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Burnaby Now October 25 2013


<ul><li><p>Your source for local sports, news, weather and entertainment! &gt;&gt; www.burnabynow.com</p><p>Get scared atHaunted Village</p><p>PAGE 8</p><p>Hookah teahouse hung up</p><p>PAGE 3</p><p>Burnabys first and favourite information source Delivery 604-942-3081 Friday, October 25, 2013</p><p>Securityraisesred flag</p><p>KINDER MORGAN</p><p>Stolen: Rosanna Beraldine holds a photo of her late daughter Lucia Hazelton.Lucias family keeps her spirit alive with small reminders, including her originalbirth certificate, which was in Beraldines wallet when it was stolen last weekend.Stolen Page 4 Pipeline Page 10</p><p>Don Hauka and Jennifer Moreaustaff reporter</p><p>When four-year-old Lucia Hazelton died,her family continued living their lives asthough their first-born was still with them.</p><p>Her mother, Rosanna Beraldine, keptreminders of Lucia with her at all times,including a photo of her daughter as her cell-phone background.</p><p>Beraldine even kept Lucias birth certificatein her wallet, alongside her other two daugh-ters birth certificates and her own, as a way tohave Lucia with her everywhere she went.</p><p>(She) was with me always, all the time,Beraldine said. It just makes me feel like shes(Lucia) coming with mewherever I go, like sheused to.</p><p>In 2008, the family lived in a gated com-munity in Burnaby. On Christmas Eve, Luciawas playing in the snow with the other kidsin the complex when a neighbour backed outof their driveway and struck the four-year-old.The freak accident left a hole in the family andcarrying Lucias birth certificate with her wascomforting to Beraldine. It was a reminder thatone day their family would be whole again,after this life has ended, she said.</p><p>But on Sunday afternoon Beraldine and herfamily suffered another heartbreak.</p><p>Beraldines wallet in which she kept Luciasbirth certificate was stolen from the BonsorRecreation Centre during a kids swap meet.From 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., Beraldine managed atable at the swap meet. She kept her purse ona chair under her jacket, and she tucked thechair under her table while she spoke withcustomers.</p><p>I was standing there the whole time so I</p><p>For thelove of adaughter</p><p>Mother makes a public pleafor thief to return her latedaughters birth certificate</p><p>Cayley Dobiestaff reporter</p><p>A lack of security at facilitieslike Kinder Morgans WestridgeMarine Terminal poses a threat topublic safety, says an SFU securityexpert.</p><p>Douglas Ross, of Simon Fraserspolitical science department, saidthe ease with which Greenpeaceactivists occupied the oil terminallast Wednesday illustrates the vul-nerability of Canadian industrialsites.</p><p>Ross said corporations areunlikely to spend big bucks onsecurity until after an incidenttakes place.</p><p>Security all around, all thetime, is really expensive, saidRoss. Until an incident happens,corporations are unlikely to paywhat is necessary to protect highlysensitive sites such as refineries,pipelines incredibly vulnerable,given (the) vast size and most-ly in remote locations chemicalstorage facilities or transportationequipment.</p><p>While local oil facilities, such asthe Chevron refinery and the TransMountain pipeline terminus, havebeen in place for decades, Rosswould like to see these kinds offacilities located away from popu-lated areas.</p><p>Pre 9/11, nobody was think-ing about home-grown terroristspotentially getting a hold of trucksloaded with explosives, gasolinebombs or things like that to wreakhavoc in a facility like that. Thats</p><p>Jason Lang/burnaby now</p><p>Try our newmenu.</p><p>Kick start your senses inPERi-PERi new ways!Nandos Kingsway</p><p>4334 Kingsway, Burnaby604-434-6220</p><p>2961 Norland Avenue, Burnaby604-299-3121</p><p>TVs, Computers , ElectronicsTVs, Computers , Electronics&amp; Small Appliances&amp; Small Appliances</p><p>BRIAN VIDASBRIAN VIDAS604.671.5259BRIAN VIDAS PERSONAL REAL ESTATE CORPORATION</p><p>.com</p><p>CENTRE REALTY</p></li><li><p>A02 Friday, October 25, 2013 Burnaby NOW</p><p>Renderings are artist interpretation only. Pricing and incentives are subject to change withoutnotice. Please see an Onni sales representative for details. E. &amp; O.E.