said Susan Sinclair of theWest Burnaby United Church of the freefeast planned for Tuesday starting at noonat their church at 6050 Sussex Ave. She saidthe church isnt planning for more peopleattending than they normally see for theirannual Thanksgiving, which is usually 100to 140 or so people. If we run out of food,we run out of food. Were just going bywhat we normally do andwe also run theseon Easter and Christmas.

    For those closer to the NewWest border,the Union Gospel Mission at 658 ClarksonSt. will also be offering turkey dinners forup to 400 people on Monday beginning atnoon.

    This will be good news for people whomight otherwise be facing the holiday with-out the prospect of a hearty feast. Accordingto theBurnabyTaskForceonHomelessness,the number of people dealing with home-lessness in Burnaby has more than doubledin the past three years, with an estimated250 without a roof over their heads. Manymore are simply struggling to get by andmore people than ever are relying on social

    service agencies to meet basic needsA recent survey of Salvation Army staff

    from across the country found that demandfor food programs, including food banks,meal programs and street ministry units,are on the rise. More than three-quarters ofall respondents indicated that requests forfood service increased this year while, tomake things worse, food donations in mostareas either remained the same or decreasedin 2010. The charity provided approximate-ly 2.8 million meals to Canadians last year.

    The recession has a long tail, said


    Burnabys television station,Global BC, was inductedinto the Burnaby BusinessExcellence Awards Hall ofFame on Thursday.Brett Manlove, vice-president and generalmanager of B.C. broadcastoperations, accepted thehonour on behalf of the 50-year-old television station.Board of Trade presidentand CEO Darlene Geringand Mayor Derek Corriganpresented the award toManlove.The station was inductedbecause of its success as aBurnaby-based business,but also for its work in thecommunity, including theVariety Show of HeartsTelethon fundraiser.

    Thumbs up!

    Andrew Flemingstaff reporter

    Local organizations pitch inas they find more people areneeding help just to get by

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    Larry Wright/burnaby now

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    8 School expanding 9 BIPT earn award 10 Homelessness week

    Reporter Alfie Lau,the Burnaby NOWscrime reporter,sat down with ChiefSuperintendent Rick Taylorrecently to find out what hethinks of his detachmentspast and future.

    Rick Taylor may be justa little past the halfwaypoint in his five-year stra-tegic plan for the BurnabyRCMP but he believes hes80 per cent complete on allhis major goals.

    I think were ahead ofschedule, said the chiefsuperintendent who tookover Burnabys top copspot in 2007. Im prettyhappy that we went livewith our new website (thissummer). It took time butthat was one of the lastmust-do items on my list.

    The rest is all internal,putting together reportsand making sure that thesystems weve put in are

    refined.Taylor said policing has

    changed so much since hefirst put on his uniformand strapped on his equip-ment.

    Ive been a police offi-cer for the past 30 yearsand its still amazing tome how much things havechanged since I started,he said. Everything is sodriven by technology thesedays and well see that

    continually changing as wehead into the future.

    Taylor couldnt help butreminisce about his firstcellphone.

    It was 1992 and whatthey gave me was like abrick, he said. Beforethen, we were all onpager but when the cell-phone came in, that reallychanged a lot of things.

    Look at an RCMP cruis-er today and youll find

    that officers have a mobilework station that allowsthem to be connected to themost current information.

    I can see the day whenofficers wont be usingtheir hands (on comput-ers) at all, said Taylor.Everything will be voiceactivated, there will bemore scanning technologyand you may even see acompletely paperless wayof doing things.

    And its these changesthat lead Taylor to believethat the Burnaby RCMPhas to stay on top of cut-ting-edge technology.

    I think that for us todeliver the quality servicethat the city is paying forand that citizens expect,we need to be doing every-thing we can from a tech-nology standpoint, saidTaylor.

    As important as tech-

    nology is to Taylor, dontthink that he doesnt knowthe value of good old-fash-ioned police work.

    Where I see the benefitof technology is it frees upthe time of our officers,said Taylor. It gets ourofficers out of their cars andback into the neighbour-hoods, talking to peopleand giving the citizens anidea of what were doing.

    Horsemen: Not your usual RCMP musical ride. Chief Superintendent Rick Taylor poses with some of his officers on the 1912 CW ParkerCarousel that was restored and now operates at Burnaby Village Museum. Taylor will be speaking at a Burnaby Historical Society meetingnext week.

    ON MY BEATAlfie Lau


    Campaign targets LennikovThe Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association has

    launched a postcard campaign to pressure the governmentto deportMikhail Lennikov, a Burnaby resident and formerKGB agent who has been in church sanctuary formore thana year.

    In recent weeks, the association has been distributingpostcards, which read No KGB in Canada, to the publicand mailing them to politicians, the RCMP, the CanadianSecurity Intelligence Service and the Canadian BorderServices Agency.

    (Its) a wake-up call, its a reminder, said LubomyrLuciuk, the associations director of research. Its areminder this man has now been in Canada a year after hesupposed to be deported.

    The postcards graphics show a flight attendant and adepartingplanewiththewordsVancouvertoVladivostockin the wake. (Lennikov is from Vladivostock.) On the backof the postcard, it states: On 28 January 2010 The NationalPost quoted the Honourable Vic Toews, Minister of PublicSafety, as saying, The Immigration and Refugee Boardand the courts have determined that Mr. Lennikov is not

    Jason Lang/burnaby now

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    In the spotlightIn the spotlightIn the spotlightIn the spotlight

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    A blog about thelocal arts and

    entertainment scene

    Jennifer Moreaustaff reporter

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    Take off: A postcard campaign has been launchedurging the federal government to deport a formerKGB agent back to Russia.

