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PAGE 29 PAGE 3 Raising concerns: Sandra Wong is one of the parents from St. Francis de Sales parish who have started a petition over their concerns www.arlenes.com Andrew Fleming about the future of a parish preschool. They’re worried about how it could be affected by plans for full-day kindergarten. Janaya Fuller-Evans Get your home ready for holiday entertaining with FALLing prices on our huge selection of E XT E N D E D TO NOV 7 BURNABY 2282 Holdom Ave 604-291-6922 Dogs Page 9


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    Grading Gordon Campbell:City activists weigh in

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    Central in thedrivers seat

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    Burnabys first and favourite information source Delivery 604-942-3081 Saturday, October 30, 2010

    The B.C. governments deci-sion to implement full-day kin-dergarten in 2011 is creatingtrouble at a Burnaby parish.

    Parents with preschool-agedchildren currently enrolled atSt. Francis de Sales, a privateCatholic school affiliated withthe church of the same name, areworried about the uncertaintysurrounding the fate of the pro-gram and have started a peti-tion asking the Archdiocese ofVancouver to force the parish toaddress it.

    Two years ago, the govern-

    ment said that kindergartenwould go full-time in 2011,said Sandra Wong, one of over adozen parents who have alreadywritten a letter to the parishpriest, Father Thomas Smith,expressing their frustration withthe lack of progress. So theschool has known for two yearsthat this was going to happen.We want to put a bit of pressureon them so that they realize thisis really important to people.

    The Balmoral Street indepen-dent school currently offers twoseparate preschool options forparents. Preschool 3 is offeredTuesday and Thursday from 1 to3 p.m. for three-year-olds, while

    preschool 4 is offered for kidsa year older at the same timeon Monday, Wednesday andFriday.

    It is the preschool 3s that arein jeopardy of not having a spotnext year, and it is the preschool3 parents that are driving thesave the preschool campaign,Wong explained, saying it wouldbe difficult to try and enrol chil-dren into other preschool pro-grams at neighbouring parishes,as preference is given to kidsalready in their systems.

    She said that parents wereonly informed at a meeting inmid-September that the pre-school program could be closed

    next year due to increased needfor kindergarten space. One ofthe possible options presented bythe parish at the meeting wouldrequire $500,000 to be raised byDecember.

    Why was this option notcommunicated to both parentsandparishionerswell in advance,so as to provide a reasonableopportunity to raise the funds?asked Wong, who said her fam-ily moved to the area specificallyto be close to St. Francis de Sales.They havent been asked to par-ticipate, they havent been askedto do anything.

    No pottyplace forpooches

    While doing ones business,indoors is the best option for humans,but the same is not the case forcanines.

    That is the message doggie day-care owner Kathleen Dickie has beentrying to get through to the City ofBurnaby.

    Dickie, who owns Canine CornerDoggie Day Care on Goring Street,has been struggling to address theproblem of where her charges shouldpoop since opening six-and-a-halfyears ago, she said.

    Its an ongoing issue.The problem is that Burnabys

    current bylaw requires kennels anddog daycares to keep the animals inan enclosed building, with no allow-ance for the pups to poop outside.

    They dont allow dog daycares tohave outdoor areas to go to the bath-room in, she said.

    Bylaw 11271 comes under the ken-nel regulation bylaw enacted in 1960,and states: No person shall operateor carry on or permit to be operatedany animal training or daycare facili-ties except completely within anenclosed building.

    Dickie pointed out that, at the timeof the bylaws creation, dog daycareswere not as prevalent as today.

    Its never been revised, shesaid.

    In 1997, city council adopted a

    Parish parents start petitionAndrew Flemingstaff reporter

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    City bylaw puts doggiedaycare owner in a bind

    Janaya Fuller-Evansstaff reporter

    Dogs Page 9

    Raising concerns: SandraWong is one of the parents fromSt. Francis de Sales parishwhohave started a petition over their concernsabout the future of a parish preschool. Theyre worried about how it could be affected by plans for full-day kindergarten.

