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<ul><li><p>You would have to fillSwangard Stadiummorethan twice to account forthe number of working poorin Burnaby.Those are thenumbers from a new studytrying to shed light on thegrowing problem inMet-roVancouver and recom-mending action to deal with</p><p>the issue.The study by the Canadi-</p><p>an Centre for Policy Alter-natives found the number ofworking poor has increasedbetween 2006 and 2012across the region.However, in Burnaby, the</p><p>number of working poorover the same time periodremained flat, dipping to 9.4per cent in 2012 from 9.6per cent in 2006.</p><p>But at 9.4 per cent, theworking poverty rate is stillfourth highest in the regionbehind Richmond,Vancou-ver and GreaterVancouverElectoral Area A.The studyestimates there are 11,110working poor individualsliving in Burnaby.The studys author, Iglika</p><p>Ivanova, said governmentsand business leaders oftenclaim the way to deal with</p><p>poverty is to create morejobs, but she suggested thenumber of people work-ing but not able to lift out ofpoverty means the econom-</p><p>ic system isnt working.We have a problem</p><p>when working is no longer aguaranteed path out of pov-erty, she told theNOW.In Burnaby, 60 per cent</p><p>of the working poor areaged 30 to 54, and 43 percent have children.A break-down shows the largestnumber of working poor arein the South Burnaby andMetrotown area of the city.</p><p>The median individualincome (before tax) of Met-roVancouvers working poorwas $15,040 in 2012.Ivanova also argued the</p><p>growing rate of workingpoor is creating problemsfor the future, while a lot ofmoney is being spent deal-ing with the consequenc-es of poverty, in places likehealth care and policing.</p><p>WEDNESDAY JULY 6, 2016 LOCAL NEWS LOCAL MATTERS</p><p>NEWS 5 COMMUNITY 11 ARTS 21Speak up about the pipeline He fixes up bikes for kids in need Arts alive at Deer Lake</p><p>Theres more at Burnabynow.com</p><p>Workingpoorwouldll stadiumtwiceCITYHASFOURTHHIGHESTRATEINLOWERMAINLAND</p><p>TANABATATURNS:Nanami Iwata, 5,andKotoneOtsuki,3, right, dancetogetherduringSaturdays TanabataFestival at theNikkeiNationalMuseumandCultural CentreinBurnaby. Thefestival is basedonanancientlegendof younglovers separated.Today it includesmuchdancing,makingwishes,carnival gamesandtraditional food. Forphotos seeanonlinegallery atwww.burnabynow.com.</p><p>PHOTOJENNIFERGAUTHIER</p><p>Continuedonpage8</p><p>... 60percentoftheworkingpoorareaged30to54</p><p>GOTOPAGE 27</p><p>C O V E R A G E</p><p>FOR THEBEST LOCAL</p><p>ByJeremyDeutschjdeutsch@burnabynow.com</p><p>Shop for Toyota, Scion and Pre-Owned Vehicles Check our Facebook Page for Updates &amp; Job Postings Facebook /DestinationToyota</p><p>NEW LOCATION4451 STILL CREEK DRIVE, BURNABY</p><p>SALES, SERVICE, PARTS &amp; BODY SHOP</p></li><li><p>2 WEDNESDAY July 6, 2016 BurnabyNOW</p><p>100% BC Owned and Operated</p><p>BLUEBERRYFESTIVALPrices Effective July 7 to July 13, 2016.</p><p>www.choicesmarkets.com /ChoicesMarkets @ChoicesMarkets /Choices_Markets</p><p>GROCERY</p><p>xxx xxx product of xxx</p><p>BAKERY</p><p>Whilequ</p><p>antitieslast.N</p><p>otallitemsavailableat</p><p>allstores.Wereservetherig</p><p>htto</p><p>corre</p><p>ctprintin</p><p>gerrors.