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Burnaby Now October 2 2015


<ul><li><p>FRIDAY OCTOBER 2, 2015 LOCAL NEWS LOCAL MATTERS.</p><p>UP FRONT 3 NEWS 5 SPORTS 35</p><p>Aquatic possibilities On the campaign trail Moscrop gets a special gift</p><p>Theres more at Burnabynow.com</p><p>Newevidencedelayspipelinedecision</p><p>Federal Green Party leader Eliz-abeth May came to Burnaby onWednesday evening to lend somesupport to the Burnaby North-Sey-mour Green Party candidates cam-paign.May joined Lynne Quarmby and a</p><p>dozen volunteers and supporters ral-lying at the intersection ofWillingdonAvenue and Hastings Street duringrush hour on Sept. 30.Were really excited this after-</p><p>noon, were out here waiting for Eliz-abeth May to arrive.Were super ex-cited about that, Quarmby said. Itsjust a great boost in visibility, andits kind of a boost for the volunteerswho have been working so hard forso long.Quarmby has about 200 volunteers</p><p>working on her campaign, she said.May was also accompanying</p><p>Quarmby to a town hall meeting atAlpha Secondary School at 7 p.m.,with a focus on questions from thecommunity.One of the hallmarks of the Green</p><p>Party is we listen and we communi-cate, Quarmby said of the event. Sowell have two hours of Q&amp;A down atAlpha Secondary.</p><p> Janaya Fuller-Evans</p><p>GREENIDEAS GreenPartyofCanada leaderElizabethMay, left, andBurnabyNorth-Seymour candidate LynneQuarmbywave topassersbyduringamini-rally atthe cornerofWillingdonAvenueandHastingsStreet.MayalsoaccompaniedQuarmby toa townhallmeetingatAlphaSecondary.PHOTOCORNELIANAYLOR</p><p>TerezaVerencaeditorial@burnabynow.com</p><p>Trans Mountain has filed replacementevidence with the National Energy Board exactly six weeks after the NEB announcedit would remove evidence from the hearingrecords made by the boards most recentappointee, Steven Kelly.Kelly of IHS Inc. worked as Kinder Mor-</p><p>gans main energy consultant and arguedthe expansion project would bring high-er netbacks (or profits). His contributiontoTrans Mountains application made inDecember of 2013 was about 64 pagesout of the original 15,000-page document.On July 28, the federal government an-</p><p>nounced Kelly had been appointed to a sev-en-year term on the board, effective Oct.13.The three-person panel deliberating onKinder Morgans file then decided to strikeall Kelly-related evidence.The new evidence, an 89-</p><p>page report,Market Prospects&amp; Benefits of theTrans Moun-tain Expansion Project, wasprepared by Muse Stancil, aTexas-based energy consult-ing company.We are pleased with the</p><p>analysis and results of the new report, saidIan Anderson, president of Kinder MorganCanada, in a press release.But the City of Burnabys lawyer, Greg</p><p>McDade, told theNOW the report hassome pretty significant flaws.They just flip-flop back and forth, he</p><p>said, adding he didnt want to say muchmore given the city is cur-rently looking over the newsubmission.Intervenors have until Oct.</p><p>20 to submit informationrequests based on the newdata, while commenters haveuntil Dec. 14.Trans Moun-</p><p>tain, meanwhile, will presentits case to the NEB in Calgary on Dec. 17.A location for the intervenors to presenttheir final arguments, however, has not beendetermined. It was originally scheduled to</p><p>take place this month at the Delta BurnabyHotel and Conference Centre.