    Larry Wright/burnaby now

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    Jennifer Moreaus Blog

    Lets talk. From thepersonal to political.

    Life in Burnaby

    The good, the bad and the politicalBurnaby NOW reporters Jennifer

    Moreau and Janaya Fuller-Evans askedlocal leaders from the education, businessand community sectors what they thoughtof Premier Gordon Campbells speechfrom Wednesday. Heres what they said.

    Susan Lambert, B.C. Teachers Federationpresident and Burnaby teacher-librarian:

    Were very, very disappointed becausethere are such critical needs weve identi-fied in the system. And none of them wereaddressed by the speech. That announce-ment (about more StrongStartprograms) has been made overand over and over. StrongStartprograms in and of themselvesare good programs, but the prob-lem is they dont address theneed. You have to be a parentstaying at home with your childor a grandparent to attend thoseprograms. If you are the workingpoor, you cant attend them.

    (About Campbells commit-ment to ensure that every Grade4 student will be up to par forreading, writing and math withinthe next five years.)

    He doesnt understand how childrenlearn. Theres no particular point in achilds kindergarten-to-Grade 12 learn-ing experience where every child is at thesame place at any one time. Children learn

    at different rates at different times, acrosscurriculums, across grade levels. We cantexpect every child to be at the very sameplace at any particular time across thatspectrum otherwise they are all peas inthe pod, they are all cookie cutters. Weknow children arent like that.Children are unique.

    Jeanne Fike, executive director,Burnaby Family Life:

    The community social ser-vices sector welcomes the inclu-

    sion and expansion ofStrongStart programswith the Ministry ofEducation. Its verygood news, this invest-ment, but the communitysocial services sectors,the non-profit sector, hasbeen delivering theseprograms successfully and has theexpertise for 30 to 50 years. Wevegot the long history in these com-munities. We need to be respectedfor our expertise and our experi-ence, and be involved as an equalpartner, for the transition because

    the transfer to the Ministry of Education isgoing to have a far-reaching impact in allthe communities that have been previouslydelivering these services. Communitiesneed to work with their local boards of

    education to make sure theres a smoothtransition. Whats missing from thisspeech is comment on the governmentsnon-profit initiative, which is concernedwith how government contracts with com-munity agencies in B.C. and challenges

    around procurement practices. The trend seems to be reducingthe number of contracts prov-incewide. The other part of thespeech was about the 15 per centtax cut. Many families in Burnabyare living below the poverty line.We have the lowest tax rate, butit doesnt help. This announce-ment wont impact families livingin poverty because theydont pay tax now, and itwont increase money intheir pockets to survive.They are already livingin poverty. I would like

    to have seen more investment incommunity social services and anincrease in the minimum wage.

    Brian Bonney,Burnaby resident,director of provincial affairsB.C., Canadian Federation ofIndependent Business

    The primary reason(Campbells announcement on thepersonal income tax cut) is a posi-

    tive thing is that any time you reduce taxesfor British Columbians, you put moneyin their pockets, and they do spend it.Studies show that any time you give moremoney to people (in the form of tax cuts),they spend the money, and businesses inturn make plans to expand. (It) resultsin business owners becoming more con-fident and expanding. As you hire moreBritish Columbians, there are more peopleworking and spending money. When youreduce income taxes, tax revenues actu-ally grow. (With the governments 25 percent tax cut in 2001) within six years, rev-enues grew by almost $1 billion, mainlybecause it resulted in small businesses gain-

    ing confidence (Spending isntdependent on a good economy)in both circumstances, even in adeclining economy, people chooseto spend in a variety of ways.(Though they may contribute toRRSPs or pay off some debt,) agood portion is spent. It is goingto help when it comes to the HST(Harmonized Sales Tax). This taxcut affected medium income earn-ers. Its not going to affect peoplewho are going to buy a home (theextra $200 to $600 in their pocketper year), and (thats) the biggestHST-affected purchase, right now,

    Its the most wonderful timeof the