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PAGE 29 PAGE 3 Raising concerns: Sandra Wong is one of the parents from St. Francis de Sales parish who have started a petition over their concerns www.arlenes.com Andrew Fleming about the future of a parish preschool. Theyre worried about how it could be affected by plans for full-day kindergarten. Janaya Fuller-Evans Get your home ready for holiday entertaining with FALLing prices on our huge selection of E XT E N D E D TO NOV 7 BURNABY 2282 Holdom Ave 604-291-6922 Dogs Page 9


Your source for local sports, news, weather and entertainment! >> www.burnabynow.comGrading Gordon Campbell:City activists weigh inPAGE 3Central in thedrivers seatPAGE 29Burnabys first and favourite information source Delivery 604-942-3081 Saturday, October 30, 2010The B.C. governments deci-sion to implement full-day kin-dergarten in 2011 is creatingtrouble at a Burnaby parish.Parents with preschool-agedchildren currently enrolled atSt. Francis de Sales, a privateCatholic school affiliated withthe church of the same name, areworried about the uncertaintysurrounding the fate of the pro-gram and have started a peti-tion asking the Archdiocese ofVancouver to force the parish toaddress it.Two years ago, the govern-ment said that kindergartenwould go full-time in 2011,said Sandra Wong, one of over adozen parents who have alreadywritten a letter to the parishpriest, Father Thomas Smith,expressing their frustration withthe lack of progress. So theschool has known for two yearsthat this was going to happen.We want to put a bit of pressureon them so that they realize thisis really important to people.The Balmoral Street indepen-dent school currently offers twoseparate preschool options forparents. Preschool 3 is offeredTuesday and Thursday from 1 to3 p.m. for three-year-olds, whilepreschool 4 is offered for kidsa year older at the same timeon Monday, Wednesday andFriday.It is the preschool 3s that arein jeopardy of not having a spotnext year, and it is the preschool3 parents that are driving thesave the preschool campaign,Wong explained, saying it wouldbe difficult to try and enrol chil-dren into other preschool pro-grams at neighbouring parishes,as preference is given to kidsalready in their systems.She said that parents wereonly informed at a meeting inmid-September that the pre-school program could be closednext year due to increased needfor kindergarten space. One ofthe possible options presented bythe parish at the meeting wouldrequire $500,000 to be raised byDecember.Why was this option notcommunicated to both parentsandparishionerswell in advance,so as to provide a reasonableopportunity to raise the funds?asked Wong, who said her fam-ily moved to the area specificallyto be close to St. Francis de Sales.They havent been asked to par-ticipate, they havent been askedto do anything.No pottyplace forpoochesWhile doing ones business,indoors is the best option for humans,but the same is not the case forcanines.That is the message doggie day-care owner Kathleen Dickie has beentrying to get through to the City ofBurnaby.Dickie, who owns Canine CornerDoggie Day Care on Goring Street,has been struggling to address theproblem of where her charges shouldpoop since opening six-and-a-halfyears ago, she said.Its an ongoing issue.The problem is that Burnabyscurrent bylaw requires kennels anddog daycares to keep the animals inan enclosed building, with no allow-ance for the pups to poop outside.They dont allow dog daycares tohave outdoor areas to go to the bath-room in, she said.Bylaw 11271 comes under the ken-nel regulation bylaw enacted in 1960,and states: No person shall operateor carry on or permit to be operatedany animal training or daycare facili-ties except completely within anenclosed building.Dickie pointed out that, at the timeof the bylaws creation, dog daycareswere not as prevalent as today.Its never been revised, shesaid.In 1997, city council adopted aParish parents start petitionAndrew Flemingstaff reporterPreschool Page 9THE CHANGING CITYCity bylaw puts doggiedaycare owner in a bindJanaya Fuller-Evansstaff reporterDogs Page 9Raising concerns: SandraWong is one of the parents fromSt. Francis de Sales parishwhohave started a petition over their concernsabout the future of a parish preschool. Theyre worried about how it could be affected by plans for full-day kindergarten.Larry Wright/burnaby nowBURNABY 2282 Holdom Ave 604-291-6922perfect fit. perfect fabric. perfectly fabulous.www.arlenes.comFALL DECORATING EVENTIn-stock REDTAG decorating fabrics Hunter Douglas blinds Area rugs Andmore!Its the perfect event to create your made-to-measure drapes and roman shades, upholstered headboardsor ottomans, re-upholstered sofas and arm chairs, and slipcovered dining chairs and love seats. 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From thepersonal to political.Life in BurnabyThe good, the bad and the politicalBurnaby NOW reporters JenniferMoreau and Janaya Fuller-Evans askedlocal leaders from the education, businessand community sectors what they thoughtof Premier Gordon Campbells speechfrom Wednesday. Heres what they said.Susan Lambert, B.C. Teachers Federationpresident and Burnaby teacher-librarian:Were very, very disappointed becausethere are such critical needs weve identi-fied in the system. And none of them wereaddressed by the speech. That announce-ment (about more StrongStartprograms) has been made overand over and over. StrongStartprograms in and of themselvesare good programs, but the prob-lem is they dont address theneed. You have to be a parentstaying at home with your childor a grandparent to attend thoseprograms. If you are the workingpoor, you cant attend them.(About Campbells commit-ment to ensure that every Grade4 student will be up to par forreading, writing and math withinthe next five years.)He doesnt understand how childrenlearn. Theres no particular point in achilds kindergarten-to-Grade 12 learn-ing experience where every child is at thesame place at any one time. Children learnat different rates at different times, acrosscurriculums, across grade levels. We cantexpect every child to be at the very sameplace at any particular time across thatspectrum otherwise they are all peas inthe pod, they are all cookie cutters. Weknow children arent like that.Children are unique.Jeanne Fike, executive director,Burnaby Family Life:The community social ser-vices sector welcomes the inclu-sion and expansion ofStrongStart programswith the Ministry ofEducation. Its verygood news, this invest-ment, but the communitysocial services sectors,the non-profit sector, hasbeen delivering theseprograms successfully and has theexpertise for 30 to 50 years. Wevegot the long history in these com-munities. We need to be respectedfor our expertise and our experi-ence, and be involved as an equalpartner, for the transition becausethe transfer to the Ministry of Education isgoing to have a far-reaching impact in allthe communities that have been previouslydelivering these services. Communitiesneed to work with their local boards ofeducation to make sure theres a smoothtransition. Whats missing from thisspeech is comment on the governmentsnon-profit initiative, which is concernedwith how