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<ul><li><p>Canadian Quidditchteam captures bronze</p><p>PAGE 3</p><p>Rugby fun at Highland7s tournament</p><p>PAGE 18</p><p>Burnabys first and favourite information source Delivery 604-942-3081 Wednesday, July 23, 2014</p><p>Your source for local sports, news, weather and entertainment! &gt;&gt; www.burnabynow.com</p><p>People came outin droves forthe annual FijiFestival, heldat SwangardStadium thisyear. The celebra-tion highlightsFijian culture andincludes singing,dancing, soccergames, vendorsand rides for thekids. At left, peo-ple making thetraditional yagonadrink, which wasshared with localdignitaries.</p><p>Formorephotos,scanwithLayar</p><p>Fijianpride</p><p>Mayor Derek Corrigan hasvowed to push back on KinderMorgans attempts to surveyBurnaby Mountain for a pipe-line route. Meanwhile, the oilcompany is planning to ask theNational Energy Board to go overthe citys head.</p><p>Kinder Morgan Canada presi-dent Ian Anderson said the com-</p><p>pany would seek the NationalEnergy Boards help accessingthe land if Burnaby refuses tocooperate.</p><p>We would prefer to have thecitys permission to access thecitys lands in order to work, andwe will be formally requestingthat soon. If it is not provided,then we will go the NationalEnergy Board and seek a rulingof the board to have the author-ity to instruct the city to grant us</p><p>access to those lands, he said ina conference call with media onFriday. Anderson indicated thecompany would apply to the cityand the NEB concurrently, andhe expected the process wouldtake weeks, not months.</p><p>The city, which is staunchlyopposed to the pipeline expan-sion, rejected the companysinformal query to drill holes onthe mountain, which is a dedi-cated park and conservation area.</p><p>According to Corrigan, consul-tants (who did not initially iden-tify themselves as affiliates ofKinder Morgan) asked city staffif they could drill holes in thepark.</p><p>Staff treated it as anyonecoming in and making an inqui-ry. We said, Well, its not likelywere going to give you approvalto start digging up a park, andthat was the limit of the discus-sion, Corrigan said. Afterwards,</p><p>city staff confirmed the consul-tants were working with KinderMorgan, he added.</p><p>The relationship betweenthe two parties has soured, andAnderson said Burnaby has bro-ken off contact.</p><p>Since we filed our applica-tion in December, virtually allcommunication with Burnabyhas been terminated by them,Anderson said.</p><p>City, KinderMorgan at odds over mountain</p><p>Kinder Morgan Page 8</p><p>Jennifer Moreaustaff reporter</p><p>Lisa King/burnaby now</p><p>AWARD WINNING PROFESSIONAL SERVICE</p><p>BRIAN VIDASBRIAN VIDAS com</p><p>604.671.5259BRIAN VIDAS PERSONAL REAL ESTATE CORPORATION</p><p>SUTTON CENTRE REALTY$!"'*(-#,*&amp;%#)+</p><p>"(%# $!&amp;%#'</p><p>EdithsMontessori.com</p><p>604-522-1586</p><p>French Immersion</p><p>Aheadstart for your child.</p><p>Callus</p><p>today!</p><p>Opening a New MontessoriPreschool Classroom in</p><p>September 2014!</p><p>French Immersion</p></li><li><p>2 Wednesday, July 23, 2014 Burnaby NOW</p><p>*See store for details.Clearance Items andHot Buys Excluded. 6Months No Interest,No PaymentsPromotional Offer: OAC with a La-Z-Boy credit card account. 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Checkout our latest batch oftravel photos.</p><p>Follow the BurnabyNOW on Twitter fornews as it happens @BurnabyNOW_news</p><p>Canada captured bronze at the 2014Quidditch Global Games at the BurnabyLake Sports Complex Saturday.</p><p>The international competition drewteams from seven countries to competefor global supremacy in the Harry Potter-inspired sport. The Canucks went 4-2 in theround-robin portion of the one-day tourna-ment, falling to eventual repeat championsU.S.A. and to Australia, who would go onto take silver.</p><p>The home team rallied in the bronzemedal game, however, defeating TeamU.K. 60-40 with a snitch snatch from seekerAlexander Graham.</p><p>Everybody left everything on thepitch that last game, said Rebecca Alley,a Burnaby native and assistant coach with</p><p>the team.It was the first time Alley, who recently</p><p>wrapped up four years of playing at theUniversity of Ottawa, had had a chance toshowcase quidditch in her hometown.</p><p>Friends and family were surprised andimpressed by the fast pace and physicalityof the full-contact, co-ed game, she said.