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Burnaby Now October 9 2013


<ul><li><p>Burnabys blue-ribbon computer techsystem has come at a platinum price.</p><p>The citys enterprise resource computersystem,whichhas kept the award-winningvirtual city hall portal running smoothly,has cost more than $29.4 million since 2008,the Burnaby NOW has learned.</p><p>The city implemented the system in 2007with the intention of enhancing opportuni-</p><p>ties for citizen engagement online, stream-lining internal services within city halland increasing information transparency,according to Shari Wallace, Burnabys chiefinformation officer.</p><p>SAP stands for Systems,Applications and Products inData Processing, which is aGerman multinational software corpora-tion that serves more than 2,300 customersin Canada and operates in more than 75countries. Its software runs the enterprise</p><p>resource planning system, which allows thecity to run its own programs and integratethem across all the different city depart-ments.</p><p>All systems, whentheyre at their end of life,theyre no longer fit fortheir purpose and need to</p><p>be replaced, Wallace noted. We look toSAP to do it. We dont go out to get anotherpiece of software or get it built. SAP can fitthat need.</p><p>The costs represent total IT capital appli-cation spending for each fiscal year, andmany projects are not completed in oneyear and can span several years, Wallacesaid.</p><p>When I was brought in, it was intendedto be a platform that we could build futuresystems on, she told the NOW. If youthink of it like building a home, you build afoundation to a house and as the familychanges you add rooms, build in-law suites</p><p>Like a lot of pirates, Julie Desrocheswill be raising the roof this Halloween.But the timbers this Burnaby buccaneerwants to shiver are atop a childrensschool in Uganda.</p><p>Desroches is transforming herBurnaby bungalow into a pirate house forHalloween to raise money for a new rooffor the Saint Stephens Children Centre inUganda. Visitors to 5970 Portland St. willbe treated to an interactive display thatincludes a pirate ship, graveyard, games,a treasure hunt and more. The decorationsare handmade by Desroches and friendsfrom as far away as Switzerland andUganda.</p><p>Desroches is hoping to raise $2,500,and so far, shes already reached the $800mark (or 100 pieces of eight). Its her wayof giving back to the African communitywhere she worked as a volunteer in 2000.There she made friends with Ben J., ayoung man who desperately wanted aneducation.</p><p>Once she got back home, Desrocheshelped pay for Ben J. to go to college,where he earned his diploma in animalhusbandry. The two have remained in</p><p>Your source for local sports, news, weather and entertainment! &gt;&gt; www.burnabynow.com</p><p>A fish tale that gave herthe courage to transform</p><p>PAGE 3</p><p>Ice-skating duodo it again</p><p>PAGE 21</p><p>Burnabys first and favourite information source Delivery 604-942-3081 Wednesday, October 9, 2013</p><p>Jason Lang/burnaby now</p><p>For a video,scan with</p><p>Ahoy there,mateys:RodneyHalkoand JulieDesroches,withchildrenBenjaminand Emma,get into thespirit of thepirate housetheyvecreated forHalloween.The displayis raisingmoneyto help aschool inUganda.</p><p>Arrrr... its a very fine (pirate) house</p><p>Burnabys computer system nears $30 mil markStefania Secciastaff reporter</p><p>BurnabyNow.comFirst reported @</p><p>Pirates Page 4</p><p>Halloween house shiverstimbers for Ugandan school</p><p>Don Haukastaff reporter</p><p>System Page 5</p><p>Enter ourFacebook</p><p>Contest for a chanc</p><p>e to WIN</p><p>a $100 Gift Card to</p><p>a Coquitlam Centre</p><p>store!</p><p>For moredetails vis</p><p>it facebook.com/co</p><p>quitlamcentre</p><p>3819 Canada Way, Burnaby 604-676-1876jamesstreetcafegrill.com jamesstreetcg@gmail.com</p><p>James Street Cafe &amp; Grill</p><p>1/2 lb. 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They settled in Burnabyto be near family, and Govahifound work at the South BurnabyNeighbourhood House.</p><p>The 45-year-old Burnabywoman dreamed of resuming hercareer in theatre in Canada. Butshe lacked the confidence to doso until she signed up for theBurnaby Storytelling Project thisspring.