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Burnaby Now October 1 2014


  • Taking a walk backthrough city history

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    Local boxers hopefor winning punch

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    Burnabys Michael Bubl cracks up city cops

    For more photosof Bubles visit,scan with Layarand go to www.burnabynow.com

    Hometown welcome: Burnaby native and Grammy award winner Michael Bubl poses forphotos with RCMP officers at the Burnaby RCMP open house on Saturday. Bubl showed upat the open house with his grandfather Demetrio Santanga to pay a call on Const. MichaelKalanj, whose father was a longtime family friend of Santanga. For more photos from the openhouse, see page 21 and check out www.burnabynow.com.

    Ambulancesare takingtoo long


    Jennifer Gauthier/burnaby now

    NEBwill hold hearing on pipeline accessThe National Energy Board is holding

    an oral hearing on Oct. 8 in Calgary toresolve the legal imbroglio between thecity and Kinder Morgan over the BurnabyMountain conservation area.

    While Burnaby is arguing KinderMorgan is breaking the local bylaw bycutting trees in a city park, the pipeline

    company maintains it has the federal-ly sanctioned right to work on the city-owned property, whether Burnaby grantspermission or not.

    TheNEBwants the two parties to weighin on the issue at the Calgary hearing andanswer questions on whether the boardhas the legal authority to strike downBurnabys bylaw, so Kinder Morgan canwork on the mountain.

    Well hear arguments from both sides

    and any attorney generals, should theychoose to participate, said NEB spokes-person Sarah Kiley.

    Mayor Derek Corrigan took issue withthe Calgary location, pointing out that thedistance makes it difficult for Burnabyresidents to attend.

    We requested that the hearings takeplace here, Corrigan said in a mediarelease on Monday.

    Langley and Abbotsford, two munici-

    palities already granted intervenor sta-tus in the pipeline hearing, plan to backBurnaby in the Oct. 8 hearing, and thecitys lawyer expects more to come for-ward.

    The big issue here is whether the NEBhas the power to strike down munici-pal laws, Greg McDade told the NOW.This is a really important constitutional

    The release of the Burnaby FireDepartments annual report was as good areason as any for council to criticize ambu-lance response times in the city.

    At Mondays council meeting, Coun.Colleen Jordan highlighted the types of callsthat the fire department responds to, andnoted that more and more of them are medi-cal emergencies.

    The 2013 annual report shows that59.2 per cent of the calls that our fire depart-ment responds to are classified as medicalemergencies, and that doesnt include anoth-er 1,500 motor vehicle incidents, she said.

    In total, thats 70 per cent of the calloutsthat our fire department responds to. The fireservice is becoming much more of a rescueservice than a fire service.

    Jordan noted proper paramedic servicewas a hot topic at the recent Union of B.C.Municipalities conference and said that in

    Jacob Zinnstaff reporter

    Ambulance Page 10

    Jennifer Moreaustaff reporter

    Pipeline Page 4

    66 10th StreetColumbia SquareNewWestminster604-522-6099

    6574 E.HastingsKensington Plaza



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  • Burnaby school officials are concerned agovernment clawback of teacher-strike sav-ings will leave a hole in this years budget.

    In a memo sent to school districts abouttwo weeks ago, the Education Ministryannounced it will reclaim all strike savings

    from September.The problem, according to Burnaby secre-

    tary-treasurer Greg Frank, is that, while thedistrict has saved money on teacher salariesand benefits since the beginning of the fiscalyear, which started in August, it has also lostrevenue from things like summer school andadult education and incurred extra costs forthings like fieldtrips for international students

    during the days the strike held up the begin-ning of the school year.

    If theyre just looking at savings, andweve got all these extra costs or lost revenues,were concerned with this years budget,Frank said.

    Unlike the total clawback of Septemberstrike savings, the province only took back$5.2 million of the $9.6 million the districtsaved during job action in May and June,according to audited 2013/14 financial state-ments Frank presented to the board of educa-tion last week.

    School officials hadhoped touse the remain-ing $4.4-million surplus to cover a significantbudget shortfall projected for next year.

    But now theyre working to find out if itwill even be enough to cover extra expensesand lost revenue this school year.

    Part of our concern is, the surplus thatwe had from last year, is that going to be suf-ficient to help cover off some of these otherfunding shortfalls that weve got in the cur-rent year? Frank said.

    The district will provide the EducationMinistry with details on all strike-related sav-ings, he said, along with information aboutadditional costs and lost net revenues, butthe government has made no promises aboutpitching in extra money to make up for thelatter.

    At this point, the ministry has indicatedthat theyll be taking back the savings, andtheyre going to consider the additional costs,Frank said, but they havent yet made a com-mitment to allow us to retain enough fundingto cover those off, and thats what our concernis.

    To see the districts audited financial state-ments for 2013/14, visit sd41.bc.ca and clickon the Budget and Policies button.

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    5 Car theft charges laid 8 MP asks for changes 9 Cops ride for cancer

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    District forced to rethink budget

    Budget uncertainty: Burnaby school district secretary-treasurer Greg Frank, pictured hereat a school board meeting in the spring, said a government clawback of teacher strikesavings could mean changes to this years budget.