</p><p>My grandma talked to me after one ofthe games and she said that she just has awhole new respect for the sport of quid-ditch and what Ive been doing for the lastfour years, Alley said.</p><p>The Canadian team also had a decidedhometown advantage when it came to fansupport at the local venue, she said.</p><p>An estimated 1,000 people came out tocheck out the unusual sport, and most puttheir support behind Team Canada.</p><p>It was just really really cool to experi-ence that because none of us had everplayed in a situation with that many spec-tators all cheering for us, Alley said. Theentire stand was full and there were peoplestanding along the fence and they were allcheering for us.</p><p>Quidditch team earnsrespect at games</p><p>Tough: Players from Team Canada, right, and Team U.S.A. battle for the quaffle during the U.S.A.-Canada match at the QuidditchGlobal Games, held Saturday at Burnaby Lake. Canada lost the match but rallied to defeat Team U.K. for the bronze medal.</p><p>Photos by Lisa King/burnaby now</p><p>On the go: Team Canada coach Hugh Podmoreflies down the field during Saturdays game.</p><p>Canada emerges with bronzeafter Global Games held atBurnaby Lake SaturdayCornelia Naylorstaff reporter</p><p>Formorephotos,scanwithLayar</p><p>Burnaby NOW Wednesday, July 23, 2014 3</p></li><li><p>4 Wednesday, July 23, 2014 Burnaby NOW</p><p>THATS HARD TO SWALLOW.Youre paying up to $90 a year to keep your spare fridgecooling stuff you never use, like expired pickles.Get rid of your spare fridge for FREE and get $30* in return at powersmart.ca/fridge</p><p>*Maximum two residential fridges per BC Hydro residential customer account. Fridge must be clean and in working condition. Fridge size must be limited to an interior volumeof 10 to 24 cubic feet (please check size). Bar-size, sub-zero and commercial fridges excluded. For a limited time only while funding lasts. Refer to website for complete details.</p><p>Nikkei Matsuri</p><p>The heart of Nikke</p><p>iBurnaby</p><p>'s family-friendly</p><p>Japanesefestival i</p><p>n the heart of M</p><p>etro Vancouver 6688 Southoaks Crescent</p><p>Kingsway &amp; SperlingBurnaby</p><p>www.nikkeimatsuri.ca</p><p>BurnabyCity of</p><p>Better House Better Life</p><p>KENYU KAI</p><p>VANCOUVER</p><p>FREEADMISSION</p><p> Food Game Zone Omikoshi Taiko Nikkeis Got TalentOrigami Bon-Odori Hello Kitty Workshop</p><p>..and More!</p><p>SATURDAY &amp; SUNDAY</p><p>AUGUST 30 &amp; 31</p></li><li><p>The off-duty Burnaby RCMPofficer who was docked six dayspay for uttering sexually explicitinsults at a woman who stole hisparking spot wasnt the only onewith a foul mouth in the alterca-tion.</p><p>In the adjudication reportobtained by the NOW, more</p><p>details have arisen regarding theargument the two had outside theWillowbrook Shopping Centre inLangley on the afternoon of NewYears Eve 2011.</p><p>The agreed statement of factsnotes that Harinder Paul Pablawas waiting for a parking spotto open with his turn signal onwhen Jessica Olive took the space.Pabla ended up parking a shortdistance away, and as he walkedtoward the mall entrance, he toldOlive that he had been waitingfor the spot with his signal on.</p><p>She curtly replied, I didntsee your f**king blinker, andcontinued walking, reads thestatement. Rather than leave it atthat, (Pabla) suggested to (Olive)</p><p>that she ought to get a lighter pairof sunglasses, and she replied,Well, maybe you should con-sider not being a f**king dick,and gave him the finger.</p><p>The statement continues withseveral sexually explicit com-ments from Pabla, to which Olivekicked him in the leg and kneeand hit him with her purse. Asthey walked toward the mallentrance, Olive told him to stopfollowing her and dropped aseries of F-bombs, then uttereda racial slur before advancingtoward him in an aggressivemanner, as if she was intent onassaulting him again.</p><p>At this point, Pabla pulled outhis badge, identified himself as a</p><p>cop and told her that she couldbe arrested if she assaulted himagain.</p><p>Olive turned around to headback toward the mall entranceand Pabla headed the same direc-tion to go to the dentist.</p><p>(Pabla) proceeded to walkpast her, intending to give hera wide berth. As he did so, sheswung her purse at him, hittinghim in the groin and head area.He swung his arm at her to wardoff further blows, contacting hershoulder, then continued towardsand into the mall to the adjacentdentist office.