</p><p>I was a drama and theatreteacher back home and I love sto-rytelling, said Govahi. As animmigrant, I saw this as a goodopportunity for me.</p><p>The project is sponsored by theBurnaby Intercultural PlanningTable. Funded by EmbraceBC, itspart of the Burnaby WelcomingCommunities Initiative anddesigned to increase awarenessabout the value immigrants andrefugees bring to the community.</p><p>And Govahi took to the story-telling training like, well, a fish towater.</p><p>I loved it I enjoyed everymoment of it, she said. I madenew friends and found new men-tors.</p><p>Govahiwasoneof adozennew-comers to Canada who received12 hours of training from NaomiSteinberg, Artistic Director of theVancouver Society of Storytelling,who helped the group develop</p><p>their personal experiences into sto-ries.</p><p>Govahi was inspired by a chil-drens story written by Iranianwriter Samad Behrangi in the1960s: The Little Black Fish.</p><p>I used The Little Black Fish asan archetype. I chose it becauseNaomi said, Be yourself. I neveruse violence. I always avoid vio-lence I am more of a victim thana villain, Govahi said.</p><p>In Govahis story, the LittleBlackFishandherhusband live inapond where the fish are oppressedby a corrupt ruler. Little Black Fishpersuades her husband to leavethe pond with her and they takethe perilous journey downriverto the sea. After facing many dan-gers, they find a new home where</p><p>fish of different sizes, colours andshapes can practice their beliefswithout fear of persecution.</p><p>Govahi said she brought a lotof her own personal experiencesto the tale. Fusing a childrensstory with her grown-up, real-lifedrama in another language was ademanding task.</p><p>I never had to have such a per-formance in English. I had to prac-tice more and look for differentimagery and use my imaginationand work hard to find the words,she said.</p><p>But the hard work paid off.Govahi has performed her storyat the community centre, a coupleof schools and on Burnaby VillageMuseum radio.</p><p>Creating a compelling tale</p><p>of courage and endurance hashelped her transform her own life.Shell soon be going to CapilanoUniversity to study theatre.</p><p>It definitely helped me withmyconfidenceandmyself-image,she said. I feel more confidentand it gave me the courage to goback to my own profession andapproach the university.</p><p>Burnaby Storyteller ProjectCoordinator Jan Taylor said theinitiative is looking to train anoth-er group to follow in Govahisfootsteps.</p><p>We are about to hold a sec-ond training session and hope foranother 20-24 people to come out,said Taylor.</p><p>For more information, you cancheck out www.bipt.ca.</p><p>Bouclair*Visions*The Bay*Shoppers Drug Mart*Sport Check*London Drugs*Home Outfitters*</p><p>* not in all areas</p><p>6 Opinion</p><p>6,7 Letters</p><p>11 Arts</p><p>13 Movers &amp; Shakers</p><p>17 Health Wise</p><p>19 Motoring</p><p>24 Classifieds</p><p>Last weeks questionDo you agree with the City ofBurnabys vicious dog decision?NO 66% YES 34%</p><p>This weeks questionDo you think stores should bebanned from selling pets?</p><p>Vote at: www.burnabynow.com</p><p>9 Pet sales not on agenda 10 Hart House needs cash 14 City biz looks to grow</p><p>Using Layar: Download theLayar app to your smartphone. Lookfor the Layar symbol. Scan the photoor the page of the story as instructed.Ensure the photo or headline is entirelycaptured by your device. Check foradvertisements that have Layar content,too. Watch as our pages becomeinteractive.</p><p>View our stories andphotos with Layar</p><p>Video of the pirate housePage 1</p><p>Video of Narges GovahiPage 3</p><p>Video of STM grad andCalgary StampederJon CornishPage 21</p><p>Like theBurnaby NOWon FacebookJoin theconversation</p><p>Fish tale gives her courageFish story:NargesGovahifound thecourage totransformher life bymaking achildrenstale herown aspart of theBurnabyStory-tellingProject.</p><p>NLINEEXTRAS</p><p>Check out more localcontent at www.burnabynow.com</p><p>NEWSHappy ending forBurnaby seniors home</p><p>ENTERTAINMENTMy Artists Corner holdsBurnaby exhibition</p><p>COMMUNITYSee photos from theCops for Cancer stop inBurnaby</p><p>ARTSCheck out the Lively Citycolumn for Burnaby artnews</p><p>EVENTSSee our up-to-datearts calendar and citycalendar listings</p><p>Follow the BurnabyNOW on Twitter fornews as it happens @BurnabyNOW_news</p><p>For a video,scan with</p><p>The city will have more than$13.2 million in hand if a newhighrise is allowed to spring up inBrentwood.