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Burnaby Now October 31 2014


<ul><li><p>Kids at South Slope Elementary andthe B.C. School for the Deaf (BCSD) tookhome pumpkins from their very owntemporary patch Tuesday, thanks to apair of enthusiastic parent organizers.</p><p>Chris and Daniella Revitt, whose threedaughters attend South Slope, organizeda full-on fall festival on the schools all-weather playing field, complete withscarecrows, hay bales, hot chocolate, pop-corn, music, bubble machines and 350pumpkins dotted across the field.</p><p>The Halloween celebration was madepossible with about $1,000 in grants fromSouth Burnaby Neighbourhood Houseand a few South Burnaby Vancity branch-es that pitched in.</p><p>One reason for bringing the patch tothe school was accessibility, according toChris Revitt</p><p>Theres a lot of kids with disabilitiesand in wheelchairs, he said, and wevetaken our own kids to pumpkin patches,and you know its just a mud fest. So they</p><p>would never access that.South Slope and BCSD principal Janice</p><p>Nakatsu said parent involvement is</p><p>always a boon to schools.Its very nice having parents on board</p><p>to organize the majority of the event, she</p><p>said. When theres buy-in from parents,its just a bigger and better event. It wasa lot of fun.</p><p>Publisher steps awayfrom a storied career</p><p>PAGE 11</p><p>Kinder Morgan tank farmsafety still under fire</p><p>PAGE 3</p><p>Burnabys first and favourite information source Delivery 604-942-3081 Friday, October 31, 2014</p><p>Your source for local sports, news, weather and entertainment! &gt;&gt; www.burnabynow.com</p><p>Fall fling:Grade 1studentReubenChase(middle)brandishesa prizedpumpkin ata temporarypumpkinpatch setup at SouthSlopeElementary/B.C. Schoolfor the DeafWednesday.</p><p>Formorephotos,scanwithLayar</p><p>Pipeline foes clashwith KinderMorganIt was a tense Wednesday morning on</p><p>Burnaby Mountain, as protesters faced offwith Kinder Morgan work crews hopingto resume survey work for a new pipelineroute through the conservation area.</p><p>A group of roughly 40 peaceful pro-testers stood waiting on Centennial Way,ready to block the companys workcrews, while numerous media outlets andBurnaby RCMP stood by.</p><p>Kinder Morgan crews turned up at aclearing in the woods where the companywants to drill for soil samples. Protesterswere already set up there, and more con-verged when word spread that KinderMorgan was on the scene.</p><p>Im a little bit surprised they showedup. They knew there was a lot of peoplehere, said Stephen Collis, an SFU profes-sor and spokesperson for the protesters.They are still forcing their way in. Its theultimate act of arrogance.</p><p>The Kinder Morgan workers were</p><p>accompanied by security, and it appearedsome were either filming or taking pho-tos. They parked on Pandora Street andapproached from below, avoiding thegroup uphill on Centennial Way, anddelivered a notice stating the company isauthorized by the National Energy Boardand the Federal Court of Canada to con-duct work on the land. The protestersshouted some using abusive language before the workers left. Some protest-ers followed them out of the woods, andaccording to Kinder Morgans Greg Toth,</p><p>set up on Pandora Street.One of them climbed on our vehicle</p><p>and blocked our vehicle, Toth said, apolo-gizing to local residents for the disruption.The protester in question chained himselfto the underside of the vehicle.</p><p>Toth said the company is going to reas-sess what the next steps are, but he wasnot surprised by todays events.</p><p>The protesters have been fairly forth-coming with their plans that they are</p><p>Pumped upfor pumpkinsCornelia Naylorstaff reporter</p><p>GOOD DEEDS IN THE CITY</p><p>Jennifer Moreaustaff reporter</p><p>Cornelia Naylor/burnaby now</p><p>Kinder Morgan Page 8</p><p>BC DRUGS Call: 778-999-9966</p><p>9618 Cameron St. BurnabyLougheed Plaza by Red Robin</p><p>Mon-Fri10:00-6:00pm</p><p>Family Doctors Office Accepting Patients</p><p>Have you gotten your flu shot?See if your eligible for free.