</p><p>While Olive told police thatPabla had assaulted her, a judgeruled last August that the situa-</p><p>tion was, in fact, vice versa. Pablawas acquitted of the charge, andthe judge decided that he acted inself-defence in response to theunprovoked assault she perpe-trated against him while he waswalking past her.</p><p>Nonetheless, the judge notedthat Pabla had been the authorof his own misfortune and thathis demeanour, tone, use ofsarcasm and gutterspeak wasunacceptable for a 16-year RCMPofficer.</p><p>The disciplinary decisionnoted that Pablas off-dutyactions go against the RCMPscore values and the adjudicationboard upheld the forfeiture of sixdays pay.</p><p>Officer was author of his ownmisfortuneRCMP report revealsmore details about spatover parking spot</p><p>Jacob Zinnstaff reporter</p><p>Warning: Language in thisstory may offend some readers.</p><p>Burnaby and New Westminster is the only sub-regionin Metro Vancouver that didnt experience an increasein annual bus boardings between 2010 and 2013, accord-ing to Translinks 2013 Bus Service Performance Reviewreleased last week.</p><p>While the two cities actually saw a two per cent increasein boardings between 2012 and 2013, their three-year ratewas flat, unlike the rest of the metro region, which saw acombined three per cent increase over the same period.</p><p>Annual service hours for the two cities remained near-ly the same, at 471,000 hours in 2013 compared to 469,000in 2010. But the cost per boarded passenger decreased 3.2per cent, from $1.34 in 2010 to $1.29, due in part because ofan increased use of mini-buses, which are cheaper to run.</p><p>To see the report, visit translink.ca.twitter.com/CorNaylor</p><p>Bus ridership not rising</p><p>Burnaby NOW Wednesday, July 23, 2014 5</p><p>COFFEE WITHRICHARD!JOIN ME FORA COFFEE</p><p>&amp; LETS TALK.</p><p>DATE:Saturday, July 26TIME:9:00 - 10:30 amPLACE:Caffe Artigiano4359 HastingsBurnaby</p><p>I hope to see you there!</p><p>Richard T. LeeMLA Burnaby North604.775.0778</p><p>Email:Richard.Lee.MLA@leg.bc.cawww.richardleemla.bc.catwitter.com/richard_t_lee</p><p>Sunday, July 27th11am - 4pm</p><p>LESISM</p><p>ORE</p><p>THESYNDICATE</p><p>WEST ENDBUSINESSASSOCIATION Peter Julian MP Judy Darcy MLAFor Vendor Inqu i r i e s , c a l l 604 -786 -7165 or ema i l newweba@gma i l . c om</p><p>6th &amp; 10th Avenue</p><p>Blues, Rock, Jazz and Swing arethe sounds of the 12th Street Music</p><p>Festival. FREE family fun includes thepopular petting zoo, Ishdafish childrens</p><p>entertainer and childrens Arts andCrafts with the Glenbrooke preschool andthe New Westminster Arts Council. Come</p><p>er 12th Street andbring your appetite.</p><p>WEN</p><p>DYBISC</p><p>UIT</p><p>rediscover 12bring y</p><p>Java Jazz, Royal City Swing,The Tiger Exhibit,The Silver Spurs,&amp; Funkdaliciouse</p><p>FOURSTAGES!</p></li><li><p>6 Wednesday, July 23, 2014 Burnaby NOW</p><p>Other than beautifulscenery and having thesame monarch, B.C. andAustralia dont have much incommon.</p><p>And they have even less incommon now, because Australiahas scrapped itscarbon tax, which isstill very much aliveand kicking in thisprovince.</p><p>The Australian carbon taxwas introduced in 2010 by aLabor Party government thathad just won an election aftervowing to not implement sucha tax.</p><p>However, while the LaborParty won the election, it did notwin a majority of seats. It neededthe support of the Green Party toform government and the pricefor that was giving the GreenParty what it wanted: a carbontax, which Labor had been onrecord as opposing before theelection.</p><p>Needless to say, the publicwas furious. The Labor Partysubsequently changed leadersand said it would repeal the car-bon tax, but it was still defeatedin last years election.</p><p>There is a striking parallelhere, of course, to another taxcontroversy: the HST that for-mer premier Gordon Campbellsprung on an unsuspecting pub-lic after the 2009 election cam-paign, during which his partyhad actually stated it had no</p><p>designs to introduce such a tax.Like his Australian counter-</p><p>parts, Campbell was driven fromoffice by a tax revolt. Except, thecritical difference here is thatanother big tax brought in byCampbell the carbon tax gen-</p><p>erated no such revolt,and instead appears tohave paid off.</p><p>In fact, B.C.s carbontax actually hurt the</p><p>party that opposed it the NDP,which opposed the tax after itwas introduced in 2008, andmade its opposition to the tax akey part of its 2009 election plat-form, which was firmly rejectedby the voters.</p><p>Campbell artfully tied thisprovinces carbon tax t...</p></li></ul>