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Burnaby Now October 29 2014


  • Royals take PacWestsoccer championship

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    Burnabys house ofhorrors opens soon

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    Fireworksstill up forsale in city

    As ghouls, goblins and othercreatures prepare to roam thestreets of Burnaby Friday night,police officers and firefighterswill be keeping a close eye onHalloween celebrations takingadvantage of the citys one-night-only fireworks policy.

    Every year aroundmid-October,fireworks shops start cropping upin empty commercial spaces allover the city. With flashy, over-sized signs posted on the store-fronts, the businesses are hard tomiss.

    Burnaby is one of only a fewremaining municipalities in theLower Mainland that still allowsthe sale of fireworks during theHalloween season. Fireworks can

    City launches federal appeal on NEB rulingThe City of Burnaby is appealing a

    National Energy Board order that allowsKinder Morgan to survey BurnabyMountain for a new pipeline route, againstthe citys wishes.

    The appeal is the latest developmentin a long legal battle between the Cityof Burnaby and Kinder Morgan, whichwants to run the pipeline through the

    conservation area but must first survey theland to see if the route is feasible.

    We want to strike down the NEB rul-ing altogether, said the citys lawyer GregMcDade. We think this is a matter thathas to be decided by a higher court.

    McDade said the appeal will be filedwith the Federal Court of Appeal some-time this week and that the city and mayorare leaving no stone unturned in theirefforts to protect the conservation area.

    Kinder Morgan plans to resume work

    on Wednesday. An interim order couldtake some time, McDade explained, andthe only thing now standing in the compa-nys way is a handful of protesters keepingwatch on the mountain.

    In the meantime, this is up to the citi-zens. The NEB order binds Burnaby, but itdoesnt bind anyone else, McDade said.

    Last Thursday, the National EnergyBoard issued the order, which means thecity cannot stop Kinder Morgan fromworking on the mountain, even though its

    municipal land and Burnaby is opposed tothe expansion. Mayor Derek Corrigan wasnot surprised by the news and said theNEB process was deeply flawed.

    Its not surprising they will attemptto extend their authority to run our city,he said.

    Stephen Collis, an SFU English profes-sor opposed to the pipeline, told the NOWthere are twophone trees of peoplewho are

    Living dead:They may bejust a littlebit cuterthan youraverage,run-of-the-millzombies.Dramastudentsfrom theShadboltCentre forthe Artswere amongthose whojoined inthe fun of acommunityzombieattack onthe ShadboltCentre onSaturday,Oct. 25, inhonour ofHalloween.

    Jennifer Moreaustaff reporter



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    Jennifer Gauthier/burnaby now


    Cayley Dobiestaff reporter

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    Corrigan steadfastly against pipeline,while Hancott reserves judgment

    Election Day is less than threeweeks away, and the race is on forBurnabys mayoral hopefuls, whoare voicing their opinions on someof the citys biggest concerns.

    The NOW asked Burnabysmayoral candidates where theystand on the proposed KinderMorgan pipeline expansion thetop issue in our reader surveyand what conditions would needto be met to make it appropriatefor the city.

    Mayor Derek Corrigans anti-pipeline stance has been well pub-licized, and it was abundantlyclear by his email response thathis stance has not changed.

    We are not prepared to acceptthe Kinder Morgan expansionwithorwithout conditions,wroteCorrigan. But if the National

    Energy Board allows the expan-sion over our objections, we willensure Burnabys interests andthe interests of its citizens.

    There is no requirementfor us to reach condition-al agreements withKinder Morgan.

    Burnaby FirstCoalitions leaderDaren Hancott,on the otherhand, took a moremidd l e - o f - t h e -road approach inan effort to representthe diverse views of hiscoalition.

    We have people in our groupthat support it and we have peo-ple in our group that dont sup-port it, he said. The issue is, is itgood enough for Burnaby and isthere enough jobs for the risk thatwere taking, and the answer is I

    dont know.He also noted that out of sev-

    eral thousand residents who hesspoken to through door-knock-

    ing, the pipeline has only beenbrought up six times.

    If that was a bigissue, an electionissue, Id be hear-ing it a lot more,he said. Theressome smolderingthings going onthere, but its notthe fireMr. Corrigan

    wants to make it outto be.

    Othermayoral candidates,however, sided with Corrigan:former school trustee HelenChang and ex-mayoral candidateSylvia Gung both stated they areopposed to the pipeline.

    They have to make sure theirpipeline expansion project installs

    all safety measures that couldcontrol/stop any unexpecteddisaster quickly and let the publicknow their response protocol inadvance, wrote Chang regardingher conditions for the expansion.

    Gung said there are other pri-orities that need to be addressedbefore going after the pipeline.

    We have to do the first thingfirst, which involves settling theprices of goods and services sothat the poor can recover somehope, clearing corruption, andbalancing our broken education,she wrote. Without these donefirst, or at the least start workingon it first, all the new develop-ment brings further destructionbecause there is no back up powerwhatsoever.