government contracts with com-munity agencies in B.C. and challengesaround procurement practices. The trend seems to be reducingthe number of contracts prov-incewide. The other part of thespeech was about the 15 per centtax cut. Many families in Burnabyare living below the poverty line.We have the lowest tax rate, butit doesnt help. This announce-ment wont impact families livingin poverty because theydont pay tax now, and itwont increase money intheir pockets to survive.They are already livingin poverty. I would liketo have seen more investment incommunity social services and anincrease in the minimum wage.Brian Bonney,Burnaby resident,director of provincial affairsB.C., Canadian Federation ofIndependent BusinessThe primary reason(Campbells announcement on thepersonal income tax cut) is a posi-tive thing is that any time you reduce taxesfor British Columbians, you put moneyin their pockets, and they do spend it.Studies show that any time you give moremoney to people (in the form of tax cuts),they spend the money, and businesses inturn make plans to expand. (It) resultsin business owners becoming more con-fident and expanding. As you hire moreBritish Columbians, there are more peopleworking and spending money. When youreduce income taxes, tax revenues actu-ally grow. (With the governments 25 percent tax cut in 2001) within six years, rev-enues grew by almost $1 billion, mainlybecause it resulted in small businesses gain-ing confidence (Spending isntdependent on a good economy)in both circumstances, even in adeclining economy, people chooseto spend in a variety of ways.(Though they may contribute toRRSPs or pay off some debt,) agood portion is spent. It is goingto help when it comes to the HST(Harmonized Sales Tax). This taxcut affected medium income earn-ers. Its not going to affect peoplewho are going to buy a home (theextra $200 to $600 in their pocketper year), and (thats) the biggestHST-affected purchase, right now,Its the most wonderful timeof the year, at least it should be.But for local low-income families,Christmas can be costly. Thatswhy, year after year, the BurnabyChristmas Bureau has been mak-ing sure people in need haveenough food on the table andpresents under the tree for theholidays.The Burnaby ChristmasBureau is really about the com-munity coming together andcelebrating the holiday. Its anopportunity for those who havehad a good year to (reach out to)those who have faced some chal-lenges and could use a little help,said Stephen DSouza, executivedirector of Burnaby CommunityConnections, the non-profitgroup that facilitates the bureau.Its the spirit of Christmas.The bureau provides low-income Burnaby families withfood certificates, so they can pickout things they like for Christmasdinner, and access to a toy roomto select presents for their kids.Registration this year runsfrom Nov. 1 to Dec. 3, at thebureau toy room at Metropolisat Metrotown. (They are in themall, close to Toys R Us on thelower level.) Registration hoursare Monday to Friday, from 10a.m. to 8 p.m. and on Saturdaysand Sundays, from 11 a.m. to 6p.m. Donations of toys or moneycan also be made at the mall loca-tion.Registration will also takeplace at Eastburn CommunityIN THEIR OWN WORDS: LOCAL COMMUNITY ACTIVISTS WEIGH IN ON PREMIERS SPEECHSusan LambertBCTF presidentJeanne FikeBurnaby Family LifeBrian BonneyB.C. CanadianFederation ofIndependentBusinessToy room: Stephen DSouza, from Burnaby Community Connections, in the Christmas Bureau toyroom at Metropolis at Metrotown. The bureau needs donations to fill the shelves this season.THE CHRISTMAS BUREAUSpeech Page 4Jennifer Moreaustaff reporterCampaign startsChristmas Bureau Page 10Larry Wright/burnaby nowBurnaby NOW Saturday, October 30, 2010 A03A04 Saturday, October 30, 2010 Burnaby NOWhome buying. But withrestaurant meals, that $600extra a year, thats wherewere going to see a hugeeffect.It helps small busi-nesses retain employees,which means employmentfor lower-income earners(so theres a trickle downeffect). (As for how itwill affect small businessowners opinions of thepremier) as a leader, thatwill happen over a longerperiod of time.The tax cut doesnt comeinto effect until next year.Youve got to ask yourself,why is he announcing thisnow? Its about improv-ing peoples confidence, sosmall business owners cansee he does have a plan toimprove the economy. Thatconfidence is even greaterthan the actual effect of thetax cut. Hes saying, its OKagain to take risks.Premier GordonCampbell delivered a per-sonal address to BritishColumbians on Oct. 27.Here are some of thehighlights: A 15 per cent reductionin personal income tax forthe first $72,000 earned. Itsthe second-largest personalincome tax cut in B.C. his-tory. A commitment to build100 more StrongStart BCcentres. StrongStart is afree, drop-in play-basedlearning program for pre-kindergarten kids who areaccompanied by a care-giver. Early childhood learningassessments, starting nextyear, for every five-year-old child entering kinder-garten to tailor educationalprograms to meet theirlearning needs. A commitment that,within the next five years,every child that gradu-ates from Grade 4 will bereading, writing and doingmath at a Grade 4 level.continued from page 3Speech: Community response mixedPromises: Premier Gordon Campbell in his televisedaddress to British Columbians Oct. 27.Highlights from the speechPhoto contributed/burnaby nowMy Nest ishow I wantto live.HOMES FROM UNDER $250,000NEST HOME STORE SW Corner of 9055 University High Street, BurnabyOpen 12-5pm daily (closed Fridays)NOW SELLING 604.299.1188 MOSAICHOMES.COMMOSAIC Homes invites you to discover Nest a fresh collection of homes defined by elegant formand exceptional function. 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They spotted 33salmon, while the previous record was 27,and they are expecting more to come.Record return forEagle Creek fishPhotos by Larry Wright/burnaby nowBurnaby NOW Saturday, October 30, 2010 A05FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT US ONLINEWWW.FITNESSTOWN.CA/21DAYSOnly$30TO REGISTER>>REMEMBER WHENEXERCISE WAS PLAY?BURNABY 604-299-7716COQUITLAM 604-468-4440KITSILANO 604-739-8184LANGLEY 604-514-3330NORTH VANCOUVER 604-988-6888SOUTH VANCOUVER 604-322-5988SURREY 778-578-7700 LETS MAKE A CHANGE.WHY DID WE START AFAMILY FITNESS CHALLENGE?26% of CANADIAN kids areoverweight or obese. 