</p><p>MEAT</p><p>9.49</p><p>assorted varieties284gproduct of Canada</p><p>Blue Monkey Coconut Water</p><p>250 or 750ml product of Italy</p><p>Berio Olive Oil Organic ExtraVirgin or Extra Virgin</p><p>Simply NaturalOrganic Salad Dressing</p><p>assorted varieties354ml product of USA</p><p>3.19</p><p>Way Better Tortilla Chips</p><p>LAncetre Organic Cheese</p><p>Camino Organic Fair Trade Chocolate Barsassorted varieties</p><p>100gproduc of Peru, Paraguay</p><p>Hot Kid Want Want Rice Crispsassorted varieties</p><p>10.99lb/24.23kg</p><p>Earths Choice Canned Tuna and Salmon</p><p>CaliforniaOrganic Celery</p><p>.98lb/2.16kg</p><p>Organic Hot Houseon the Vine Tomatoesfrom Origin Organics,Delta,BC</p><p>2.98lb/6.57kg</p><p>Organic BlueberriesfromWarkentin Farm,</p><p>Abbotsford, BC1 pint packge</p><p>3.98</p><p>PRODUCE</p><p>BC Peaches</p><p>1.98lb/4.37kg</p><p>Boneless Skinless Chicken Breastsvalue pack</p><p>5.99lb/13.21kg</p><p>Fresh BonelessCentre CutPork Roasts</p><p>6.99lb/15.41kg</p><p>Ocean WiseFresh WholeRainbow Trout</p><p>7.99lb/17.61kg</p><p>Ocean Wise Wild FreshSockeye Salmon Fillets</p><p>value pack</p><p>All Things Blueberry: Muffins, Scones and Piesassorted varieties and sizes</p><p>2.99 to 10.99</p><p>28%SAVE</p><p>Greek Gods Greek Yogurt</p><p>4.29 to4.49</p><p>assorted varieties500gproduct of Canada</p><p>SpectrumMayonnaiseassorted varieties</p><p>assorted sizes</p><p>3.49 to7.9939%</p><p>SAVEUP TO</p><p>Organic Meadow Ice Creamassorted varieties</p><p>946ml</p><p>6.9925%SAVE</p><p>8.29 to11.99</p><p>1.49 or11.99</p><p>32%SAVE</p><p>UP TO</p><p>assorted varieties330ml or 6 pack+deposit +eco fee</p><p>45%SAVE</p><p>assorted varieties156g</p><p>40%SAVE 3.49</p><p>3.59 to5.49</p><p>Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Beveragesor Nut Thins</p><p>assorted varietiesassorted sizes</p><p>32%SAVE</p><p>assorted varieties assorted sizesproduct of Canada /Vietnam</p><p>25%SAVE</p><p>2.99 to5.99 7.9938</p><p>%SAVE</p><p>assorted varieties325gproduct of Canada</p><p>3.9928%SAVE</p><p>21%SAVE</p><p>Kicking Horse Organic Fair TradeGround Coffee</p><p>30%SAVE</p><p>100gproduct of China</p><p>2.29</p><p>WELLNESS</p><p>20% offRegular Retail Price</p><p>Heading up to the Okanagan?</p><p>Join Us at Our Family Night Market.</p><p>Stop by Choices Markets in Kelowna from 4-8pm to celebrate summer with your family</p><p>and Choices. 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So far,Burnaby and other partieshave been filing challengesover the NEBs recommen-dation, but thats not the fi-nal step.One of the decisions (to-</p><p>days ruling) decided is youcant bring a judicial re-view at this point.You haveto wait for the Governor inCouncils decision, he said.What the court holds is</p><p>that you can only file one,and thats at the end of theprocess.On June 17, the City of</p><p>Burnaby filed an applicationwith the Federal Court ofAppeal asking for a judicialreview of the National Ener-gy Boards recommendationto approve the Kinder Mor-gan pipeline expansion proj-ect.The City ofVancouver,theTsleil-Waututh Nationand the Squamish Nationall filed similar applicationschallenging the NEBs de-cision.But the NEB doesnt</p><p>have the final say on thepipeline.That comes later,likely in December, fromfederal cabinet, expressedformally as a decision by theGovernor in Council. Sofar,Vancouver, Burnaby andlocal First Nations have ap-pealed at the NEB level, butthey will likely need to chal-</p><p>lenge the governments fi-nal decision if the Liberalschoose to move ahead withKinder Morgan.Last weeks Enbridge de-</p><p>cision will likely be appealedat the Supreme Court ofCanada,McDade said.We may have to wait</p><p>to see what the next level</p><p>says,McDade added. Ifthis decision is right, and itmay very well be, the CityofVancouver and all theseFirst Nations still have acase, they just have to wait.That was an open ques-tion in the law before. No-body really knew.Burnaby Mayor Derek</p><p>Corrigan was happy to hearthe news but noted citiesdont have nearly the sameclout as First Nations whenit comes to legal challengesagainst pipelines.All of these decisions</p><p>Newsnow</p><p>CELEBRATE:It justwouldnt beCanadaDaywithouta coupleofMountiesin red serge.OscarLi, upper left, poseswith theofficers in fulldressuniforms. Above,theKavitalDancersperformedatEdmondsCommunityCentreaspart of CanadaDaydiversity celebrations;far left, kids enjoy themusic at Edmonds. Atleft, a familymakesaphotographicmemoryofCanadaDay.