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  • A04 Saturday, October 9, 2010 Burnaby NOW

    Taylor said he expectshis officers to followthrough on each and everyfile.

    In my welcome letterthat I give to every newofficer, I emphasize thatwe derive our authorityfrom the respect that citi-zens give us, he said. Wehave to earnthat respectand authorityand if we areacting on theirconcerns, wehave to alwayscommunicateto them whatwere doingand whatsbeen done.

    I tell myofficers to treateverybody like you wouldlike to be treated yourself.

    As Taylor looks backat his first three yearsas officer-in-charge ofthe Burnaby RCMP, hecouldnt be prouder ofwhat has transpired.

    I think that Burnaby,along with Surrey, are theflagship RCMP detach-ments in the entire coun-try, said Taylor. Im veryproud of that and thatmeans we set the standard.I want Burnaby to be thedetachment that police offi-cers aspire to come to.

    Taylor also doesntavoid the tough ques-tions when it comes to theRCMPs overall image.

    I know that nationally,the RCMP has taken itshits, said Taylor referenc-ing questions about RCMPComm. William Elliottsleadership. And theDziekanski (Taser) incidentwas certainly damaging... but all we can do inBurnaby is try and providethe best service we can to

    the citizens thatultimately payour (wages).

    Thats why,for myself, atevery oppor-tunity I get,at communityevents, at publicsafety forums, atcommunity townhalls, Im there,getting the mes-sage out on what

    were doing and beingaccountable to the public,said Taylor.

    I want Burnaby to be assafe as possible and if werenot doing that, I want tohear from the citizens howwe can do better.

    Taylor said one of thefirst things he did when hecame to Burnaby was tohave a system where therewas accountability.

    Nobody likes doingreports but if Im tellingthe public theyre safer, Ihave to have the numbersto back it up, he said. Imnot so nave to think wecan ever completely elimi-nate crime but we have toshow how the work were

    doing is making Burnaby asafer place to live.

    And communicatingthe message is at the heartof what Taylor has tried toaccomplish.

    Can you communicatetoo much? he asked rhe-torically. I dont think so.I think we can always tryand communicate better.

    As for an assessmentof how hes done his job,Taylor is also frank.

    I have to be tryingto do better each day,he said. Thats why Imalways asking our officerswhat I should be doing tohelp them do their jobs bet-ter. ... Communication goesboth ways and I have tolisten. ... One thing I havetried to do better is to getout from behind my desk.

    In my job, its prettyeasy to just sit behind mydesk and communicatefrom there but I find thatby getting out, even if itsjust in the office, I learnabout whats happening onthe front lines.

    Taylor: Getting out and aboutcontinued from page 3

    What: Chief Supt.Taylor speaks at aBurnaby HistoricalSociety Meeting. Thepublic is welcome.

    When:Wednesday,Oct. 13 at 7 p.m.

    Where: At the carou-sel at Burnaby Village




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  • admissible to Canada under our laws.I agree! So why is this veteran officerof the notorious Soviet secret police,the KGB, still here?

    TheCanadian governmentwants tosend Lennikov back to Russia becausehe worked for the KGB for five yearsin the 80s. Canadian immigration lawstates members of an organization thatspied on a democratic governmentare not allowed to stay in the coun-try unless the public safety ministerdeems they are not detrimental tonational security.

    Lennikov first came to Canada in1997 on a student visa. He took coverin Vancouvers First Lutheran Churchon June 2, 2009, just one day before hewas scheduled to be deported. WhileLennikov and his supporters say heis not a security threat and should beallowed to stay, the government hasnot budged on its position that hesinadmissible. Lennikov has exhaustedall legal appeals and is still facingdeportation.

    Luciuk, who is also a former mem-ber of the federal Immigration andRefugee Board, is questioning whyLennikov is still here.

    I think they should go in thereand remove him and send him backto Vladivostock. If his wife and his kidwant to join him, great, he said.

    For Luciuk, the push to deportLennikov is not a personal attack, itsa principled matter of upholding thelaw.

    The law is very clear: Any personinvolved with the KGB is inadmis-sible, he said. Im sure (Lennikov) isa nice guy. This has nothing to do

    with him, it has to do with the laws ofthe land.

    Luciuk also questioned well-intentioned but ignorant MPs whohave thrown their support behindLennikov.

    The reality of it is its not a matterof opinion. The law is clear, he said.

    The federal governments positionis the same: The immigration andrefugee board and the courts havedetermined that Mr. Lennikov is notadmissible to Canada under our laws.The removal of admissible individu-als is key to maintaining the integrityof the immigration program and to

    ensuring fairness of those who cometo this country lawfully.

    Luciuk said the postcards were partof a national campaign intended toremind to government of Canada touphold the laws of the land.

    This is as much a grassroots cam-paign as the campaign to allow Mr.Lennikov to stay in Canada, he said.

    Lennikov declined to comment onthis story, and the CBSA was not ableto comment by NOW deadlines.

    For more on this story, see JenniferMoreaus blog, Community Conversations,at www.burnabynow.com click on theOpinion tab and follow the Blogs link.

    Lennikov: Postcard campaign underwaycontinued from page 3

    Seeking sanctuary: Mikhail Lennikov, with his wife, Irina, and son,Dmitri, in a 2008 photo. Mikhail, who is a former KGB agent, is currentlyliving in sanctuary in Vancouvers First Lutheran Church to avoiddeportation.

    File photo/burnaby now

    Burnaby NOW Saturday, October 9, 2010 A05


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