(Were) looking into options of where</p><p>to hold the hearing, saidTara ODonovanwith the NEB.When you are trying tobook a facility with only three or fourmonths notice, its much harder than whenyoure planning a year out.ODonovan added Burnaby is being con-</p><p>sidered as a possible host.The NEB also announced last week the</p><p>deadline for a decision on the pipeline hasbeen extended by four months to allow theNEB and intervenors time to review andtest the new evidence. Previously, a reportoutlining whether the expansion project</p><p>Continuedonpage8</p><p>5SEE PAGE 13</p><p>THINGS TO DOTHISWEEKEND</p><p>NATIONALENERGYBOARDHEARINGS</p><p>Maypaysavisit</p><p>They justip-opbackand forth.</p><p>*Offer includes any one sandwich, pita or wrap, one regular side, and one soft drink. May not be combinedwith any other offer. Offer has no cash value. Offer valid at Nandos Kingsway ONLY until October 15th, 2015.</p><p>REALTOR</p><p>BJELICAMaking Transitions Smooth</p><p>604-619-6263 Cell604-435-9477 Office</p><p>vidabjelica@hotmail.com</p><p>Your Local Expert!</p><p>LESTER LIN REALTY.ca604.628.3897</p></li><li><p>2 FRIDAY October 2, 2015 BurnabyNOW</p><p>PREVIEWS BEGIN OCT 17TH</p><p>STARTING FROM $269,900</p><p>Presentation Centre#150B-3355 North RoadOff Cameron St.</p></li><li><p>CorneliaNaylorcnaylor@burnabynow.com</p><p>Aquatics groups are shor-ing up support for a newworld-class aquatic facili-ty theyd like to see built inBurnaby.The city is in the ear-</p><p>ly stages planning a newaquatic centre on the cur-rent C.G. Brown site nearthe Burnaby Lake SportsComplex, and the localaquatic community is push-ing for a world-class com-petition pool rather thananother recreation-focusedfacility like the last twopools the city built: EileenDaly and Edmonds.Those pools have been all</p><p>but unusable for competi-tive clubs like the BurnabyBarracudas Swim Club, ac-cording to president LauraMarquez.We need communi-</p><p>ty water space as well, shesaid. Im not saying thatwe dont, but theres hourswhere its even good busi-ness for the city to rent outto groups like ours whocan use it for running pro-grams.In a glossy draft propos-</p><p>al drawn up byTourismBurnaby, the Barracudas,Simon Fraser Universi-tys varsity aquatics pro-gram, the BurnabyWaterPolo Club, Fortius Sport&amp;Health and other area swimclubs call on the city to con-sidered a facility with twodeep, Olympic-sized pools(one indoor, one outdoor),deck space for training andcompetition, competition-calibre diving boards, seat-ing for 2,000 spectators,digital scoreboards, tim-ing system, broadcast qual-ity broadband and lightingplus meeting rooms, storagespace, office space and foodand beverage outlets.The proposal touts the</p><p>benefits of a world-class fa-</p><p>cility for attracting marqueenational and internation-al events to the city and formeeting the currently un-met needs of local compet-itive swimmers, divers andwater polo players.The Barracudas program,</p><p>for example, is current-ly spread out over five localpools and one pool in NewWestminster to meet theneeds of its 307 swimmers,according to Marquez.Her club was capped this</p><p>year and had to turn swim-mers away, she said, as didthe 200-strong Burnaby</p><p>Mountain Mantas.If we were one club,</p><p>wed be the biggest in Brit-ish Columbia,Marquezsaid. Theres a lot of swim-mers.SFUs varsity swim-</p><p>mers, meanwhile, will haveto drive out to Richmondto prepare for upcomingOlympic trials, accordingto SFU head varsity swimcoach Liam Donnelly, be-cause Burnabys only Olym-pic-sized pool is outdoors atCentral Park.Donnelly was at a school</p><p>board meeting last month,</p><p>seeking a letter of supportfrom the board explaininghow the new pool would</p><p>benefit the districts schoolpartnership sports programswith SFU.