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Send letters to: The Editor, #201A-3430Brighton Ave., Burnaby, B.C., V5A 3H4, fax them to 604-444-3460 or e-mail: editorial@burnabynow.comNO ATTACHMENTS PLEASELetters to the editor and opinion columns may be reproduced on the Burnaby NOW website, burnabynow.comThe Burnaby Now is a member of the British Columbia Press Council, a self-regulatory body governing theprovinces newspaper industry. The council considers complaints from the public about the conduct ofmember newspapers. If talking with the editor or publisher does not resolve your complaint about coverageor story treatment, you may contact the B.C. Press Council. For information, phone 888-687-2213 or go towww.bcpresscouncil.org.LETTERS TO THE EDITORwww.burnabynow.comJames Douglas. Upon theirtriumphant return, Moodychristened it BurnabyLake, quite possiblybecause Blake Lake didnthave nearly the same ringto it.Thirty-odd years later,a group of citizens decidedthey might as well keepthe name for their newlyincorporated town.Robert Burnaby didntspend long as Moodyssecretary, however, decid-ing instead to try andmake a name for himselfas a businessman. It didntexactly work out. As his-torian Madge Wolfendenputs it delicately in theDictionary of CanadianBiography: The exigenciesof a mercantile career seemto have overwhelmed thisman who, by upbringingand training, was moresuited to a position in gov-ernment service.Burnabys first busi-ness venture, building acoal mine in Burrard Inlet,didnt pan out due to anabsence of coal in BurrardInlet. He then tried hishand at real estate withsimilar luck going sofar as taking the so-calledThree Greenhorns (JohnMorton and brothersFitzgerald and SamuelMcCleery), the founders ofwhat is now VancouversWest End, to court claim-ing he had a prior claim tothe peninsula.The judge ultimatelydismissed the documentsBurnaby produced tomake his case as forgeriesobviously written by aliar or a knave.But at least he got astreet in the neighbour-hood named after him as aconsolation prize.Burnaby then decidedto enter politics, long therefuge of failed business-men (not to mention liarsand knaves), and spentfive years as the MLA forEsquimalt and Metchosin.During his time inVictoria, he was a keyfigure in starting both thecitys chamber of com-merce and a local chapterof the Freemasons. Hewas also highly involvedin amateur theatre, whichcould (ahem) possibly helpexplain why the lifelongbachelor never producedan heir. (If so, it would cer-tainly dovetail nicely withRobert Burnaby Parkssecret reputation as a gaycruising spot.)Burnaby eventuallyreturned home to Englandafter falling ill and, whilehe failed to continue thefamily name, he nonethe-less managed to lend itto a total of 11 places inB.C. more than any otherpioneer including, alongwith several local land-marks, an ocean strait, amountain range and anisland in Haida Gwaii.Andrew Fleming is areporter with the BurnabyNOW and The Record.continued from page 6Burnaby: Who was he, anyway?supports any program that results in peo-ple being punished by the law becausethat is what (they think) sells newspapersand increases TV ratings.And like the politicians, editors andpublishers just love a law that enablesthem to work themselves into a rageabout how society is going to hell in ahand basket because of a few rotten eggsthat should be thrown into jail forthwithand the key thrown away.Prohibition is perfect for this practicebecause it is for the children. Drug users are a minority:The prohibition of alcohol both inCanada and in the U.S., like all prohibi-tions, failed to achieve the hoped forresults, but, because drinkers were themajority, politicians listened and acted toabolish it.Because the number of marijuana usersis increasing, that drug may well be legal-ized before long, but the users and sellersof other illegal drugs such as heroin andcocaine will have to wait a little whilelonger until their drug is legalized.Once marijuana is legalized and it nolonger possesses the lure of the forbiddenfruit, you can be sure the popularity ofanother illegal drug will skyrocket untilthat drug becomes favoured by the major-ity and is legalized and the whole cyclebegins again. The police favour prohibition:This is a no brainer, of course. Drugprohibition is the greatest police employ-ment booster ever.Alan Randell, VictoriaParking meters? Really?Dear Editor:There hasnt been much rain lately,but that hasnt stopped a fresh crop ofparking meters from sprouting up in thevicinity of Royal Oak SkyTrain station replacing free parking spots for com-muters.So much for encouraging folks to usepublic transit.Sam Jowett, Burnabycontinued from page 6Prohibition doesnt workBurnaby NOW Saturday, October 30, 2010 A07DONT DREAM IT.OWN IT.STUDIOS LESS THAN $470/MO*1 BEDROOMS LESS THAN $595/MO*2 BEDROOMS LESS THAN $795/MO*STEPS TO GATEWAY STATION.34 MINUTES TO DOWNTOWNVANCOUVER.*Ask sales staff for details. Limited time offer. 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There are seven dog daycares in theindustrial districts that could allow open-air runs, out of a total of nine dog daycaresin the city.Canine Corner is not in the M1 throughM4 industrial districts, being in a C4 zone.Open-air runs should be a minimum of200 square feet and be at the back of thebuilding, blocked off from the end of theproperty by a six-foot solid fence, the reportproposes.Dickie said this would be unrealistic forher business, as the back of her building isdirectly adjacent to another building. Shewould need to be able to have outdoorspace in the front, she said.The report will go before council forapproval at Monday nights council meet-ing.jfuller-evans@burnabynow.comWong said the speculation amongsome parents is that Father Smith doesntagree with the provincial governmentthat small children should be apart fromtheir parents for such a long period andis deliberately dragging his feet on thematter.The parish, which is only really oneperson (Smith), has been holding backthrough, I think, personal beliefs andso nothing is being done and its beingstalled as long as possible, she said.Father Smith did not respond to arequest for an interviewwith the BurnabyNOW.However, DonMoric, associate super-intendent for the Catholic IndependentSchools of the Vancouver Archdiocese,said the speculation amongst concernedparent is just that.It is really only speculation at thispoint in time, and I would go so far as tosay it will likely prove to be an unwar-ranted fear, he said.There is some speculation that thepreschool may cease to exist, and Idencourage you to use the word, that it isonly speculation.Wong said there are several ways theschool could meet the increased demand,including installing portable classroomsin the large empty spot behind thechurch, putting the three-year-olds inwith the four-year-old, and using thechurch basement as temporary class-room space until money can be raised tobuild something permanent.As an independent school, St. Francisde Sales also has the option of only offer-ing half-day kindergarten instead of full-day like public schools.Moric said that the half-day optionmight well turn out to be the solution.Quite honestly, I think it is very, veryhelpful, he said.Thats a decision thats before thatcommunity right now. I think havingthat option is going to serve them very,very well. It may provide them a way ofmaintaining their existing pre-school andoffering a valid kindergarten program atthe same time.In the meantime, parents will have towait for a decision by the church board.As parishioners, as parents, wevenot been given any options, Wong said.No surveys asking our opinions, noupdates in the church bulletin, nothing.afleming@burnabynow.comPreschool: Parents start a petitioncontinued from page 1Dogs: Daycare concerns raisedcontinued from page 1Community conversationsCommunity conversationsConnecting with our community online Visit www.burnabynow.comJennifer Moreaus BlogLets talk. From the personal to political. Life in BurnabyBurnaby NOW Saturday, October 30, 2010 A09A4( C8:*8 8-:(42 7481(C1(* DJ 1#("4 214E1EC84784E1"8:@2 O"ED"O"1J ":2/4E:C(B ,8/ -8/O*1#":Q 28H D/1 ECC84*":% 18 E 4(C(:1 CE2(H 1#(JNEJ :81 D(F3#( CE2( N(E:2 1#E1 C8:*8 8-:(42-#8 *8:@1 #E.