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  • 1. MODU the smallest mobile in the world

2. Cricket the largest mobile in the world 3. Power Section 4. They ask:We ask: 5. GAccess Teq. System/service Max. Data rate Modulation Carrier BW 1G FDMAAMPS - FM30Khz 2G TDMAGSM 9.6Kbps GMSK 200Khz2.5GTDMAGPRS171Kbps GMSK 200Khz2.75G TDMAEDGE553Kbps 8PSK 200Khz 3GW-CDMA UMTS2Mbps QPSK 5Mhz3.5G W-CDMAHSDPADL:14.4Mbps16QAM 5Mhz3.75GW-CDMAHSUPAUL:5.8Mbps 16QAM 5Mhz3.8G W-CDMA HSPA+ DL:42Mbps64QAM 5MhzOFDMA &3.9G LTEDL:100Mbps 64QAM Max. 20MhzSC-FDMAOFDMA & 4G LTE Advanced DL:1Gbps 128QAM Max. 100MhzSC-FDMA 6. LTE Advanced Asymmetric bandwidth assignment for FDD Carrier BW=100Mhz Carrier aggregation Femto Cells Relays COMP Coordinated multipoint Cognitive radio D2D 7. Carrier aggregation 8. COMP Coordinated multipoint 9. Device to Device Communications 10. Relays 11. Femto Cells 12. Cognitive radio 13. - Academia- Electronics- Networks- Telecommunications- Embedded Systems- Petroleum Industry 14. - Academia- If you like to be Instructor- You can get Fund from ITIDA, NTRA . Asresearcher- You can work at any university- You May go to ITI 15. - ELECTRONICS- You should know A&D Electronics Circuits DesignPCB Design .- You can work at design companies such as: - Si-Ware - Swiftronix - Silicon Vision - NewPort Media 16. - Networks- You should know CCNA , CCNP .- You can work at - ISP - Mobile operator - Network construction companies- Or you can get UNIX, MCSA , MCSE - You can work as - System admin. 17. - Telecommunications - You should know Microwaves, Fiber , Sat, 2G, 3G , LTE . - You can work at- Telecom Egypt- NileSat- Mobile Operator- Mobile Vendor- Mobile Sub-contructor 18. - Embedded Systems- You should know FPGA , Microcontrollers .- You can work at - Valeo - Intel - Newport Media - El-sweedy 19. - Petroleum Industry - You should know PLC, DCS, SCADA . - You can work at- Halliburton- Schlumberger- ENPI