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<ul><li><p>ImeldaMay on love,life and the blues</p><p>PAGE 3</p><p>Aboriginal youth findsolidarity in cycling</p><p>PAGE 11</p><p>Burnabys first and favourite information source Delivery 604-942-3081 Friday, July 25, 2014</p><p>Your source for local sports, news, weather and entertainment! &gt;&gt; www.burnabynow.com</p><p>The Burnaby SPCA is trying to find homesfor six sled dogs from Pemberton.</p><p>The dogs, all husky mixes, were given upwhen the company was no longer able tohouse the animals.</p><p>They lost the property in which the ani-mal were being kept, said Ryan Voutilainen,branch manager Burnaby SPCA.</p><p>According to Voutilainen, the dogs were</p><p>kept in pens when they werent working, andthey have dental issues, which may be fromchewing on rocks or the cages out of boredomor frustration.</p><p>City life is going to be very new to them.Its something we will be providing sup-port with, Voutilainen said, adding adoptiveowners can expect advice over the phone andvisits from SPCA staff if needed.</p><p>Its not uncommon for sled-dog companiesto abandon or euthanize their dogs. The 2010Whistler case is an extreme example of inhu-</p><p>mane slaughter: roughly 100 dogs were shotor had their throats slit after a slump in busi-ness following the Olympics.</p><p>There are now new regulations in B.C.,which require sled-dog owners to have anend-of-life plan for their dogs when they gointo retirement.</p><p>In this case this person didnt really haveanything set up, Voutilainen said.</p><p>Anyone interested in adopting a sled dogcan contact the SPCA by calling 604-291-7201or visiting 3202 Norland Ave.</p><p>Canine companions: Mallory Hoyland, an animal-care attendant with the SPCA, with some of the sled dogs that need homes. Thedogs came to the Burnaby SPCA from Pemberton.</p><p>Sled dogs need good homes</p><p>Larry Wright/burnaby now</p><p>Jennifer Moreaustaff reporter</p><p>The proposed two-towerGold House development inMetrotown was met with oppo-sition from Burnaby First sup-porters at the citys latest publichearing.</p><p>On Tuesday, former GreenParty candidate Rick McGowanand former Parents Voice schoolboard candidate Helen Wardquestioned the rezoning appli-cation for two highrises one41 storeys, the other 26 onBeresford between Cassie andMcKay avenues.</p><p>While the northern half of therectangular site is designated forhigh-density land use, the south-ern half is meant for mediumdensity, prompting McGowan toquestion how a highrise apart-ment building could be built onthe bottom portion of the site.</p><p>My concern is, if you put asecond tower behind the firsttower, that is going to set a prec-edent for the existing towers that theywill see this as anoppor-tunity to rezone behind those talltowers and build a secondarytower behind it in a north-southorientation, he said.</p><p>Ward asked about thetimeframe for a review of theMetrotown town centre plan,</p><p>DEVELOPMENT</p><p>For pixandvideo,scanwithLayar</p><p>Towersraiseconcern</p><p>Towers Page 9</p><p>NewMetrotown-areadevelopment sparksobjections at hearing</p><p>Jacob Zinnstaff reporter</p><p>AWARD WINNING PROFESSIONAL SERVICE</p><p>BRIAN VIDASBRIAN VIDAS com</p><p>604.671.5259BRIAN VIDAS PERSONAL REAL ESTATE CORPORATION</p><p>SUTTON CENTRE REALTY</p><p>Two can dinefor $18.99*</p><p>*Offer includes two chicken breast meals, or two double leg meals, or one of each.Each meal comes with one regular side. Offer cannot be combined with any otheroffers and has no cash value. Valid only at Nandos Kingsway until August 31st, 2014.</p><p>COFFEE WITH RICHARD!Saturday, July 269:00 - 10:30 amCaffe Artigiano</p><p>4359 Hastings, Burnaby</p><p>I hope to see you there!</p><p>RichardT. 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Lookfor the Layar symbol. Scan the photoor the page of the story as instructed.Ensure the photo or headline is entirelycaptured by your device. Check foradvertisements that have Layar content,too. Watch as our pages becomeinteractive.