( 1#("4 8-: 7(428:EO O"ED"O"1J":2/4E:C( K84 -#82( ":2/4E:C( "2 ":2/''"C"(:1IC8/O* (:* /7 'EC":% E 781(:1"EOOJ DE:Q4/71":%2"1/E1"8:F &(4(@2 -#JF?=@2 514E1E 9487(41J AC1 4(6/"4(2 214E1EC84784E1"8:2 18 1EQ( 8/1 ":2/4E:C( E%E":21O"ED"O"1J '84 7487(41J *ENE%( E:* D8*"OJ ":!/4JCOE"N2F 3#( C8.(4E%( N/21 D( '84 E1 O(E21 0+N"OO"8:F 3#( AC1 2EJ2 1#E1H *(27"1( -#E1 1#(":2/4E:C( 78O"CJ N"%#1 2EJH 1#( >:EN(*":2/4(*2< ":CO/*( 1#( 214E1E O81 84 C8:*8 8-:(42E2 -(OO E2 1#( 214E1E C84784E1"8:F M: 1#( 'EC(8' 1#"2H 1#( O"ED"O"1J ":2/4E:C( 1EQ(:8/1 DJ E 214E1E C84784E1"8:2#8/O* 7481(C1 1#(C8:*8 8-:(42 188F?/1 ": ;C8:8N"CEOP/1/EO $:2/4E:C(=8N7E:J .F A.".E$:2/4E:C( =8N7E:J8' =E:E*EH 1#( ?= 5/74(N( =8/41 *(:"(*O"ED"O"1J C8.(4E%( 18 E 214E1E O81 8-:(4 DJ 4(OJ":%8: E O"N"1":% COE/2( ) E4%/EDOJ %/11":% 1#(2/D21E:C( 8' -#E1 1#( 514E1E 9487(41J AC1E"N2 18 EC#"(.(F K3#( *(C"2"8: -"OO O"Q(OJ D(E77(EO(*FI3#( CE2( ":.8O.(* E: ECC"*(:1 -#(4( 1#4((N":842 -(4( 2(4"8/2OJ ":!/4(* -#(: 1#("4 CE4-E2 #"1 DJ E:81#(4 .(#"CO(F 3#( *4".(4 8' 1#(CE4 E1 'E/O1 #E* O('1 E 7E41J E1 1#( ADD812'84*18-:#8/2( 8' 1#( *('(:*E:1 214E1E 8-:(4F3#(1#4(( N":842 2/(*H COE"N":% 1#E1 1#( *('(:*E:1214E1E 8-:(4 #E* >28C"EO #821 O"ED"O"1J< ) 1#E1#( -E2 E :(%O"%(:1 #821 -#8 *"*:@1 N8:"1841#( EN8/:1 8' EOC8#8O #"2 %/(21 *4E:Q E:*-#8 'E"O(* 18 (:2/4( #"2 %/(21 *"*:@1 *4".(*4/:Q E'1(4 O(E.":% #"2 18-:#8/2(F 3#(2(EOO(%E1"8:2 4(NE": 18 D( 748.(:F ?/1 "' 14/(HE:* "' 1#( *('(:*E:1 214E1E 8-:(4 "2 O"EDO( E2E >28C"EO #821H< #( 'EC(2 N/O1"GN"OO"8: *8OOE4O"ED"O"1J (L782/4(F3#( *('(:*E:1 214E1E 8-:(4 #E*#8N(8-:(4@2 ":2/4E:C( -"1# ;C8:8N"CEOF?/1 1#( EN8/:1 -E2 '84 O(22 1#E: 1#( COE"N28' 1#( 1#4(( ":!/4(* N":842F 3#( 214E1EC84784E1"8: EO28 #E* O"ED"O"1J ":2/4E:C( -"1#A.".E ": E 'E4 %4(E1(4 EN8/:1F 58 ;C8:8N"CEO2/(* A.".EH E4%/":% 1#E1 D(CE/2( 1#( *('(:*E:1214E1E O81 8-:(4 -E2 E >:EN(* ":2/4(*< DJ OE-/:*(4 A.".E@2 78O"CJ K(.(: 1#8/%# :8127(C"'"CEOOJ O"21(* E2 E: ":2/4(* 8: 1#( 78O"CJIHA.".E 2#8/O* 21(7 /7 E:* !8": ;C8:8N"CEO ":*('(:*":% 1#( 7(428:EO ":!/4J OE-2/"1 D48/%#1DJ 1#( 1#4(( N":842F3#( A.".E ":2/4E:C( 78O"CJ -E2 E 21E:*E4*C8NN(4C"EO %(:(4EO O"ED"O"1J 78O"CJF A.".EE4%/(* 1#E1 EO1#8/%# 1#( *('(:*E:1 214E1E8-:(4 -E2 ":*((* ":2/4(* DJ ."41/( 8' 1#(514E1E 9487(41J AC1H 1#( -84*":% 8' E 7E41"C/OE4COE/2( ": 1#( 78O"CJ O"N"1(* A.".E@2 C8.(4E%(F57(C"'"CEOOJH A.".E 2E"* 1#E1 E: ":*"."*/EO:EN(* ":2/4(* O"Q( 1#( *('(:*E:1 214E1E8-:(4 -E2:@1 C8.(4(* '84 EC OE"N '84 ":!/4"(24(2/O1":% '48N E CE4ECC"*(:1F $:21(E*H 1#(7E41"C/OE4 -84*":% 8'1#( O"N"1E1"8: COE/2(N(E: 1 1 # ( 8: O JC8.(4E%( 748."*(* -E2": 4(OE1"8: 18 1#(C8:*/C1 8' E D/2":(228-:(* DJ 1#( ":*"."*/EO ":2/4(*F3#( ?= 5/74(N( =8/41 E%4((* -"1# A.".EF58H 1#( 214E1E C84784E1"8: #E* E O"ED"O"1J 78O"CJH/:*(4 -#"C# DJ OE- 1#( 214E1E O81 8-:(4 -E2E :EN(* ":2/4(* E:* /:*(4 -#"C# 1#( 214E1EC84784E1"8: #E* O"ED"O"1J 7481(C1"8: '84 D8*"OJ":!/4JF?/1 1#E1 2EN( C8.(4E%( -E2 :81 E.E"OEDO(18 1#( *('(:*E:1 214E1E 8-:(4F3#( D8118N O":(B =8:*8 8-:(42 2#8/O*:@1DO":*OJ 4(OJ 8: 1#("4 214E1E C84784E1"8:@2 O"ED"O"1J78O"CJF A:* 214E1E C8/:C"O N(ND(42 E:*NE:E%(42 NEJ :((* 18 *8 N84( 1#E: 7/1 ":7OEC( E 21E:*E4* C8NN(4C"EO %(:(4EO O"ED"O"1J78O"CJ 18 7487(4OJ 7481(C1 1#( 214E1E 8-:(42F!)& (*% '"# +($80II L /GI CJ;R(7?A E4(A6( J7 &J97#A%9S?K L :$K+ , JQ L , >Q );K 3 Q5#RR9 JA* B97J7(9 ! @?2(;9 ?' E77?;A(O&?Q( @6;F$J9(9 3 S?;7%J%(9 ! C?;>?;J7( 3 C?QQ(;F#JR !J2B97J7( R#7#%J7#?A 3 C#4#R R#7#%J7#?A ! @(;9?AJR #A"6;O FRJ#Q9:(R P-I/N1,,L-1.G 222KF?HH(77LF?77?AKF?Q5$(A O?6 A((* J 7(JQ 7$J7 6A*(;97JA*9 O?6;R(%JR F?AF(;A9M F$??9( 7$( !J2 )#;Q 4?7(* 7$( D(97#A D6;AJHO '?; 7(A F?A9(F67#4( O(J;9=!%&$&'"$#+01)00&1'-," +$'+!%0(-/-0/'-*% #1,(-.1+'9517 /?(0&A =:?.1> &074 A?4 2< :A10 Saturday, October 30, 2010 Burnaby NOWCentre, 7252 Kingsway Ave., onMondays from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. orat McGill library branch, 4595 AlbertSt., on Tuesdays from 10:30 a.m. to 4p.m. and Cameron Recreation Centre,9523 Cameron St., on Wednesdays,from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.Those locations will be acceptingregistrants until Dec. 3.Want to register?In order to register for help withthe Burnaby Christmas Bureau, hereswhat you should bring.If you are not on income assis-tance: Two current pay cheques or EIstubs. If you dont have cheque stubs,bring a 2009 T1 general for eachadult member of the family, or a 2009notice of assessment, again, for eachadult member of the family. Proof of residency phone bill,hydro bill or tenancy agreement withyour name and address. Child tax benefit or care card orbirth certificate with your childrensnames and birthdays.If you are on income assistance: Current income assistance chequestub Proof of residency (see above) Child tax benefit or care card orbirth certificate for each of your chil-dren.If you are a new immigrant, bringyour immigration papers, and if youare living on a student loan, bringyour student loan papers.A 53-year-old man charged withthe double murder of two men out-side Kamloops last year is now inpolice custody after turning himselfin to Burnaby RCMP early Tuesdaymorning.Roy Frederick Fraser turned him-self in to Burnaby RCMP shortlyafter 1 a.m. Tuesday morning, saidKamloops RCMP spokespersonConst. Cheryl Bush.Investigators from Kamloops arenow in Burnaby to deal with Mr.Fraser, said Bush.A Canada-wide warrant wasissued for Fraser, who is chargedwith first-degree murder in thedeath of Damien Marks, 31, and sec-ond-degree murder in the death ofKenneth Yaretz, 24.The remains of Yaretz and Markswere recovered at a rural propertyoutside Kamloops in May 2009.While Yaretz has been looselylinked to the Kamloops chapter of theIndependent Soldiers a violent gangof drug dealers with ties to the HellsAngels Marks was considered anupstanding citizen with no criminalrecord and a good job.Marks and Yaretz moved into anapartment together on April 16, 2009.Marks phoned his father that night tosay he and Yaretz were driving aboutan hour north of Kamloops, to pickup some of Yaretzs belongings. Cheryl Chan, The ProvincePolice seek witnessesto motorcycle chaseIt made all the evening newscastsin mid-October, but the RCMP nowneed witnesses to come forward.Two speeding motorcycle driv-ers took the Air 1 police helicop-ter for quite a journey through theLower Mainland on Oct. 13, reachingspeeds of 200 km/h as they wentfrom Coquitlam, through Burnaby,to the North Shore and then back toVancouver and Burnaby.At the time of the incident, anRCMP press release noted that theentire sequence was caught on sur-veillance video from the Air 1 heli-copter.The film shows one or both driversrunning multiple red lights, passingon double lines, shoulders and exitlanes, nearly colliding with oncom-ing traffic, and doing in excess of 120km/hour through a school zone dur-ing school hours.Along Highway 1 in Burnaby,both motorcycles were literally pass-ing cars like they were standing still,said Sgt. Peter Thiessen in a pressrelease.Even after the first motorcyclistwas pulled over in North Vancouver,the second continued on, crossingback to Vancouver and Burnaby.Upon reaching Kingsway, thesuspect vehicle went through the redlight and travelled east in the west-bound lanes for about 100 metres,said Thiessen. The driver then nar-rowly missed pedestrians at JoyceStreet.As the motorcyclist continuedthrough Vancouver and Burnaby athigh speeds, Air 1 continued its videosurveillance.The driver lost control of thevehicle and crashed it near CentralBoulevard and Imperial Street inBurnaby.Investigators are hoping to getstatements from witnesses who mayhave seen the behaviour of the driv-ers of themotorcycles, said an RCMPpress release.Witnesses to the incident are askedto contact Const. Dawn Gilhen ofRCMP Port Mann traffic services at604-526-9744. Alfie Lau, Burnaby NOWMan faces charges inwindow smashingA 33-year-old Burnaby man maybe facing mischief charges after anOct. 