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Instructional Presentation by Jeremiah


<ul><li> 1. Field TripInstructional StrategyPrepared for PIDP 3205By Jeremiah Williamson</li></ul> <p> 2. DefinitionField Trip or excursion is a journey by a group ofpeople to a place away form their normalenvironment . Wikipedia 3. Types of Programs Arts, Medical, Sciences, Business andTrades Adult Professional Development 4. Intent of StrategyCourse Related RealiaExperienceInvigorate the subject matterApplication of TheoryCreate Community in the group 5. Setting of Field Trips Museums, Medical Institutions, MunicipalFacilities Environmental Facilities Hydro Generation Plants Virtual Field Trips Internet 6. Learning Styles Abstract Concrete ReflectiveActive 7. Disadvantages Time Sensitive subject Matter Lack of Student Enthusiasm Transportation Outcomes/Evaluation 8. Students Role Pre-knowledge of material Pre-Trip Activities Focused Reflection Answer questionnaire orfield notes Protocol Summary 9. Educators Role Logistics of the trip Prepare the students fortour Provide assignments Participate in the tour Conclusion of trip 10. Personal Examples ofApplication Water Treatment Plants Hydro Generation Dams Construction Sites New homes Community Projects FirefighterMuseum 11. Summary Pre- Planning Student Involvement Allowing enough time Learning benefits Experience</p>