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<ul><li> 1. Networking: A Virtual Tour Catherine Holthaus EdTech 541</li></ul> <p> 2. What is networking? Networking is a process of linking various electronic devices together.Video retrieved from: 3. Once linked, information is able to be shared.Photo retrieved from: 4. Types of Networks LAN - Local Area Network WLAN - Wireless LAN 5. Protocol - A set of defined rulesVideo retrieved from: 6. Electronic Devices Various electronic devices including desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile devices are used at workspaces.Photo: retrieved from 7. Network Server Network servers are the central control station.Photo retrieved from: 8. For a small school such as All Saints Catholic School, the needs are relatively minimal.Photo: personal 9. Router Routers serve as an electronic traffic director.Photo: Personal 10. Wireless Adapters Wireless adapters allow electronic devices to connect to the Internet without using wires.Photo: retrieved from 11. Photo retrieved from: 12. Wired Networks Cables connect network devices to one another.Photo retrieved from: 13. Wired NetworkPhoto retrieved from: 14. Cables should be neatly organized, unlike this example.Photo: Personal 15. Wireless Network Advantages * * * *Mobility Simple setup Cost effective Expandable 16. Wireless Network Disadvantages * * * *Security Interference Unreliable connections Slow 17. Conclusion Where would we be without networks?Screenshot image 18. Resources: About Wireless Computing An Educators Guide to School Networks Internet for Beginners http://netforbeginners.about. com/od/h/f/what-is-a-computer-protocol-http.htm 19. A Guide to Networking For K-12 Schools: OVerview of Networks Techopedia Webopedia </p>