</p><p>LM Aviara Communities hasapplied for a rezoning applicationto allow for a 52-storey highriseand two, four- or six-storey, low-rise apartment buildings over threelots including 1735, 1763 DouglasRd. and 1710 Gilmore Ave.</p><p>Staff has recommended coun-cil take the $13.2 million density</p><p>bonus as a cash-in-lieu contribu-tion to use towards a communityamenity. About $10.6 million ofthe bonus will go towards theBrentwood Town Centre financialaccount, and $2.6 million will gotowards the citys affordable orspecial needs housing account.</p><p>Special consideration wasgiven to the (site), scale and ori-entation of the buildings on site inorder to maximize open space andspatial separation between build-ings and to provide improvedsightlines through the site, saidLou Pelletier, director of planning</p><p>and building, in his report. Thesite is large enough to accommo-date up to three residential tow-ers of approximately 25 storeys inheight.</p><p>The applicant and project con-sultants were encouraged to maxi-mize density in a low-rise formand pursue only one tower inconsideration of sightline objec-tives for existing developmentin the south, according to thereport.</p><p>About 595 apartment units arebeing proposed, and the developerhas committed to pursue green</p><p>building practices by achieving asilver rating under the Leadershipin Energy and EnvironmentalDesign program.</p><p>Theproposal includes separatedbicycle and pedestrian facilities onGilmore and Douglas, and sepa-rated sidewalks on Halifax Street.</p><p>A significant public art piecewill be provided at the cornerof Gilmore Avenue and HalifaxStreet, acting as a strong visualreference to the proposed devel-opment and as a gateway elementinto the Brentwood Town Centre,Pelletier said in the report.</p><p>Don Haukastaff reporter</p><p>Highrise would put $13 mil in citys coffersStefania Secciastaff reporter</p><p>Larry Wright/burnaby now</p><p>Burnaby NOW Wednesday, October 9, 2013 A03</p></li><li><p>A04 Wednesday, October 9, 2013 Burnaby NOW</p><p>touch over the years,comparing notes aboutlife and the state of theschool.</p><p>But for Desroches, thepirate project is morethan just her own paeanto privateers or ordinaryfundraiser.</p><p>Its a celebration of life.Five years ago, she fell</p><p>gravely ill and nearly died.Doctors were unsure whatshe had at first but havesince treated her for fibro-myalgia, a disorder thatoften leaves the bodyspain receptors in hyperdrive.</p><p>During her illness, the38-year-old Desroches wasinspired by her friend BenJ.s struggles.</p><p>When I was sickhe was in my thoughtsbecause he had overcomeso much, she said. Heinspired me to do thesame.</p><p>Desroches is stillrecovering but felt strongenough to take on thepirate project this year.She says the theme fits theoften-stormy seas of lifeshe and her family had tonavigate during her illness.</p><p>But really whypirates?</p><p>The kids asked me,Why are you doing this?I said, Because when youalmost die, you realize itsimportant to do the thingsthat make you happy, andthis makes me happy,she said.</p><p>Despite the chal-lenges life has thrown ather, Desroches remainsan unabashedly JollyRoger and cant wait forHalloween. Her house willbe open to trick-or-treatersfrom 5 to 8 p.m.</p><p>And by the way, youcan try telling a pirate jokeat the door, but chancesare Desroches has heard it.</p><p>Yes, Aaaar house isa very, very fine house!I think weve done everypirate joke there is, shelaughs.</p><p>For a preview of thepirate house project, youcan visit Desroches web-site, www.piratehouse.ca.</p><p>Make some new friendsJoin us on Facebook BURNABY NOW</p><p>continued from page 1</p><p>Pirates:Displayraisesmoney</p><p>9850 AUSTIN RD. BURNABY604-421-0757</p><p>XLOUGHEEDSKYTRAINSTATION</p><p>LOUGHEEDTOWN CENTRE</p><p>LOUGHEED HWY</p><p>AUSTINROAD</p><p>NOR</p><p>THRO</p><p>AD</p><p>Viewwith</p><p>OFFERS IN EFFECT OCT. 10 TO OCT. 16, 2013. OPEN HOLIDAY MONDAY OCT. 14 11AM TO 6PM.UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED, WHILE QUANTITIES LAST. 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