</p><p>604.523.0733 | ONNI.COM</p><p>VISIT US TODAYPRESENTATION CENTRE NOWOPEN295 FRANCIS WAY, NEWWESTMINSTER | OPEN DAILY 126PM EXCEPT FRIDAYS</p><p>Onni proudly presents the final two opportunities to own at Victoria Hill, New Westminsters award-winningcommunity. 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So after 12 years ofoperating out of that location, wewere forced to relocate.</p><p>The tea house found a newlocation near the corner of SperlingAvenue and Hastings Street,Adibi-Larijani said, but historyrepeated itself, and the businessonce again needs an exemptionfrom the smoking bylaw.</p><p>We dont have non-smokersthat enter our premises, she said.Theyre entering an establish-ment that is strictly for smoking.If we build a separate smokingroom, our patrons will only berestricted to smoke, and we willnot be permitted to serve water ortea, which is an integral part of the</p><p>traditional tea house, and thatswhy we call it a tea house.</p><p>Adibi-Larijani said building asmoking room would not onlyisolate customers but come at ahuge cost for her family to build,ventilate and keep heated.</p><p>We believe that itwill severely alter theculture aspect of thetea house, as the seat-ing provided consistsof cushioned benches,and our patrons willessentially be staring ata wall rather than eachother, what theyreused to, if a wall isbuilt to separate the room.</p><p>Mayor Derek Corrigan saidbusinesses in Burnaby have gonethrough these issues in the past,such as pubs that needed smokingsections, which were later prohib-ited.</p><p>The provincial governmentthen said they can have smokingrooms, he said, noting legionsand clubs retrofitted their build-ings for them, at a cost. Then the</p><p>provincial government decidedthat, in fact, smoking rooms werenot permitted, and so all of themlost the investment that they hadput in.</p><p>Corrigan noted the changeshappened within a few years</p><p>of each other, andthe businesses didnot have the time tobounce back from it.</p><p>(There was) notime for them to beable to regain thatinvestment that theyput in, so this is notsomething that wehavent dealt with</p><p>before, which is the regulationsthat are imposed on cities by FraserHealth, he said.</p><p>Corrigan noted that he, too, wasconfused over why Port Moodyand Vancouver could makeexemptions for traditional hookahlounges, but Burnaby staffers havetold him Fraser Health will notpermit them.</p><p>Lou Pelletier, director of plan-ningandbuilding,saidPortMoody</p><p>and Vancouver accommodated teahouses through an amendment intheir smoking bylaws.</p><p>We have to level an investiga-tion to look into an amendmentand take that through a correctionprocess, to see if that would beapproved at a correction level,he said, adding that Fraser Healthmay have to approve it.</p><p>Burnaby council asked staff tocome back with a report on theissue quickly, to see if the busi-ness can be accommodated with-out getting into trouble with thehealth authority.</p><p>Im a little more interestedin how Port Moodys doing it, iftheyre accommodating it, becauseit will be close to us, Corriganadded. Theyre under the localgovernment act, and theyre goingto be dealing with Fraser Health.</p><p>However, a Fraser HealthAuthority inspector said its onlyenforcing the Burnaby bylaw andnot its own policy.</p><p>Gordon Stewart is the managerof health protection in Burnaby,</p><p>Carter Dodge*Visions*Superstore*The Needle and I QuiltShop*Fair Market*M&amp;M Meats*</p><p>* not in all areas</p><p>6 Opinion</p><p>6,7 Letters</p><p>13 Arts</p><p>19 Top 5</p><p>23 Motoring</p><p>33 Sports</p><p>37 Classifieds</p><p>Last weeks questionDo you believe the ethics rules forMPs need to be tougher?YES 90% NO 10%</p><p>This weeks questionCould you live on $3.60 a day forfood?</p><p>Vote at: www.burnabynow.com</p><p>5 Coats needed 9 Resident opposes bylaw 11 Students clean up city</p><p>Using Layar: Download theLayar app to your smartphone. Lookfor the Layar symbol. Scan the photoor the page of the story as instructed.Ensure the photo or headline is entirelycaptured by your device. 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So does rapperBaba BrinkmanPage 13</p><p>Photos: Where in the worldis the Burnaby NOW?Page 15</p><p>Like theBurnaby NOWon FacebookJoin theconversation</p><p>NLINEEXTRAS</p><p>Check out more localcontent at www.burnabynow.com</p><p>NEWSCommunity muraltriumphs over graffiti</p><p>ENTERTAINMENTYoung Burnaby star onthe rise</p><p>PHOTO GALLERIESPaper Postcards wherehas the Burnaby NOWbeen travelling?