5 morning incident in NewWestminster.Just after 3 a.m. on Tuesday morn-ing, New Westminster police went tothe 400 block of East Columbia Streetto respond to reports of a man smash-ing store windows with a baseballbat.When police arrived, they talkedto witnesses who gave a descriptionof the man.The police tracked him down toan alley north of East Columbia andwhile the man was originally hos-tile to police officers, he was sooncalmed down and arrested withoutincident.Two area businesses sustainedseveral hundred dollars of damageafter having their large glass win-dows smashed. Alfie Lau, Burnaby NOWcontinued from page 3Christmas Bureau: Heres how to registerPOLICE IN BRIEFMurder suspect turns himself inwww.burnabynow.comFrom the Editors deskFrom the Editors deskFrom the Editors deskFrom the Editors deskConnecting with our community online Visit www.burnabynow.comPat Tracys BlogNews is a conversation - and it starts hereCRABFESTView our Crabfest menus online atboathouserestaurants.caNOWON!English Bay: 604-669-2225 Richmond: 604-273-7014NewWestminster: 604-525-3474 White Rock: 604-536-7320Horseshoe Bay: 604-921-8188 Port Moody: 604-931-5300Kitsilano: 604 738-KITS (5487)JOIN US FOR APPY HOUR(3-6pm daily in the bar)Oysters a Buck a ShuckAppy specials available from 2.99Daily drink specials 4.99 all dayWITH THIS COUPON:WITH THIS COUPON:SAVE $7 WITH THIS COUPON:3-course crabfest dinner!available everydaycrab & shrimptopped sirloinValid until until Nov. 7, 2010. May not be used incombination with any other offer. 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Metropolis @ Metrotown Upper Level (near Zellers)374-4800 Kingsway, Burnaby 604-437-5600SAS Fall Sale - Limited Time Only!SAS Fall Sale - Limited Time Only!EasierBout TimeBounceVivaOur Gift To You$1500Valid October 29th to November 14, 2010Bring in this ad to receive $15 off the regular price.Metropolis @ Metrotown, Upper Level near Zellers4800 Kingsway, BurnabyOFFALLSASSHOESSidegoreJourneyActiveComfortTime OutSimplifyTake Time FreetimeSteve Maddock admits that when hefirst trod the boards as Captain von Trappin The Sound of Music, he felt too young forthe role.That was back in 2003, when he playedthe role in Royal CityMusical Theatres suc-cessful production.Now, at 43 and with two children ofhis own, the Burnaby-based actor feelsfar more comfortable in the skin of thefamous character the naval captain withseven children whose life is changed by thearrival of the governess Maria.I could have seven kids, he says mus-ingly.(Hes quick to add, mind you, that thetwo he has, eight-year-old Aubrey andthree-year-old Kai, are the perfect family.)Maddock is starring in the FootlightTheatre production of The Sound of Music,running at the Michael J. Fox Theatre inBurnaby from Nov. 5 to 20.Henotes its a challenge to step into a roleas well-known as that of the captain, popu-larized on film by Christopher Plummer inthe 1965 movie with Julie Andrews.Thats where Maddock is grateful forthe vision of director Lalainia LindbjergStrelau.Its really easy to play Captain vonTrapp as thismean ogre of a guy,Maddocksays. Lalainia has chosen not to go thatway at all.Instead, she has Maddock focusing onthe immense pain and sorrow von Trapphas suffered in losing his young wife, sothat the captains stoic exterior hides a manwho is shutting down to hide from theworld.Hes going to be multi-dimensional,Maddock says. If I do my job the way Imsupposed to, hopefully the audience willsee that hes not really a badman. The audi-ence, they have to like this guy.It is, he admits, a daunting task for anactor. But hes thrilled for the chance totry particularly next to Bree Greig, whosplaying Maria.Shes just so right for the part. She justlooks like Maria shes young, shes pretty,she sings like a bird, Maddock says.An added bonus is that the two havebeen sharing the stage with the VancouverPlayhouse production of The Fantasticks,which just wrapped up an extended run.Its really going to help she and I inthe chemistry department. As people andas actors, weve gotten to know each otherso well, Maddock notes, adding that theirfamiliarity with each other allows them toanticipate what the other will do at anygiven moment. Its like athletes that havebeen on the same team for a couple of years.Hopefully that will read from the audienceperspective.Even more exciting for Maddock is thefact that hell be playing alongside his owndaughter Aubrey is appearing as Marta,the second-youngest of the von Trapp chil-dren.I cant even begin to tell you how spe-cial that is, Maddock says, his baritonevoice softening with a warmth that makes itclear just how deeply he values the oppor-tunity.He notes that Aubrey who also stud-ies ballet at Spotlight Dance Centre, playsviolin and loves to sketch and paint isdelighted with her foray into musical the-atre so far. But Maddock points out thattheres no guarantee that theyll ever get towork together again.I really want to just cherish everymoment of this show, knowing that maynever happen again, he says. Workingwith my daughter is second to none.Whether or not Aubrey continues in themusical theatre world, Maddock admitsits likely that music will always be part ofher life.Maddock himself, besides his musi-cal theatre career, is a jazz instructor atCapilano University and well-known asa jazz and pop performer. His wife, SiriOlesen, is a classically trained soprano whosings with the renowned chamber groupmusica intima.There is probably a good chance ourkids are going to lean towards some kind ofmusic, Maddock admits with a laugh.