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<ul><li><p>Waleed Raza House # 1002, Street 24, Phase 4, Bahria Town </p><p>03315302606 </p><p>OBJECTIVE </p><p>Seeking a sales position that will utilize my diverse experience to positively impact company profitability </p><p>EDUCATION </p><p>BBA </p><p>2010 FOUNDATION UNIVERSITY RAWALPINDI CAMPUS Rawalpindi </p><p>Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA HONS) </p><p> CGPA: 2.8</p><p>A-Levels Rawalpindi </p><p>2009 Group Humanities Grade B </p><p>Roots College International </p><p>MATRICULATION Rawalpindi </p><p>2006 Group Science Grade B Army Public School Westridge 3 </p><p>EXPERIENCE </p><p> Done internship and activities with marksman marketing agencies, activities for Pepsi and Nokia. </p><p>SOFTWARE SKILLS </p><p> Microsoft word</p><p> Microsoft PowerPoint</p><p> Microsoft Excel</p><p>SKILLS AND ACTIVITIES </p><p> Good professional team spirit along with Good Communication Skills.</p><p> Proficient in English, Urdu and writing and spoken skills.</p><p> Organized events in university (fusion Olympiad, University Convocation)</p><p> Good professional team spirit</p><p> Proficient in English, Urdu and writing and spoken skills</p><p> Effective time management and be able to priorities</p><p>Achievements </p><p>Certificate of Excellence for Organizing Fusion Olympiad 2014 held at Foundation University Rawalpindi Campus on 17-18 May </p><p>2014. </p><p>Certificate of Armun and Olympaid from Roots school system.</p><p>Certificate of Organizing (Seminar on Cultural dynamics of International Business) from Foundation University </p><p>Rawalpindi Campus. </p><p>References and Documents will be provided on request. </p><p>1 </p><p>SidraTypewritten Text</p><p>SidraTypewritten Text</p><p>SidraTypewritten Textwaleedraza800@gmail.com</p><p>SidraTypewritten Text</p><p>SidraTypewritten Text</p><p>SidraTypewritten Text</p><p>SidraTypewritten Text</p><p>SidraTypewritten Text</p><p>SidraTypewritten Text</p></li></ul>