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  • Secret is Out- How he thrown off his tensions

  • Yoga Nidra practitioners need less sleep to feel well-rested

  • Yoga nidra, in the modern days scenario carries much importance. Life has become hectic, fast and demanding for humans. The lifestyle demands continuous adjustment such that people are trying to cope with available resources and are adjusting to the changing world

  • Yoga nidra is one such practice where the awareness is from the internal mind. Literally, yoga nidra represents 'psychic sleep' i.e. sleeping with complete awareness.

  • Yoga nidra stages-CHECK WHAT ARE THEY

  • There are 6 stagesPreparation such that the shavasana posture is performed keeping the eyes closed. The body and mind must stay relaxed, then follow the practitioner and do according to his or her wish.This is followed with awareness rotation around the body in an organized and systematic manner.

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  • Yoga nidra Benefits

    1- Minimizing tension:2- Relaxes mind:Awakens . ? What awakens

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  • CautionRegular practice is a must with yoga nidra to understand the balance of conscious and unconscious mind. Avoid doing when you are badly injured and are under heavy medications.

    Enjoy the benefits of yoga nidra knowingly.

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