(At three, Kai may be a little young topredict, but hes already enjoying himselfin a music appreciation for toddlers classthrough Coastal Sound Music Academy,where Olesen teaches part-time.)Maddock has been run a little ragged,what with performances of The Fantasticks,rehearsals for The Sound of Music and manyhours of homework getting ready forthe part not the least of which is learn-ing to play guitar, which the captain doesonstage.But hes enthusiastic about the show.Hes impressed with the talent on stage12 Mimi at Shadbolt 15 Film opens festivalSECTION COORDINATOR Julie MacLellan, 604-444-3020 jmaclellan@burnabynow.comStart spreadin thenews Ol Blue Eyeshimself is in town.Well, OK, its not FrankSinatra, but its a prettygood substitute in theform of Burnabys ownRick Valiant.Readers may rememberRick as the lone Canadianto be accepted into theannual Sinatra Idol con-test this past summer inHoboken, New Jersey(hometown, of course, ofSinatra himself).Rick has been honinghis Sinatra tribute act, andhes just announced a newachievement.My show that I havebeen working on for thelast two years has finallyreached its goal: the bigstage and the casinos, hewrote in an e-mail to theNOW.Ricks Songs of Sinatrashow takes to the stageat the Rio Theatre inVancouver on Nov. 5 andthe Cascades Casino inLangley on Nov. 14.The tribute varietyshow will feature Ricksinging a collection ofSinatra hits from the 1940sto the 90s.Performing along withRick will be a number oftribute artists hes beenworking with over theyears. Eli The TigerWilliams, winner of the2009 Penticton Elvis com-petition, will take the stageas The King, while AllenMichaels will offer up atribute to local crooningsensation Michael Bubl.Robert J. Miller, whosbeen a Buddy Holly trib-ute artist for the past sev-eral years, will bring hisHolly sounds to the stage,and Patti Johnson will addher Celine Dion tribute.My goal as producerof this show is to bringyou good entertainment atan affordable price, Rickwrote.Tickets for the Rioshow are $11. You canbuy online through www.riotheatre.ca, or contactrickvaliant@hotmail.com.Doors open at 7:15 p.m. forthe 8 p.m. show.Partial proceeds arebeing donated to theCanadian Breast CancerFoundation.Walking in the captains shoesBurnabys Steve Maddockstars in Footlight TheatresThe Sound of MusicJulie MacLellanstaff reporterComing to life: Director Lalainia Lindbjerg Strelau, centre, works with Steve Maddock as the captain and Bree Greig as Mariain rehearsals for the Footlight Theatre production of The Sound of Music.Larry Wright/burnaby nowSinatra tribute artist takes show to the big stageLIVELY CITYJulie MacLellanMaddock Page 14Lively City Page 12Burnaby NOW Saturday, October 30, 2010 A11A12 Saturday, October 30, 2010 Burnaby NOWThe Cascades Casinoshow is Sunday, Nov. 14at 8 p.m., with doors open-ing at 7 p.m. Tickets are$22.50, available at www.ticketweb.ca.For more about Rick, seewww.rickvaliant.com.Wicked funWow, it seems thatevery edition brings newsof still more musicaltheatre. The latest goodnews for local fans isthat Touchstone Theatreis bringing the WesternCanadian premiere ofMimi(or A Poisoners Comedy)to the stage at ShadboltCentre for the Arts.Its running Nov. 3 to 7.The musical is a darklyfunny take on Francesmost infamous serial killer,the Marquise of Brinvilliers who, as a press releasesays, has a repressivefather, a young lover, anaccommodating husbandand a thrilling new hobby:poison.It stars Jennifer Lines wholl be familiar toVancouver theatre-goersfor a multitude of roles andwho is one of my personalfavourite actors from thatsupremely talented lot atBard on the Beach.The production hasmoved into rehearsals atShadbolt, and I am reli-ably informed that it looksfantastic so far and thatJennifer has an incrediblevoice.And shes not theonly one. Also appearingis Burnabys own PeterJorgensen, whos well-known, of course, for hismusical theatre prowess hes been seen in all sortsof productions with theArts Club and Royal CityMusical Theatre, amongothers, and hes co-artisticproducer (with his wife,Katey Wright) of PatrickStreet Productions, whichhas produced Into TheWoods, The Full Monty andBat Boy: The Musical to criti-cal acclaim.Whew. Tracing all theconnections in the musicaltheatre world could get diz-zying, couldnt it?In any case,Mimi lookslike its going to be delight-ful.The cast also includesDonald Adams, GregArmstrong-Morris, LindaQuibell and SandersWhiting.Musical directionis by Steven Greenfield,and the production isdirected by Katrina Dunn.It plays Wednesdayto Saturday at 8 p.m. andSunday at 2 p.m., with tick-ets on sale for $25 and $30.Call 604-205-3000 or seewww.shadboltcentre.com.If you miss it inBurnaby, it then moves onto the Firehall Arts Centrein East Vancouver for Nov.10 to 20. See www.firehallartscentre.ca.Check out www.touchstonetheatre.com for moreon the theatre group, orfollow them on twitter www.twitter.com/TouchstoneInVan.Clef concertA past Clef Societymusic contest winner willreturn to the stage for thesocietys next concert.The Clef Society ofBurnaby is hosting a recitalon Sunday, Nov. 7 at 2 p.m.at Shadbolt Centre for theArts.It features the pianotalents of Raymond Zeng who, among many awards,is a past winner of ClefSociety of Burnaby compe-titions. As well as being anaward-winning pianist, the16-year-old is a composerand a mathematician. Hellperform his own composi-tions and other selections.The recital is in Room103. Admission is $10, orno charge for society mem-bers.Boys singingDo you know any boyswho love to sing?The B.C. Boys Choir ishosting SongWave 2010 inBurnaby and Vancouverfrom Nov. 3 to Dec. 5.The program is designedfor boys aged seven to 12who love to sing. Theyget together for six weeksto sing and to learn moreabout music, then presenta concert at the end of thattime.In Burnaby, its hap-pening at South BurnabyUnited Church, 7591 GrayAve. In Vancouver, itshappening at OakridgeUnited Church, 305 West41st Ave. See www.bcboyschoir.org or call 1-888-909-8282 for details.Authors winTwo Burnaby authorshave been recognized witha national literary award.Masako Fukawa, prin-cipal writer and manag-ing editor, and StanleyFukawa, translator andcontributing writer, havewon the Canada Councils2010 Canada-Japan LiteraryAward for their work onSpirit of the Nikkei Fleet:B.C.s Japanese CanadianFishermen.The awards recognizeliterary excellence byCanadian writers whoare writing on Japan orJapanese themes, or themesthat promote mutualunderstanding betweenJapan and Canada.The award comes with a$10,000 prize.This is such a greathonour, Masako andStanley said in a pressrelease. The book wasmade possible thanks tothe continued supportof the Nikkei FishermenCommittee and the gen-erosity of the individualswho so willingly sharedtheir stories and theirphotographs. HarbourPublishing did an incred-ible job and produced abeautiful book.Spirit of the Nikkei Fleetis a collection of stories ofJapanese Canadians onthe water, from the firstJapanese immigrantsarrival in 1877 to the pres-ent day. For more, checkout the website at www.harbourpublishing.com.Advent concertAlthough those of usstill clinging to the ideaof summer may deny it,Christmas is approaching.Well, more accu-rately perhaps, Adventis approaching andWestminster Church Choiris putting on a concert forAdvent on Saturday, Dec.4.The concert will featureexcerpts from the inspira-tional cantata Glory in theHighest, by Gary Rhodes,as well as performancesby a number of local musi-cians.Its on at 7:15 p.m. at theWestminster SDA Church,7925 10th Ave. in Burnaby.The entrance is on 11thAvenue, off Sixth Street.The concert is designedfor people of all ages anddenominations.Seating is limited, avail-able on a first-come, first-served basis, and a free-willoffering will be taken.Do you have an item forLively City? 