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<ul><li> 1. We read a story called Tito Arturo Makes Robot Monsters.A kid imagines sculptures are robot monsters.These sculptures are on display in front of Ayala Museum.<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Our class and Ms. Bos class went on a field trip.We went to Greenbelt 5 and Ayala museum.We saw a lot of sculptures, some of them by Tito Arturo.<br /> 3. We saw robot monsters.One of them was called The Twins.One of them tiptoes on his toes.The other one balances on his head.<br /> 4. This is Noguchi.He is a robot snake and he likes to sleep in the dark.He was really slippery and really curved.I like the way Noguchi is so twisty.<br /> 5. These are the signatures on some of the sculptures.Some are rough sculptures and some are smooth.These tell you who made the sculpture.Sometimes it tells you what year it was made.<br /> 6. This sculpture is called Anito.It is a jeepney-eater!It has a vacuum that sucks them up.<br /> 7. This sculpture was very, very smooth and shiny.It is shiny because it was made in 2010.It was like a house or like a bus stop.It looks like the sails on a boat.It looks like a window.<br /> 8. One sculpture was a ladder.It showed 4 men.One was sitting on the bottom.He was sad.Another one was climbing.He was in the middle.The other one was almost at the top.The last one had balloons.He was at the top.<br /> 9. These are some sculptures made by somebody that we dont know.They are at Greenbelt as decoration and to make people go to Greenbelt.<br /> 10. Snack Time was like a picnic!<br /> 11. People use their imagination to make signs for restaurants.<br />We saw Easter eggs at Greenbelt.The eggs were colourful and big.They were loose so they could fall down.It was hollow inside.The eggs had a lot of designs.<br />People use their imagination to use flowers to make it look pretty at Greenbelt.<br /> 12. We are sketching the sculptures outside Ayala Museum.Most people sketched Noguchi.<br /> 13. We got to choose one sculpture to sketch and we are going to make a presentation about the sculpture we chose.<br /> 14. We are looking inside Ayala Museum.We wanted to go in and look at the paintings.<br /></p>