</p><p>Thirty-six swimmers andsoccer players currentlyearn course credits and gettop-level training from SFUcoaches and varsity athletesunder the program, whichruns within the districts ac-ademic timetable.With the proposed facil-</p><p>ity, Donnelly told trusteesthe partnership could be ex-panded to 100 students inaquatic sports alone.The programs would</p><p>run within their currenthigh school academic time-table, during the day, whilethe aquatic facilities are at</p><p>their lowest usage point,Donnelly said. The cityhas concern that, shouldthey build a large aquat-ic complex that would ac-commodate the communitycompetitive sports groups,that it would sit empty dur-ing school hours.The B.C.Water Polo As-</p><p>sociation,meanwhile, wrotea letter in August, urgingthe city not to build a small-er aquatic centre.Executive director David</p><p>Soul stated in the letter thataquatic groups had heard</p><p>STARVEDFORSPACE: LauraMarquez, presidentof theBurnabyBarracudasSwimClub, saysBurnabyneedsmoredeep-water competitivepool space. Shehas joinedother local aquatic groupsurging the city to considerbuildinga two-pool competition facility at the siteof theagingC.G.BrownPool. PHOTOCORNELIANAYLOR</p><p>Wanted:Aworld-classaquaticcentreNewsnow</p><p>CayleyDobiecdobie@burnabynow.com</p><p>Burnaby RCMP arethanking the public for itshelp in catching the suspectin a shooting onWednesdayevening.Mounties were called to</p><p>the Old Orchard ShoppingCentre atWillingdonAve-nue and Kingsway around6:30 p.m. on Sept. 30 aftercomplaints of shots fired.The suspect in the shoot-</p><p>ing was quickly arrestedthanks to a group of by-standers who had chased</p><p>him down and held himuntil officers arrived, Cpl.Daniela Panesar, spokesper-son for the Burnaby RCMP,told theNOW.It was pretty awesome,</p><p>Panesar added.One man, a 26-year-old</p><p>Burnaby resident, suffered</p><p>non-life-threatening gun-shot wounds.He was taken to hospital</p><p>for treatment and released,and has been cooperatingwith police, according toPanesar.The initial investigation</p><p>suggests the shooting was</p><p>sparked by an argument be-tween two groups of people.Panesar said its unclear</p><p>whether the two parties inWednesday nights shootingknew each other.Investigators believe this</p><p>is an isolated incident andnot connected to Sundays</p><p>shooting outside of REVSbowling on LougheedHighway, Panesar said. Inthat incident, a bystand-er was shot after two par-ties got into a fight that isbelieved to have been a dis-pute over a taxicab.</p><p>Copsthankbystanders for prettyawesomehelp</p><p>Aquatics groups join forces to lobby the city for a new facility with two Olympic-sized swimming pools</p><p>The suspect in aWednesday evening shooting was quickly arrested after bystanders chased him down</p><p>Continuedonpage8</p><p>Ifwewereoneclub,wedbe thebiggest inBritish</p><p>Columbia</p><p>BurnabyNOW FRIDAY October 2, 2015 3</p></li><li><p>4 FRIDAY October 2, 2015 BurnabyNOW</p><p>GradeATurkeysUnder 7 kg. Frozen. LIMIT ONE - withminimum purchase of $50.00.</p><p>99lb2.18/kg</p><p>Stove Top StuffingSelect varieties. 120 g.</p><p>buy1get1FREE</p><p>equalorlesservalue</p><p>Coca-Colaor Pepsi Soft DrinksAssorted varieties. 12 Pack. Or Pepsi,Diet Pepsi or 7-Up 15 Pack. Plus depositand/or enviro levy where applicable.</p><p>C l 2FOR</p><p>$7</p><p>249lb5.49/kgComplimentsHickory Cut HamsBone-In. 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But re-cently, the signs for theLiberal candidate in theBurnaby South riding havebeen the focus of some par-ticularly concentrated andbizarre destruction.The eyes have been cut</p><p>out of seven of Adam Pan-kratzs large campaign signs,according to his father, JohnPankratz.John and family friends</p><p>have been helping Adamby putting up signs at thehomes and businesses ofsupporters, but it hasntbeen easy work, particular-ly over the past three weeks,according to John.Its been a process, he</p><p>told theNOW. We just hadanother one this