</p><p>EVENTSCheck out our up-to-datearts and events calendarsfor Burnaby</p><p>Follow the BurnabyNOW on Twitter fornews as it happens @BurnabyNOW_news</p><p>Burnaby hookah lounge in limboHAFEZ TEA HOUSE WANTS TO CONTINUE TO PROVIDE SMOKING SERVICE</p><p>In limbo: Burnabys Hafez Tea House owner NasrinJafargholizadeh and her family appealed to city council at itsMonday night meeting, to make an exemption in its smokingbylaw for hookah lounges so it can continue to operate.</p><p>Larry Wright/burnaby now</p><p>For morephotos,</p><p>scan with</p><p>Hookah Page 4</p><p>Stefania Secciastaff reporter</p><p>SPEAKYou can commenton this story at</p><p>www.burnabynow.com</p><p>UP</p><p>Burnaby NOW Friday, October 25, 2013 A03</p></li><li><p>A04 Friday, October 25, 2013 Burnaby NOW</p><p>assumed it was the safest place for it(the purse), she said.</p><p>As the day went by, the sale gotbusier and busier. The recreation cen-tre had a lineup of customers waitingto check out the different tables.</p><p>They let in 200 people at one time,and thats what you want, so it was allgood, she said.</p><p>It wasnt until later that night,around 9 p.m. while Beraldine wasat her parents house, that she noticedthe wallet was gone.</p><p>Hoping she had just left the wal-let at home or misplaced it, Beraldinescoured her own home and called</p><p>Bonsor, hoping someone had turned itin. Unfortunately no one had turned itin, and it wasnt in her house.</p><p>Beraldine figures someone musthave taken the wallet from her pursewhile she was distracted.</p><p>Im assuming that something hap-pened when I was busy and not look-ing. I was quite shocked that someonewas able to just slip in there and takeit (the wallet), she said.</p><p>While Beraldine has no hope ofgetting her money or credit cards back she has already cancelled them andapplied for new ID for her other kidsas well as herself she, and her hus-band Len, are desperate to get Lucias</p><p>original birth certificate back.Im hoping that someone or who-</p><p>ever has it, if theyve dumped it andsomebody finds it that they just turnit in, Beraldine said. That birth cer-tificate is the most important thing inthat (wallet).</p><p>Beraldines wallet is a mix of blackpatent leather and plain leather with asilver plate on the front andNineWestengraved into the plate.</p><p>Beraldine is asking anyone whomay have found the wallet to returnit with her daughters birth certificateinside to the Bonsor Recreation Centreor call the Burnaby RCMP at 604-294-7922.</p><p>and he said the citys bylaw wasrevised in 1997.</p><p>He told the Burnaby NOW that theprovincial rules are based aroundtobacco smoke, whereas the city bylawincludes hookah smoke.</p><p>In the Burnaby bylaw, it talksabout smoking anything, he said.</p><p>The interpretation comes down towhether or not the business is a privateclub or open to the public. If its opento the public, then it needs a smokingroom, according to Stewart.</p><p>Stewart said Hafez Tea House was</p><p>evicted from its previous place becausethe building was undergoing a rede-velopment and it was working withFraser Health to get a new spot thatwould comply with Burnabys bylaw.However, a few weeks ago Stewartsaid they found Hafez had openedto the public but had not receivedFraser Healths approval, so it wasshut down.</p><p>We found them operating twoweeks ago, and we closed themdown, he added. From my perspec-tive, we were still working with them, then all of a sudden they were open</p><p>without our approval. Its a bit of achallenge.</p><p>He said the operation has alsochanged as it now has a stage forentertainment, which goes against thestrict guidelines of a smoking room asit only allows for smoking equipmentto be present in the completely sepa-rated room and nothing else.</p><p>We had to take some action onthem just so they would go throughthe normal approval process, he said.Weve been working with the city toget this done up until the last coupleof months.</p><p>continued from page 1</p><p>continued from page 3</p><p>Hookah: Business open without health approval</p><p>Stolen: Birth certificate a memento for parents</p><p>McDonalds 3695 Lougheed Highway 3444 E. Hastings Street 4805 E. 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