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  1. 1. Evolution in time and space to farming Coordonator : Mihai Daniel Fumuselu Student : Baba Razvan
  2. 2. 1. The notion of agriculture 2. Historical 3. Factors affecting agriculture 4. Bibliography
  3. 3. Agriculture : branch of economics that uses soil as the main natural resource that performs a wide range of products : vegetable and animal use in human nutrition and that raw materials for certain industries . Agriculture Systematic growth of certain plants Livestock
  4. 4. The notion of agriculture comes from Latin: Agri = Field Cultivation = Culture
  5. 5. A) Ancient Period Agriculture was the main civilizations since the beginning of activity . It provides most of the food ; materials for clothing
  6. 6. B) Period industrialiala Expansion of agricultural lands and their exploitation with tools to more perfected resulted in a significant demographic and Growth of an increase in labor productivity , which allowed obtaining a significant surplus products. Under these conditions, a part of the population left the agricultural activities , orienting itself towards new occupations. Appeared up new socio -professional categotii .
  7. 7. On the basis of agricultural development are three categories of factors : a) natural factors ; b ) economic and technical factors ; c ) human Climate Water Relief Soil a) natural factors
  8. 8. b) economic factors and techniques: The emergence and development of the industry has contributed to the development of agriculture . The mechanization of agriculture , production increases by 20-25 % and by administering chemical fertilizers c) human factor: This factor plays an imprtant role on this stage (agriculture ) Since we most countries have programs for training specialists needs of agriculture .
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