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Created By: Muhammad Waleed FrazConditional SentencesConditional SentencesWhat are conditional sentences?DefinitionConditional Sentences are sentences expressing hypothetical situations and their consequences.structureA conditional sentence is composed of2 partsIf-Clause + Main-Clause Example:If it rains tomorrow, we will not come

If Clause Main Clause Types The order of two clauses is flexible, its not important.But if the If-Clause comes first, it must be followed by a comma. If it rains, Ill not go to school. There are 4 types of conditional sentences.They are classified according to the degree of their probability. Each type uses different tenses to show the difference in the degree of probability.ConditionsZero Conditional: If/When + present tense../modal1st Conditional: If/Unless + present, future2nd Conditional: If + past,. would3rd Conditional: If + past perfect, would have ExamplesZero : If you pour oil into water, it floats.1st : If it rains, the match will be cancelled.2nd : If I had 2 lakhs now, I would buy a bike.3rd : If I had come home earlier, I would not have missed the serial. UsesZero : Talk about universal Truth. If you heat ice, it turns to water.

To talk about habits If I see a snake, I get very scared!USes1st : To speak about possible or probable future events. If the weather is as sunny tomorrow as it was today, we will go surfing.

To make promises or warnings If you forget my birthday, Ill never speak to you again.

To give commands If you are tired, go to bed! Uses2nd : To speak about present and future situations which are unlikely to happen. If I were you, I would not do this.MINDWere is often used instead of was in the 1st and 3rd person singular12Uses3rd : To speak about impossible past events. If they had gone by bus, they would have arrived much later. (They did not go by bus)

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