</p><p>Also</p><p>bymetrotown.com | 604 451 FIRE (3473)</p></li><li><p>2 Friday, October 31, 2014 Burnaby NOW</p><p>Offer applies to all new Target REDcard holders with applications received between October 20th November 10th, 2014, inclusive. 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School forthe DeafPage 1</p><p>Watch a video from theprotest against KinderMorgan on BurnabyMountainPage 8</p><p>See more photos fromreaders travels in PaperPostcardsPage 22</p><p>See more photos from u18Burnaby Royals gameagainst Richmond UnitedPage 33</p><p>Like theBurnaby NOWon FacebookJoin theconversation</p><p>NLINEEXTRAS</p><p>Check out more localcontent at www.burnabynow.com</p><p>#BBYELXNCheck out candidateprofiles for mayor,council and trustee</p><p>COMMUNITYMounties kick offMovember early with abarbecue fundraiser</p><p>PHOTO GALLERIESCheck out our latestbatch of travel photos inPaper Postcards.</p><p>Follow the BurnabyNOW on Twitter fornews as it happens @BurnabyNOW_news</p><p>Theres still no clear under-standing between the Burnabyfire department and KinderMorgan as to who would respondto a major petroleum fire at thetank farm and Westridge MarineTerminal.</p><p>The National Energy Boardrecently ruled Kinder Morganmust release its emergency man-agement program for the TransMountain pipeline, even thoughthe company wanted to keep itsecret for proprietary reasons.The board gave Kinder Morganan Oct. 17 deadline to release theplan, and while deputy fire chiefChris Bowcock has seen it, theinformation hasnt changed hisconcerns about the tank farm, andtheres still no clear agreement asto who would actually handle amajor oil fire.</p><p>Its a very generic plan. Thereare no specific details. There aresome inaccuracies in the plan. Wehave some concerns about thecontent of that plan, Bowcocktold the NOW.</p><p>The inaccuracies, according toBowcock, are in the section thatdeals with how the tank farm andthe Westridge Marine Terminalwill manage a fire.</p><p>They direct their person-nel not to apply any firefightingagainst or conduct any firefightingoperations unless directed by thefire department, Bowcock said.We have a problem with that, inthat Kinder Morgan is requiredto be the primary fire protectionresponder (at) that facility, andin the emergency response plan,they direct their people to take noaction unless directed by the firedepartment.</p><p>Bowcock says the fire depart-ment has had conversations about</p><p>the matter with Kinder Morgan,but nothing has been resolved.</p><p>Weve expressed explicitlythat we will not absolve them oftheir primary firefighting dutiesexcept with buildings (such as thecontrol room or office), Bowcocksaid. They need hydrocarbonfire fighting capability, becausethe City of Burnaby does not pro-vide that through the fire depart-ment. Its been clearly statedto Kinder Morgan thats theirresponsibility.</p><p>If amajor fire broke out at eitherthe Burnaby Mountain tank farmor Westridge terminal, Bowcockexpects Kinder Morgan to deal</p><p>with it, while Kinder Morgan iscounting on the fire department.</p><p>Our expectation is KinderMorgan either themselves orthrough a mutual aid agreementwith other hydrocarbon facili-ties they would provide therequired fire response to controlthe emergency on the interior ofthe fence line, he said.</p><p>The NOW requested a copy ofthe plan, but Bowcock couldntprovide one.</p><p>Furthermore, Bowcock saidKinder Morgan needs a fire pro-tection plan, which deals with thespecifics on how to handle a fire.(The emergency response plan</p><p>deals with the management sideof responding to an event, whilethe fire protection plan outlineshow Kinder Morgan will actuallyhandle the fire fighting.)