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VOLUNTEER ORIENTATION OVERVIEW VOLUNTEER ORIENTATION Slide 2 WELCOME! I am excited you are considering becoming a volunteer for the Mason City Youth Task Force! The information in this slide show will acquaint you with what the Youth Task Force does and how we do it. I look forward to visiting with you in person to explore ideas on how you can help keep our community a Healthy Community for Healthy Youth! Mary Schissel Director, Mason City Youth Task Force 2620 S. Jefferson, Mason City IA 50401 PH: (641) 421-2708 E-mail: mschissel@masoncity.netmschissel@masoncity.net Slide 3 VISION: Youth and Adults working together to build a Healthy Community for Healthy Youth Many sectors of the community work together as we reach for our vision EVERYONE has a role to play! The Youth Task Force has a good mix of new and experienced volunteers working together on coalition efforts. Slide 4 PURPOSE: To assess the health of the community, to identify needs, to coordinate existing resources, and to create new resources to meet needs by focusing on prevention-related youth issues. Community partners are key to Youth Task Force success! Existing community resources work together to implement new strategies and projects identified through our community needs assessment process. Slide 5 OUR COMMUNITY NEEDS ASSESSMENT SAYS. Substance abuse reduction & prevention Ensuring young people have on-going relationships with caring adults Engaging young people in the community Are Priority Focus Areas through 2012 Slide 6 Watch & Support Areas Through 2012 Reduction and prevention of risk-taking sexual activity Reduction and prevention of delinquency and violence Addressing emotional health issues of youth Slide 7 Enhancing our Celebration Areas Things our community is doing well .. Working to keep our graduation rate high. Helping youth be prepared for the workplace. Encouraging volunteering among young people and their families. Ensuring there are out-of-school time program opportunities for youth. Slide 8 Using Research-Based Models Keeps Our Work on Target The Communities That Care model helps us target risks like substance abuse and violence The Positive Youth Development Asset Building model helps us build strengths like adult role models and bonding to school. The Americas Promise model helps us mobilize to do our work in areas like a Healthy Start for a Healthy Future and Safe Places to Learn and Grow. Slide 9 Volunteering where you have a passion and interest ADULT OPPORTUNITIES One On One Mentoring Program Ongoing Relationships/ Volunteering Promise Team Safe Places Promise Team Healthy Start Promise Team Marketable Skills Promise Team Information & Awareness Committee Data Divas Work Group Special projects volunteers YOUTH OPPORTUNITIES High School Youth Action Team Newman Middle School Youth Action Team YIELD leadership program for high school juniors BLAST Jr. Peer Mentors Recreation Volunteer Peer Mentors Special projects volunteers Slide 10 How much time does it take? Youth Action Teams meet monthly during the school year Promise Teams meet at least 6 times each year. Adult mentors volunteer a minimum of 4 hours per month. Youth Peer Mentors volunteer a minimum of 2 hours per month. The Information & Awareness Committee meets about 3 times per year. The Data Divas Work Group meets monthly. Special projects volunteer time ranges between 2 and 12 hours. Slide 11 What ADULTS say they get out of being a Youth Task Force volunteer? They have developed valuable relationships. They have been able to make a real contribution to the community and are able to make a greater impact than they could have on their own. They are viewed positively due to their association with the Youth Task Force. They believe credit is given to them for contributing to the accomplishments of the coalition. Slide 12 What YOUTH say they get out of being a Youth Task Force volunteer? They have increased their belief that people in our community listen to youth and that youth are resources to our community. They are better able to motivate others. They know more about our community. They are more likely to volunteer for other organizations in the community. Slide 13 Are you ready to make a difference? CALL US AT 421-2708 OR If you are a youth, e-mail Carol Brown at cbrown@masoncity.net cbrown@masoncity.net If you are interested in becoming a mentor, e-mail Jessica Prazak at jprazak@masoncity.netjprazak@masoncity.net If you are an adult, e-mail Jessica Punelli at jpunelli@masoncity.net jpunelli@masoncity.net