</p><p>View our stories andphotos with Layar</p><p>Watch a video of theadorable sled dogs that needhomesPage 1</p><p>Listen to Imelda Mays coverof Tainted LovePage 3</p><p>Hear local crooner HenryThompson sing a cappellaPage 13</p><p>See more photos of thecommunity block party inWest BurnabyPage 14</p><p>Like theBurnaby NOWon FacebookJoin theconversation</p><p>NLINEEXTRAS</p><p>Check out more localcontent at www.burnabynow.com</p><p>NEWSPolice investigatingBurnaby stabbing</p><p>NEWSFire incidents on the risein Burnaby</p><p>NEWSCops bust dial-a-dopeline in South Burnaby</p><p>COMMUNITYSee pics from theEdmonds City Fair</p><p>PHOTO GALLERIESCheck out our latestbatch of Paper Postcards</p><p>Follow the BurnabyNOW on Twitter fornews as it happens @BurnabyNOW_news</p><p>It must be hard for record store own-ers to categorize Imelda Mays music.The Dublin-born songstress has a nichegenre all to herself, fusing sultry jazz withupbeat rockabilly and traditional blues into</p><p>a uniquely modernsound that fits herquirky 50s look, pow-erful contralto voiceand onstage spunk.</p><p>Just a few weeksout from the BurnabyBlues &amp; RootsFestival, May chat-ted with the NOWabout performing as a</p><p>teenager in pubs and clubs, sharing the stagewith her classic rock influences and how shelost a boyfriend to the blues.</p><p>Jacob Zinn: Tell me about your upbringing.I understand your interest in music came fromyour older siblings.</p><p>Imelda May: Im the youngest of a big-gish family we had a two-bedroom housefor all seven of us, including my parents, andone record player. I was brought up listen-ing to everything from Bing Crosby and Nat</p><p>King Cole to TheCarpenters, TheSpecials, DavidBowie, Meat Loaf a huge amountof different, greatmusic.</p><p>One of mybrothers was into rockabilly Elvis, GeneVincent, Wanda Jackson and I just wentcrazy for it, but then I also went crazy forwhat came after. Ian Dury, Adam Ant, theClash, the Ramones and all these bands thatmade sense to me in my world.</p><p>JZ: You started performing in clubs at 16 andwere sometimes thrown out for being underage.How was it for you to get gigs in venues thatserved alcohol?</p><p>IM: My brothers and sisters used to sneakme in because I was way too young andthe owner used to turn a blind eye I dontthink you could get away with that anymore.Thats where I learned my trade. Ive nevergone to music college - that was my musiccollege. I soaked it all up and I loved it.</p><p>JZ: After working with some bands for a fewyears, you decided to go solo. What prompted thatdecision?</p><p>IM: I was bored. Not bored with music orthe bands, but I needed a challenge I waswriting my own music since I was 14 yearsold, but kept quiet about it. Like a lot of art-ists, I just wrote for myself and kept all mysongs in a big bag.</p><p>It came to a point where I didnt want tosing other peoples songs anymore. I really,really wanted to do my own stuff. I neededto push myself. Thats when I thought, itsnow or never.</p><p>JZ: Youve really carved out a style that is allyour own. How long did it take for you to find thesound that you were looking for?</p><p>IM: Not long, but forever and not long.Its like, Oh, shes an overnight sensationafter 25 years. Ive been in blues bands, jazzbands, swing bands, soul bands, rock bands,rockabilly bands it took forever, if youknow what I mean, to really get into all ofthese, but then when I was writing my songs,obviously, it all seeped into it.</p><p>Imelda charts her own courseIrish singer brings her jazz-rockabilly-blues sounds to theBurnaby Blues Fest stage</p><p>Photo contributed/burnaby now</p><p>Solo style: Irish songstress Imelda May brings her unique sound to the Burnaby Blues &amp;Roots Festival stage on Aug. 9.</p><p>ON MY BEATJacob Zinn</p><p>Imelda May Page 8</p><p>For avideo,scanwithLayar</p><p>Burnaby NOW Friday, July 25, 2014 3</p></li><li><p>4 Friday, July 25, 2014 Burnaby NOW</p><p>whitespot.ca</p><p>Celebrate BCA local celebration of freshness!From vine to glass and field to fork, we invite you to Celebrate BC with deliciousdishes inspired by fresh, local ingredients and paired with outstanding, BC VQA wines.Celebrate BC. On now for a limited time!</p><p>Legendary Burger,Caesar Salad &amp; Fresh BC</p><p>Blueberry Pie Combo</p><p>12.99</p><p>Viewmorewith</p><p>610 - 6th Street604-522-4800</p><p>NEW WESTMINSTER</p><p>4075 North Road604-421-4620</p><p>NORTH RD &amp; LOUGHEED5550 Kingsway(3.5 blocks east of Metrotown)604-434-6668</p><p>KINGSWAY BURNABY7519 Market Crossing604-431-5100</p><p>MARINE &amp; BYRNE</p><p>4129 Lougheed Hwy.604-299-4423</p><p>LOUGHEED &amp; GILMORE6500 Hasting Street604-299-2214</p><p>KENSINGTON SQUARE</p></li><li><p>Charges have beenlaid against a 25-year-old Burnaby man whoMounties allege left thecountry to join Islamistfighters in Syria.