</p><p>As we understand, KinderMorgan doesnt currently have,but is working on, a fire protec-tion plan for its facility. We wouldexpect that to be in place cur-rently, and we have indicated byletter because those specific plansare not in place that they are incontravention of the citys fireprotection plan, he said.</p><p>Calls to the Trans Mountainexpansion project media line werealso not returned by press time.</p><p>A Forest Grove resident sayshe will reveal some shockingnews at an upcoming meeting onfire safety for those who live closeto the Kinder Morgan tank farm.</p><p>Local resident John Clarke isone of the participants in thepipeline hearing, and one of theco-complainants in the Forest</p><p>Ethics Advocacy legal challengeagainst the pipeline. Clarke, wholives close the tank farm, is oneof the guest speakers at a Nov. 6meeting at the Burnaby MountainGolf Course.</p><p>I received some informa-tion from Kinder Morgan thatabsolutely shocked me, whichI havent really revealed yet,Clarke told the NOW.</p><p>Ill be making it very public</p><p>at the meeting. I think it willshock people. Its something thatshouldnt be a surprise but willbe a shock to the residents.</p><p>Burnabys Deputy Fire ChiefChris Bowcock will also be thereto answer questions from thepublic. Bowcock has been a vocalcritic of Kinder Morgan, whenit comes to fire safety and hehas years of experience workingwith oil tank storage facilities in</p><p>Alberta.He will be there to basically</p><p>confirm what I am telling peopleand what I have suspected allalong, Clarke said.</p><p>Forest Grove resident TerryCallender organized the event,set for Thursday, Nov. 6, at 7 p.m.in the Eagle Creek Clubhouse, at7600 Halifax St.</p><p>Follow Jennifer Moreau onTwitter, @JenniferMoreau</p><p>Jennifer Moreaustaff reporter</p><p>Shocking news soon to be revealed</p><p>Safety first? Deputy Fire Chief Chris Bowcock in front of the entrance to Kinder Morgans BurnabyMountain tank farm in the spring. Bowcock has been raising concerns about fire safety at the facility,and the release of Kinder Morgans most recent emergency management plan has not quelled hiscriticism.</p><p>File photo/burnaby now</p><p>Tank farm safety plans still under fireJennifer Moreaustaff reporter</p><p>Burnaby NOW Friday, October 31, 2014 3</p></li><li><p>4 Friday, October 31, 2014 Burnaby NOW</p><p>An email circulating through Burnabycity hall implicates city officials in an effortto skew the results of an online poll aboutwhether or not the city should rewardcity officials and volunteers with free golfpasses.</p><p>The email, apparently started by Coun.Colleen Jordan, is in response to an onlinecolumn in 24 hours a daily commut-er newspaper about the nearly $42,000worth of golf played by city officials lastyear, with a poll at the end asking readersto vote yay or nay for free golf. As of press</p><p>time, the poll was 63 per cent in favour offree golf, with 484 votes to 290.</p><p>OK, so the golf thing hasnt quite goneaway, wrote Jordan in an email dated Oct.18, 2014, who racked up $4674.20 betweenRiverway and Burnaby Mountain in 2013.24 had this editorial with a poll, shouldpoliticians get free golf? Guess what, yesthey should is winning. Vote now!</p><p>The email chain also has comments fromparks commissionerWayne Peppard whospent the most last year on golf at $7,898.24 as well as Coun. Paul McDonell andBurnaby Citizens Association school boardcandidate Katrina Chen.</p><p>My husband saw this and got around60-70 people to vote. Keep going! wroteChen.</p><p>Yes, pulling ahead. Keep it going,</p><p>added Peppard.Coun. McDonell, whose</p><p>2013 golf season cost taxpayers$2,633.40, simply wrote, Voteyes.</p><p>Reached by phone Thursdaymorning, Coun. Jordan con-firmed the emails existence,but said she didnt remember ifshe started it.</p><p>I guess I was telling peoplethey should...</p></li></ul>