morning Royal Oak, south of Saun-ders. Somebodys cut theeyes out there.In the same area, at</p><p>Grange Street and Roy-al Oak Avenue, 30 smallersigns were slashed, accord-ing to John.Other signs have been</p><p>vandalized in a variety ofways, from the wires beingremoved to letters scribbledout with markers, he added.In one instance, the signs</p><p>John put up were vandalizedthrice within a short timeperiod, he said.The signs were hung on a</p><p>fence at a work site at GilleyAvenue and Kingsway, af-ter John spoke to the owner,he said.He went to pick up his</p><p>wife, who was door knock-ing for Adams campaign,and took her back to showher the fence.Within 20minutes, all the signs hadbeen slashed, he said.He taped them up and</p><p>hung them up from insidethe fence, and someone cutall the plastic ties, he add-ed.Then he used wire, andthus far, the signs are still</p><p>up.TheNOW has not re-</p><p>ceived any reports of signvandalism from other can-didates in Burnaby, thoughthere has been mention onTwitter of Liberal, NDPand Green campaign signsbeing vandalized aroundMt. Seymour Parkway inNorthVancouver, in theBurnaby North-Seymourriding.If you notice campaign</p><p>signs in the city that havebeen targeted by vandals,please email jmoreau@burnabynow.com with theinformation.</p><p>ALLBURNABYCANDIDATES</p><p>CONFIRMED</p><p>There are 17 days left un-til the 2015 Federal Elec-tion, and so it is surely timeto get to know city candi-dates.Elections Canada has re-</p><p>leased the list of all candi-dates who were confirmedby deadline this week.In the Burnaby North-</p><p>Seymour riding, the candi-dates are: NDP candidateCarol Baird Ellan; LiberalcandidateTerry Beech; In-dependent candidate HelenHee Soon Chang; Commu-nist Party candidate BrentJantzen; Conservative can-didate Mike Little; GreenParty candidate LynneQuarmby;Marxist-Lenin-ist Party candidate BrianSproule; and LibertarianParty candidate ChrisTylor.In the Burnaby South rid-</p><p>ing, the candidates are: Lib-ertarian Party candidate LizJaluague; Liberal candidatePankratz; Conservative can-didate Grace Seear; NDPcandidate Kennedy Stewart;and Green Party candidateWyattTessari.In the NewWestminster-</p><p>Burnaby riding, the candi-dates are: Libertarian Partycandidate Rex Brocki; Con-servative candidate ChloEllis; NDP candidate Pe-ter Julian; Liberal candidateSasha Ramnarine; Green</p><p>Party candidate Kyle Rout-ledge; andMarxist-LeninistParty candidate JosephThe-riault.</p><p>MEETTHECANDIDATES</p><p>WITHTHE BBOT</p><p>Now that all the candi-dates have been confirmed,its time to get to knowthem.To that end, the Burna-</p><p>by Board ofTrade is hold-ing an all candidates meet-and-greet event onMondayat the Firefighters BanquetHall, 6515 Bonsor Ave.The free meet-and-greet</p><p>takes place from 5:30 to7:30 p.m., and everyone iswelcome to attend.As ofTuesday, Sept. 29,</p><p>10 Burnaby candidates con-firmed they would be at-tending, according to apress release from theBBOT.For Burnaby South, Pan-</p><p>kratz, Seear, Stewart andTessari will be attend-ing. For NewWestminster-Burnaby, Ellis, Julian, Ram-narine and Routledge areattending. For BurnabyNorth-Seymour, Beech andLittle have confirmed theyllattend.</p><p>ALL-CANDIDATESMEETING</p><p>NEXTWEEK</p><p>An all-candidates meetingis taking place at HarmonyCourt Estate, 7197 CanadaWay, nextWednesday, Oct.7 from 2:30 to 4 p.m.The meeting is geared to-</p><p>wards seniors issues suchas seniors medical, seniorsliving in poverty and the re-newal of the health accord,according to an email fromthe recreation coordinatorfor the care home.Anyone from the commu-</p><p>nity is welcome to attend.NewWestminster-Burna-</p><p>by candidates Julian, Ram-narine and Rout...</p></li></ul>