    Candidates Raj Gupta andAllen Hutton did not respond bypress time.



    Jacob Zinnstaff reporter

    BFC says its bylaw hypocrisyFirst brochures at public librar-

    ies, now bike racks and bus shel-ters.

    The Burnaby CitizensAssociation is under fire for anoth-er apparent breach of the cityssign bylaw. The Burnaby FirstCoalition recently issued a pressrelease criticizing the incumbentparty for its political advertis-ing on city property, namely atbus stops, on transit vehicles andalong sidewalks and boulevards.

    The blatant bylaw hypocrisyhere is a sign pardon the pun ofthis democratic deficit, said BFCmayoral candidate Daren Hancottin the statement. We call on themayor to show some respect forthe rule of law by either followingor scrapping this undemocraticbylaw immediately.

    Prior to the 2011 election,TEAM Burnaby brought up the

    issue of the signage placementas the BCAs signs popped up onprivately owned bike racks andrecycling containers. At the time,the citywas also taking ownershipof all city bus shelters after decid-ing not to renew an advertisingcontract with Pattison Outdoor.

    However, Doug Louie, assis-tant director of engineering withthe citys traffic and parkingdepartments, said Pattison stillcontrols that ad space.

    The bus shelters are city-owned, but the advertising is con-tracted out to an advertising com-pany Pattison, in this case andthey manage all the advertising,he said. It is third-party advertis-ing through Pattison.

    Likewise, the advertising onbike racks and recycling contain-ers is handled by third-partygroups, making it separate fromthe citys sign bylaw.


    Jacob Zinnstaff reporter

    Legal signage: This BCA election sign is on private property alegal message. The BCF contends the BCA was placing signs onpublic property in possible violation of the citys bylaw.

    Larry Wright/burnaby now

    Signs Page 8

    Burnaby NOW Wednesday, October 29, 2014 3

  • 4 Wednesday, October 29, 2014 Burnaby NOW

    be sold between Oct. 25 and 31 eachyear, according to the Burnaby fire ser-vices bylaw. This year, the fire departmentissued 19 vendors permits to sell fireworksand there are five additional permits pend-ing.

    While there has been talk in recentyears of banning the sale of fireworks (themost recent was at a March 18, 2013 coun-cil meeting after the Heights MerchantsAssociation sent a letter to council voicingits concerns about the fly-by-night fire-works stores signage) the city has contin-ued to allow the sale of fireworks, oftensaying a ban wouldnt necessarily meanthe end of fireworks in Burnaby.

    Both the Burnaby Fire Department andRCMP say fireworks arent as big of aproblem as they once were.

    Greg Mervin, the Burnaby FireDepartments chief fire prevention officer,said theres been a noticeable downturn infireworks-related problems in the past fewyears and this year is shaping up to be nodifferent.

    Weve had no issues yet this year, hetold the NOW.

    In the event fireworks are set off beforeOct. 31, it is within the jurisdiction of theBurnaby RCMP to handle any complaintsthat come in. If officers determine fire-works are being set off on a day other thanHalloween, the fireworks are seized.

    So far this year, however, there havebeen no significant problems or com-plaints, according to Staff Sgt. Maj. JohnBuis.

    Buis said hes noticed far fewer fire-works set off across the Lower Mainland

    compared to a decade ago, but withHalloween happening on a Friday thisyear it could mean a resurgence of thepopular pyrotechnic displays.

    Whether the decline means the regula-tions laid out in the bylaw are discouragingpeople from buying and using fireworks,its hard to say the citys last report onthe sale of fireworks was completed in2012 and nothing new has been publishedon the subject since then.

    Across the border in New Westminster,the sale of fireworks has been banned for10 years following city councils outcrythat fireworks were causing havoc inneighbourhoods. At the height of the issuein 2003, the police department recorded128 fireworks-related complaints.

    But the ban doesnt prohibit residentsfrom setting off fireworks on Halloween.

    According to the citys fire protectionbylaw, from 4 p.m. on Oct. 31 to Nov. 1at 12 a.m. residents in the Royal City areallowed to set off low-hazard fireworks,including pin-wheels, golden rain, lawnlights, showers and fountains and volca-noes. Roman candles and firecrackers arebanned in New West.

    Burnaby and New Westminster requirethat all fireworks discharged onHalloweenare done so by an adult 18 years or olderand on private property with the ownersconsent.

    In either city, residents can detonatefireworks on days other than Halloween(for celebration purposes) as long as theyapply for a permit through the local firedepartment.

    Follow Cayley Dobie on Twitter,@cayleydobie

    Larry Wright/burnaby now

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    Fireworks: Downturn in problems

    Celebrate with a bang: Burnaby residents can get fireworks for Halloween at thisstore on Hastings Street.



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