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<ol><li> 1. Geology Field Trip Geology gives insight into history of the Earth by providing the primary evidence for plate tectonics, the evolutionary history of life and past climates (Caution! Geologists Working) </li><li> 2. Geology Field Trip Evalueting water resources Understanding of natural hazards The remediation of enviromental problems Mineral and hidrocarbon exploration and explotation </li><li> 3. Geology Field Trip Objectives: Developed skips Contact with the nature Aplied field investigation methods Mapping </li><li> 4. Kinds of Geology Field Trip Ilustrative (to ilustrate) : traditional, just worried about the contents </li><li> 5. Kinds of Geology Field Trip Indutive (to induce): interpretation, guide observation, problem to solve </li><li> 6. Kinds of Geology Field Trip Motivate (to motivate): without previous knowledge </li><li> 7. Kinds of Geology Field Trip Trainning: to use of tools, kits and equipaments </li><li> 8. Kinds of Geology Field Trip Investigative (to investigate): to prepare to solve a problem or to make hypothesis </li><li> 9. Kinds of Geology Field Trip Generalist (to generalize): tourism </li><li> 10. Kinds of Geology Field Trip Autonomy : without professor or guide </li><li> 11. My last but one field trip Parque do Varvito (Itu) e Parque da Rocha Moutonn (Salto) </li><li> 12. My last field trip Baixada Santista: Monte Serrat, Morro do Jabaquara e canais </li><li> 13. Gosh, this is very heavy, what do you carry here...rocks??? Yes...I'm a Geologist </li></ol>