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Art/Art Appreciation with Mrs. Faust. Syllabus- Expectations- Procedures August 2012. Welcome to Art!. Art is offered to students of all ability levels You are expected to do your personal best and approach each new project with a positive outlook - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Syllabus- Expectations- ProceduresAugust 2012

  • Art is offered to students of all ability levelsYou are expected to do your personal best and approach each new project with a positive outlookYour grade reflects your effort and attitude

  • Sculpture Project- We will study the Pop Art Movement and artist Claes Oldenburgas we work with partners to create a monumental paper mache sculpture of a school supply.Art of Social Commentary- We will learn about artist Keith Haring , public art, and how our experiences and the world around us inspire our art. Students will paint a 4 panel retrospective about their life. One student in each class will be chosen to paint their design on a ceiling tile.

  • Analogous Color Hand drawings- Students will create a hand drawing using pencil to start- after color theory instruction- they will use watercolor paint to completeCrystal River Architecture- Students will learn about historic building in their town and create a brochure or poster or cardboard model about an historic building of their choice.

  • Clay Masks- Students will design a mask about their personality, slab, coil, handbuilding methods and glazing techniques will be taught.Wire Sculpture- after studying Alexander Calder sculptures students will create a wire sculpture or mobile using twisteez color wire.

  • Block Printing Project- design, cut and print with a block you createFauvist Portrait ProjectClay Gargoyles (decorative water spouts)- We will study Gothic Architecture elements and design a small scale gargoyle out of clay. Students will glaze their sculptures also.Contour Line Paper SculptureTessellations and MC EscherVanitas Still-life drawing

  • Paper Batik Project- use crayon and ink to create a batik with a focal point and pattern.If time permits: Paper Rose windows and artwork created on Microsoft Paint program in computer lab and a Fish Printing (Gyo-Taku) Project

  • Metal-Tooled Masks-we will look at Masks from many cultures and design a relief face sculpture using metal sheets and wooden tools.Portfolio design- Students will create a portfolio with name on it to use in class

    Paper Sculptures- After studying contour, students will using paper strips, a stapler and a pencil to create a face.

  • Clay Sculpture We will from a plate and create a food item to place on it using clay. We will study the Pablo Picasso and his work Still-life with Fish, Fork, Slice of Lemon 1953Paper mache Project- students will create an armature for a Florida fish, paper mache it and then paint and hang it with a brief bio about fish.Fresco painting on plaster tile. We will discuss Leonardo da Vinci and his fresco painting before creating a small fresco on plaster forms made out of milk cartons.

  • Gallery Builder Activity in Media center computer labLandscape Painting- we will learn about Highwaymen painters and create a Florida landscape using acrylic paints.We will also study art by, Grant Wood, Winslow Homer, Michelangelo, Vincent van Gogh, Deborah Butterfield and Keith Haring & have scavenger hunts for their art.

  • Additional Activities will include ART Journal sketches and written responses to essential questions, quotes etc. Art Grading Scale: Projects50% Art Journal 30%Planner Checks10%Quizzes10%

  • Critique forms or checklists will be provided for major assignments

    Students may be asked to assess their own work and turn this in to Mrs. Faust when completed

  • CreativityMost ImprovedGreat class attitude & conduct

    Certificates are given at the end of the 12 weeks to students who earned them in the above categories.

  • Grade Updates will be posted after major projects are due (usually every couple of weeks). Find your student number and look to see your numeric and letter grade. Midterms for Art are at 6 weeks.

    Conduct Grade is 100 for each student until poor actions deduct points from score. 85-100= S in conduct70-84= N in conduct0 -69= U in conduct

  • Be Responsible- Arrive on Time with Paper, Pencil and Planner. Sit in Assigned seat and participate in class activities.Be Respectful- Treat self, peers, adults, tools and equipment properly.Be Positive- Begin each class and assignment With optimism- always do your Personal Best!Show Self-control- Think before You say or do anything and be safe!

  • Verbal WarningEssay, Note in Planner, Seat Change, Chores, Push-ups, Minutes After( Strike 1)Phone Call/Parent Contact (Strike 2)Bounce in Pre-Vo- Parent Contact (Strike 3)Before or After School Detention5 Strikes= Admin. Referral

  • Restroom-Free TimeBeginning/End of Class

  • If you need to use the Pre-Vo hall restroom during Art class, please wait until studio time and write RR, & the time in planner and ask for teacher signature. Only 4 trips to the restroom during Art class this 12 weeks are permitted unless special considerations exist. No restroom passes after 2:10.

    Art Helpers- 2 students will be selected from classes each week to assist in distributing supplies and running errands for Mrs. Faust. Names will be on board at the start of each week.

  • Warm-up activity. Class begins when you enter! Distribute supplies(if needed)Read And begin warm-up activity

    Dont forget to sharpen your pencil!

  • 5-10 minutes before the end of class, students are asked to clean up their work and floor space, wash up, stack portfolios, gather belongings stay seated until music begins and push chairs under before walking to the exits. Excel period at end of day is asked to put chairs up.

  • You earn Free Time if you complete all assignments due and clean your space.You may choose to:Draw in Art JournalReadGo to Library/Media CenterPlay a game(chess, checkers, cards, PictionaryHelp SomeoneDo Homework

  • Imagination is more important than knowledge- Albert EinsteinEverything you can imagine is real- Pablo Picasso