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It is going tobe world-class for sure,Maddock promises.And, of course, over-seeing it all is LindbjergStrelau.I was so delighted tofinally have an opportunityto work with her as a direc-tor,Maddock says. I enjoyher attention to detail andhow she really wants to diginto the script and the textas much as time will allow.She definitely has a vision,and shes done her home-work. She knows what shewants.Maddock is joinedon stage by a number ofother Burnaby performers,including Alison Wright asLiesl, Nancy von Euw as anun and Baroness Elberfeld,and Talar Kaladjian, LauraLuongo and Susan Reid asnuns.The Sound of Music opensin preview on Nov. 5, withregular performances at7:30 p.m. on Nov. 6, 12, 13,19 and 20. Matinees are at2 p.m. on Nov. 7, 11, 14and 20. Tickets are $25, $30and $38, available at www.ticketstonight.ca.The hills are alive: Bree Greig is Maria in The Sound ofMusic, Nov. 5 to 20 at Michael J. Fox Theatre.Paul Wright/courtesy footlight theatre companyMaddock:On stagecontinued from page 11*The developer reserves the right to makemodications to the information contained herein. Photographs and renderings are representational only andmay not be accurate. Some conditions and additional requirements within the deposit structure apply. Please see a Grand Central sales representative for details. 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V5A 3H4www.thenownews.comA division of Postmedia Network Inc.You get the sense, talking to her, thatnothings going to slow Mangla Bansaldown for long.On the phone from Toronto, her voice ischarged with enthusiasm.Im so excited you called! she announc-es.Shes eager to share her story with thefolks back home yes, this filmmaker-on-the-go in the big city is a self-describedborn and bred Burnaby girl, and she stillconsiders Burnaby home.Bansal has plenty of reason for enthusi-asm these days, since her short film Sindooris opening the 2010 Vancouver Asian Filmfestival Nov. 4.Its not the first honour for the film. Ithas also been screened at festivals in L.A.,Miami, Ireland and Honolulu, where it cap-tured a Golden Kahuna Award for excel-lence in filmmaking. It was nominated forfour 2010 Leo Awards, honouring the bestin British Columbia Film.Bansal also captured a 2009 City ofVancouver Mayors Arts Award forEmerging Artist in Film and New Media.She admits its nice to get the recogni-tion, especially with the long road she trav-elled to get the film made.Bansal says her career in the film indus-try really had its roots in her high schoolexperiences at Burnaby Central, when shewas active in human rights causes. It wasthat interest in human rights that first ledher to Capilano to study film, first in featurefilm and then in a new documentary pro-gram. As part of her studies, she travelled toIndia, where she shot a short documentary.She later put together another documentaryon her grandmother.The future was looking pretty promising and then the film industry in Vancouverwent pretty much dead.When the industry went into hiatus, Ihad to do something on my own, Bansalsays.It was January 2009, and she had justfinished up some work with the NationalFilm Board. Finding herself without imme-diate work, she sat down at her computerto write. The film, about a young Indo-Canadian womans search to find peaceafter losing the love of her life in a caraccident, is based on a true-life event thatBansal was witness to while vacationingin India. The story tumbled around in herhead, she says, until she sat down and gavevoice to it.Then she set about the process of tryingto find the money to make it happen, send-ing off applications for funding while at thesame time searching for all the necessaryingredients cast, crew, locations.She had everything in place, and thenOn the rise: Burnaby filmmaker Mangla Bansal had her short film Sindoor chosento open the Vancouver Asian Film Festival. It screens Nov. 4.Photo contributed/burnaby nowA labour of loveLocal filmmakers work opensVancouver Asian Film FestJulie MacLellanstaff reporterSindoor Page 16Burnaby NOW Saturday, October 30, 2010 A15Haveyoubookedyourholidayevent?EXECUTIVE HOTEL ANDCONFERENCE CENTRE BURNABY4201 Lougheed Hwy., Burnaby, BCwww.executivehotels.net | www.tivolisrestaurants.caExecutiveHotelC O N F E R E N C E C E N T R EB U R N A B Y VA N C O U V E R B CThe Executive Hotel and ConferenceCentre Burnaby is the perfectvenue for your holiday party.Call us today to reserve your groupfunction, prime dates still availableon our banquet oor and in ourTivolis Restaurant.Enjoy up to 25% off holiday menusfor events booked on weekdays.Call Catering Sales at604-298-2010 today! 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She heard one no afteranother until, with every-thing in place to start film-ing, she finally received herlast rejection.Once I got that no, Iwas in shock, she admits.I was like, I have the loca-tions in place, I have thecrew in place.What she needed wasthe money to pay for thecamera and lighting equip-ment. She didnt pause forlong.I just thought I shouldsuck it up, she says.So she poured all herpersonal savings into theproject and filmed anyway.She was fortunate, shenotes, that she got an expe-rienced cast and crew to vol-unteer their time many ofwhom were happy to workat all, given the state of thefilm industry at the time.Many of them found Bansalsimply through word ofmouth about the project.Shes thrilled at the cali-bre of people who came towork on Sindoor not theleast of them Leo Award-winning actor BalinderJohal, who recently starredin Deepa Mehtas Heavenon Earth and who plays themother of the lead charac-ter, Megha (Zara Durrani).Bansal herself served aswriter, director and produc-er a combination of hatsshes not in a hurry to wearagain any time soon, sheadmits with a laugh. Shealso produced the music,a new rendition of an oldhymn in the Sikh holy book,the Sri Guru Granth Sahib.The end result is an eight-minute short that she hopesserves to open doors for herin the film industry.I like to call this my call-ing-card film, she explains.She hopes this film givesher the credibility to moveon and find funding forother projects including afeature film she wrote ear-lier this year.In the meantime, shesspending a lot of her timeon marketing for Sindoor.As is commonly accepted inthe film industry, she notes:Making a film is 10 percent of the job, getting it outto people is 90 per cent.Shes also busy doing avariety of work in Toronto some for a documentaryproduction company, somefor CTV, some on varioustelevision projects.What the future willbring, shes not sure. Fornow shes content to gowith the flow.I have no idea whattomorrow holds, she says.My dreams can change ina flash.For more on Bansal, seewww.ramkaliproductions.com.The Vancouver Asian FilmFestival runs Nov. 4 to 7 atCinemark Tinseltown Theatrein Vancouver. Check outwww.vaff.org/festival for allthe details.Sindoor: Short film opens festivalDrama: A production still from Sindoor, which opensthe Vancouver Asian Film Festival on Nov. 4.continued from page 15Photo contributed/burnaby nowMARINE DR.GLENLYONPWAYSUSSEXAVE.MARINE WAYPATTERSONAVE.UT:V 8Q::V 67L7V8E 4 C JDF[]]_ >]_DYB[]_ X>D _Happy Halloween: Buckingham Elementary students Alisha Rakemtulla, 11, andHarmony Zhu, 4, get into the Halloween spirit at the schools pumpkin patch.Kindergarten students, with their older buddies, had a chance to pick out pumpkinsand enjoy crafts and hot chocolate. Donations went to UNICEF.Larry Wright/burnaby nowBurnaby NOW Saturday, October 30, 2010 A17Do you know someone