</p><p>PHOTOSJENNIFERGAUTHIER</p><p>OH,CANADA!</p><p>WhatdoesEnbridgedecisionmeanforus?THEPIPELINE</p><p>ByJenniferMoreaujmoreau@burnabynow.com</p><p>Federal court of appeal ruling finds the government of Canada failed to adequately consult with First Nations</p><p>Allof thesedecisionshave tobemade in lightof the fact thatFirst</p><p>Nationshaveconstitutional status ...</p><p>Continuedonpage4</p><p>BurnabyNOW WEDNESDAY July 6, 2016 3</p></li><li><p>Citynow</p><p>have to be made in light ofthe fact that First Nationshave constitutional sta-tus, and the requirements(for) dealing with First Na-tions are much more oner-ous than dealing with cities.That irony is not lost on methat a city of a quarter of amillion people doesnt havethe ability to get the atten-tion of the courts as well asa First Nation he said.Its always the difficulty inour system of cities with the</p><p>responsibilities we have be-ing the low man on the to-tem pole.Corrigan said the courts</p><p>have repeatedly rejectedBurnabys attempts to up-</p><p>hold its bylaws, but if FirstNations arent properly con-sulted, it can overturn anentire process.Its really the ace up</p><p>our sleeve, as cities cant domuch but First Nations canand will, he said.When asked if the First</p><p>Nations, Burnaby andVan-couver get together to co-ordinate their anti-pipelineefforts, Corrigan said theirlawyers are all in touch witheach other.</p><p>Cities lowmanonthetotempole:Corrigan</p><p>Its really theaceupoursleeve, ascitiescantdo</p><p>much</p><p>Continued frompage3</p><p>Catch breaking news at burnabynow.com LOCAL NEWS, LOCAL MATTERS</p><p>4 WEDNESDAY July 6, 2016 BurnabyNOW</p><p>TAKING SUMMER ADVENTURE TONEWHEIGHTS.Board the GuinnessWorld Record-breaking PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola and discover over 50</p><p>kilometres of hiking trails, mountaintop barbecues, mountainside spas, bear viewing</p><p>and more. 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Beech said hewont be surprisedif the event attractsa lot of pipeline op-ponents.When people</p><p>arent happy aboutsomething, thatsespecially when wewant to hear fromthem, he said.Beech said he</p><p>wants to hear fromcommunity members onboth sides of the issue andthat the next few months arevery important.The thing is, I have a</p><p>voice on this issue; I dont</p><p>have a veto. But the morepeople that are engaged, thestronger my voice can be,he said.The federal Liberals have</p><p>put together a three-personpanel to consult with com-munities along the pipe-line route.The deadline for</p><p>the federal governments fi-nal decision on the project isDec. 19.Confederation Commu-</p><p>nity Centre is at 4595Al-bert St.Beech is also planning a</p><p>second event,most likely inearly September, with all ofthe federal Liberal MPs inB.C. attending.</p><p>MPplanstownhallmeetingonpipeline</p><p>KINDERMORGANEXPANSION</p><p>TerryBeechBurnabyNorthMP</p><p>Ihaveavoiceonthis issue; Idonthaveaveto.</p><p>BurnabyNOW WEDNESDAY July 6, 2016 5</p><p>HURRY!PROMO EXPIRES</p><p>JULY 15 Th, 2016!</p><p>$400/m</p><p>Hundreds of 1-of-a-kind DESIGNER cuts&amp; Import CLEAROUT Fabrics! 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Hav-ing foxes stationed at thehenhouse door had been</p><p>introduced by the Liber-al government a numberof years earlier under theguise of red...</p></li></ul>