</p><p>In an emailed statement,the RCMP confirmed thaton July 17, Burnaby resi-dent Hasibullah Yusufzaiwas charged for allegedlytravelling overseas to takepart in terrorist activityby B.C.s division of theRCMP Integrated NationalSecurity EnforcementTeam.</p><p>The accused is beingsought for leaving Canadaon Jan. 21, 2014, to commitan offence for the benefitof, at the direction of or inassociation with a terror-ist group, contrary to sec-tion 83.201 of the CriminalCode, read the statement.</p><p>This is the first timesomeone in Canada hasbeen charged under section83.201 of the Criminal Code a new tool available to theRCMP to fight terrorism,</p><p>according to the statement.The criminal charge is</p><p>part of Canadas Anti-ter-rorism Act, known as BillS-7 or the CombattingTerrorism Act, which wasgiven Royal Assent in April2013. According to theDepartment of Justice, theact allows Criminal Codecharges to be laid againstindividuals who leave orattempt to leave Canadato commit a terrorismoffence.</p><p>Police allege Yusufzaileft Canada on Jan. 21, buthis current whereabouts areunknownat this time.WhileRCMP say they wont com-ment further on the inves-tigation as it is ongoing at</p><p>this time, the statement didsay officers would be work-ing actively with interna-tional partners.</p><p>This investigationunderscores the reality thatthere are individuals leav-ing Canada to take part interrorist activity. Further,it highlights the fact thatnew legislation introducedunder Bill S-7, which cameinto effect in July 2013,enhances our ability tocombat terrorist activity.These charges reaffirm theRCMPs resolve to aggres-sively pursue terrorist actsto the fullest extent of thelaw, Assistant RCMPCommissioner JamesMalizia said in the release.</p><p>More advanced life support units andfurther communications training thoseare the recommendations coming from thejury in this weeks coroners inquest intothe death of Ryan Jacob.</p><p>For three days, presiding coro-ner Margaret Janzen and a five-person jury heard testimony fromofficials regarding the 2013 shoot-ing death of 45-year-old Jacob,son of Squamish First NationChief Gilbert Gibby Jacob,near the intersection of HastingsStreet and MacDonald Avenue inBurnaby.</p><p>Burnaby Cpl. William Warkwas one of the officials whotestified at the inquest. He toldJanzen and the jury that at firsthe thought Jacob was going to complywith his orders. Jacob instead pulled outtwo knives and began approaching Wark,despite repeated orders to get down on theground, according to Warks testimony.</p><p>Jacob was shot three times in the chestand died in hospital.</p><p>OnWednesday, the jury announced tworecommendations following the inquest,which began on Monday.</p><p>To the Minister of Health, the juryrecommended that the ministry, in part-nership with B.C. Ambulance Service, con-sider adding more advanced life support</p><p>units to the Lower Mainland.The jury also recommended that the</p><p>Burnaby RCMP include, in the training ofits members, specific instruction on theworking of their communication equip-ment, specifically concentrating on thematter of queuing during emergency situ-ations, a release from the coroner serviceread.</p><p>According to Sgt. Rob Vermeulen,spokesperson for B.C. RCMP, the RCMP</p><p>takes recommendations from theB.C. Coroners Service very seri-ously.</p><p>In an email to the NOW,Vermeulen said all recommen-dations are reviewed by thecriminal operations branch of theRCMP and researched in conjunc-tion with stakeholders. Writtenresponses for all recommenda-tions are then sent to the coroner.</p><p>According to Vermeulen, theRCMP have to be mindful thatany recommendation made could</p><p>potentially impact on all RCMP resourcesin B.C. and may require additional signifi-cant training, infrastructure and finances,or may have complex legal challengesassociated to any implementation.</p><p>We work very closely with the B.C.Coroners Service and are committed to ini-tiatives, recommendations and improvedcommunication between all stakeholdersthat would allow us to continue to be thebest policing service that B.C. citizensexpect and deserve, Vermeulen said inthe email.</p><p> with files from The Province</p><p>Ryan Jacobshot by RCMP</p><p>Coroners jury issuesfindings after inquestCayley Dobiestaff reporter</p><p>Recommendations issued toambulance service, RCMP</p><p>Burnaby man accusedof joining terrorist groupCayley Dobiestaff reporter</p><p>Burnaby NOW Friday, July 25, 2014 5</p><p>TICKETS ON SALE NOW</p><p>SPEAKING UP:AUTISM SPEAKS</p><p>Donate at any Choices Market loca...</p></li></ul>