who makesa difference in your community?Anyone or any organization can nominate a deservingBritish Columbian for a 2010 BC Community Achievement Award.Deadline for nominations: November 15604-261-9777 | 866-882-6088 | www.bcachievement.comWith the generous support of lead sponsor andpresented byLook Younger Longergreen feel spaOPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK FREE PARKING120-4603 Kingsway, Burnaby604-434-9090E-Light TreatmentA Non-Surgical Modern Face Lift that reduces crows feetand eliminates forehead wrinkles. It redefines and firmsfacial contours and minimizes age spots, broken capillaries,enlarged pores and acne scarring.Reg. $308$98Crystal MicrodermabrasionGently removes the surface layer of skin allowing brighter,smoother, more radiant skin to emerge. Stimulatesformation of new collagen and elastin to improve skintexture and elasticity.Reg. $268$89A18 Saturday, October 30, 2010 Burnaby NOWAnother local project has justjoined the Aviva Community Fundcontest, where people compete tosplit $1 million in funding for com-munity projects.The Gilpin Daycare parent com-mittee is hoping to get money for apermanent daycare facility at Gilpinelementary school. There was a pri-vate daycare close to the schoolfor 25 years, but it shut down in2006. Some families had to moveaway, and the schools enrolmentdropped by 15 per cent after theprivate daycare closed.The South Burnaby Neighbour-hood House got involved, and theschool district agreed to let theparents use some space at Gilpinfor a daycare but only temporarily,so parents have been fundraisingto buy two portables to house apermanent daycare. They have toscrape together about $190,000 fortwo used portables so the centre canstay open after 2012.To vote for the project, go towww.avivacommunityfund.org/ideas/acf7960. People can vote upto 10 times in each round, and thereare three more rounds of voting.The projects that make the semi-finals go before a panel of judgesthat decides which entries get tosplit the $1 million. Jennifer MoreauGilpin Daycare vying for contest moneyBurnaby NOW Saturday, October 30, 2010 A19*Offer available on a 2 year term while quantities last until November 9, 2010, to new clients who have not signed up for TELUS High Speed Internet in the past 90 days. Manufacturers suggested retail price of the Xbox 360 is $299.99. A cancellation fee of $13 per month for the remainder of the 2 year term applies to early cancellationof a service term. Not compatible with any other High Speed offers. Minimum system requirements apply. 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Hilladded that the diamondcaused a mini-CalgaryStampede when it wasshown off in Cowtown.When it hit Metrotownon Tuesday afternoon, itwasnt a stampede, but itwas still eye-opening.We didnt do a lot ofpublicity on it, but we didhave lots of movementaround the ring whenit arrived, said BrendaLongland of Metropolis atMetrotown. People couldtry the ring on. Not every-body did, but there was alsoa duplicate ring that peoplecould try on as well.Longland did put the bigrock on her finger, and shewas surprised.It wasnt as heavy as Ithought it would be, shesaid. It certainly was big,it certainly picked up thebeautiful light in the malland it was quite shiny.Thecontest is free to enteronline at www.my22ct.comand is open to anyone overthe age of 18, whether theyhave just met, are engagedor have been married for 50years. Entrants have to gothrough six challenges thatrange from submitting theirbest photo to writing abouttheir secret pet names andhow they met.The idea is to get asmany votes as possible onFacebook and Twitter byDec. 3, when the top sixwill be judged by a celebritypanel headed by Hill.Sure Imgoing to enter,said Longland. Ive gotto get all the stuff togetherwithmy husband, but weregoing to enter.A winner will beannouncedDec. 16. The con-test is restricted toAustralia,New Zealand, Canada andthe U.S., because that iswhere Hill has his shops.Hill is now taking thering on a world tour hesoff to Oceania right now and the ring is followed bylots of security.When it was atMetrotown,wehadourownsecurity and so did MichaelHill, said Longland.While media reportshave pegged the value ofthe ring at between $500,000and $1 million, Hill didntwant to do anything ascrass as give the value ofthe bauble. with files from PostmediaNetwork Inc.Big bling visits BurnabyHuge diamondwill be awarded toworlds best coupleAlfie Laustaff reporterSize matters: Michael Hill with the 22-carat diamondring thats the prize in a promotional contest.Larry Wright/burnaby nowFree $20gift cardComplete pair purchase of eyeglasses must be purchased to receive $20 Bay mail-in gift card.Must present this ad to receive the offer. Gift card will be delivered via post mail 4-6 weeks afterpurchase. 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Particularly impres-sive is the way the audioand HVAC system controlshave been integrated intoits dash design. The Msseating is generous, com-fortable and supportive.Rear seat room and trunkspace is better than most.Overall, its spacious, classyand relaxing.SafetyThe M has a numberof innovative technologiesdesigned to help a driveravoid dangerous situations,including blind-spot sys-tems, lane departure warn-ing and lane departureprevention systems.The driveOur test car was theM37x, which is the V6 ver-sion with all-wheel-drive.Theres a minor fuel-con-sumption penalty with theall-wheel-drive system. Itsseamless operation wasimperceptible on the dryroad conditions experi-enced during our time withthe M37x, yet its a goodfeature to have.The 330-horsepowerV6 has more than amplepower and torque for mostusers. Its a little noisy dur-ing its warm-up periodwhen started cold, butonly noticeable with thewindows open. Other thanthat, its a sweet engine thatmakes nice sounds whenpushed to its higher limits.The technology parade wasa bit daunting at first, butyou learn to live with andlove most of them.Being able to select driv-ing modes using the InfinitiDrive feature is a cleverfeature. The change fromNormal to Sport is subtle,yet effective. In the Ecomode the gas pedal push-back felt a little strangeat first, but you can pushthrough it if you need toget by something in hurry.The scoreStylish and sophisti-cated, the all-new InfinitiM37x is a comfortable andeasy-to-drive premiumluxury sedan with a bevyof new advanced technolo-gies.MOTORING One-man teamOne-man teamOne-man teamOne-man teamConnecting with our community online Visit www.burnabynow.comTom Berridges BlogRants, raves and community sports nuggetsLuxury on wheels: The Infiniti M37 has been completely redesigned for 2011.Photo contributed/burnaby nowA sophisticated driveDavid Chaoand Bob McHughNOW contributorsBurnaby NOW Saturday, October 30, 2010 A2344 Wheel AlignmentWheel Alignment*Hondas onlyGENUINE HONDA FALL/WINTERPERFORMANCE PACKAGEFor peak performance this winter,dont open your hood to strangers.Bring your vehicle home to Hondafor a comprehensive multi-pointinspection, plus a Genuine Hondaoil and lter change.$8888*PROTECT YOUR ENGINEWITH A GENUINEHONDA OIL AND FILTER CHANGETrust a factory-trained technician to getyour Honda ready for winter. 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