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  • 1.WTF is TDDA journey to writing awesome code, one test at a time

2. WTF well be covering What is testing and why you are hurting theworld by not doing it What is TDD, why do it, and why its betterthan writing tests AFTER youve writtenyour code See code that was developed using TDD Extending this code 3. Who TF is this guy? Steven Nunez (@_StevenNunez) Junior Developer at Cyrus Innovation AWESOME PLACE! Agile/TDD All day, Eryday Organizer of Unearth Ruby Co-Organizer of NYC Rubyist Roundtable 4. Stuff you need to Fing knowHow to read this:class Order attr_reader :items def initialize@items = end def add(item)items[item] += 1 endend 5. What Is TestingThe Act of isolating parts of your code with aknown state to ensure it works as expected.Setup follows AAA principle:ArrangeActAssert 6. Types of testing End to end tests/ Acceptance tests Here there be Cucumbers. Capybara, Webrat Used to ensure system works as a whole Unit Tests Rspec, Test::Unit, Minitest View tests Controller tests Model tests 7. Why Test Lets you know when things broke Youd be surprised how code works Allows for courageous refactoring Gives documentation on how your code isSUPPOSED to work It is your duty to deliver working code. 8. Testing basicsWell be using Rspec... Code! ----> 9. What is Test DrivenDevelopment? 10. Why do TDD? Forces you to think small You have a clear objective Less thoughts to juggle All you know is how you want it to work Leads to modular code Each part of your code does one job Write less code Increase documentation It makes you happy! Red, Green, REFACTOR! 11. How to TDDRed Green Refactor1. Write a test.2. Watch it fail.3. Write code to pass your test.4. Look for ways to make your code more expressive5. GOTO 1 12. Our projectOur client is developing a social network based for his Restaurant customers. Hed want to eventually have people withsimilar food interests meet up and discuss how his food changed their lives.A few features he wants are:The ability to have users discover new foods based on ingredients they love (Bacon!)The ability to find users with similar food interests. The system will automatically share their phone numbers with each other. (He thinks theyll be ok with this)What do you need first?I need a way to capture customer orders based on their menu.Things we builtA Menu with Menu Items in it.The Items need to have a name, price, calorie count, and ingredientsOrders consist of a menu item, and a quantity.Orders can calculate their total 13. Your task!Pair up and work on getting therecommendation engine up.Noobs, pair up with Wizards.TDD ONLY! 14. Questions! 15. TaskMenu#recommendations(:bacon)# => [:bacon_cheeseburger, :blt, :bacone ]Socializer#socialize!# customer_1.hook_up(customer_2) 16. Resources Object Oriented Design by SandyMentz 17. THANKS!