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A brief introduction to sculpture and the different mediums and manifestations of it, including kinetic, bas-relief, carvings, readymade, bronze casting, contructions, installations, earthworks, and more. Based on the textbook, "Gateways to Art" (Thames and Hudson: 2012).


  • 1. SCULPTUREARTS 1301.51007T, R, 1:30PM-2:50PMProfessor Paige Prater

2. Sculpture Free-standing: in the round Relief: bas-relief OR high relief 3. Sculpture Methods: Subtractive ORAdditive Casting Lost-wax patina Carving Modeling Earthworks Monumental Construction Constructivist movement, Soviet Union Readymade Kinetic Light Installation 4. Bronze Casting: Lost-Wax Additive 7 steps! 5. Bronze Casting: AncientGreek Discovered in1972 by scubadivers Perfection idealRiace Warrior A, c. 450 BCE. Bronze,66 high. National Museum, ReggioCalabria, Italy 6. Carving: Stone, wood, etc. Drill, chip, whittle, or saw awaymaterial; sand, polish Position Granite block Sculpture of the Lady Sennuwy, 19711926 BCE.Granite, 67 x 45 x 18. Museum of Fine Arts,Boston. Harvard UniversityBoston Museum of FineArts Expedition 7. Carving: inthe roundGiambologna, Rape of aSabine, 1583. Marble,136 high. Loggiadei Lanzi, Piazza dellaSignoria, Florence, Italy 8. Carving: Bas-Relief Shallow One-sidedDying Lioness, limestone relief from the North Palace ofAshurbanipal, Nineveh, Assyrian period, c. 650 BCE.British Museum, London, England 9. Carving: High-Relief DEEPincisions One-sidedSusan Durant, Memorial to King Leopold of the Belgians, 1867, in Christ Church, Esher,England 10. Sculpture: Modeling Additive Clay plasticity Armaturesometimes 4 separatepiecesSarcophagus from Cerveteri, c. 520 BCE. Painted terracotta, 39 x 67. MuseoNazionale di Villa Giulia, Rome, Italy 11. Sculpture: Kinetic Theo Jansens Strandbeests Ted Talk with Theo Jansen 12. Sculpture: EarthworksGreat Serpent Mound, c. 800 BCE100 CE, 1330 x 3, Locust Grove, Adams County, Ohio. SUMMER SOLSTICE 13. Sculpture: Earthworks Collaborative Monumental Ancient Americas Robert Smithson,Spiral Jetty (1970) 14. Sculpture: Readymade Found objects artifactsMarcel Duchamp, Fountain, 1917. Replica(original lost). Porcelain urinal, 12 x 15 x18. Philadelphia Museum of Art, Louiseand Walter Arensberg Collection 15. Sculpture: Construction Standardized, engineered materials Concept: Hirst, ThePhysical Impossibilityof Death in the Mindof Someone Living,1991. Glass, steel,silicon, formaldehydesolution, and shark,71 x 179 x510 16. Sculpture: Constructivism Constructivistssaw art as ascientificinvestigation ofsocial needs atthe timeNaum Gabo, Constructed Head No.2, 1916. Cor-ten steel, 69 52 48. Tate, London, England 17. Sculpture: Light Adela Andea Lazlo Maholy-Nagy: mergedlight, performance, andmovementOlafur Eliasson, Remagine, 2002. Spotlights,tripods, or wall mounts, control unit,dimensions variable. Installation atKunstmuseum Wolfsburg, Germany, 2004 18. Sculpture: Installation Assembled objects environmentAntony Gormley, Asian Field, 2003. 210,000 hand-sized clay elements,installation view, warehouse of former ShanghaiNo. 10 Steelworks, China