    Cornelia Naylorstaff reporter

    Cornelia Naylor/burnaby now


    Burnabywants NewWest to put brakes onThe City of Burnaby has some

    issues with New Westminstersdraft transportation plan and iscalling on the neighbouringmunic-ipality to review the proposed traf-fic strategy.

    Last week, council voted infavour of authorizing city staff toengage in a detailed review ofthe various cycling, truck routeand road classification issues aris-ing from New Westminsters draftmaster transportation plan, high-lighting concerns with cross-bor-der cycling connections and the

    removal of regional truck traffic.Coun. Nick Volkow, a former

    truck driver, took issue with theidea of creating a three-kilome-tre tunnel near Third Avenue todivert truck traffic under most ofNew Westminster.

    I think most people in MetroVancouver are aware of NewWestminsters desire to have notruck traffic on their streets, whichis an admirable goal, he said. Idare say that truck traffic is prob-ably not compatible with mostcities aspirations in the LowerMainland, but the reality is in amajor metropolitan area, trucktraffic is part of the scenery.

    As much as I would like toaccommodate New Westminsterin shutting down all truck trafficgoing through there, I dont thinkthat can happen.

    Coun. PaulMcDonell expressedsimilar concerns, namely with theproposed closure of several streetsin New Wests truck network,including Front Street.

    Traffic is an issue in everymunicipality, he said. I thinkin Burnaby, weve handled thisas well as we could. We have fivedifferent routes through our cityfor traffic flow.

    If you go down Marine Way,Kingsway,CanadaWay,Lougheed

    or Hastings, a lot of those are traf-fic commutes in the morning andafternoon. There are people justcommuting through our city.

    He likened closing off one ofthose routes to plugging a leak,only to have another spring upelsewhere.

    The trucks are going to traffic,and every time you shut down oneroute, it just means theyre goingto blow up another one.

    Mayor Derek Corrigan said forNew West to close parts of itstruck traffic network, the big rigswould detour through Burnaby

    Jacob Zinnstaff reporter

    Traffic Page 4

    Burnaby NOW Wednesday, October 1, 2014 3

  • 4 Wednesday, October 1, 2014 Burnaby NOW

    principle with ramificationsbeyond this particular fight. If theNEB is going to seize the powerto strike down (these) laws, thenwere all in trouble.

    As part of the larger, $5.4-billion Trans Mountain expan-sion, Kinder Morgan wants tobuild a pipeline through the con-servation area. However, whencrews started clearing the land inSeptember, the city issued a stop-work order and tickets for cut-ting down trees. Kinder Morgan

    then asked the NEB for an accessorder to force Burnaby to cooper-ate, but the board rejected that,asking instead for a notice ofconstitutional question sincegranting the request would meanoverriding Burnabys bylaw.Kinder Morgan filed that noticeFriday, and the NEB has beenquick to respond, as promised.

    While the city has applied tothe B.C. Supreme Court to ruleon the conflict, Kiley said theboard can handle constitutionalquestions.

    We have the juris-diction to rule on aconstitutional issue. Itsays that in the NEBAct, we have that right,but generally speakingwe would want to hearfrom both parties, andthe attorney generals,she said.

    After the hearing, thethree-person panel han-dling theTransMountainexpansion will make adecision.

    Meanwhile, KinderMorgan has stoppedwork on BurnabyMountain but has alert-ed Westridge residentsthat survey work willcontinue in their neigh-bourhood, which wastheoriginalplan.KinderMorgan opted for theBurnaby Mountainroute to avoid crossingfour private propertiesand backlash from local


    The current pipeline, in placesince the 1950s, runs throughthe Westridge area, but KinderMorgan would like to decom-mission it and run it throughBurnaby Mountain, along withthe new pipeline.

    Last week, the citys anti-pipe-line motion at the Union of B.C.Municipalities conference wasnarrowly defeated, but Burnabysemergency resolution calling forNEB hearing reform was passed.

    Follow Jennifer Moreau onTwitter, @JenniferMoreau

    putting added stress to the citys roads.Even within the report, its indicated

    traffic, trucks particularly, may have to gothrough Burnaby from New Westminsterto access other places in New Westminster,which takes it to the point of absurd, hesaid.

    WhileIoftensidewithNewWestminsteron issues like the Pattullo Bridge theresa point where youve got to have a good-neighbour policy to ensure were all ableto deal with the implications of decisionsyoure making in your own municipality.

    On Monday, New Westminster citycouncil approved the citys master trans-portation plan.

    New West Coun. Jonathan Cote, whoco-chairs the citys master transportationplan committee, said Burnaby councilsstance may be a bit of an overreactionand assured changes to truck traffic routesin NewWest would have a minimal impacton neighbouring city streets.

    Our plan still recognizes that NewWestminster plays a role for a goods move-ment strategy, but we do have some routesthat are going through neighbourhoodsthat are just not appropriate for major truckroutes and some that dont even have amajor demand, he said, calling the tunnela creative solution to the citys truck trafficproblem.

    with files from Theresa McManus

    continued from page 1

    Pipeline: Can the National Energy Board override municipal bylaws?

    Derek Corriganmayor

    Traffic: Council raises concernscontinued from page 3

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